My Girlfriend Teases in the Sauna


This is a continuation after the Dinner Party series, following Mike and Zuzana. There’s some kinky stuff here, so be just relax and have fun!

It was Friday night, a week since my girlfriend and I went from being a relatively vanilla couple, to a couple that had taken part in a drug fueled orgy. The days after the party were some of the strangest of our whole relationship. It was made worse by the fact that we were coming down from all the drug consumption. There was a tension underlying every conversation, and it was clear that we had to clear the air.

I had made a reservation at our favorite restaurant for the following evening, and though the food, atmosphere and wine would be a good background for us to talk about what happened.

Zuzana lit up when I told her the plan, and jumped into my arms, wrapping me in a tight hug. She was already ready for bed, which tonight meant she was wearing a long soft cotton tank top that was still short enough that I could see she had on white cotton brief panties. I looked down at her happy face and told her that I was going to relax and read for a while in the bath.

“OK cookie, I will go to bed then. I’m so excited for tomorrow! Thank you.” And with a simple goodnight kiss, she turned and left. Even though we’d been together for years, I still savored the view as she walked away.

In the bathroom, I lit some candles, turned off the light and tentatively got into the bath, careful not to get my book wet. The heat felt great, and after reading a few pages, I realized that I couldn’t remember what I had just read. I put the book down and rest my head back, closing my eyes. Images of the dinner party came unbidden to my mind.

I started thinking about messing around with Nina. Remembering how she looked bent over the toilet. My thoughts quickly drifted forward, however, and I found myself thinking more about watching Zuzana with the other guys. The memory of her pussy being pounded by Phil as I ate her out. My dick was hard, and I started stroking it, soft sounds of lapping water providing the soundtrack to my fantasy.

I thought about how she was riding me, and my close up view of her with Kyle’s dick in her mouth, how much she seemed to love sucking it. The look in her eyes as she sucked him, or kissed me with her mouth full of cum. I was turned on, but also so confused. My stomach was twisted with a feeling of jealousy at what she’d done, but my dick was clearly telling me that I also liked it. She was a hot woman, and it was fun watching her use her charms, but for the first time I was worried that she’d find something that liked more than me. I just didn’t know if we could put the genie back in the bottle, and even crazier was I wasn’t sure if I wanted to.

I brought myself to the edge, remembering the lust in her eyes, knowing how badly she’d wanted to fuck Kyle. I thought about that hug before we left, the way she whispered in his ear. What had she told him?

I stopped stroking and got up, my dick at full attention and dripping with more than water. I tried to calm myself down, brushing my teeth, but my dick stubbornly refused to deflate. I figured I’d head to Zuzana and see if we could park our problems and relieve some tension the old fashioned way. I dried off and then walked naked toward the bedroom.

As I reached the bedroom door, I was surprised to find that it was shut. Through the door, I could hear that she was clearly watching something on her phone. Rather than immediately opening it, I instead leaned forward and pressed my ear against the door. The digitized sound of fucking greeted me. I couldn’t hear it clearly, but whoever the girl was, she was talking a lot.

Porn had never been something that we talked about, and I’d always thought that I was the only consumer of it in our house. I stroked my dick slowly, thinking that my hot girl was certainly also masturbating as well. I smiled and figured we might as well do it together.

Not wanting to startle her, I tip toed away and then walked back, clearing my throat before I quietly opened the door. Zuzana was lying on her back, her eyes closed. Her phone was next to her, face down, the screen off. I chuckled to myself at her attempted deception.

Playing along, I walked quietly to the foot of the bed, rather than my side, lifted the covers, and crawled under. Kissing her feet softly, I made my way up her legs slowly, kissing and licking my way. She sighed gently and spread her legs for me, making room as I approached her thighs. I could smell, and see immediately how turned on she was. I brought my face to her sex and inhaled her scent before exhaling my hot breath onto her opening.

“I know you weren’t sleeping Zuzi… You can keep watching if you want to” and then pressed my open mouth and the length of my tongue against her. She moaned and started gyrating her hips against me.

Without responding, I felt her move and then the sounds of her movie started again. From the sound erotik film izle of it, someone was getting a sloppy blowjob. I continued to explore her vagina with my tongue, ignoring her clit for now.

