My Job as a Model Patient Pt. 04


I was devastated the week after I found out I had accidentally fucked my mom in physical diagnostics class. I mean, it was weird enough to think I was supposed to be the model patient anonymously fucking my sister, but she was sort of a bitch and a part of me always wanted to stab her with my dick. After the revelation at dinner that my mom switched places with my sister, I stayed in my room and moped a lot. I couldn’t figure out what to do next.

Tell my mom? She’d freak. My dad would fucking kill me and cut my dick off! Not say anything? Well the college expected me to come back to do more coital experiments. The professor kept emailing me to come in, reminding me that I owed them for botching that last experiment when my eager virgin cock accidentally slipped into my mom’s asshole – an incident that made her yowl like a cat in heat and try to throw me off like a bucking bronco.

I couldn’t ignore Professor Apple forever. His emails got more and more threatening, so finally I see an email – “YOUR ATTENDANCE REQUIRED” telling me to come to the lab and to wear my mask and lab coat.

I arrived to find Professor Apple and my mom sitting around an examination table. She’s wearing a surgical mask and her lab coat as well, but I now recognized her hair, her eyes. I was totally surprised she didn’t recognize me.

“Young man, I’m glad you’re here.” the professor began. “I know there was some discomfort and embarrassment last time you two worked together. My mom nodded. “But I want to work things out so that you two can perform for the good of the class. We are very lucky to have a volunteer with such a well trained vagina,” he points to my mom, “and another volunteer who has been flexible and more than willing to try new things!” he points to me. “You gave your virginity for the sake of science – and we appreciate it deeply!”

“I’ve been talking to our young lady here, and we believe the best solution is for the two of you to get to know each other’s bodies better before you’re performing in front of the class.”

“Listen, professor,” I began, “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“Nonsense, everything will be fine. You’ll see! And I will be here to keep things professional.” The professor pats the top of the examination table, “Please hop up here.”

I’m not sure what to do. Finally, I shake my head and hop up, my bare legs swinging in the cool lab air.

My mom suddenly gets up and stands in front of me.

The professor also stands close, “Part of building a rapport is to build familiarity. What we’re going to do now has nothing to do with coitus or reproductive biology.”

Thank goodness, I think.

The professor parts my lab coat so I’m sitting there with my junk exposed. “What we’re going to do is develop a comfort level. Our female volunteer here will practice inserting a catheter in you. It’s the best way for you two to trust each other and be comfortable.

“Oh, no!” I try to hop off the table, but my mom and the professor are standing in front. “I don’t want to do this.”

“You see,” my mom says to the professor, “He’s still pretty virginal, nervous about his body. I’ll help him!” She bends down toward my crotch, but I push her away.

“Young man! That’s very rude!” The professor snaps. “Need I remind you that you owe the college and this young lady?”

I shake my head violently. But the professor brings out a tray of equipment. It looks like tubes of lube.

The professor smiles, “Relax, young man. I was joking about the catheter! She’s actually going to fellate you! Won’t that be nice?”

Fellate? No way I’m going to let my mom give me head!

“OK, I’m afraid it’s come to this.” The professor reaches for a phone, “please send them in.”

Before I know it, three big guys walk into the lab, all wearing surgeon’s masks. I think one of them is possibly Ryan the bully.

The professor points to me, “Can you restrain him?” And Ryan walks behind me and grabs my arms behind me. I try shaking him off, but he’s got me in a hold. My legs are flailing, kicking, but the other two guys grab a hold of my legs and hold them apart. I twist and flounder in their grip while the professor brings out the stirrups for the examination table – these are normally used by women having a gyno-exam.

“Calm down now, calm down! You can make this go easy for yourself and enjoy it. Just realize it’s going to happen! This is for your own benefit!” The professor nods as the guys put my heels in the stirrups and tape my legs down. My mom walks between my legs and approaches my exposed crotch.

Why didn’t I notice her wedding ring before? I watch as her soft hands take a hold of my soft dick. She massages my floppy cock and balls while I test my restraints by pulling and pushing the bonds holding my legs in place.

She beylikdüzü escort keeps massaging me, admiring my soft organ, then sniffing me and breathing in my scent. Thankfully I had showered this morning. My mom is always reminding me to shower every day, though I always had showered before coming into the lab. Now, she’s using her thumbs to massage the head of my cock, sliding my foreskin up and down.

