My Leggings Fetish Narrative


My Leggings Fetish NarrativeSo, I have a leggings fetish?I simply annot help it. They drive me crazy, and it does not help given how popular they currently are. I constantly walk around in a state of tortured arousal, daydreaming of what I would get up to with every woman wearing them I see!Black, have to be my favourite, the more sheer the better. Having said that, any colour is fine, and if they’re revealing a perfect arse or camel toe….I’m really splitting hairs over the colour by that point!Perhaps the following will help convey just what seeing a nice pair of legs in leggings does to me. I hope it gets you as randy reading it, as it does me, everytime I think it….which is about 50 times a day! I suspect I must mentally fuck about 50 women through the course of a normal working day!Here goes…So, if you WERE wearing a pair of nice, tight black (or other coloured) leggings, and we WERE (hypothetically) together, I’d no doubt pull you in close to me, getting to grips with each of your arse cheeks (Quite roughly), and, giving them a good, tight, hard squeeze I’d pull them apart slightly, squeezing…feeling….truly appreciating….while our mouths connnect, and our tongues explore each others’ excitedly.At the same time my hands would initially just lightly wander all over your arse and legs…getting kocaeli escort to know them even better, and savouring the feeling of the material, knowing that sooner or later, I’m literally going to tear them off you…My hands would then start to move around….falling upon your pussy, the warmth of which I can feel through your leggings. Massaging your pussy mound, all the time, my fingers exploring…I start to detect a camel toe. Mmmm…my finger starts to stroke along the length of it time, and time again.Meanwhile, my other hand is resting upon your left tit, lightly stroking your erect nipple, which is clearly vivisble through your tight top, which also clings to your arse, but just short of the bottom of your bum cheeks. Mmmm.Mmm….with my right hand still massaging your warm, camel-toed pussy, it would trace its fingers over your pussy mound, encouraging it to swallow up more of the deliciously damp leggings…My left hand continues to wander (as it has a habit of doing sometimes!), and is soon edging its way inside your leggings; my fingers resting on your incredibly pert arse cheeks (Your skin is SO soft!). As my right hand continues in its quest to draw your pussy juices out into your leggings, I bite your left nipple…clearly visible as it protrudes through your top, and simultanteously, my kocaeli escort bayan middle finger of my left hand pushes its way between your tight arse cheeks where it finds yout tight bum hole.Applying a fair, but constant level of pressure, my finger begins to enter your arse hole and you let out a delightful, low moan…I get down on my knees and push you against the wall. Both of my hands now clench your arse cheeks and pull your pussy towards me. My mouth is so close…you can feel my warm breath being exhaled against your damp leggings.My mouth closes around your pussy, and my tongue starts to lick away at your damp leggings. I can taste your pussy juices and this just drives me on even more. My hand reaches up and cups yout tit, the nail of my finger lightly scr****g across your nipple.It’s too much…I need MORE, and as quick as I can, I pull at the crotch of your leggings, ripping them, allowing my tongue to get at your knickerless pussy (You’re such a dirty girl…)My tongue familiarises itself with your fleshy outer pussy lips, while my thumb brushes upwards, stopping just short of your slightly protruding clit each time…Suddenly, the side of my thumb brushes against your clit, and I feel you jerk at the sensation as my tongue probes deeper into your pussy.Respositioning myself on my back, izmit escort I make you squat over me, and from there on in, you know what to do, teasingly lowering, then lifting your pussy a number of times, each time my tongue reaches out for it before you lowever yourself competely.Covering both my mouth and my nose, you grind your pussy back and forth against my face, with the ocassional stroke/light scratch of my cock, which twitches at every touch. Meanwhile, my nose inadvertantly probes your pussy, as my tongue flicks across your clit in between stolen gasps for air…Eventually, seizing my chance as you momentarily lift yourself, I push you up, and towards my cock. You know what needs to be done, and ever so teasingly, you begin to squat down over me, the first couple of squats merely touching my cock, which by now, is glistening and throbbing almost uncontrollably.’Fucking ride me now’ I demand, almost pleadingly. I let out a gasp myself as I feel your wet pussy slide around my cock, and it’s grip tighten as you start to hammer your arse up and down at a relentlessly agressive pace!it’s no use, I can’t last long under such stimulation, and I let out a deep groan as spurt of of thick, warm cum explodes into your still riding pussy, my fingers pulling away at you nipples.Standing over me, I look up in awe, as you smirk at me, my gaze flicking between your frightfully horny expression, and the cum that’s now starting to seep out of your pussy and is running onto your destroyed, wet, leggings…..I think that covers it. Doesn’t it?

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