My Incestuous Affair…


My Incestuous Affair with My Mother

(note: The conversations in this story were in TAMIL language. For readers’ convenience they are given in normal English. Read and Enjoy)

I belong to the state of TamilNadu in India. Our family is basically engaged in agriculture, but I am an exception and a graduate. I am interested in supporting my mother & maternal grandparents in agriculture. My father had an affair with a lady who was working in our farm and ran with her. His whereabouts not known. This happened two years back.

We have big farm land and do the agriculture our self. Because of outdoor activities all members in my family are having good physique. In our family apart from Grandparents and Mother we are two children, myself and my younger sister. My mother in addition to household activities takes care of our fields too along with my grandparents. Because of all the physical work my mother’s figure is perfect, she has firm tight belly long shapely legs, BIG breasts and wide hips to match.

Her name is INDIRA. She is 40 years old now, but seems so young & beautiful comparing with the ladies of the same age in our village. I often thought that my father was a fool to run with some other lady. By this time I am 21 years old and built like a bull. My mother often called me as “SARO” the short form of my name.

At this age I am too possessive about my mother and always thought about keeping her safe between my thighs. As TamilNadu is very hot during summers and our house being in the middle of fields with high boundary walls womenfolk in our house i.e. My mother and sister were quite careless in the way they dressed during summers to avoid heat. My mother and sister both used to wear very thin cloths and both of them dispensed away with brassieres during summer. My mother’s body is voluptuous and she wears very thin sarees, very tight blouses, and light skirts. Our Village ladies are not yet get in to the phase of wearing panties.

My favorite pass time was to sit in the kitchen during summer afternoons when mother used to prepare lunch. One day, Mother in her thin dress used to sit in front of the stove sweating profoundly. Her big boobs spilling out of low cut blouse after some time were quite visible through her thin saree made wet due to sweat. I kept my eyes peeled to the streams of sweat that used to flow from her neck to the deep valley between her breasts. By this time her nipples used to start sticking out and I got full enjoyment of seeing my mothers breasts in their full glory. My mother noticed where my eyes were, but she did not bother about it. She casually took the loose end of her saree on her shoulders and clean the sweat on her face.

WoW, I got an immediate erection on seeing her big breasts fought against the thin fabric of her blouse and the cleavage of her perfect boobs. My mother noticed my stiffening cock under my lungi(a kind of loose undergarment for gents), but she was too slow to place the loose end of her saree on her shoulders. We both were very much excited by this time and started conversation in double meanings.

My mother asked me, “Saro, would you like to drink milk?”

I replied “Amma, I will drink milk if you give!”

My mother smiled at me and said, “are you so hungry?”

I said “Yes!”

Mother said “I will fed you!”

I was shocked and asked “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?”

My mother laughed and placed a tumbler full of milk. I took the tumbler in my hand. My mother stopped me and told “don’t drink milk without aappam, (name of a food item and also used for the cunt of a woman in double meaning dialogues) my son!”

I was very much excited to hear such a dialogue from my mother. I knew that my mother was horny. I knew that she was not having any sexual activities for the past two years. She was slowly attracted towards me. Extra marital affairs are not common in our villages. I thought that she wanted to have a sexual relationship within the house so as to protect herself from the society. For that I was the only suitable person in our house & She was not worried about our mother son relationship, because of her female urges. These thoughts excited me and I replied “I am fond of your aappam, amma!” She seriously looked in to my eyes and laughed.

These type of scenes were my staple food for fantasies. At nights I used to sit on the bed with my big hard prick in my hand thinking about my mother and masturbate thinking about her aappam (cunt). Anyway now let me come to the actual incident. It happened during the time when my grandpa had to go out to purchase seeds and fertilizers for the farm. During such trips grandpa would be gone for almost one month. My grandma went to a distant relative’s marriage. My sister accompanied her.

Within two days I started noticing that mom started getting itchy day by day . In our farm I had seen cows in heat and I thought mom was behaving in the same manner. It was the third day. A small field was left which needed plowing and I decided to beşiktaş türbanlı escort do it that day. In the morning I told mom, “I am going to plough the left out land”

Mom said, “Saro, you have to plough all the fields left out by your father!” Then mother suddenly stopped and went inside the kitchen. I also didn’t pay any attention to anything and started preparing our tractor for the day. When I was about to leave for the fields mom called behind and said “Saro! I will bring lunch for you at 2PM.”