“Standardized male, age 18, about to receive fellatio from a standardized female, age 40.” The professor smiles. She continues to play with my foreskin, rolling it up and down.

“Fellatio,” the professor is standing right beside her, “has no function in reproductive biology. But it is an act that has evolved to become part of foreplay. And this is exactly what I think is needed between you two – some foreplay before actual coitus in class. I think this will make our young male more considerate of his female volunteer!”

“He smells so good,” my mom says as she buries her face in my crotch, rubbing my soft dick against her masked face. She then slides the bottom of her mask up so that her mouth is exposed. Then she kisses the length of my dick while I look away in horror. I can’t watch. I try to move my legs, but the stirrups are keeping them spreadeagle while Ryan has my arms tucked behind my back.

She’s soon mouthing my balls and rubbing her face in them. She’s licking below them, licking my taint.

“Fuck, dude,” Ryan says, “Why aren’t you hard? I’m as stiff as a board!”

“This isn’t happening! This isn’t happening!” I whisper.

At that point, my mom swallows my soft dick whole. Her tongue whirls around me. I feel like my dick is in a washing machine as she licks, tongues and sucks. I can’t stop it anymore. My cock starts to swell and grow in her hands and mouth. She proudly slides it out of her lips to show everyone how hard I am.

“Yeah, dude! Noice!” Ryan says, “Suck that dick!” Suck it!”

“Quiet!” the professor says. He too is fixated on my glistening, wet erection.

My mom starts licking my length – from tip to balls and up the sides – then she swallows and gulps me down. She has one hand firmly holding my shaft, another hand absently stroking my stomach and reaching up to my nipples.

“Mmmmmm,” she murmurs sounds of pleasure, “tastes so good.” She then deepthroats me and gags a little, releasing spit all over my trembling cock. She takes it out of her mouth again and talks to it, “Mmmmm, my former virgin boy has a beautiful, veiny penis.” She then gulped me half-way down her hot wet mouth.

“Stop, please stop,” I whisper – I keep looking away.

The professor grabs my foot, “Come on, son. Allow yourself to enjoy this. There is nothing dirty or wrong with fellatio. You are learning so much this way about your own body and a woman’s body!”

“You have a beautiful penis, young man,” my mom says. She’s staring at my erection from every angle, then tapping her face while she feels up my abs. “So nicely shaped. You will make many women very, very happy.” She gulps my head for a few more seconds. “I’m so honored to have been your first!”

“Oh god, no!” I groan. I try again to squirm out of Ryan’s grip, but no use. He holds me securely as my mom eats me.

“What is your problem?” Ryan shakes his head as he pretzels my arms even tighter. “Just come already!”

But my mom isn’t finished. She reaches out to run her hands along my outspread thighs and legs, savoring the touch. “I remember your hairy legs between my legs!” She holds my balls. “I remember these slapping against me. Your body is so firm! Didn’t you like reverse cowgirl with me?”

I shake my head.

The professor squirms, “Let’s stay focused on his genitals, shall we?”

“Sorry, professor,” she says, “I don’t have sex that often with my husband. In fact, the last time I had sex was with this young man, and it was incredibly enjoyable until that anal ending.” She’s rubbing my hairy legs, “How old did you say he is?”

The professor smirks, “He’s just 18 years old.”

“Oooooo,” my mom moans, “so young, at his prime! I have a son his age!” At that, she nestles back between my legs and starts sucking hungrily. But this time, she reaches down between her own legs and starts playing with her clit.

“Yeah!” Ryan yelps, “She’s a MILF! That’s awesome. Lady, suck that teen dick like it’s got the cure!”

“Quiet!” the professor warns him again.

I’m whimpering now. I’m close to coming but I don’t want to come in my mother’s mouth. I keep squirming which only makes the guys watching us squirm. Finally I glance down to see my mom’s head bobbing up and down, listening to her slurping, watching her hand grip me while her other hand fingers herself.

“I need this dick!” she says between gulps. “I beyoğlu escort want it so much!” she slurps. “Mmmmm, tastes so good.”

“Shit, I don’t want to cum!” That seemed to signal my mother to suckle faster. The professor was eagerly leaning in close to watch the culmination of this forced blowjob.

