my incoent hubby


my incoent hubbyvisit on to see more top rated story like theseThis is Reema from Mumbai. I am 26 years old young lady with sexy looks and voluptuous body, 36-29-37. I am 5’2” in height and my weight is proportionate to my height and distributed well at the right places. I am fair in color and have silky black shoulder length hairs.My boobs are round and tight and stand out on their own, even without my bra. I love the way they fill my blouse and my t-shirts. I have got fleshy full ass and smooth round buttocks. I am aware that I get lots of stare at my ass and boobs. Internally I enjoy those stares from the guys. This is a story about my wedding reception. This was the evening just next day to my suhaag raat. I had a great night with my husband Sanjay. He is really a very demanding husband. He kept me awake almost whole night. We hardly got like 2 hours sleep the whole night. I am sure I don’t need to tell you why we were awake the whole night. We had sex so many times in one night. I had never dreamed that one could have sex so many times in one night and that too on their first night.And just to make you a bit jealous, Sanjay has great stamina and gets hard so fast. He was excited even when we got up in the morning. And we had a quickie before we finally got out from bed. I went to bathroom, got freshen up, took bath changed into a nice sari and came down for breakfast downstairs. I was blushing red to face eyes of so many people in the house. Everyone was looking towards me, as to find out whether I had some sleep in the night. But then eyes don’t lie. They were red from lack of sleep. Since it was my first day, nobody expected me to prepare breakfast. We joined Tara and two more guests on breakfast table. Rest of the people had done it earlier. I sat next to Sanjay. Tara came and sat next chair to me. He slightly kicked my leg under the table and naughtily asked me, “Bhabhi, did you get a good sleep?” I said ‘yes’ but then he wasn’t ready to believe me and laughed naughtily as if she was telling m! e – ‘I listened to all those moans of yours while my brother was fucking you during the whole night.’ Soon we finished breakfast and talked for some time. There were still quite a number of guests in the house. Everyone wanted to talk to me and sit close to me, watch me closely. I was blushing by so many stares and attention that I was getting. I kept looking down and was responding in short yes and no answers. We had reception starting from 08:00 PM. So there were so many things to do.Lots of people got busy in that soon. Sanjay also went out for a while. Tara and few other women were sitting next to me. One was Sanjay’s friend’s wife – Rasika. Tara and Rasika were teasing me like anything. Tara said, “Bhabhi, what do you say about my brother. Do you like him?” Even before I said anything, Rasika said, “Tara, you don’t need to ask that. Look at her face. It’s glowing so much from satisfaction she had whole night. I am sure she does like your brother very much.” I just blu! shed and looked down. Rasika was a nice person. She also got m! arried recently. She said to Tara, “You know what I got fucked 2 times the very first night of mine.” I am sure she was very proud of her wedding night. I am sure she will be really shocked when she comes to know that I got fucked 4 times last night. Tara asked me naughtily, “Reema bhabhi, how many times did you have last night”. I didn’t say anything, but they kept on asking me again and again. Finally I told them, “4 times”. Tara and Rasika’s mouth remained open for a while in shock. They couldn’t believe it. Rasika was in full shock, and on top of it now she was really jealous also. Rasika told me, you are really lucky Reema. Tara told me, “Bhabhi this is just the beginning, my bhaiya will keep you busy the whole night”. And they two laughed naughtily. These two girls were teasing me like anything.After lunch, they teased me some more and before we realized it was 4:00 clock. Tara and Rasika said, “Hey Bhabhi its time to get dressed up for the evening. Let’s go to your room and get you dressed for another wonderful night with Sanjay bhaiya”. Three of us went to my room. Tara excused herself and came back with two boxes; one full of makeup stuff and other one were packed with red ribbon. I asked her what this second box is. She said, “This is a surprise gift from my brother”. Rasika took the box from Tara’s hands placed it on the bed and opened it quickly.I guess she was curious and envious also. She opened the box and a low whistle came out of his mouth in astonishment. She put her hands in the box and picked up the beautiful sari. It was silk gorgeous sari, with beautiful pallu and big border. Tara and Rasika felt the texture and it was very soft and silky, perfect for a newly wed girl. Then Rasika placed her hand in the box and brought out a matching blouse. This blouse was really short, buttons in the front and hardly any back. It was very wide shouldered and V shaped deep neck. Tara comments, “Oh Bhabhi you will put fire in the guys pants by wearing this sexy blouse that will show so much of your back, shoulders, neck and your tummy. My brother has wonderful tastes. He wants you to look sexy