I said, “Okay amma, but be there in time.”

I then went to the fields. That was a really hot day. Our farmhouse is quite big and spread over a vast area. As grandpa had gone out of town all laborers were also on leave and whole area was deserted. I went to the field which was a small plot of land in the middle of our farm and was surrounded from all sides with tall crop of sugarcane. I started the work in right earnest but was sweating within no time. There I was sitting in the middle of desolated place thinking that there was not a soul within kilometers nearby, I was feeling quite lonely and looked at my watch.

It was 1.30 PM and I thought God how lonely it was , then it came to my mind that mom will be bringing lunch and suddenly at this thought a shiver went through my body. Involuntarily I looked all round me and I didn’t know why my cock slowly started stiffening. I looked all round myself and feeling goose pimples all over my body in full excitement I uttered “Amma, I want to fuck you.” Hearing these words aloud from my own mouth I suddenly felt rush of adrenaline all over my body.

All round it was totally desolated and I was getting my rush so I placed my hand on my prick over my lungi and said ” Ammma, today give me a chance to fuck you.” Now I was getting fully excited and shouted “Amma, I am going to fuck you in your cunt and mouth!.” Now I was fully excited. The thought of saying these vile words for my own mother gave me shivers. The thought of fucking my own mother’s cunt was driving me nuts. I had not felt this much excitement ever in my life. My cock was tight up to the full limit. I wanted to take full advantage of this loneliness and talked to myself about the beauty of my mother’s breasts and bucks.

Hardly five minutes had passed and I saw the figure of my mother with a bag of lunch coming towards me. She was too far to wait for her. Hence I started the tractor again and started my work. In about fifteen minutes mom was near me and above the noise of tractor shouted for me to stop. Out of guilt I was not able to look at her but I stopped the machine and walked towards her. Mother motioned me towards the lone tree at the corner of the field and we walked towards it. There mom turned towards me and said, “saro, you are sweating a lot and a lot of dust on your face.”

Saying this she came near me and with her loose end of saree she Cleaned my face full of sweat and dust. Then we sat for Lunch. During lunch I could hardly look my mom in her face but I knew that she was watching me intensely. After lunch I washed my hands and started walking towards the tractor when mom suddenly called me from behind. “Saro, I have to talk about an important matter.”

I came and sat besides her more out of expectation than anything else. From the look of her face I could make out that she was nervous like hell. Suddenly she said, “Sugarcane crops are well grown. Keep it safe from thieves.”

I said “amma, nobody is daring to steal our crops.”

Mummy said, “you please check the surroundings.”

I read something between her lines. I was excited. I climbed on the tree and looked around. As I knew it was fully deserted all round. I climbed down and stood in front of my mother and said, “Mummy nobody is here! We are alone.”

Mom lifted her eyes looked at me and said, “Are you sure?”

I nodded my head and then she said, “Take me to the pumpset room in the midst of the sugarcane field.” I started walking towards the field where the crop was tallest and maximum dense. There was the borewell and the pumpset room. Mom was coming right behind me. As I entered the field we were shielded from outside openness and I boldly held her wrist and started pulling her towards inner reaches. Mom was whispering, “Saro, nobody will see us here.”

I entered the pumpset room stopped and turned towards her and asked, “Amma, nobody will see us here.” She was in an excited state. I looked at her and said “you are so cute.” I pulled her towards me and kissed her in her forehead.

Mom’s face was suddenly flushed with red tint of embarrassment but she said, “Saro, you are handsome.”

I was intoxicated by the exotic fragrance of her sweat and the soft heat of her body. The fragrance dredged up old memories of my childhood when my mother would hold me to comfort me. Breathing deeply, I inhaled her scent and felt myself relieving a time long, long ago. I could remember how good it felt beşiktaş ucuz escort to bury my face in my mother’s big, soft breasts when I needed solace from the world’s woes. Now, I became acutely aware of my mother’s hot, hard nipples pressing against my chest. “Oh, Amma, I Love you,” I moaned.

“I Love you, too,” she whispered, hugging me even tighter.

“You’ll never be alone,” I groaned, “because, I’ll always be here for you.”

