My Katy 3


My Katy 3katy stirs as i enter the room, shifting in the bed, turning away from me. her black hair is disheveled, in marked contrast to her daytime need to keep things in place. she puts herself together ‘just so’ before she goes out into the world, but all that falls away in the intimacy that is my house. this is not to say she doesn’t like to control some of the activities in my place. it’s just that she lets go of her need to look pretty here and keep people at arm’s length. and she is very pretty…she is my beauty and i gaze down at her now, with my hand on my mound, lightly pressing and bringing myself into a sleepy state of desire. i stand there in the soft, yellow grandbetting giriş glow of the nightlight, squeezing and rubbing, letting myself into that special place i know and love so well, secretly hoping for a new sensation sometimes, dreaming of that as yet unfamiliar feeling that comes from fantasy. i look down, and with my other hand, pull the waistband away to look at myself. i shudder a little, watching myself tug on the hair that covers my mound. i love this, this place of pure sensation, teasing myself over into the place where pain can take over. i get to take myself there and sometimes i let katy take me there, too. i pull on grandbetting yeni giriş the hair a little harder now and then let a finger into my dampening slit, just a little…not too much yet.i look up from my play and inadvertently catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the other side of the bed. at first, i am surprised, kind of forgetting it was there, but then i smile at this private moment, pressing deeper with my finger, letting out a soft moan. my other hand pulls the front of my panties down so i can see more of myself in the mirror. i pull my white tee-shirt up a little to see my tummy, my other hand slowly dancing on my mound, grandbetting güvenilirmi occasionally squeezing my lips and touching my clit. i let my finger bring some moisture from my slit onto my clit, rolling it and caressing it between my thumb and forefinger. i can hear katy’s breathing and smell the essence of her sleeping body in my bedroom. she inhabits my bed in such a special way to me…i think i may be in love with her. it’s such an unfamiliar feeling to me; it has been a while. i pull my panties down further with my other hand, working them over my hips and down my legs and onto the floor. freed from them, i open my legs a little and begin playing in earnest, sliding my middle finger into my now wet slit, bringing it out to rub my clit, then back in. i tilt my head back, and open my mouth, letting out a deep sigh i wasn’t aware that i was holding in. i look back down, then back at the mirror and i see katy in the reflection looking at me, smiling at me sleepily.

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