“I would suck your dick like this too if I could” I heard the actress say, more sucking sounds. “But you can only do this with a real man’s dick. Get closer, look at it loser. Your tiny dick is nothing like this.” More sucking sounds. “Open your mouth faggot.” followed by the sounds of flesh slapping against wetness. What the heck was she watching, I wondered, hating the dialog. I felt her hand on my head. Her fingers grasped my hair and she pulled me harder against her.

“Look at you. You want to suck his dick, fagot? You’re so pathetic.” I grimaced, really disliking what I was hearing. A deep voice commanded, “What do you think cuck? Is your wife ready to take this big cock?” She found some crazy shit to watch.

“Oh I’m ready big man. Come on pussy, grab his big black cock. Put it in me. Yeah, oh yeah,” the acting was horribly forced and couldn’t stand the degradation.

Still, what they were doing sounded pretty hot. Maybe she should watch it on mute? Regardless, it was clearly working for Zuzana, and I found myself hoping she didn’t want to treat me like that. As the actress continued to encourage her husband to stroke her lovers cock into her pussy, I pushed my fingers into Zuzana, curling them up to manipulate her g spot. I was focused on her clit now, alternating between sucking and flicking it with my tongue according to her movements.

A more weedy voice responded, “Please sir, please fuck my wife.” Sounds of a slow penetration and then fucking came from the speaker and Zuzana started thrusting her hips slowly into my mouth.

Zuzana moaned lustily pulled the blanket off of us. I looked up and saw her face illuminated by the screen. She moved the phone to the side and smiled down at me, “This is so good Miku… His dick is so big, it’s really beautiful.” She looked to her side, and then back down at me. “Do you want to make it even better for me baby?”

I drew back a bit and said, “Of course Pie, what can I do for you?”

She reached to her side, and I was shocked to see she had a toy in her hand. It was a dildo, and one I’d never seen before. She reached down and said, “Could you use my new toy on me Cookie? I got it after the party..”

“Jesus Pie” I said as I grasped the cock, my hand dwarfed by its size. “This is fucking huge no?”

“Mmmhmm, it is isn’t it? Do you think I can take it? Get it nice and wet for me baby.”

Looking down at the huge toy, I shrugged and spit on it twice, using my hand to wipe my spittle down its length. I looked back up and saw that she’d lied back down, her eyes focused on her movie. I ran the tip of the dildo along her length, stimulating the bottom of her clit as I brought my mouth back down to suck on it. She moaned and rolled her hips, pushing herself against the rubbery toy.

I teased her with it, placing the tip at her opening, but not letting it penetrate her. “You want to feel this big dick inside you don’t you Pie?” I was thrusting in time with her, but in such a way that only the tip was inside her, riding along with her gyrating hips.

The sound of the porn was out of sync with our teasing now, as the wife was clearly getting decimated with a hard fucking from her lover. I felt Zuzana lie back and put the phone down beside her, turning off the screen which, thankfully, ended the silly soundtrack.

“Oh cookie, yes, I want to feel it. I want to feel a big dick.” She reached down with both hands, and grabbed mine, pulling it towards her. “Don’t tease now, just stick it in!”

Giving in to her, I slowly let her force it inside her. I watched in lustful amazement as her lips spread to accommodate it’s girth. A sharp intake of breath as the first quarter entered her, followed by a sustained moan over the next few seconds as more entered her, crescendo in a near scream as I hit solid resistance. A quarter of the dildo remained outside of her, and I left it there, leaning in to lick her clit gently.

Impatient, Zuz bucked her hips slowly, causing the dildo to slide in and out of her as I continued sucking. “Oh cookie, it’s so good. Mmmm, I am so full, so full. Keeping sucking my clit, you so good at it. Oh but I love how this feels, I think I love big cocks baby.” her hips bucked faster now, and I watched as she contracted her pussy muscles around the pipe. Her moans were getting frantic now, I was humping the bed, a wet spot lubricated by my precum. “You are good man, giving me your big cock.” more moans and then, “Oh Kyle, fuck me harder. Fuck me Kyle.”

My eyes widened and my stomach knotted familiarly and I pulled back slightly to look up at her. Zuzana’s eyes were tightly shut, and she had a hand on each breast, twisting her nipples hard. “Your cock is amazing Kyle, it’s so big, it’s so perfect.” She was thrusting hard and fast now against film izle the cock. I just held it for her, confused, hurt, but still horny. She was moaning frantically now, shouting “Fuck me yes fuck me, Oh I’m going to cum Kyle, give me your cock, give me your cum. Fill me up you big man. Fill me up.” and then she came, her orgasm wracking her body. She flailed her arms out to her sides, grabbing the bed sheets as she screamed, I looked down at her cunt and saw rivers of fluid erupting from her as she shuddered. Her hips pressing forward to take as much of the toy into her as she could.