and want to make his friends envy you.” After looking at blouse, Rasika picked up the next article; it was a matching petticoat. And then it surprised all of us, next in Rasika’s hands were a pair of undergarments. I blushed a lot, by seeing so sexy pair of bra and panty in Rasika’s hands. It was a red color silk bra and panty. It was a strapless bra to match with this wide shouldered blouse. Rasika took the bra and panty in her hands felt the silky-ness and commented, “Hey Tara this bra and panty really feelssexy and silky. I wish my husband gave me one of these and then laughed.” Tara said, “No these are only for my bhabhi. I have helped my br! other to pick these ones. I want my brother to enjoy my bhabhi fully.” She was looking towards me while saying this. I blushed and kept silent. She then disclosed that Sanjay had asked her given clear instructions to her to dress me like a beautiful horny girl. He has picked the undergarments for her. He wants her to look hot and sexy and that all his friends should feel jealous of him. I was one of the most beautiful and sexy wives in his friend circle and he wanted to show my to everyone and feeling proud of such a hot property. Tara was very nicely following his instruction. Tara placed all the dress nicely on the bed tempobet giriş and asked me to go and take a quick warm water bath.Tara handed me over my bra and panty and literally pushed me towards the bathroom. I tried to pick petticoat and blouse also. She stopped me, saying that they can help me out in wearing it quickly. I went inside and took a quick shower, came out dressed in only bra and panty. I was feeling shy to appear in front of them, so pick one towel and wrapped around myself before I appeared out of bathroom. Tara pulled me by my hand and brought me in the center of the room. Rasika picked up the perfume bottle and Tara asked me spin around slowly. Rasika sprayed lots of perfume towards me and in the air. Tara was spinning me slowly in theperfumed air. And then she quickly removed my towel, saying that, “Let this perfume go to each part of your body bhabhi.” I almost closed my eyes due to shyness. Then Tara took bottle of perfume from Rasika, came closer to me. She lifted my bra from the top a little bit and sprayed some perfume there. She then moved her hand towards my panty, put her two fingers in the elastic band, pulled it in front a little bit and then sprayed quite a lot of perfume there. She did the same towards my ass also. With so much of perfume, room smelled very sexy. Tara said, no man could resist a woman who smells so sexy. And then both of them noticed so many love marks above my boobs and my thighs. They didn’t know there was some more hiding inside the bra also. Rasika and Tara said, “Looks like Sanjay bhaiya had you had a wonderful night, bhabhi”. I just blushed and my face was turning red. Without wasting any more time, Rasika picked up the petticoat. She sat down holding the opening in her hands and I followed instincts and stepped into it. Tara pulled it over my thighs and over my waist and tied it tightly just above my bottoms, just above enough to cover my ass. It was quite below my navel. I asked her to pull up little more but she told me that it looks great. I want you to look beautiful and sexy. Then Tara adjusted my bra a little! bit.She lifted it up a little bit and then hooked it in the next tighter hook. My boobs became tighter and made more cleavage than normallythey do. She looked at my in the mirror and said naughtily perfect. Rasika commented that my cleavage looked very sexy. She also said, my boobs are bigger than her and Tara. To counter comment it, Tara said, it’s just the beginning and that Sanjay will make my boobs even bigger.Both of them giggled and laughed. Rasika picked my blouse and helped me in wearing it. It was full and tight with my tight boobs. Its back was there just to cover the bra straps. It was hardly 3 inches wide from the back. I sat on the stool in front of dressing table. My cleavage was looking bigger and my shoulders were exposed most of it.Rasika picked up the foundation and applied all over my exposed skin. She applied it over my shoulders, my neck, my arms, and on my back and stomach. I had never thought that people use so much of foundation. But these two women here want to ensure that I look hot and sexy. Every exposed inch of my flesh should look beautiful as well. Tara and Rasika were very obediently following their brother’s instructions to dress me like a sexy wife. Tara then sprayed powder gently over my shoulders and my exposed flesh below my neck. She then rubbed it with the puff to make it look smooth and even. I liked the way I was being pampered and felt sexy. She then applied mascara on my eyebrows. She asked me to lift my face a little bit and then applied eye- liner to my eyes. Next she applied pink color eye shadow over my upper eyelid. She was applying makeup like a professional. Her touches were perfect. Then she picked up the lip liner and applied it over my lip edges to give them a nice shape. She picked up matching lipstick and applied it over my lips. As if this was not enough, she got the lip-gloss and applied it over my lipstick, to give them