“Oh, My Son, I Love you very, very much,” she melted, turning and kissing my cheek. Feeling her hot, wet lips on my cheek, I turned my head and suddenly our lips touched. Sparks flew as uncontrollable passion consumed me. My eyes closed, I crushed my mouth down onto hers as my tongue snaked into her mouth. For a split second, she recoiled back away from me as time seemed to stop. Then, with a whimper, she crushed her mouth against me as her tongue fought its way into my mouth. Our arms tightened around each other, squeezing and pulling together as we kissed long and deeply. Crushed against each other, we sought to become one as our mouths slavered against each other. I felt her hot, digging tongue digging and probing my mouth hungrily as her long, sharp fingernails dug into my back. Finally, we had to break for breath.

“oh, amma,” I gasped as our lips broke and our bodies momentarily parted.

Then an explosion of adrenaline tore through my brain as I felt my mother’s hand find my hot, jutting maleness under my lungi. “MMmmmmmmm,” she groaned as I quickly covered her hot, sucking mouth with my lips again.

My heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it would burst out of my chest any second. Still we kissed, deeply and voraciously. Whining with desire, I laid her down on the floor and remove the saree from the top of her. I hold her left breast over the blouse and squeezed it hard. I slowly removed the hooks of her blouse.

I then caressed her breast and lightly pinched her nipple. They were rock hard like little pebbles. They were beautiful. I then unclasped the saree fold near her navel and slid down her saree. She was far better looking than all of the women her age and younger that I had been looking in the village. I admire her voluptuous body. At the same time I could see that she was admiring my body and my penis, which was now fully erect under my lungi.

I kissed and sucked on her neck for a minute, and then dropped back down to her breasts. I landed a big kiss on her left nipple and then started to suck on it. As I sucked on it I licked it with my tongue, first in slow circular patterns, and then in fast flicks. Then I switched to her other breast. I lightly bit her nipple and then proceeded to suck on it.

As I did that I pinched her other nipple with my hand and caressed her breast lightly. As I continued to make small circles around her nipple with my tongue, I could hear her breathing deepening. I looked up and saw that she had her eyes closed and her head was tilting back. As I stopped my mother opened her eyes and pulled me towards her and kissed me like a ravening animal.

A detonation of perversity went off inside me as I felt my mother’s hot, soft hand squeeze the granite hardness of my near-bursting mancock. My excitement was so great, I had never known such wicked delight in my whole life. Then we had to break for air again.

“OH, MY GOD,” I heard my mother groan as her hand explored the thick, swollen hardness of my penis. “It’s SO BIG,” she whispered, removed my lungi, running her hand up and down the length of my manhood. I had always been proud of the size of my cock, but now my heart nearly burst with sick vanity. Now my mother was touching the very monster she had had a part in creating. Then I undo the fold of her skirt and remove it under her legs. She willfully opened her long, beautifully shaped legs and spread them wider and wider.

Another shot of adrenaline poured through my body as my cock lurched and throbbed with heinous excitement. my mother was opening the gate of her soul to me. Wider and wider, her soft, firm thighs opened. That gave me the best view I had ever had of her cunt. She had a thick mound of pubic hair that thinned out nicely around her cunt. As I got really close to her cunt I could feel that the hair was softer around her cunt, the wellspring of my very being. The fiery pit where I had been born by the invasion of my father’s own love weapon. The wondrous, inflamed place of my creation. It was there.

But, now it was open and waiting for me. It was mine to have just as it had been for my father on that night so long ago. Every nerve in my body was tingling with a depraved need for release, that could only be satisfied in one way. At last my mother lay before me open completely. Then she reached up for me. she grunted as I buried my cock into her vagina all the way up to its hairy hilt. “Make me a woman again,” she groaned, thrusting herself up against me, “MAKE ME FORGET YOUR FATHER……….FOREVER.”

The beşiktaş üniversiteli escort last words she said inflamed me. She wanted me to replace my father. I had never felt such power; such passion; such excitement. My mother wanted me to fuck her and make her forget my father. Just the thought of such an abstraction filled me with power. I suddenly began to fuck her like a madman. I gave no thought to the future. My whole life was then. If I couldn’t please my mother at that divining moment in our lives, my life would be ruined; worthless; superfluous. Reaching under myself, I found her great breasts, sloshing back and forth as her body rocked.

