My Girlfriends little Brother


My Girlfriends little BrotherSo my first time with a tight young virgin boy was fuck’en amazing.I was 20 at the time and at my girlfriends place when her parents were out for the weekend. We are in the living room at the time fooling around and just having some fun. I was straight at the time and didn’t really think about boy pussy at all, but her younger brother was there and he always acted a little feminine and sorta teased me a little bit but I was not interested. So that night she was sucking me off and I could see her little brother looking around the corner and he had a big smile on his face as he watched her suck my hard cock. He has watched us fuck before so I just let him watch as she blew me and gagged on my rock hard dick. He started sicking his fingers as he blew me a kiss so i smiled and winked at him so he would be turned on even more he was wearing my girlfriends tight tank top with a pair of her tight short shorts as he started to touch him self as he showed his cute little ass for me. as he turned around he bent over and grabbed his little ass as he spanking this cheeks as me waved side to this point i was starting to get turned on as my girl sucked my cock as she moaned gasping for air. she got off my dick and started to make out with me, then her brother sort of giggled and skipped away back to his room. as we were making out as she rubbed her wet clit on my cock she then got a text from her brother asking if she could make him something to eat, so she replied and said to me stay hard i will be right back.Shortly after she went to kitchen she got another text and i looked at it, it was her brother and he said.”send me you number and delete this text” So me being turned on by him i did and i said “God damn you are turning me on so much she cant find out about us talking” his reply was a picture of his cute smooth little bum in the mirror as he was bent over and he said “This virgin boy hole is yours when ever you want it ;)” I did not reply but that was all i could think about for the next hour as me and my girlfriend cuddled on the couch. After a hour she went to the bathroom and a few seconds after she left her slim little brother comes skipping into the room as he laughs and gets on his knees running his hands up my legs as he does his cute giggle and looks up at me smiling as he grabs my dick with his little hands asking if he can lick it, while my cock got hard against his face. please he said with these cute puppy dog eyes.She will come canlı bahis back soon she cant see you, you are u******e i said “you cant, but I want you do tho” he smiled and licked my cock from balls to head as he moaned, put his mouth on my head then winked and gave my head a little kiss and took a shot as well as grabbed a beer as he left the room. dropping this cute shorts as he spreed his little ass showing me his hole and giggled as he left.At this time I am fuck’en horny as hell, as well as shocked that her cute fem boy brother wanted my dick. So i sent him a picture of my cock before my girl came back. I thought about him for the rest of the night, he was u******e but so fuck’en cute. He wanted me inside him just as much as I now wanted to get my hard cock bare inside him. After my girl went to sleep we started to text and holy fuck was this boy horny. So i got up to go to the bathroom and walked past his room he was laying on his bed face down ass up and drunk. I looked in his room and he had my hard cock on his tv and was moaning as he lied on his bed thinking about me inside him. The door made a creek and he looked over and has this big grin on his face like he knew i was going to come to his room.he grabbed those cute smooth little cheeks, spread his ass and said take me I need your hard dick bare now. So I went in and closed the door and said “Oh god I want to eat that boy hole so bad” I dropped my pants and came from behind grabbing those smooth little boy legs and i ran my hand up them. he said “I knew you would come for this ass, I want to be your little boy fuck me bare daddy” he said I grab his ass as i kiss and suck his smooth boy balls as I squeeze his ass. spanking you and i lick up to his hole. I tell him “God damn boy you make me drool over you” before i spread his ass and lick his hole. Drooling as i eat that virgin boy pussy. He moans as he enjoys me licking, kissing and eating him out. My drool runs down and drips off his balls. he rubs his ass into my face as he enjoys getting eaten out for the first time. I just cant get enough, I must of enjoyed eating that ass for a hour or 2. I was in a heaven and just enjoying his ass as he moaned and grind’ed on my face. My phone then goes off saying i got a text as I say “Fuck thats your sister I have to go”. He laughs and says “I took care of it”. I say “What do you mean?” he says “I sent her a text saying you went home” as he laughs and leans forward laying flat face down on the bed and shakes his cute bahis siteleri little ass. “II am all yours for the night, take me daddy I need it” So I spread