My Ideal Morning Wakeup Call


My Ideal Morning Wakeup CallI’m asleep in bed, dreaming a wonderfully erotic dream. It feels so real, I feel it so vividly. I groggily open my eyes and see you, sucking on my tit, intently watching my reactions as I wake up. I smile sleepily and watch as your tongue circles my nipple, slowly around and around teasing it to a hard eraser tip. I sigh happily and pull your head to my body as you begin sucking on my nipple, teasing the other one with your thumb. You switch nipples and suck and nibble it as you watch my reactions. You alternate from one breast to the other until I’m squirming with need for you, feeling that familiar throbbing of my clit as my body quickly arouses from your sensual touch. One of your hands slides along my stomach to my mound, slipping inside of me, finding me already wet and ready for you. You continue to alternate playing with one nipple and then the other, as you slide your finger along my slit and dip it inside, fingering in and out, playing with and teasing the nub until my body is bucking up to meet your hand.I start to lower my hand to slide down your chest but you quickly pull my hand away and pin it above my head with your hand. “No touching allowed… This is all about you”, you whisper… “just lay back and feel my desire for you”. I shiver in anticipation, wondering what you might have in mind for me. canlı bahis You kiss your way up to my ear, suck my earlobe into your mouth, driving me wild with your tongue and lips. I feel your warm breath in my ear as you whisper that you can’t wait to show me how much I turn you on. I turn my head to bring my mouth to yours and our lips meet in a sizzlingly passionate kiss both of us pouring all our love for each other into the kiss. Your tongue slips inside my mouth, our tongues playing together. I close my eyes as I totally focus on the sensations of your mouth on mine. You suck my tongue deep into your mouth, causing an answering moan from me as I sneak my legs around the back of your hips, eager to feel your hard shaft against my mound. With a sharp inhale of breath at the contact of our bodies, you move to position yourself between my thighs, with the head of your cock pressed against my opening, waiting. Startled that you’ve stopped moving, I open my eyes, our eyes locking on each other as I breathlessly whisper your name. Watching my face, you slowly push inside of me, feeling my body open to receive you and hug you tightly in my inner warmth. I watch your face intently as you slide steadily all the way in, your face changing with the sensations of our bodies sliding together. Fully inside me, you hold still, watching my face. bahis siteleri Slowly you pull back out and push back in, seeing the play of emotion and passion moving over my face.You pull back out until you’re almost completely out then suddenly push back in harder, causing me to gasp with the sensations. I close my eyes, loving the feeling of you sliding along my walls… you stop, waiting for me to open my eyes… then repeat the movement, sliding further in with each thrust, more forcefully each time. If I close my eyes, you wait for me to open them wanting me to watch yours before you begin moving again. Soon I’m breathless with desire, my breasts rising and falling with each breath, my nipples fully erect and harder than you’ve ever seen them. I feel mesmerized by the emotions etched on your face, overwhelmed and humbled by the strength of our connection. You reach out to my breasts and squeeze them, pulling and tweaking my nipples gently with each thrust until I’m crying out in pleasure.You keep up the excruciatingly sweet torment of my body until you feel my muscles quivering uncontrollably deep inside. You push in so far that you feel your balls hit me hard and tight against my bottom, back out and back in tight, deep. Over and over you drive me towards the edge, further and further, higher and higher until I feel like I canlı bahis siteleri can’t breathe, my body going crazy, feeling like I’m on fire. You see my face contort in pleasure as my body explodes in an orgasm that continues on and on in rolling waves, you pause, still completely inside of me, feeling my pussy clamping down on your cock, seeing my body convulsing with pleasure, hearing and feeling my moans deep to your core. When my body began to calm, you begin all over again from the beginning, teasing me, coaxing me, watching me intently until I reached another exploding orgasm. This time as I begin to orgasm, you let your own control go, bursting over the edge with a deep growling moan as you release all of your passion and heat deep inside me in the biggest orgasm you can ever remember experiencing. Your vision goes white for a moment as your seed explodes in me, filling me up as you hot sticky creamy cum shoots deep inside, hitting inside then dripping back down and oozes back out. You collapse on top of me, my legs wrapping tightly around you to hold you tightly to me and keep you inside me, not wanting to break contact with you, clinging to you, my face against your neck, both of us totally spent and overcome with emotion. We kiss deeply, tenderly, lovingly. You roll off of me without breaking contact, your arm sliding around me and pulling my head to snuggle close to you on the bed. I look up at you, smiling, and whisper that I hope you plan on being my alarm clock every morning from now on… my new favorite morning wakeup call.. what a way to begin the day.

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