My Introduction To Lesbian Sex

My Introduction To Lesbian SexdeleteddeleteddeletedI have passed out engineering two years ago and currently, I am doing nothing just enjoying life with my parents’ money. I have tried alcohol with my parents for the first time as they trained me for engineering college. That time, I was about to get into college and a week before, my father told me to drink.Well, I haven’t told my parents that I lost virginity in 12th class but they know that I have had sex in college. I told them that I lost virginity in the second year of college.These are all parents related points. Well, when they heard about me losing my virginity, they just gave me some guidance about condom, protection and all. They were really cool with it.Now, let me tell you about my sex life before college. Well, certainly first sex I had experienced was a lesbian sex, obviously. As I was in school at that time, everyone starts masturbating, right? We girls started talking about porn, sex and all. But this was the first time I and my best friends Priya and Shalini watched porn together.We decided to watch porn together at my home. We talked about this in class that we were gonna watch porn and we all will go in the bathroom separately and masturbate and come back. All three of us agreed to this.So the day came, it was Sunday and bahis siteleri canlı so, no school. My parents were in some meeting and they were gonna come only late at night. So Priya and Shalini came to my home at 4 in the evening and I downloaded some good porn on my computer.We all sat on my bed and started watching porn with speakers connected. First, there was foreplay for around 10-15 minutes, we enjoyed that greatly and then the couple started removing clothes. After 10-15 minutes of blowjob, they started fucking.Due to speakers set in decent volume, the whole room was filled with “Aaaaaahhhhhh uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkk meeeee aaahhhh harderrrrrr” sounds.Now we all started getting uncomfortable and our hands automatically went to our pussies and started rubbing. So first, I went to the bathroom and I removed my nightdress completely and started fingering my pussy. I was moaning, “Aaahhhhhhhhh aahhhhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh”.After 10-15 minutes of fingering, I reached the stage of my first orgasm of that day. Then I washed my pussy and wore dress back and opened the door of the bathroom. But I was shocked the scene in front of me!Priya and Shalini were kissing each other and they were naked completely. I don’t know what happened to me but casino oyna instead of shouting, I too removed my clothes completely and joined them. I started kissing Shalini as she was the hottest one.Priya was also good looking but she was flat (you know what I mean, right?!) and I always had my crush on Shalini. Shalini had a body just like Sunny Leone at that time (now she has become just like pornstars with biggest boobs among all of my friends).So I also joined them and we were kissing each other, licking each other’s body parts (mainly boobs). After some licking and kissing, we stopped for a while. Then I played lesbian porn on my computer, and we all started doing everything they were doing. Obviously, we didn’t have dildos and other stuff but we were in seventh heaven with our fingers alone.Then we licked and fingered each other’s pussy. We had numerous orgasms in between. After some time, we all were so tired that we slept naked like that for another hour.Then Priya and Shalini had to go back to their houses. While leaving, we kissed again for 5 minutes. That was one of the best days of my life. After that, we became close friends and we started doing it every weekend whenever my parents were out of the house.After a while, my mom knew about whatever was going on but she didn’t tell canlı casino siteleri me or ask me anything. But one day after a year, I was caught with Shalini.That day, we were totally naked and I was licking her pussy and a hot lesbian sex was playing on my computer. My mom came home early and she saw us. We were like sorry sorry sorry sorry, but she started laughing and told us not to worry at all. Then she told us that it was the most common thing among girls and they all had done it.She comfortably talked to us about sex for about an hour while we were still naked with just the bed sheet on us. After the talk, she just kissed Shalini (as I told you, Shalini was damn hot and nobody can resist her body). My mom then removed her dress! Oh my god! She was damn hot too. Mom was about 42 years old and she had the figure of 34D-28-38.Then we three had quite the time. I fingered my mom’s pussy which was not so tight unlike ours for obvious reasons and I kissed her for a long time. After that day, I started having desi lesbian sex with my mom many times but not frequently – only when she was too stressed from work and my father was out of town.Well, one thing about my mom which she told me later that she never fucked any other men other than my father and she was proud of it. However, she had done lesbian sex with her girl friends which my father knows of. But she hasn’t told my father that she had sex with her daughter. It is still a secret.So this was my lesbian sex adventures before college. I will tell you more in my upcoming stories.

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