My Husband caught me with my lover (Part 1)

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My Husband caught me with my lover (Part 1)My affair had been going on for 3 years, and it was mind blowing, he was a sensual lover and knew all the right things to keep me hot. We used to meet and go to a hotel once a week, I used to tell my hubby that I had business and needed to stay at the complex as it would be too late to travel home. We had it all worked out, he would drive and I would get a cab, and we would check in under a married name.I got to the hotel one night a little later than usual, and he was there, waiting for me, asking why I was so late. I told him it didn’t matter, I just wanted to get up to the room and fuck him senseless. He smiled and agreed, so we went to the room, pulling each others clothes off before the door had even closed, he was as hard as anything.’Mmmm’ he groaned as I ataşehir escort held his cock tight, he was pushing me towards the bed, climbing on top of me, exploring my body with his tongue. He forced his cock deep inside and he felt me shake. Cum was pouring out of my cunt and he was forcing his cock deep inside me, kissing my neck and stroking my hard clit. Pushing his cock deeper into me, I felt a gush between my legs, we had cum all over each other, the sheets were soaked.’Why were you late, you we arranged to meet earlier, you are never late’.’I have a husband, he asks a lot of questions, you never normally have to wait but I had no choice, I’m sorry.”And now you’re leaving, this one night a week thing was alright, but its not enough. I want more of you, I want to fuck you every night, and feel pendik escort your juice all over my dick, your pussy tighten when you cum and hear you moan. I know how much you want my dick, you are so hungry for it, I see the devil in your eyes whenever we meet, this is just crazy.’What was this, he was getting too deep, I knew we had been seeing each other for a long time, but only for a few hours a week.’Whats going on, what do you want, to have me all to yourself ? Thats not going to happen, I’m married, its not an easy one to walk away from either, believe me’.’So this is just fucking to you, nothing else, nice, well I’ll be here as usual next week…waiting for you, I feel like I am being used for your fucking pleasure.’I moved closer and said quietly ‘You wouldnt be so fucking interested if tuzla escort I was single would you ….. ahhhhh!’ I felt his fingers inside me fucking me hard, his hand curved so his thumb was pushing on my clit.’Cum for me one last time before you go baby, let me feel you cum hard.’ His hand was so fast, teasing me and the making my cunt throb.’I have to go…..oh God stop, I need to get back.’ Him hearing me moan just turned him on more as he removed his hand and rolled on top of me, driving his dick so deep, I came so hard all over it, and started to moan.’Thats it baby, cum hard -I’m gonna cuuuuuuumm’. I felt him shoot his load in me, his lower body grinding into my pelvis. My body was shaking I came so much.He laid, inside me for a moment, making sure his drained cum didnt slip out.’Take that home with you babe!’Kissing me hard, he got off and headed for the shower, I hurriedly put my clothes on, straightened my hair and reach for the door… ‘I have to go…. bye’ and I climbed into the waiting cab and headed home. Part 2 to follow 😉

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