My Girlfriend Turned Me Gay

Anri Sugihara

* * * * *

Note: this is the sequel to Fantasy Revealed & Almost Fulfilled. Please don’t read this if you are offended by homosexuality, bisexuality, or gay gangbangs. This story centers on bringing a fantasy to complete fulfillment with the encouragement of an open-minded girlfriend. Many who read this story may take exception to the ‘rape’ aspect. I would remind those readers that control is tacitly understood to rest exclusively with the main protagonist of this story (that is he can call it off at any time). I do not advocate non- consensual sex under any circumstances. I do advocate ‘safe sex’ but I have left out condom use in my stories — because these stories take place under ideal circumstance and in an ideal world. The theme of this story is a recurring entry on the top 10 fantasies for men — being taken in the ass usually by force. I guess if consent isn’t given then you can enjoy it without being gay or leaning that way. I look forward to a day when all of us aren’t so limited in our appreciation of sex, in all its forms.

* * * * *

It had been a week since I had confessed my fantasy. I admit I was surprised at her response. She actually made my fantasy come true, well not exactly. You see I told her I fantasized about being fucked in the ass, so she produced a strap-on and did just that. She tried to convince me to go all the way with my fantasy; even promising me that she could make it happen easily.

We both had quite a week and Friday night was finally here. Sitting on the couch we were having cocktails and discussing our work when she broached the subject of last weeks sexcapades.

“So how’s that ass of yours?” She asked running her fingers lightly up the inseam of my pant leg.

“What do you mean?” I asked coyly, knowing full well what she meant.

“Is it time for another lesson in taking it up the ass?” She answered.

“Oh honey, I don’t know if …” I said as she interrupted.

“I do, I want your ass and much more than that baby, a lot more.” She said cryptically.

“Yes, I did like it but …” I said.

Interrupting she said, ” Liked it. Shit you were on your hands and knees taking it like a seasoned whore — liked it. You LOVED IT.”

“Yes, I did I admit it, I really did, but …” I admitted reluctantly.

“Listen, you love taking it up the ass and you shouldn’t deny yourself pleasure because you’re homophobic or ashamed.” She answered softly.

“I guess your right I said, but I’m worried about what you think.” I asked.

“I think it’s fucking hot. You should already know how I feel about it. Remember I’m the one who popped your cherry. I’m also the one who wants to see you do a guy.” She answered.

There was a pause I our conversation, I was remembering her promise that she could “make it happen easily” and I was having this internal dialogue about whether or not I wanted to. I already knew the answer and I guessed she did too.

“Technically you’ve already committed yourself to doing a guy last week, remember?” She asked with raised aydınlı escort eyebrows. The stakes were mounting, I was being expertly maneuvered and manipulated.

“I remember.” How could I forget? She was doing my ass doggy style with her huge strap-on, and in the throes of passion, I would have agreed to anything.

The doorbell rang and the pizza arrived. We watched a movie and went to bed after more drinks. I was fuzzy headed toward the end of the evening. I woke the next day with dry mouth and a headache. I looked over at her side of the bed and it was empty.

“Honey?” I called out. I thought I could hear her voice in the living room.

She sashayed into the bedroom saying, “Wakey, wakey sleepy head. How are you feeling?”

“I’ve got a head ache and dry mouth.” I said sitting up I bed. I was wondering why I was so dizzy and disoriented.

“I’ll be right back.” She left and returned with a glass of orange juice spiked with a generous amount of vodka and two pills. She handed them to me, “This will make you feel better.” I swallowed the pills with a generous drink.

Not expecting the vodka I coughed a couple of times and said, “Jeez what are you trying to do kill me?”

Ignoring my question she asked again, “how are you feeling?”

“Pretty good, a little dizzy, actually a lot dizzy.” I said smiling.

“Roll over on your stomach and I give you a rub.” She said. I thanked her for her offer and rolled over on the bed.

“I’ll go get the oil.” She said disappearing. I thought I could hear voices again, they sounded distant yet very close at the same time.

“I warmed it up for you. You’re in for a treat, this will feel good.” She said pouring oil all over my back, ass, and legs.

“Oh god.” I exclaimed as she began rubbing my body. It caused tingly waves to roll all over my body. I was getting extremely aroused, my stomach burning with desire.

“What are you doing to me?” I asked

“I can’t take all the credit. That’s the effects of the drugs. They’ll make you appreciate the … experience better.” She replied.

I began to moan as she massaged my body into a compliant and relaxed state. I raised my ass up as an invitation that she took. Her fingers began exploring my tightness as she asked, ” You like that?”

“Oh god yeah, that feels great. Hey honey could you fuck me with your strap-on again?” I begged.

Her fingering became more intense, “Wow, you’re asking for it eh?”

“Yes, please baby?” I surprised myself. What was I saying? I felt like I was on fire with lust.

She stopped touching me, and got off the bed, leaving me wanting, needing. She said, “Now you’re begging for it? I want you to say what you want, let me hear it.”

I said, “I want you to fuck me.” I was breathing heavy.

I moaned loudly as her hands started to rub me again. She was rubbing me harder than before and I liked it.

“You really like it up the ass don’t you?” She asked, her voice sounding distant.

“Oh bağdat caddesi escort yes, I love it. Please fuck me.” Confused, I looked up and saw her pointing a camcorder at me. I thought how could she be over there?

