My Girl-Sam

Big Tits

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My name is…well name’s not important. Call me Ishmael-nah, just kidding. You can call me Nick. But I’m not writing this to tell you about me. I’m writing this to tell you about my girls. These are the girls I’ve known, the girls I’ve loved.

I’m a lucky man. I have a good life. I’m a musician. I’ve worked tours, studios, jingles, composing, songwriting, engineering and producing. My job is incredibly fun and I’ve made pretty good money at it. No, I’m not famous. Don’t even ask. You wouldn’t recognize my name if I told you.

I’ve had the chance to see some amazing places and meet some amazing women along the way. I’m going to tell you about some of them-not all, but some. Over the years I’ve slept with about three hundred women. I’m not bragging or anything, I’m just trying to make a point. My point is that the stories here are based on those girls. Some of the stories are combinations of more than one girls’ tale, but that’s only to keep me from writing hundreds of stories. What you’re about to read is based on true events.

Whether you believe them or not doesn’t make any difference to me. I got to live them so that’s all I need. Now I’m an old married guy, middle age is slipping by and I’m just reminiscing about the girls I’ve known in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I may not be chasing after girls anymore but I’m still a lucky man. I’ve spent over twenty years now with the same girl and I love it. I’ve never been happier and I’ve never been unfaithful. But every now and then I stop to remember….


Standing for hours on a wacker-packer every day is a tough job. It’s not the job anybody plans for or dreams about, but it pays well. A wacker-packer is like a jackhammer with a big steel plate on the bottom to pack the loose dirt down for the foundation of a building. That’s what Sam did. She drove a wacker-packer at a construction site. She liked to joke about how much fun it was to have something big and throbbing like that between her legs all day.

I didn’t meet her at work. I met her at a PTA meeting for our kids. She was a cute little thing, 5′ 1″, firm A cup breasts, sun-streaked blonde hair, bright blue eyes, button nose, and a strong, tight body. She was the first woman I met who could make strong and tough look sexy. As usual, I was standing in the back of the meeting trying to figure out how soon I could get out of there when she slipped by me.

I leaned down and whispered to her as she passed me. “You sneaking out of here?”

After looking me up and down she took the spot next to me and said, “Yeah. You’re not gonna rat me out are ya?”

With a quick glance down and a grin I answered, “Not if you bust me out of here too.”

When she laughed she pretended it was a cough.

Everyone in the room turned toward us. Continuing the charade, she kept coughing and doubled over next to me.

Thinking fast I patted her on the back and said, “Come on, let’s get you something to drink.” And led her out of the room.

We’d barely gotten into the lobby and closed the door behind us before we both started giggling. After shushing me she said, “If we don’t get out of here you’re gonna get me busted. You better be good for that drink.”

“Sure, thing. Just name your pleasure, I’m good for it.”

“Mmmm, I like the sound of that, but you ought to at least buy me a drink first, ” she said with an evil grin.

“I like you. Something tells me you’re trouble…but I like you,” I said. “Where to?”

“You tell me. You asked me out for a drink, where are you gonna take me?” she teased.

“Technically I haven’t asked you out, but when I do, I could be persuaded to open a nice bottle of scotch I’ve been saving back at my place, unless you need to get home to your…kids…or husband….or…?”

She smiled. “Subtle aren’t ya? No husband-just two kids spending the night at Grandma’s. But I usually don’t go to strange guy’s houses though.”

“Well, this isn’t a usual night, is it? Or do you usually sneak out of PTA meetings and shirk your parental duties?”

“Hey, I’m a good mom. Besides I wasn’t sneaking out alone,” she said as she poked me in the chest.

“Touché.” It took me a minute to build up my nerve to go on. “I’ve got a baby-sitter taking care of my son, who’d probably like to go home early. How about a drink at my place? I promise to be a gentleman under one condition.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“You tell me your name.”

She let a little giggle slip that so sweet it seemed to dance in the air. She leaned close to me and whispered in my ear. “Maybe I don’t want you to be a gentleman.” She stared me in the eye for a second before she turned smartly and headed to the parking lot.

It took me a moment to process that and catch up. As she led etiler escort me out, her legs and ass were all I could see. She was working it-and doing it very well. “Stop staring at my ass and give me a ride to your place,” she said.