“No, no! Geezus no!” I’m shaking my head, trying to get the image of her bobbing head out of my mind. The hot mouth on me. “I’m going to cum!” I seize up and spasm, my body twisting in place. I want to clamp my knees together but they’re held apart in those damn stirrups. I erupt with jets of cum and my mother eagerly swallows it all like a hungry demon. She swallows and keeps a slurping rhythm so that her mouth is still working the head of my cock. Her tongue is dancing around the helmet, swishing liquid around. When I finish erupting, she takes her mouth off and then kisses the pouty mouth of my dick, rolling my foreskin back over the head.

I’m panting at this point. She’s panting as well but staring intensely at my dick and occasionally sucking it clean of any post-cum oozing. “Very good boy,” she says.

My dick is soft as Ryan finally lets me go of my arms. The other guys untape my ankles from the stirrups. I sit up on the examination table and look at my mother before me. I think I’m going to be sick. I can’t believe what just happened.

As I pant in post-orgasmic relief, the door of the lab suddenly swings open and 2 more people walk in with masks on. Guessing from the blonde hair, it’s my sister, L.. I’m not sure who the tall guy is with her.

“Sorry to interrupt,” the guy says.

“This is a lab experiment in progress! Why are you interrupting my class?”

“I just want to see what happens here with a ‘model patient,'” The guy says sarcastically. He walks over to where I’m standing with my wet dick hanging out of the folds of my lab coat. “What just happened here?”

My mom takes a couple steps back. Ryan and his buddies walk up to be supportive. The professor marches up to the guy, “This is the human reproductive biology lab. We study all things related to human reproduction. I must insist that you leave.”

The guy waves around at me and my mom, “Has there been any fucking around in here?”

“No,” the professor lies. “We were just examining this young man’s penis. Fellatio is not considered sex. But it helps us learn the mechanisms of orgasm.”

“See?” My sister tries to lead the guy away by his arm, “I told you, no sex in here! Sorry, professor – it’s me, L.” She tries to drag the guy away, but he’s standing around intensely staring at me. I’m terrified he’s going to pull my mask off.

But the guy is still looking around the lab suspiciously, “Fellatio is not sex? What do you think I am? Stupid? A blowjob is a blowjob!”

The professor tries his best to sound outraged, “No, sir, it is not. And in this lab, we use it to provide some natural stimulation for our young male volunteer to demonstrate an erection and ejaculation. That’s it! No penis-in-vagina sex! Now, L., please take your friend and leave!”

“See?” my sister pulls at his arm again, “I told you!”

I realize it must be one of her jealous boyfriends.

“Let me see then. I want to see how it works.”

“What?” the professor looks aghast.

“Yeah, show me this innocent blowjob that’s not sex.” The guy crosses his arms.

“Ok, just have an open mind!” My sister says. She turns to me, “Sit on the table, virgin boy!”

I look at her, then the guy, and then the professor. They’re all nodding. I hop back up on the lab table.

My sister gingerly takes my flaccid, spent cock between her fingers and starts pointing out the anatomy. “This is the glans of the penis. This is his foreskin. This is his scrotum. Corpus spongiosum, Corpus cavernosum.” The professor raises his eyebrows, impressed.

Then, she leans forward and places me in her mouth for a quick flick of her tongue. The guy behind her shakes his head. She continues, “Oral stimulation of the glans leads to erection.” She popped me back in her warm wet mouth and furiously licked around the head. “Cmon, virgin boy,” she talks to my dick, “grow for me!” She sits up and says, “Ok, virgin, when you’re ready to come, I want you to say this outloud,” then she whispers a phrase in my ear.

“What the hell?” I’m puzzled.

“That’s the magic phrase when you want to come.”

L. is experienced. Within seconds, I was hard. Within a minute, I was gasping away. She was way more skilled at oral than my mom. My cock swelled and erected proudly like a hot burrito in my sister’s hands. She looked back at her guy who simply grunted at her to “go on.” Then she slowly but steadily sucked me. She didn’t want to look like she was enjoying this after all – just a means bomonti escort to making me hard. And hard I was, my dick was huge and throbbing like crazy in her soft hands as she talked to it with a steady stream of Latin anatomy.

