My Highschool Football Coach

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My Highschool Football CoachDurin the offseason Football was still taken pretty seriously at my school and the coaches highly encouraged us to get in the weight room as much as we could in order to get better for the next year. Our coach was a pretty strict and somewhat intimidating guy but as long as you stayed on his good side you had a pretty easy time. He was very muscular and close to his 50s but was in better shape then most 30 year olds! It was a team joke on how much he liked to pat us boys on the ass and tell us good job but thats all the firther it really went because he had a beautiful wife and family and they seemed well off and happy together! As a couple weeks passed the attendance gradually declined and Coach T seemed lkke he was taking a special interest in me and wanted to make sure i was where i needed to be for the upcoming season. I never questioned anyone or ever brought it up but it seemed with each passing day his smacks on the butt were getting a little softer and bursa escort closer to my asshole rather than my ass cheek but i just pretended like it was no big thing and went on with my workout while trying to hide my buldge in my pants lol. After about 6 weeks every single person either stopped coming or was on vacation so that left just me and coach. My suspicions about him patting my ass was clearly becoming more touchy and one day when he did it he rubbed his finger on my asshole for a brief second and pretended like it was no big deal. After workin out with him I always showered and now that i was by myself Coach started showering with me and even though he was on the opposite side, his dick was rock hard but he always tried to hide it and quickly got out. The next morning while bench pressing he came over to spot me and i couldnt help myself but to look up while he stood over me and he wasnt wearing underwear and the head of his fat cock was literally 3 inches from my face and it bursa escort bayan was all i had in me to not just reach up and put it in my mouth!!! Im sure he noticed the bulge in my pants but he never said a word and would barely rub the head of his cock on my face when he grabbed the bar to rack it for me! The sexual tension between the two of us grew like a wild fire the next couple days but it was like a stalemate bc neither of us acted upon it because i knew he had a wife and he knew i was dating the cheerleading captain! Friday rolled around and it was the last day of our offseason workouts and i had made up my mind, it was now or never!!! The workout went as usual and was very seductive at times and before i knew it, we were done and it was time to shower. While showering I purposely bent over or rubbed my asshole acting like i was washing it and as always, coach was rock fucking hard! He wasnt huge in length but was as fat as a pop can almost! He quickly got out as usual escort bursa when he got hard and went to his office but this time instead of finishing my shower, i waited about 30 seconds and quietly walked to his office and he was sittin down in his chair, dick still rock hard and drying his hair and face! I quickly made my way in there and just like i wanted, he still was unaware of the situation bc the towel was blocking his view and I literally jumped up in his lap and grabbed his cock and sat on it as hard as i could and went balls deep and the moan he let out was the sexiest fucking thing ever! I rode his cock for about 10 minutes and he filled my ass with cum and i figured the fun was over! Boy was I wrong! His big strong ass picked me up with my legs on his shoulders and straight up fucked my brains out for atleast an hour and definitely dominated me until he pulled out and shot one of the most delicious loads to date in my mouth for me to swallow down! After this particular time we ended up hooking up on a few more occasions and needless to say, I was our starting Quarterback every game until I graduated and got treated pretty great. I can guarantee to this day, that big cock has never been pleased quite like I did!

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