She asked me, “Do you like big hard cock?”

“Yes.” I panted out.

“Your horny for some ass fucking aren’t you?” She asked still pointing the camcorder at me.

“Yes, please fuck me. Fuck my ass” I lost all composure.

“Well what are you waiting for? Shove it up his ass.” She said. I felt a probing hardness thrusting between my well-oiled ass check searching for entry.

“Oh yeah.” I said as I parted my ass cheeks for better access. The next feeling was a sharp pain as I was penetrated. The pain lasted only a fraction of a second replaced by a tingling sensation that ran up and down my spine.

“Oh yeah, fuck me.” I said with my eyes closed, thrusting my ass backward impaling myself on the huge invader. I kept sliding back along the full length until I felt pubic hair against my ass. There was a small pinching feeling in my guts that reminded me how full I was.

I was forcefully pulled up on my hands and knees. My hair pulled backward causing my body to arch. The huge cock in my ass pulled almost all the way out, small shallow thrusts, and then one long hard thrust balls deep into my ass. My eyes bulged out and my mouth formed an, ‘O’ as I groaned like a whore.

“That’s it fill that ass up.” She exclaimed.

My eyes focused on her pointing the camcorder right at my face. Each thrust from behind was shaking my body causing me to moan and groan. You could hear our bodies smacking against each other just like a porno movie. She extended her hand towards my mouth touching my lips lightly while she held the camcorder in the other hand.

She said, “This oiled up whore can take it up the ass like a pro, but you have another hole to fill — don’t you?” The smacking wet sounds continued as my ass was being fucked hard and fast each stroke reaching the very center of my soul turning me, changing me.

I sucked her fingers still wondering how she was able to be in two places at once, in front of me video taping and fucking me from behind. I was confused and couldn’t quite work it out.

She asked, “Well slut you want to suck some cock?”

I nodded my reply. Suddenly a man appeared in front of me and dropped his pants, an erect cock bounced free. I opened my mouth and took it deeply down my throat. I gagged for a few heartbeats then relaxed as he drove his tool down my throat and began to face fuck me with gusto. I finally realized what was going on but surprisingly I didn’t care anymore.

“Oh yeah that’s it. He’ll suck any cock that pops up in front of his face.” She commented. I was getting fucked from both ends while my girlfriend watched. She did much more than just watch, she was encouraging them to fuck me harder and faster and of course videotaping everything.

The man fucking bahçelievler escort my ass froze up, clutching my ass hard. He began pumping my ass full of come. I heard him moan loudly. When his balls were emptied deep in my ass he yanked his cock out, leaving my ass gaping open. It was over too soon for me, I needed more. I wiggled my ass as an invitation for more.

She responded by saying, “Looks like you want more. Do you want more cock?”

Since my mouth was full I replied by nodding. I felt the cock in my mouth go rigid the balls pulling tight, my mouth was filled to overflowing. I couldn’t swallow all of it, so it ran over my lips and chin. He simply pulled his pants up and left without a word. I was still on my hands and knees with come running down my face and leaking out my gapping ass. I never felt so violated or used but I found myself wanting more. We were alone. I looked up at her taping me.

“You’re just getting warmed up aren’t you?” She seductively said.

“I just nodded.” I was woozy and still burning with desire.

“Answer me baby, do you want more dick or not? What ever you want just tell me.” She asked

Trembling I said, “I’ll do whatever you want. Fuck me like the slut I am.”

“The little slut wants me to pimp him out. Just so we are VERY clear (she grabbed my face directing it toward the camera) you’ll be used over and over again until your ass is raw, and you’ll suck cock till your full of hot creamy come. Is that what you want?”

“Yess.” I hissed.

“You heard ’em boys. Fill the whore up.” She announced.

I head voices then felt hands all over my body, spreading my ass cheeks. Being well lubricated with another man’s come it was easy for the next man to gain entry. I felt him slide it in easily. Then he squeezed my ass cheeks to together and started to fuck me with a steady rhythm.

I was presented with a nice hard cock that slapped my face a few times. I struggled to get my mouth around the large head. I started to realize just how big this guy was. My head flopped back and forth. After no more than a few minutes, he groaned and cum spattered all over my face.

“That’s it fill the whore up. So who’s next?’ she asked. Another cock filled my warm mouth stretching and reshaping it. I looked up at her watching, taping me.

She said, “don’t worry babe you’ll get enough cock. See, they’re lining up at both ends.”

I was used like a helpless meat puppet and I loved it. I knew I would be crawling from one cock to the next begging for it. I came several times but was insatiable.

I can still her voice ringing in my ears, “I want this whore so full he sloshes. Fill the bitch up.”

I don’t know how many I serviced but after that fuck fest I found myself alone with her still taping me.

“You did a good job. I’m so proud of you.” She said turning off the camcorder and placing it on the nightstand. She was rubbing my well used ass, smearing the come around.

“You’ll remember this for the rest of your life and if you want help turn you into a real whore. With a little help, you will end up a slut for men who can appreciate an always horny, eager and ready little fucktoy! You’ll end up like you are right now every night, with well-used holes, limp, unable to move, and the only thing you’ll think about will be more cock, filling you up.” She said as I drifted off to sleep.

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