his legs and lay on him as i rub my hard cock on him. Whispering into his ear from behind i say “I want to very badly but you are u******e are you ok with it?” he moans as i kiss the back of his neck as he says “I have wanted you inside me for the last 2 years when you started to date my sister” I think to my self “wow i could have fucked him at 14”. So pin down his legs and i grab his hands in front pinning him down so he cant move. still rubbing my hard cock on his ass as i leak pre cum on him, suck his earlobe as he moans and begs for me to get inside him. “please fuck me as if I was your little brother” he says. then i whisper into his ear “Oh baby brother I am going to cum fuck you until I have unloaded all my cum in that cute virgin hole. I rub my hard dick on his tight little hole using my pre-cum to lob him up. his moaning was amazing as i entered his virgin hole very slow. So he can feel it all. my head penetrates his hole and he tightens his ass. I say “Its ok little brother relax and enjoy this moment I want you to feel every inch as i enter slowly” he moans and giggles then losens up and i keep going slowly. I tell him “as amazing as this is for me its all about you” as i kiss his neck leaking pre cum as he moans loving my rock hard cock slowly entering his ass. he tries to move but i have him pinned down and laugh as i say “you are not getting away brother you are mine” as i slowly get deeper into my girlfriends brothers tight boy hole. he moans in enjoyment as i pin him down kissing his neck as i losen up his hole. he tells me he loves it and wants me to flex my hard cock once deep inside and just lay there kissing his neck as i say balls deep. I then say “thats my boy as I tell him I wish I could have fucked him when he was even younger” he says to me with a sexy laugh as i keep entering slowly “you dont know this but a few times you sexted and sent picks to my sister it was me” as he moans louder as he enjoys me inside. his sexy moan and laugh turn me on so much and he says “well a few times when you woke up to getting head that was me under the blanket in my sisters room” then he moans as i fully enter his hole. balls deep as i throb my cock and he tightens that ass. just lay there, let me enjoy that cock deep inside me. he says to me “I have wanted this for almost 2 years now, the first time bahis şirketleri I saw your hard in the shower I was hooked on your cock”. “every time i would sneak in her room when she passed out on the couch i would get under the covers and suck your cock all night until you woke”. “But I was wanted you inside me for so long now and the dream has come true.” we must have just layed there talking for over 20 min as i throbbed my cock leaking pre cum inside his cute ass as he tightened his hole on my cock. I love it he says. I did not know it was you under the covers wow you are a sneaky little boy eh? he giggles and moans as he says “I loved licking your cock and slapping my face with it”. Oh i see now i wondered why it felt so passionate when she would blow me under the covers but it felt different when she wasnt.” all those days she was at work it was you under there holy fuck thats awesome. he says everytime i wanted to just jump on your hard cock and ride it, and now i have you inside me and you feel amazing. I can feel your pre cum leaking out as we lay here. he then begs for me to fuck him. “now its time fuck my boy hole, Fuck me big brother fuck your little bro.” I laugh in excitment and say. “Big brother is going to cum fuck his little brother until he is dry”. I start to pull out and slowly go back in, pulling out until his little hole tightens around my head. out and in slowly going faster and harder as he moans. my precum squirting out as fuck my little brothers ass. enjoying his sexy moan as my dick makes music with his hole. clapping when i go balls deep inside his ass. I tell him your moan with that hot wet ass clap is amazing. clapping as he gets more wet as a fuck him harder. I grunt and breath heavy as i fuck him into the bed, enjoying that ass. harder and harder i go fucking him. your my boy now daddy wants to breed you all night. he moan and laughs enjoying his wet ass clapping when i get balls deep. cum in me brother cum. pinning him down as he can feel me about to unload. that ass squirting as i fuck him. i need it he says. I hold as long as i can. then get balls deep and unload deep inside as i kiss his neck and grunt in enjoyment filling his ass as i stay deep. so much cum it squirts out and runs down to his balls. Well that was my first time in a hot smooth young boy pussy. I unloaded 4 times in his virgin ass and everyone was fucking amazing. He held out for 2 years for me to pop his boy cherry. Knowing that I could have fucked him when he was way younger when i was 18 would have been awesome. i continued to date his sister for 2 more years, while still cum fucking her little brother more than i fucked her.That boy was addicted to my dick, he could never get enough.

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