Subject: My Grandson Billy Part 2 If you’re a fan of Nifty, consider donating to help keep them doing what you love. My Grandson Billy Part 2 This story features M/b love, if that’s not your thing, don’t read it. All the way home from the graduation, I sat holding hands with William in the backseat of his father’s car. The bond we had was unbreakable. Our time together was no longer something that occurred, indeed, we hadn’t been intimate in probably a few years’ time. He was at the end of his first four years in college and this was the first time I’d seen him come home. He was beginning his life, and I understood that there probably wouldn’t be a place for me. I was getting older anyway, and I was nearly as virile as I had been, but I still had a grand affection for me. I was surprised, I even gasped, in the cover of the night’s darkness in the back of his father’s car, he reached over and put his hand over my crotch and gave me a big smile. It was on a brief moment, but it was wonderful. I returned the gesture. I could feel he was swollen in his pants. Maybe later, I’d get one more taste of his stiff 7 inches, maybe… I thought back to those first few days of exploration when he was but a wee lad. 9 years old, going on 10 and ready to explore the world, himself and me it seemed. I wasn’t even forty at the time, widower and a closeted gay man, indeed, a closeted boy lover. Certainly, I was a lover of this boy that insisted on being with his boring grandpop while mom and dad had to work long shifts away to reclaim a life my son had almost thrown away, but instead of just walking away, he was trying to make it work no matter how much Billy’s mom resisted or tried to turn away herself. It was a mistake, but there was boy right here, right now, that needed as much attention as anyone else. I guess I was taking up some of that role. I remember that night after putting him to bed, waking up in the morning to his laughter downstairs as he helped to make breakfast. His dad was struggling to do much more than be asleep which he would be soon. I joined them. He betrayed not a thing of our secret time, he was just being the happy boy he should always be. That night, I remember, he came to see me. I pretended to be engrossed in the paper. His mom warned Billy as per usual to not bother me. When she left, I put the paper aside and I put my hands out to him. How are you baby boy? He smiled. I’m better now. You need some hugs and kisses? He nodded and climbed up to me. Is your thing really big? He asked me looking so naughty. Not right now I said, but I’m sure it will be. I’ve got you on my lap! Why does it do that, he asked? Well, I said, when you get to act a little naughty, it gets excited and wants to stand up and play. Sometimes, if you really love someone, in that special gaziantep travesti way, it will get hard when you’re with them and are able to touch them, hug and kiss them. And we call it a penis. It’s your penis. Your penis becomes erect, and if it’s erect long enough and you play with it, or have a good friend play with it, it will feel really good. You call that an orgasm. Is that when the daddy stuff comes out? I chuckled at him. Yes, when you’re older. In a few years, you’ll make that juice squirt out when you have an orgasm. It’s what makes a baby when a daddy does that inside the mommy’s vagina. He laughed at me. I know it’s silly, but that’s what happens. I know, he said, mommy explained it to me, but I don’t like thinking of daddy doing that to mommy. Oh, I know, but it’s how they got you. That’s a good thing? He nodded and giggled. I pulled him up to me and he hugged me. I opened my lips and he pushed his tongue in. I sucked on that little baby boy’s tongue for a while and surely my cock was rock hard after that. I put my tongue into his mouth and he sucked it. I felt like he was nursing at a tit. It was very sensual to feel him do that with my tongue. I pulled back from him and he looked at me, red faced and teary eyed. I said, are you upset? He said no. He whispered, I’m happy. He laid his head on my chest and held him there. I ran my hand up under his robe, along his leg. When I reached his thigh, he let his legs open up and I ran my hand right to his groin. He gasped, but didn’t look up or move his head. I took a hold of him. His stiff erection was in my fingers. I stroked him and then I rubbed the outside of my fingers against his scrotum. Do you want to get naked? I asked. He nodded and moved back. He shrugged out his robe as I stood up to do the same. He stood there, my cock hanging just at the level of his chest, nearly poking him. He stood there, blushed red, his hard cock straight up, pointing at his belly button. I stepped forward and held his head in one hand. My cock head dripping a bead of pre-cum, he moved into me for a hug. My cock now against him, dotting at his chin. I hugged him back and then sat back on over-sized chair spreading my legs. He climbed up and spread his legs over mine. His erection often collided with mine. I reached between us and took ahold of him once more. He gasped and bucked his hips. He scooted forward and gently took a hold of me. It was such magic that first time his tentative little hand reached over and wrapped itself around my hard, hot adult cock, the pre-cum leaking down to his fingers. He pulled it to his belly and rubbed it over the soft flesh of his gut, the pre-cum leaving a sticky trail. He let go of it and looked up at me. Am I naughty? Am I bad? No, I whispered. gaziantep masaj salonları You’re a beautiful boy, naked and in my arms. You couldn’t be more wonderful. He turned to sit with his back to me, spreading his legs