Her cries subsided to heavy breathing, her limbs spread to their max I started to withdraw the dildo, too quickly. She gasped and reached down, raising her head to look at me with pain in her eyes, “Slowly Miku, please slowly.” The pain lessened and she groaned again loudly and then sighed, and smiled at me as the tip finally exiting. “It was so good Miku.” And she reached down and cupped her pussy as she sat up. “Oh I’m so wet!”

We both looked at her pussy, her lips hanging open, the bed soaked from her come. I held the dildo awkwardly at an angle and realized that I was still edging, my dick crying for release.

I crawled up her body, kissing her gently on her lower belly, dragging my tongue up to her left breast, taking her diamond hard nipple into my mouth. She lay back and pulled me up to her, her lips reaching up to mine as we kissed gently. I positioned my cock at her opening and as the tip touched her lips, I felt her wince, and bring her thighs together, preventing me from entering. “Oh cookie, I’m sorry, I’m so sore, I can’t do it now.”

Frustrated to an immediate rage, I looked down at her, and spit, “What, Kyle was too rough?”

Her eyes flashed, and she shot back, “Well it’s bigger than I’m used to Miku. What the hell? Don’t be an asshole!”

“Me? What the fuck Zuzana! I come in her, I play your game, you’re watching this crazy porn, and then you start talking about Kyle? It’s so fucked up! We still haven’t talked about the party, you think this is a good idea?”

I felt her hand close around my cock roughly, and she squeezed hard and said angrily, “Your cock seems to think it was a good idea.” She stroked me roughly and I moaned against my will, “This part liked me talking about your friend’s big dick inside me.” Her eyes held mine angrily and she kept stroking, faster now. “I think you like it. I think you like watching me fuck. I think you want to watch me come on Kyle’s big fat dick”

I panted now, my face showing my confusion, my balls tightening against my body. I felt surges of hate and lust at each mention of Kyle’s anatomy. After edging all night, despite my anger, I felt an orgasm approaching.

“Do want him to come in me cookie? You want him to pump his cum inside your hot little girlfriend while you watch? You want to eat it up don’t you, slut. You love it. You love his cum don’t you?” Zuzi’s eye were afire now, her mouth open. She could feel my orgasm coming, and took her hand away.

“Not yet. Lie down” she commanded, which I immediately did. She reached down and lifted my legs and placed them on her shoulder. She pushed foward strongly, and I saw her muscles flex as she forced my ass in the air until my dick was raised above my face. She held me there and then reached around with one hand and held my dick.

She looked down at me and said, “Look at that cock. Imagine it’s Kyle’s. You’re going to be seeing this soon.” She started stroking now again, and my balls immediately clenched. “You’re going to see him cum all over your face, and you’re going to eat it aren’t you?” Her hand was flying now, “Come Miku, watch Kyle cum.” and I did, orgasming loudly. It had been a while, so I wasn’t surprised to feel what felt like quarts of my own seed covering my chest, neck and face.

Zuz kept stroking, talking to me, “Yes Cookie, come all over yourself. Show me how much you want to watch me fucking. Show me how much you love cum.”

My chest was covered by the time I finished. “Holy fucking shit Zuzana!” I exclaimed, reaching up to whipe my jizz from my face.. She droped my legs, and lie on top of me. Our bodies slippery with my semen she shoved her tongue into my mouth. My dick continued to pulse weakly as we made out. Her hands rubbing my back and head and then finally my cheeks.

I rolled her over so I was on top and looked down at her, “Jesus Pie, what the hell?”

Her face was full of love now, and she smiled at me, her hands on my face. “Oh Miku, we are just having fun no? I was horny watching this porn, and I wanted to try a bit. It was just fun. Don’t be paranoid, you know you have a crazy girl no? You love your crazy girl” and she kissed me again and then pulled my head down on to her shoulder. “Sleep baby sleep. We can talk about it later. I love you.”

I lay heavily on her, feeling my come cooling, I reached to put the blanket over us, and then lay back down on top of her. She cooed seks filmi izle in my ear sweetly and pet my head. Our breathing slowed, as did my mind, just enjoying the sensation, and I am not sure which of us fell asleep first.