shiny look. After she was through, I also appreciated my lips in the mirror. They were saying, “Lick them and suck them right now. Kiss them”. After finishing with my lips, she paid attention to my cheeks and my forehead. She applied some blush on my cheeks and forehead. And to complete the look, she placed a designer bindi on my forehead. It was beautiful. She then placed some more sindoor to make it look more prominent. And then it was time for jewelry. Rasika helped me wearing my jewelry. She put a beautiful necklace around my neck. And then one more, which was slightly longer in length, filling my neck. And finally placed my mangalsutra around my neck. My mangalsutra is little longer and was hanging in my cleavage. She then made me wear my bangles and my bracelets. My hands were full of gold and glass bangles. Ta! ra then tied my hairs in a nice bun over my head. I was looking a taller now.She then brought my sandals and asked me to wear it. They had nice heels, at least 3 inches. Sanjay wanted me to wear heels, so that my ass becomes higher and provocative when I walk. And finally it was time to wear my sari. They made me stand and tied my sari. They took their time to make it a perfect sari wrap. It was looking great. And then looking at me after dressing me fully, Rasika commented, “Bhabhi you look delicious and sexy”. I am sure all men in the party tonight will get hard in their pants. But poor guys, they can’t lay their hands on you. You are now Sanjay’s property and he is going to enjoy you tonight, more than he did last night.” My cheeks turned purple on hearing these explicit comments. But then I liked all those comments also.Then we were ready for showing me off to rest of the world. Sanjay was here now. He came to our room, saw me and said, “Wow, you look delicious and hot”. Tara and Rasika laughed and I was feeling shy listening toSanjay’s comments in front of Tara and Rasika. He then came forward and kissed on my cheek also. I was just standing there not knowing how to respond. And then Rasika said, let’s go all the guests are waiting. Sanjay and I were walking in the front and Tara and Rasika followed us. All the eyes were on us. I could see from the corner of my eyes that those lusty eyes were more on me than on Sanjay. I am sure, people could see my exposed stomach and side view of my boobs. Tara and Rasika had tucked my sari in such a way that it exposed little bit here and little bit there. I was like a teaser for this evening. Sanjay tempobet yeni giriş and I were sitting on the beautifully decorated chairs on the stage. People started coming in to give blessing and good wishes to us. I lost time for how long people kept on coming to meet us and then would follow towards dinner hall. Tara and Rasika were sitting close to me on the side chairs. Whenever we got a few moments, Sanjay would try to touch and feel me from sides. He whispered towards me that I was looking really sexy. Then he thanked to Tara and Rasika for getting me ready for the evening.Sanjay finally approved that they had done a good job in getting me ready for him. And then towards the end 3-4 young couples came to stage. They were Sanjay’s friends and their wives. They congratulated us. One of them hugged Sanjay and whispered in his ear, “Teri biwi badi maal lag rahi hai yaar”. And then both of them smiled loudly. This comment was not meant to be heard by me, but then he said it a bit louder and I heard it all clearly. I thought in my mind, “Sorry buddy, but I am allSanjay’s now. You are late in life” and smiled to myself. Sanjay’s friends were looking at me with their tongue wagging out. They were literally! ogling at me. I could sense dozen eyes trying to inset my sari and my blouse. Their eyes were fucking me all over. Then Rasika interrupted and pointed towards her husband, who was ogling at me, “Bas karo ab, kitna ghoor ghoor ke dekh rahe ho. Reema is Sanjay’s property. Only he was right to look at her this way. Don’t be so lusty.” Her husband turned his face away and didn’t say a word. His face was turned a little red at being caught red handed by his wife and other women on the stage. I was feeling horny, by the attention I am getting form all these people.Sanjay also laughed at Rasika’s comments and as if feeling proud of his sexy wife, he put his right hand around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He was showing to rest of his friends that he is proud to have such a sexy wife.Soon we had dinner and I can understand Sanjay was too eager to go to our room. While eating our dinner, he whispered in my ear, “Reema look towards my pants, I am already hard for you. You are looking so hot that my cock is responding in public also.” I blushed and kept eating my food. Soon people started leaving and we winded up the ceremony and returned to home. As soon as we reached home, Sanjay announced that we are really tired and want to call it night. And we started moving to our room. I entered the room and Sanjay followed me and shut the door from inside. In split of second, he pulled me towards him from my waist and hugged me tight. He embraced me so tight, that my boobs were crushing between us. He then raised my face a little bit and kissed me hard