My girlfriend’s mum

My girlfriend’s mumA few years ago when I was with my now ex girlfriend(Sarah), I had one of my favourite experiences.She used to work every Saturday until at least 1am. This suited me as I would go out with my friends. Sarah got wise to this and was jealous that I was always out. Her ideal situation would be me staying at hers whilst she works so I’d be there when she finishes.After a heavy weekend, I decided the next Saturday I’d stay at hers like she wanted.This is where her mother comes into the story. Her mum had been split from her dad since Sarah was a young. She was in her early 50s and to give you an idea of how she looked, she was the image of Jillian Foxxx. We’ll call her Jill from now on. Jill was a bit annoying throughout the week, she constantly moaned at Sarah, was a clean freak and got involved in everything. Jill was great at the weekend because she drank her wine. She was a different person… laid back, funny and happy. She sometimes went on dates with men she met on POF.One Thursday night after we had a meal, Jill became upset and angry because her date let her down for the Saturday. She started arguing with Sarah even more. The next day I went to Sarah’s after work and they were still arguing. Fortunately it was Friday so I knew after their evening meal, Jill would have some wine. She became happier and the arguing stopped. Everything was fine until about 11, Jill became upset that she would have no date and nothing to do tomorrow as Sarah would be working. Sarah told her I would be staying, but that didn’t help much. Sarah hugged her sobbing mum as she mouthed to me ‘help me’I told Jill me and her will have our own ‘date night’ tomorrow, I’ll make a meal, we’ll watch a film and have some wine. Jill looked at Sarah smiled and said that would be lovely.Everyone was happy, Jill wouldn’t feel lonely, Sarah wouldn’t come home to a moody mum/I wouldn’t be out drinking whilst she was working and it suited me as I could have a relaxed night, movie and I knew Jill would be no trouble when she’d had a drink.So I start making the meal while Sarah was getting ready for work, she canlı kaçak iddaa kissed me goodbye and said ‘thanks for this, I’ll show you how much I appreciate it when I get in’.She left. Jill came in the kitchen and started getting involved, which was annoying…so I opened a bottle and told her to sit down and relax, handing her a glass.We had our meal, a few glasses of wine and put the film on. Jill was constantly up and down getting more wine. The movie finished so I asked if we should watch another. Jill agreed. It was about 11.30, I could feel myself nodding of because I’d missed parts of the film. I was comfy lay down whilst Jill had put her cushion near my hip and seemed comfy too.As I woke up I could hear Jill snoring, the film finished and the timer on the TV counting down to turn off. If it turned off we would be in complete darkness except from the moonlight through the window.I woke up later and noticed it was half 12, Sarah would be finished soon so I didn’t want her to come home to me and her mum on the sofa in darkness. Jill was still snoring so I nudged her to wake her up. She said she was going bed. I had noticed I’d woke with a raging hard on but I knew Jill wouldn’t see it in the dark.She sat up and as she moved her right hand from the side of me to the front of the couch she flipped my boner. She made a surprised sound. I froze. Then the last thing I expected happened. She grabbed my dick full on with a little giggle. Jill placed her body on top of me whilst still holding my cock, I felt her face in front of mine. This was only going one way so I stuck a kiss on her. She reacted with a tongue down my throat while pulling my trousers down. My cock flung out and she was sucking it before I knew it. This escalated quickly. She was really good at blowjobs which I never would have expected. She did everything I loved, deep throat, licking my balls and I even heard her spit on it. She jumped off, I heard a little shuffling and could see in the moonlight she was taking her pants off. Before I knew it she was sat on my dick. Her pussy was so wet and tighter than I expected. canlı kaçak iddaa Jill was like a demon bouncing hard up and down on me whilst moaning. The squelching off her soaking pussy getting louder and louder. This was hot. She was gonna make me cum and quick. I blew my load up her and she collapsed on top of me.As soon as Id cum I felt really bad. Jill got of me and grabbed her clothes and went to bed, no words. I pulled my trousers up and made sure there was no marks on the sofa and went to clean myself up before bed.Sarah came home, got in bed and I went to hug her as I felt really bad. She said ‘not tonight, I’m tired’. Well that makes 2 of us.The next morning Jill had made breakfast and called us down. I didn’t know what to say and thought it would be awkward. All she said was ‘Good Morning’. I didn’t know if she was ashamed like me or whether the wine had given her no memory, but as looking as Sarah didn’t know, I didn’t care.For the next week nothing changed, no awkwardness on Jill’s part, no secret chats between us, nothing. The only thing was I couldn’t help but think my girlfriend’s mum wasn’t much to look at but she gives a killer bj and rides like a demon. Then it changed. That Friday I stayed over at Sarah’s. We had a meal and some drinks. Jill was happier and more talkative but still no mention of last Saturday. As I was in bed watching TV, Sarah fast asleep as always, Jill came in, asked me to turn the TV down then said goodnight. I was a bit gutted tbh. Ten minutes passed then Jill came in again, this time in her night clothes. She came round to my side of the bed whilst looking at Sarah. With no words she grabbed my hand and put my fingers in her pussy. My first reaction was to make sure Sarah was still asleep, then I mouthed ‘are you crazy?’ Jill smiled before leaning in close and putting her lips around my ear. This was so hot. She pulled my hand out from her dripping pussy before tasting her own juices from my fingers. ‘Follow me’ she said and slowly walked out of the room. My head was all over, I shouldn’t be doing this again…but it was so hot last canlı bahis şirketleri time and again my dick was raging hard. I quietly snuck out the room, across the landing to find Jill waiting with her dressing gown open. She closed the bedroom door after me and dropped her gown. This was the first time I saw her body in the light, I was impressed. She had an identical body to Jillian Foxxx (check it out).I sucked on her little tits and played with her ass and pussy before she threw me on the bed and sat on my face. Jill started riding my tongue just as she had ridden my cock.She pulled my cock out and couldn’t wait to get her mouth on it again. She jumped off my face and alternated between deepthroating me and wrapping her lips and tongue up and down the shaft and around the throbbing head, all the while keeping eye contact with me. She pulled my cock out and spat on it before sucking again. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed her off and bent her over a chair in her room. I fucked her hard from behind, holding her hips as her ass slapped of me. Jill began to moan quite loud, so I put my hand over her mouth….I really didn’t want to get caught in the position. I played with her asshole with my thumb, which she seemed to like so i pulled out and tasted her sweet hole. Her hand pushed my head deeper so I put my tongue in as far as I could. Jill was dripping and moaning so much. She turned around, pushed me on her bed and began bouncing so hard on my dick. The bed was squeaking so loud so I grabbed hold of her and stood up with her still round my hips. She seemed to be surprised by this move but she loved it and responded by going harder then ever. At this point we were both about to explode, neither of us tried to hide the sound of her moaning or our bodies slamming together. As I cum we both collapsed on her bed, exhausted and in full sweat. We gathered our breath for a moment before Jill pulled out, licked all the cum and pussy juice from my dick, wiped her mouth then slapped my leg with a ‘go on back now’.She fucked me senseless and sent me back to her daughter’s bed. I felt used. It was great.The only time after that something happened was when Sarah was in the shower, Jill began blowing me but we were cruelly interrupted by a power cut. We was almost caught. Me and Sarah split not long after and I never saw her or Jill again.

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