So she slowed down and held my dick firmly, not passionately, and licked around the head indifferently like someone eating an ice cream cone that’s not their favorite flavor. Definitely without the frenzy she had before or the frenzy my mom had had. It felt good but awkward – I just wanted to cum in her willing mouth. I squirmed on the examination table, raising my hips to invite her to suck faster. Finally, I threw by head back and moaned her magic phrase, “Please suck my dick and call me, handsome!”

My sister laughed – “OK, handsome!” I could see the naughty-mean-girl-glint in her eyes as she stepped up the tongue action and a pinky was in my butt. Soon, I was dizzy with pleasure as I leaned back on the table with my legs propped up and I whispered, “I’m close. I’m really close.”

L.’s boyfriend leans over to the professor, “We’re all masked, right? No one knows who’s who?”

“That’s right,” Professor Apple nodded.

“What the hell, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Then to my surprise, the guy moves L. out of the way, grabs my dick and starts sucking me. His mouth is big, the whiskers from his face rub against my thighs. Aside from the momentary interruption, I’m soon back on track to orgasm. A mouth’s a mouth.

“I’m going to cum,” I say again. “Please – just suck my dick and call me handsome!” L. and my mother are standing by my side. Ryan and his buds are also wide-eyed with wonder. The professor has not left me since this second blowjob began. The guy bobs his head faster, his big fist squeezes my dick tightly as if he’s worried my cum will spray around the room. He’s clumsy but strong. His teeth scrape my shaft sometimes but he gets better with every mouthful.

“Omigod!” I throw back my head and thrust my pelvis forward while I release my load. The guy quietly takes it in. Then he stands up, runs for the lab sink and spits my cum out.

Everyone is silent in the lab – no one had expected that turn of events. But the guy simply shrugs and takes L. by the arm, “Thanks. Interesting taste. I always wanted to try that. OK, I understand your lab now.” He shakes my hand, “Thanks, buddy!” and then he grabs L. by the arm and the two walk out.

I wait for what feels like an eternity before jumping off the table and running out of the lab.

That night at dinner, I couldn’t look at anyone. But my mom brought out a tray of pork chops and sat looking out the window.

“How was your day, honey?” my dad asks.

“It was good. Really good.” she smiles at him. “I went to Jamba Juice for a smoothie.”

“Nice!” my sister smiles.

My dad looked surprised, “You haven’t had a smoothie in a long time! I thought you said you didn’t like the taste and that they’re expensive?”

“No,” my mom kept looking out the window, “I haven’t had one for a long time. But it was good. Really good.” She looks at my dad who is already digging into the chops, “Dear, why don’t we have an early night tonight?” She reaches to hold his hand.

My dad smiles, “Sorry, honey, I’m really busy tonight. I’ve got a lot of work from the office and I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“But we haven’t had a night in for months!” my mom complains.

“Mom!” my sister interjects, “you could totally help out at the college. My professor says if you need anything, just call him.”

“I think I will.” My mom storms off to the kitchen to make a call.

“Strange guy, your professor,” my dad says to Lisa.

My ears perk up.

“I told you, he’s on the level. The class is just anatomy stuff.”

“Yeah, well don’t tell your mother what I saw you do with the model patient.” Dad glances over at me and does a “shhhhhh” to his lips. “She’s a prude when it comes to things like that.”

“Omigawd dad, I can’t believe what *you* did in the lab!” Lisa is sawing away at her chop.

“Well,” my dad shrugs, “I was curious. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, they say. I can cross something off my bucket list.”

My hands are trembling, I can’t hold my knife and fork. I ask Lisa, “You *and* dad went to the lab?”

“Yeah, monkey. Dad just wanted to check out what we do with the model patient in class. None of your business!”

Geez, that was my dad? I’m going to hell for sure.

A minute later, I get a text from Professor Apple, “You are REQUIRED to attend the lab tomorrow.”

My mom returns to the table with a big smile, “I think tomorrow will be a good day!” She and my sister exchange looks.

I stay focused on my plate, so I don’t even notice when my mom walks over to clear the table. “Aaron, you need to get out more. Don’t stay in your room playing video games all day.” She kisses the side of my head – I flinch. “When did you get to be so handsome!” She smiles and tousles my hair.

“My son is growing up! Handsome guy just like his old man!” dad says with a smile.

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