When I woke the next morning, I was alone. As I rolled over to exit the bed, I felt my dried cum coating my face and body. I absentmindedly picked at it as the events of the previous night ran through my head. As fucked up as it was, I couldn’t deny that it was also hot as hell. I felt my dick stir as I went to the bathroom to shower and continued thinking about her taking the big dildo. By the time I was done washing my hair, I was sporting a full erection, and it took willpower not to soap my cock and balls to completion. Instead, I turned the water to cold and stood with my hands on the wall. I let the water clear my head, and my dick returned to it’s normal state.

Zuzana was all smiles when I came to the kitchen. She was cooking eggs, the kitchen table laid out with a great spread of cold cuts and veggies. “There is my sleepy head. I was going to make you breakfast in bed.” Casually dressed, she was still stunning. Her dark hair pulled back in a pony tale, she was wearing spandex bottoms and a white t-shirt. “Sit Cookie, sit. Let me serve you.” Her charm on full display, she radiated happiness as she hummed and finished my breakfast.

I sat heavily and watched her, wondering how this was going to play out. She distributed the eggs, tossed the pan in the sink and then sauntered towards me proudly, her chest thrust out, her high beam smile turned up to the max. She placed my plate in front of me and kissed me on the cheek before sitting across from me.

“Enjoy Miku. You earned this and so much more last night. Please I don’t want to discuss it now OK? I see you want to talk, but let’s just enjoy the day. I have surprise for you for after breaki and then we will have our dinner and we can talk about everything then OK?”

Swallowing the accusation I was about to produce, I took a deep breath and said, “Sure Pie, sure. You’re right. This all looks delicious.” I smiled tentatively and dug in. My tension receding as my stomach filled, we ate in silence, smiling and looking at one another.

“It really was pretty fun I have to say” I volunteered eventually.

She didn’t respond immediately, eventually just nodding. “It was good fun Cookie.” It looked like she was going to continue, thought better of it and then said, “Do you want to know what I planned today?”

“You know I do” I said, hoping my slight anxiety wasn’t apparent, unsure of what this wild girl would come up with.

“Well, you know how we have been talking about doing more things together? And you were saying you wanted to get back in shape yes?”

“Yes…” I affirmed.

“Well there is a new gym that Nina has been going to, and they had this special deal so I booked us there with trainers! It is really nice place, and we can go and work out with professionals and they will show us the place.”

Relieved, and now interested, I smiled wholeheartedly. “Cool idea! i haven’t been to a gym in ages!”

“Oh Cookie” she smiled standing up and kissing me quickly, “I’m so glad! I was worried you wouldn’t like it.” She hugged me tightly and said, “Finish your breakfast. I will pack us. It is at 4 and you slept for ages! We have to go soon.”

I watched her appreciatively from behind as she bounced out of the kitchen towards our bedroom. Contently I finished breakfast, surprised that I had slept through the morning.

She returned shortly, a bag on her shoulder and she said, “I will go wait outside. I wasn’t sure what to pack you so please go do it and hurry Pie!”

I grabbed my gym bag, threw in my normal work out cloths, and ran out to meet Zuz. She was waiting in the passenger seat, scrolling her phone when I clambered into the drivers seat, throwing my bag into the back seat.

She looked at me, smiled and said, “This will be good fun for sure. You will like it I think.”

We chatted on the drive, and Zuz continued to charm me, especially when it became clear that we would not be late. There weren’t many cars parked, so it didn’t take long before we were sorted with a couple towels and a locker code and the instructions for where we’d be meeting our trainers. I was a little sad to hear that we would be separated as Zuzana had marked Advanced on the form, and I had selected Novice.

Still, we walked arm and arm towards the locker rooms. Zuzana squeezed me tightly and said, “This is going to be great Cookie. Thank you for doing this with me! I’ll see you in there yes?” I nodded and she disappeared into the woman’s locker room.

The place was nicely set up, and I was changed with my personal belongings in a locker and heading into the gym in no time. It was well equipped, and I saw my trainer Ray was already waiting for me at the meeting point. He flashed me a white toothed smile and held out his hand with a friendly, “You must be Mike?” He had dark skin and a slight accent. His hair was braided and long and he had the physique you would expect from a trainer. Not huge, but his arms rippled as he grasped my hand.

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