“I’m right over here,” I said, opening the passenger door for her.

“Mmmm…maybe you are a gentleman,” she said, rubbing her firm butt against me as she stepped into the car. She took her time sitting and swinging one leg then the other into the car, giving me a moment to appreciate the view. As I watched her she went on, “Maybe not.”

“You’re an incorrigible tease, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I am. What do you think about that?” she asked.

“I’m liking it so far. You are good at dishing it out. Can you take it?”

She smiled as she said, “I don’t know. You wanna find out?”

“I plan to,” I said as I closed the car door.

The ride was quiet. Light then dark swept over us both as I drove. Soft music and furtive glances filled the air with tension.

A small voice came from the passenger seat. “What are you thinking about?”

“You want the truth?” I asked.

“Yeah…I think so.”

“I’m thinking about two things. First, I’m thinking about blindfolding you so I can tease you until you beg for it. And second-I’m trying to remember if I’ve got anything in the house for breakfast tomorrow.”

“Kinda presumptuous aren’t ya?” she teased. “Do you think I’m that easy?”

“No. I just like to be ready for whatever comes along.”

“Cool,” she said. “I like that. But what makes you think you can blindfold me and tease me without tying me down first?” That kept my mind working overtime until I pulled up at the house. I opened her door and she jumped out into my arms and kissed me. “Hmmm, that’s a good start,” she said with a sigh.

We got in the house and I paid the sitter. “I’ll be just a minute,” I said as I stepped outside to watch her walk down the street to her house. I felt Sam behind me for a moment before she spoke.

“You are a gentleman, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know about that. But I figure we’ve got to take care of each other.” Right then the sitter opened her door and waved goodnight as she stepped inside.

I turned and started back inside, making her back up through the door. “Okay, now how about that drink?” I asked.

“No thanks. I think I wanna be stone-cold sober for this,” she said.

“And what is this?”

She tilted her head and said, “I believe you were going to ‘tease me until I beg for it’ right? That sounded good.”

Leaning down I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her to her tiptoes. Brushing her hair back I drug my lips up her neck, across her cheek and over her lips. I could feel the need in her body. She could feel my desire in the heat of my breath on her skin. Softly, I said, “Yes, that does sound good. But first I think I’ll have a drink,” I said setting her down and turning away to hide my growing erection.

Her breath rushed out of her with a shudder. The sexual tension was so thick it seemed to suck the air out of both of us. It was a challenge to keep my cool as I poured myself a scotch. I filled one tumbler with scotch and one with ice.

“How about me?”

“I thought you didn’t want one,” I replied. “You said you wanted to be ‘stone-cold sober for this’ didn’t you?”

She grinned. Then she walked to me. But saying ‘walked’ seems totally inadequate. I’ve seen women walk. I’ve seen them strut. I’ve seen then slink their way across a room. This was far more intense than anything like that. My cock grew an inch longer with every step she took. She was coming to me. She wanted me. She was going to get what she wanted and she looked hot as hell.

I grabbed her wrist when she reached for my drink and pulled her against me. “Want something?”

“Yes,” she said meekly.

“So do I,” I said crushing her little body against mine and kissing her. As we kissed I took off my tie. When she leaned away to catch her breath, her eyes were still closed. I slipped the tie over her eyes and tied it behind her head.

She gasped as the cloth slipped down and blocked her view. I kissed her again. Her mouth was wet and open. We kissed with a hunger and thirst that we had to satisfy. I picked up the glass and placed it against her lips. Her nostrils flared as she picked up the aroma of the scotch. I tilted it back to give her a little sip. After a second sip I took the glass from her, had a quick taste and set it aside. Then I pushed her arms behind her and held her wrist together with one hand. Neither of us had any doubt that she was strong enough to get free. But both of us knew she didn’t want to.

Plucking a cube of ice from the other glass, I slid it down her neck. As she tensed up, she pushed even tighter against me. The cold, wet skin tasted good as my tongue followed the trail I’d made with the ice. I drew a path down one side of her neck, back up the other and over her cheek to her open mouth. eve gelen escort Her lips wrapped around the cold ice so I pushed it inside. The heat of her and the cold of the ice combined into an intoxicating mix. As our tongues battled over control, I sucked it out of her mouth.

