My girlfriends dogging experience


My girlfriends dogging experienceI got the phone call I’d been waiting forMy girlfriend j wanted me to pick her up at 3am from the clubThat was 2 hours away, I made a drink and started to think about j in the clubI trusted her, just not all the other menShe stands 5’2″ tall , long wavy blonde hair, big brown eyes smooth sexy legs and an amazingly big pair of tits! She has only turned 19 a month ago and was going out more and more.My curiosity got the better of me and the next thing I knew I had drove to the club and was paying to get in!I made my way around the club through the masses of party goers looking for j and her friends, I didn’t know if I was going to surprise her or spy on her as this had been a spur of the moment thing!I lordbahis güvenilirmi brushed past many girls, all rubbing they’re sexy bodies against me as they made they’re way onto the dance floor.At last I spotted Amy one of j’s friends she was on the dance floor, I scanned the floor for j and then I saw her, my heart jumped and then dropped as from happiness to horror as I saw her holding hands and leading a man what must of been in his 40s onto the floor, she stopped turned and started gyrating against him, I stood shocked not knowing what to do, I was angry but very confused!She was wearing all white, a tight top that showed everything off, a white short skirt and knee high socks which showed off her lordbahis yeni giriş strong smooth legsThe man was groping her, trying to kiss her while he slid his hand up her leg and towards her pussyShe then pushed off him and turned to the guy dancing behind her and gently stroked his bulge where his cock was leaving the older man alone and confused,the new guy was now grabbing her waist and she smiled as she grinded against her new man, she turned bent over and rubbed herself against him againHe was becoming hard through his trousers, all the while no one was really paying any attention but were either dancing or drinking and enjoying themselves.J again stroked the new mans cock through his trousers, lordbahis giriş He wanted her so bad,then she mimed to get a drink which he agreed quicklyI was shocked but turned on slightly by watching my girlfriend with her secret double life!I wanted j but didn’t know what to do, I left the club discreetly. Sat in the car and thought about what I had just saw…. My j looking and acting so slutty! Why was I turned on?I didn’t have to wait long. I got a call, Amy’s been ill and they want to leave early I met them outside the car j was looking innocent, can we give my other friend Lewis a lift too, he only lives ten minutes away, I noddedAmy had better get in the front I case she’s sick again!J and Lewis bundled into the back laughing while amy slumped in the frontI leant over and put on her seatbelt for her, slyly groping one of her lovely big tits as I did so, she was a sexy girl and I wanted to use this opertunaty to have a feel, j and Lewis didn’t even notice!As I drove they giggled , he probably had his hand up her skirt as I

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