My high school boyfriend


My high school boyfriendI was sixteen and Mac was s*******n when we started having sex. It started when we went out in his car to park and make out and he was tongue kissing me as his hands rubbed my tits through my sweater. Then he ran his hand under my sweater and rubbed my tits over my bra. Then he slipped a hand inside my bra and I liked the feel of his hands on my tits and his fingers across my nipples. Before I knew it he had unsnapped my bra and his hands were really feeling up my tits. I liked it a lot. His hand began rubbing my legs under my skirt and close to my pussy. It didn’t take him long to rub my pussy through my panties. He took my hand and put it on his now hard cock in which was still inside his pants. He rubbed my hand up and down on the cock and then he put a finger inside my pantie and rubbed my pussy. As he felt my pussy he then unzipped his pants pulled his cock out and put my hand on it and began rubbing my hand up and down on the hard cock.By now he was really playing with my pussy and I felt my first climax and he rubbed some of the cum over my lips and my nipples as I rubbed his çankaya escort cock harder as I licked my lips and he licked my nipples. It didn’t take him long to cum right in my hand and he then rubbed that cum over my tits and across my lips and let me taste it as he licked the cum off my nipples. We played touch and feel for an other two hours till we had to leave. Our dates from then on would be going right to a deserted road and making each other cum. I loved the first night we actually got naked and I watched my had stroke his cock as he fingered my pussy and put a finger inside my cunt. He loved sucking on my full C tits as he fingered my cunt and I did a good job stroking his cock till he would cum all over my hand.One night with a finger in my cunt and his mouth over a nipple he then started kissing me lower till he got to my pussy and then he kissed my pussy and I went crazy. That felt so good. He soon licked me and then sucked on my clit as I stared cumming hard and could not stop. He tongued my pussy for quite a while then he pushed my head down to his cock cebeci escort and I started licking it. I loved the smooth way it felt and liked it in my mouth as I sucked it for the first time that night. It didn’t take long for Mac to cum in my mouth and I just swallowed it. Then he kissed me to taste it and then pushed me on my back and put his tongue in my pussy and into my fuck hole and began tongue fucking me. I could hear him sucking the cum out of me as he made me cum over and over. Then he licked and sucked on my clit as he put a finger in my hole and finger fucked me. Then he had me suck his cock again and then we spent a lot of time naked and sucking each other when we would go and park. The best night was when he asked if he could put his cock in my cunt. I wanted that real bad and he got on top of me after he had tongue fucked my cunt and he began to shove his cock inside me. He came fast that time but we did it twice more that night and he lasted longer each time. Now we had a variety of ways to make our sex very exciting. We would kiss, lick and suck then fuck. demetevler escort Some nights Mac could fuck me a long time before giving me his cum. We got info on different sex positions and we tried most of them. I went to the free clinic and got birth control pills and then we did not have to worry and could fuck all we wanted. I loved sucking Mac’s cock and his balls. It was so good when he got turned on and fucked my mouth hard shoving every inch of his big cock down my throat and filling me with cum. He was so good at tonguing fucking my cunt and sucking my cum out as he made me cum many times.One night when we were fucking and licking he asked me if he could stick his cock in my ass like the guys do on the porn videos. I said okay and he promised he would be careful but he knew it would feel so good. I got on my hands and knees and he got behind me and first fingered my ass then put a finger in me then a second finger in me and it did feel so good. He then put his cock to my asshole and rubbed me with it before he began to push it inside me. As he was pushing in me he told me how good it felt. It did not take long and he was ass fucking me hard and deep. I agreed it did fell wonderful. Now when we parked we always had anal sex at least once. Mac and I fucked for two years till he went away to college. I really missed him and the great sex we had. The first lover is always the best lover.

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