Unbuttoning her blouse as I went, I drew a similar path over her chin, down the center of her throat and between her braless breasts. I pushed her shirt off her shoulders and used it to trap her hands behind her. With her breath coming in shallow gulps and her nipples hard as diamonds I ran my hands and mouth all over her breasts.

Caressing, squeezing, kissing, licking, sucking her beautiful firm tits, I feasted on her. She could barely stand. I undid her belt and pulled it free of her pants. Using it, I tied her hands together up over her head. Then I stood and picked her up and carried her to my bed. With her cradled in my arms we kissed as we walked through my house. Standing by the bed I didn’t want to let go of her. Finally our lips parted and I softly asked her, “Are you ready for this?”

She kissed me again and said, “Oh, God, yes.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, kissing her on and on.

“Yes. Yes. I’m sure,’ she said breathlessly.

“You didn’t say ‘Please’.”

She groaned and said, “Please. Please. Take me. Fuck me. Do anything you want with me. Just do it.”

With that I tossed her onto my bed. A little cry slipped from her lips as she fell onto the soft mattress of my four-poster bed. I all but ran through the house to get the scotch and ice I’d left on the bar. Seeing her like that was all the motivation I needed to get back and get out of my clothes quickly. After I stripped I circled around the bed and pulled off her shoes. Her cute little toes didn’t escape my attention. Light kisses all over them left her giggling as she tried to wiggle away.

Moving to the far side of the bed, I found the zipper on the side of her skirt. I traced a line from her lips to her belly button as I pulled it down. “This is going to be so much fun,” I said as I loosely tied her belt to one of the bedposts. “Remember, my son is asleep. So don’t make a sound. You don’t want to wake him do you?”

She lifted her hips to help me pull off her skirt. The white lace of her panties was soaked. I lifted her foot and sat down between her legs. She spread them wider as she wiggled around. I nibbled my way up one leg and down the other. As my mouth crossed her flat tummy it quivered under my lips. I kissed, licked, sucked and bit my way up and down her strong, slim legs again and again.

My kisses got closer and closer to the hot wet sweet-smelling pussy hidden behind a tiny scrap of white lace. I kissed my way all over her without ever making contact with her panties. She moved under my ministrations and tried to anticipate my next move so she could grind herself against my mouth, but I didn’t let her.

I reached over for a piece of ice as I lifted the soaking wet lace from the swollen lips of her cunt. Giving myself just enough room to slip under her panties I moved my mouth close enough to feel the heat of my breath on my fingers. She had to know I was close enough to slide my tongue into her, how close my lips were to her throbbing clit. But I didn’t let her feel my mouth yet. Instead I slipped an ice cube down across her clit and into her steaming, tight, wet pussy and let the elastic of her panties hold it in place.

Her back arched her body completely off the bed so that only her head and feet were on the mattress. She pulled against the bedpost, trying to get her hands free, but I reached up and held them down. “You’re a such a hottie. Did that cool you down a little bit?” I asked. “If not, you may still need cooling off.”

I got another piece of ice and ran it across her lips, over her chin, down between her breasts and then used it to tease one nipple then the other. The ice left a trail cool water on her flesh for me to lick up as my mouth followed its trail. Her nipples were rock hard and cold as the ice in my mouth, but they softened and warmed up quickly. I flicked my tongue back and forth over them as she wiggled under me.

Grabbing the sides of her panties, I pulled them apart, ripping them in pieces and laying her bare under me. Being careful not to touch her anywhere else, I slid my tongue out to pierce her cunt as deeply as I could. She bucked off the bed again, but I’d expected it so I moved with her, keeping just my tongue in contact with her sex. When she dropped back down I slipped the tip of my tongue around and around her pussy. Licking the lips inside and out, they fluttered against my tongue as I feasted on a mix of hot and cold flesh. Finally I flicked back and forth across her clit making her moan deep in her chest. Then I dropped my mouth back down to suck the last of the dripping ice cube out of her. As I kissed her I slid the ice into her mouth.

“I’ve got me one fine piece of ice, here.” I said with fatih escort a smile.

“Yes. I’ll be the best piece you’ve ever had. I’ll do anything. Just please don’t leave me like this.”