on my lips. He said, “Oh Reema, you are looking so hot and sexy. I can’t control myself any more. I had been hard all evening for you.”And again he attacked my lips and sucking them and chewing them as if he is gonna eat them. He is a very passionate kisser. He was very aggressive tonight. He didn’t give me a chance to breathe properly and kept on sucking and kissing my lips. He inserted his tongue in my mouth and played with my tongue and my inner mouth. His hands were caressing my bare back and my ass over my sari. He was pressing my ass really hard and squeezing them. I could sense eagerness by his actions. I was feeling his hardness against my thighs also. He pushed me over the bed, with my face downwards. He came behind me in no second removed his cock out, which was already rock hard. I told him to give me some time so that I can remove my jewelry and be more comfortable. But he was in mood to listen anything from me. He just wanted to fuck me right there without wasting anymore time. He pulled my sari and my petticoat above my waist and pulled my panties down in one quick shot. He pulled me closer to edge of bed. My legs were hanging down the bed, my ass and my pussy were at the !edge of bed and I was lying with my face down. He sat down on his knees and his cock was now right behind my ass cheeks. I asked him again to hold on for 2 minutes, so that I can remove my jewelry and sari and I will be a bit more comfortable. But he wouldn’t listen to me. He was more bothered to take care of his hard cock. He told me, “You are mine Reema and you had been teasing my cock since the evening. You are looking like a hot bitch. Now I will fuck you like a real bitch. Just lie down and enjoy the fuck.” Without giving me chance to get comfortable and not bothering my willingness, Sanjay just kept ramming my cunt from behind. He was holding me from my waist and will pull me towards him with every push. His tummy was hitting my ass cheeks and making loud fucking sounds. He kept on fucking me mercilessly for good 20 minutes before he unloaded himself into me.Then he sat down on the bed, with only his shirt on. Istraightenmyself still holding my sari above my waist. I went in to the bathroom and cleaned myself. I came out of the bathroom and he called me in front of him. I stood between his legs and he pointed me to sit on his lap. I did like an obedient wife. Then he kissed me hard again and said, “You are a good fuck Reema”. He then started removing my jewelry one by one. He was taking his time to remove them slowly. He removed one necklace and then the other. He then left my mangalsutra on me. He kissed my now empty neck and said, you taste sweet my Jaan”. And then he removed my gold bangles and bracelet from my wrists. But he left my glass bangles on. He said, he likes the noise of my bangles when he fucks me. He then removed sari pin on my shoulder attached to my sari pallu. In split of second, he removed my sari pallu aside and ogled at my boobs. Instantly his hands moved to my boobs and he pressed them hard again. I told him, “Sanjay let me go and change myself. I am feeling tired today, because of lack of sleep last night and also because of such hectic day today.” I want to rest and get some sleep”. He just ignored what told him and instead said, “Reema don’t even think of going to sleep now. We are going to fuck whole night. You are my official slut now and I will fuck you real hard like a bitch in heat. You better behave like an obedient wife and please me as I say, else you will have tough time in nights to follow.” I requested him one more time promising him to cooperate fully next night and let me get some rest tonight. But it was all vain. tempobet güvenilirmi He wasn’t ready to listen to me. He said, “I have waited to get my hands on you. I was dying to fuck you from the day I saw you other day in Sari shop. You have put my cock on fire all these days. Now you will pacify my cock’s heat. So get ready for nightlong fucking session. You are not going to sleep unless I do so.” Without waiting for my respon! se, he started to unhook my blouse. His left hand was busy in squeezing my boobs over the blouse, while his right hand was unhooking my blouse, hook by hook. My cleavage was clearly visible now.Due to tight bra, it was forming a deep valley in between my boobs. My tight boobs were crying to be freed from my bra. He opened up my blouse from the front and he took a good view of my sexy boobs in this red silky bra that he had chosen for me. He said, “I am glad that you wore this bra for me. I really like this on you. Your boobs really make a deep valley in between.” And saying that he lifted my boobs with his hands and brought closer to his mouth. He took almost whole of my right boob in his mouth and start sucking it, while his other hand was squeezing my other boob. He was so engrossed in sucking my boobs that he didn’t bother to remove rest of my blouse and my bra. He was literally eating my boobs from above the bra. My tits had become so erect, they were poking out from t! he boob, as if they are gonna tear the bra.Then he made me stand in front of him and removed my blouse completely. His mouth was still on my boobs. He was sucking me like a