My life as a cross dresser 3 TRUE STORY

Female Ejaculation

My life as a cross dresser 3 TRUE STORYMark told me during the half term he had met John and went back to John’s house a couple of days and looked at porn books drank beer smoked and watched a few blue films John had wanked and sucked him off and ever let Mark stick his cock in his bum and fuck him, my. Cock was stiff and leakingHe told me John liked him to dress as a girl and he had asked Mark to steal a pair of his mum’s and sisters knickers for him Why I asked?Mark explained he had a suitcase full of bras knickers and tights another bigger case had school girl uniforms in.Which he had found in the girls changing rooms, over the years, some of them was disgusting When mark took his mum’s and sisters knickers John told him to dress in a girls uniform then laid him on the bed , mark watched him sniff and lick his mum’s knicker , telling mark to do the same with his sister’s knickersMark told me it made him cum so hard, he got up and ran out of the room naked quickly returned wearing a pair of white cotton knickers and handed me a white pair with little flowers on, smell them he said , I looked inside them at the , there was a little streak over the gusset , I put them to my face they smelt amazing, I felt my cock pulsating ,before I could reach down to touch my self I had cum uncontrollably, Mark was already hard again wanking himself off againTill he cumWe had a shower together washing each other Mark started telling me about his older sister, he could hear her masturbating through the paper think wall at night and one Sunday afternoon he come home and heard his sister moaning , he went on to the landing and peeped through the key hole and could see his sister and another girl laying side by side on the bed fingering each other, he told me he had watched bursa escort for a while then the other girl rolled over on to his sister and she went down and licked his sister’s fanny while she had her bum in the air rubbing and fingering herself.What happened I asked , he said he didn’t know as he had cum in his pants , so had gone to get cleaned up.Over the next few weeks I learnt so much he told me about a girls body, the clitoris , periods and filling in the gaps which the biology classes had skipped,My addiction to girls knickers grew mark had let me keep his sister’s knickers which I kept hidden away in my room but masturbated nearly every night with them over my faceThen one day Mark told me he was going to shag Linda at the old shed at the back of the allotments, we had used it in the past for smoking and wanking each other It was dusty and some of the slats was broken there was a table and a couple of old chairs and rusty gardening equipment but it was dry he showed me a packet with a condom inside , he had taken it out of his dad’s drawHe said he was going to be there around seven and if I wanted I could watch from outside.It was a warm sunny evening in august I got there at six thirty keeping out of sight , a hour later they hadn’t showed up, I walked over to the shed and peeped through one of the slats but they wasn’t there.I started walking home I was almost home when I saw Mark and Linda walking towards me I their navy blue uniforms , they had both seen me , we said hello as we passed each other , I walked a few steps and looked round , Mark had looked back and was gesturing me to follow.. I let them turn the corner and slowly followed them i stood out side the gate as I watched them enter the shed, I waited a few minutes the crept up to bursa escort bayan the shed and looked through the slats .They was standing kissing each other, her blouse was open her bra was pushed up Mark hand was needing and squeezing her breast, then Mark started pinching her nipple, he hadn’t lied about how errect her nipples got, I watched as he walked her backwards towards the table, still kissing her and sat her on the table then pushing her back, And dropped his trousers and stood in front of her head, II couldn’t see her face but her hand was moving up and down , Mark lifted her skirt, she was wearing dark pink knickers , marks hand slipped inside them I could see his hand rubbing her she groaned, oh no stop mark said I’m going to cum, he wasn’t the only one, He stepped back I could see her face, she looked different her face was flushed , her lips pouting ,her breast moving up and down with her heavy breathing ,They lit a fag and smoked it Mark reached down to his trousers and took the condom out of his pocket,Can I have you he asked,She laughed why do you think I’m here?They finished smoking and began kissing marks hand slipped into her knickers again rubbing her fanny , he then stepped around the table, his cock was rock hard he stepped between her legs and started to pull her knickers down , she lifted her bum he eased them down her legs and pulled them off over her shoes , I could see her pubic mound , this was the first time I had seen a girls fanny with public hair, I couldn’t help it I cum instantaneously my cum hitting the flimsy shed wall , still looking through the slats I watched mark roll the condom over his cock. , Then thrusting himself into her only a few seconds had past when he groaned , I’m cumming , no she cried but it escort bursa was to late he had shot his load he learnt forward and kissed her b**st saying sorry over and over again, He pulled out of her , I could see the tip of the condom full with his cum he bent down pulling his pants and trousers up she swung her legs round facing my directionShe said I’m soaking as she run her finger between her lips , mark was removing the condom from his cock still saying sorry, I didn’t cum she said, mark again sorry mark saidAll of a sudden the door opened sunlight filled the shed What the fuck are you doing a voice shouted, it was a old man in his sixties Linda covered her breast and stood up , Mark jumped back his cock still out and the condom in his hand , the man started shouting he would call the policeI don’t no where it come from but I ran to the other side of the shed and started shouting at the man calling him names, as he turned towards me mark and Linda ran out of the shed leaving the man there , we got tongue gate he wasn’t following just watching us, he cut the shed door and walked away.We started walking down the road laughing about what had happened when Linda said what washing doing there, we nothing I replied, she looked at mark why was he there Mark?He hesitated but then told her I had been watching ,How long for she asked me I told her the truth , she stormed off mark following her , telling me he would see me tomorrow..I started to walk home when I remembered Linda’s knickers in the shed I didn’t see her pick them up , I walked back checking the old man had gone I went back to the shed and opened the door , her knickers was still on the floor , I picked them up , I brushed a little dust of then and looked at the gusset the silvery juices was still damp but cold , I folded the carefully put them in my pocket and ran home as fast as I could.I said hello to my mum dad and sister and went to the bathroom locking the door I took the knickers out of my pocket and unfolded my prizeTbc

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