out. I put my hand out, just over his groin. Can I play with that special thing between your legs there? He looked up and nodded at me. I reached down and fondled him. My fingers playing gently with his scrotum and testicles, stroking that hard nail of a boy shaft. He leaned back and let me play. I pulled on him and tickled at his taint. He sighed and cooed. It took some time but suddenly he tensed up. His little boy balls rose in that pink, soft sack and I felt the vein on the underside of his young boy cock throb. He gasped and jerked. I kissed at his face and rubbed his soft boobs. When it was over he asked me, is that it? I nodded. Did you like that? He looked up me with one of soft and mild smiles and nodded. I’m glad. I drew him up into a kiss and we sat for the rest of the night, hugged together. My fingers straying to his genitals and if I could go farther, to his taint and even back to his crack. Just before the night was over, I had him get down on all fours, his butt up toward me. That asshole was on display, and might fine that soft, simple dimple was. I cupped his balls from behind and trailed my fingers along his crack so he could feel them graze his anus. He laughed and rolled away from me. My cock had long before become soft, but after that display Billy’s own boy cock was awake. I carried him to bed, dressed him and tucked him in, seeing off to sleep with a good kiss. I went back to my bedroom and jerked off, covering my belly with white cum. The next night, it was much the same. Us getting naked and holding each other, our hands exploring as they wanted to and our mouths kissing as I liked so much. I ran my hand down to his scrotum. He scooted his knees apart. Down there, he said. I smiled at him. I pushed my fingers over his taint and then I pressed my index finger against his anus. He gasped, blushed an extra shade of red and I felt him wriggle his bottom against my hand. You like that, I asked. He nodded. That’s really naughty! Is that ok? He asked with a concerned look. If you like it, it’s more than ok. He leaned in to kiss me again and I took his tongue in between my lips. After a moment, I pulled away and said kiss my titties like that! He looked at me with one of those boy’s `huh?’ looks. Suck on my titties, I said indicating my hard nubs. He leaned in and went to work on the left one. I moaned. You like that? He asked with another `huh?’ look. I nodded. He went back at it and soon was nursing on me. First one then the other. My cock nearly shot a load against him. That gaziantep escort bayan feels good? He asked. I nodded and pulled him up. I stuck out my tongue licked flat over his own flesh boob. He gasped. See? I said. I sucked at him until both nipples were hard little points. He soon was really gasping. I reached between his legs and stroked him. He came. His voice cracked. He called out. His dry cum burst from him in a heaving wave. See? I said when he finished. I pulled him around, his back to my belly and I stroked my cock. I let the head boink his belly as I stroked. I told him, I’m going to cum on you, watch it. He was intent on seeing my big purple head swell and then with a jerk, 8 lines of cum, one after the other shot over his belly and up his chest. I was gasping and sweating and as shot after shot streaked him with my hot white cum. He was wide eyed and open mouthed. I smiled at him and laughed. I slapped my cock against him. Woah, he said. That’s a lot of juice! I make a lot of it, I agreed. It’s hot, he said. It’s from these balls of mine! I ran my hand up him smearing him in cum. I put my sticky finger to his lips. Taste that boy. Get that in your mouth. He did. I could tell he wasn’t really sure but he did. I licked my hand after him and went for more. He pulled my thumb to his mouth and he sucked on it, freshly smeared with the cream just shot from my balls. I put my sticky fingers to his soft little member and pulled on it gently trying to reawaken it. He was grunting and groan, his legs spread wide. My middle finger pushed under him and poked at his anus. I didn’t enter him, but I did go after it. He drew his knees up as much as he could and I was rubbing a circle over his little boy pucker with three fingers. I returned to his cock, stroking him back to hardness, my other hand cupping and gently massaging his fleshy boobs and his fleshy belly. That cock gets really hard when I touch your bottom hole, huh Billy? He laughed. He agreed. It feels really naughty. It makes me shiver! I chuckled at him. I licked my fingertips and put them back at his hole and rubbed him. Oh man! He said. You ever thought someone would play with your butthole? He looked at me and blushed. He shook his head. You play with yourself before this? He nodded and giggled. I like playing with myself. Me too I said going back to work on making him cum. He held onto me, gripping my arms and he tensed up. Those little pink boy balls pulling up in their bag, his little boy cock throbbing under my fingers, his butt grinding down on my hand. His mouth barking out gasps and moans. We spent the rest of the night reading some of his favorite stories together. A cock in hand there. A kiss there. Rubbing the others scrotum after that… then it was off to bed as per usual. That little boy’s bright smile as he rolls over and shuts his eyes. We pulled into the drive as my reverie was lifted. I reluctantly let go of William’s hand. We all went inside and had some cake and some wine. I could help but stare at after him. That’s part two � any feedback or requests or anything else you want to share or show me � send it on! Hank – ail

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