Wrapping my hands around the big undulating mountains of flesh, I used them as a fulcrum for the pounding of my hips. As I savagely attacked my mother’s hungry cunt, I felt her long, sleek legs brush against my waist. My hips slashed back and forth, driving my cock in and out of her gluttonous cunt with abandon. As I did, I could feel her dig her heels into my rebounding ass driving me on, making me fuck her harder and harder.

Hammering my cock into her and hearing her moan with pleasure, I still had difficulty believing that it was happening. I was fucking my mother. It was unbelievable. But even more bizarre, she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. This must be heaven, I fantasized. No, I was definitely alive and fucking the hell out my dear, sweet mother. I was jarred from my thoughts by my mother’s long, sharp fingernails digging into my recoiling buttocks. She was spurring me to fuck her even harder.

“Fuck me harder Saro! I love it! Fuck harder, Saro!” she blathered, thrusting herself up at me and taking every millimeter of my cock inside of her every time I slammed it into her. The sounds of our love-making filled the room. The loud, wet smacking of our bodies even drowned out the noise of the crops in the wind. Like two wild animals, we clawed and fought. We showed little tenderness and affection for each other as we fucked. There was nothing but white-hot lust flowing between us. Our depraved craving for gratification had to fulfilled first. I sawed my huge, hard cock into my mother’s soft, clinging channel of flesh like my life depended upon it.

I fucked her harder and faster with each hammering stroke as my impending eruption grew nearer and nearer. “God!”, I thought, “I am going to shoot my load into her, my own mother!, I am going to recreate myself inside of her!!.” It was too much excitement to restrain. I felt my balls explode in a spasm of pleasure so intense it shook my whole body. “OH,AMMA,” I gasped as the first huge gusher of white-hot cum spurted out of my prick into my mother’s pussy. “OH, Saro!,” she groaned, “fill me with your sweet cream.” Then as the next gusher spewed out of my cock, I felt my mother’s hot, clinging cunt collapse down around me. I couldn’t believe how powerful her cunt muscles were as they wrapped around me and began to milk me as her body began to writhe and jerk underneath me.

As she climaxed under me, her cunt compressed itself down around me coaxing my cock to jerk and send spurt after spurt of my thick, gooey sperm-laden semen into her. On and on it went until I thought my cock would never stop spewing out cum into her drenched, overflowing cunt. As I filled her hungry cunt with my hot cream, she enveloped me with her body, wrapping her arms and legs around me protectively. I felt like I was being totally consumed by her flesh as she shrouded me with her body. “Oh, My, Son,” she gurgled, “Mommy loves you soooo much.” My cock wouldn’t stop firing as her lips found mine and we kissed hungrily. It was as if we were trying to exchange the essences of our souls into each other as we melted together and became one. Finally I lay exhausted on top of her.

“That was beautiful,” she whispered to me as she continued to hold on to me tightly. “I have never felt so, so fulfilled. Thank You.” I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I was in heaven again. I had made love to my mother, brought her pleasure, and filled her with my seed. Life couldn’t be better, I thought as I rested my head down on my mother’s shoulder. “God, AMMA, I love you, soooo much,” I gushed. “I love you, too, Saro!,” she cooed. Neither of us spoke for several moments. “What are we going to do now?” I finally asked as I felt my cock swelling back to hardness inside her sopping cunt. “We can talk about that,” she whispered, “After you make love to me again.” “OKAY, AMMA,” I grinned down at her, “You’re always right.”

I began to stroke my swollen manhood into her hot, sucking pussy with long, deep strokes. The fires that had raged before had been banked down and now I could make love to her with tenderness and affection. Slowly, lovingly, I stroked myself into her as she accepted me willingly and totally. I slowly started to pull back, and my mom’s eyes closed and she took a deep breath in and moaned. Then I slowly thrust back in, listening to the squishing sound of her wet cunt. I slowly started to build up a rhythm…in and out, in and out. With each thrust in my mom emitted quiet “ugh.” That encouraged me to pick up the pace even more. As I did so I could feel and hear her cunt getting wetter by the thrust. I continued to thrust harder and faster until my mom wrapped her legs around me and made even more noise with each thrust.

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