“You don’t like this? I thought you were enjoying yourself so far.” I whispered to her as I leaned over to take off my pants. “If you don’t like this I could get your clothes for you and let you go.”

“No, no. That’s not what I meant. I mean don’t leave me without letting me come. Please make me come. Please.” She was almost whining with need.

“Oh, how should I do that?” I asked as I stroked her clit with one hand and pinched her nipples with the other.

“Eat me. Fuck me. Anything, just make me come,” she pleaded.

I hovered over her on the bed, stroking my cock just inches from her open pussy. “Do you want me to fuck you?”


“Are you sure you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes. Oh, yes.”

“I don’t think you’re very convincing. What do you really want? Tell me.”

“I want you to put your cock in me and fuck me until I come all over it. I want you to feed me your dick and let me suck it while you lick my cunt. I want you to fuck me, please.”

As the “s” of “please” left her lips I shoved my cock into her. In one, long, hard thrust I buried my cock all the way into her pussy. The tight wet passage was a mix of hot and cold flesh that wrapped around me. She gasped deeply and then started to wail. It was lucky that I’d already clamped my hand over her mouth to quiet her cries as she came.

With one hand over her mouth and one on her shoulders I pounded into her, using her body for my pleasure. She bucked and moaned below me, grinding her clit against my pubic bone hard enough to bruise me as she came. I let her come two or three times then grabbed her tight little ass and lifter her off the bed. Draping her legs over my shoulders, I dove face first into her hot little pussy tongue fucking her, licking her juices off her thighs and lips, and sucking her hard little clit into my mouth.

When she started coming again I pulled away and let her body slide down. Keeping her legs on my shoulders I thrust into her again. I whispered to her as she thrust back. “I love to eat a woman out until she starts to come, then shove my cock in so she comes again. It’s so hot to taste the same come on my mouth that’s coating my cock.”

“Do you want to taste it?” I asked with my lips against hers.

“Yes,” she said. Shoving her tongue into my mouth as she crushed her lips against mine.


“Thank you,” she said.

As we lay there I asked her, “Thank you for what?”

After a moment she said, “Thank you for the compliments, and thank you for the good hard, fucking you gave me. It’s been too long.”

I untied her arms and curled up around her as I turned off the lights and pulled off her blindfold. The big, fluffy comforter hugged us both as she drifted off to sleep in my arms. She was still sleeping when I got back from taking my son to school the next morning.

She woke as I slid into bed behind her. “What time is it?” she asked.

“Time for you to call your mom and your boss to let them know you have to stay in bed today,” I told her.

“I can’t lie to them, they’ll know.” “Don’t lie. Tell the truth. Tell them you’re feeling something coming on,” I said as I ground my hardening cock against her tight little butt.

It took a bit of fancy footwork, but she did it. We spent the day in bed (and on the couch, across the kitchen table and in the bathtub) together. We talked about our work, our exes, our plans, and we fucked over and over again. She was tough, resourceful, and fun. Like most parents, we knew a lot of the same people. Since both of us traveled for long periods for work, we’d just never met. Of course her daughter knew my son from school and her son was just a couple of years younger.

She had worked all over the world, taking some high-risk jobs to give kids the best of everything. Sometimes the jobs were dangerous and sometimes she had to be away for months at a stretch but she wanted to do it. I’d been through something similar when work kept me away from my son for weeks or months at a time. We’d both tallied up plenty of frequent flier miles and huge phone bills getting home for birthdays and reading bedtime stories. But at least right now, we were enjoying some time at home.

By the next day we had to get back to the real world, and we did. Over the next few months we had play dates for the kids (and us). We snuck off to make the most of every minute we could. We’d run the kids down to the point of exhaustion and then grab a quickie during naptime. That was about all the time we could manage to find.

After a month or so Sam and her kids came by one night for dinner. As the kids ran around the house playing, she sat and stared into a bowl of dessert as though it held the key to the universe.

I let her space out for a while before I said, “I can’t help if you don’t tell me what it is.”


“I can’t help if you don’t tell me what’s wrong,” I said.

“You can’t help even if I do tell you,” she said. After a big sigh she went on, “I’ve got two new job offers. I have to choose one. The job I’m working on here was supposed to be permanent, but financing fell apart so it’s ending and I’ve got to do…something else.”

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