wild baby. He wanted to drink every drop of juice from them. But my boobs were ripe with juice and have become real tight and erect. He helped me coming out of my blouse one arm by another. I was little bit bending over his face. My hands were playing with his hairs. His one hand was squeezing my other tit, while second hand was exploring my back. His hand then moved towards the hook of my bra and his expert hand quickly opened my bra. He quickly got rid of that and my round tight boobs were standing naked in front of his mouth. My tits were standing erect like two little cocks and saying, “Come Sanjay suck me and squeeze me”. As if he heard what my tits were saying, he attacked them with his mouth and his hands. He was kneading them like dough. It was hurting me. I told him to slow down, but he didn’t listen and asked me to be quiet and enjoy. He was rubbing and squeezing them as if there is no tomorrow for him. His other hand was now caressing my buttocks. He said, “Reema, you got nice pair of butts. I love to feel them more and more”. Saying this, he squeezed my ass over my sari. Half of the sari was hanging on the floor and remaining was still wrapped around my waist. His hand now moved to the front and pulled out my sari from my petticoat. I revolved two round when he pulled my full sari out. I was standing in my petticoat and my sandals only. His mouth went busy on my stomach and navel now, while his hands were squeezing my ass and my boobs. And then his hand found thestring of my petticoat and pulled it. In next second it fell on the ground. Now I was standing in front of him fully naked. He pulled me closer and bent down a little bit and kissed my pussy and said, “Wow Reema, you cunt smells great. Your pussy smell turns me on. Come on give itto me baby. See my dick is waiting to meet your cunt”. He pointed t! owards his full erect dick while saying this. He then asked me to remove his remaining clothes, his shirt and his baniyan. He then pulled me by my hands and pulled me over the bed. He tossed me over the bed and asked me to suck his dick, while he eats my cunt. He turned in reverse direction; his face on my cunt and his dick was over my mouth. He put his dick in my mouth and started licking my cunt lips. He spread my cunt lips and inserted his tongue inside. He was sucking and licking it like an expert dog would lick it. Within no time, I came again, but he wouldn’t stop. He kept on sucking my cunt and kept licking my juices. He said, “Darling I am thirsty for your juice, give me more.” I came another time listening to his dirty talk with me on the bed. I was tired now and again suggested to go to sleep now. But Sanjay was not in mood to stop and he said, “Jaanu abhi to raat baaki hai, aur tum abhi se sone ki baat kar rahi ho. I have just started fucking you. There are lots ! in the stock. Just suck my dick really hard and make it ready ! to enter your swelling cunt.”After some time, he removed his dick from my mouth; He then spread my legs wide and positioned himself between my legs. He folded my knees and spread them as wide as possible. He pointed his dick over my cunt and pushed it so hard that it went inside in one shot. I screamed a little with pain. My cunt was already in pain from last nights and today’s fuck. He didn’t give me chance to get adjusted to his cock, and soon started pumping my cunt in and out. He was moving faster and faster. I was sort of tired, didn’t have energy to move and respond to his thrusts. But he didn’t care whether I was responding or not. He was busy in fucking me like a bitch. He raised my legs in the air, held them with his hands and kept fucking me. Then he kept my legs over his shoulders and he freed his hands. But he had better ideas. He was not satisfied with my boobs yet. He started squeezing my tits with his palms and his fingers.He said, “Jaan your boobs have become tighter since yesterday. And I am gonna make them bigger and tighter than ever. All my friends will feel jealous by looking at your tight full boobs. Your boobs are minedforever and I love to play with them.” He was literally squeezing them, as if trying to milk them for last drop of juice. He bent a little bit more over me, kissing me over my lips. So his mouth was busy in kissing me at my lips, his hands were playing with my tits and his dick was pumping my cunt really hard. He is a really stallion. He kept on pumping me for almost 20 minutes before he got real hot. His breath was heavy now and with large moan, he unloaded his cock inside my cunt. He came so much inside me that my cunt couldn’t hold whole of his cum and it started oozing out from my cunt. His dick was still inside me and his cum was oozing out of my cunt. He let me straighten my legs and lay on top of me. His face was between my boobs. His cock was becoming softer now, but he didn’t want to take it out from my cunt. We lay there for! some time. I just kind of got asleep in this position itself. But not long, before his sucking on my boobs woke me up. We had two more rounds of fuck during the whole night and I remember we hardly slept for 2 hours or so in the whole night.visit on to see next part of the story

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