My Life as a Wittol Ch. 10 Pt. 02

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Anniversary Celebration Day One. CJ’s confession… or was it just her imagination

In my sexual haze, I naively questioned, “Hank? What about Hank?”

She bent forward as she shamelessly whispered so low I could scarcely hear her, “I fucked Hank.”

She felt my dick gradually start to swell and she knew I had become aroused with her confession of her affair with a casual friend and neighbor that lived just a few short blocks from our home. I had become extremely close to that threshold of a very intense orgasm.

She leaned back and moaned as she told me, “I love the way you get so aroused when I tell you stories how I like to fuck other men.”

She stopped and sat beside me and took my hard dick in her hand and slowly dribbled lube along the hard shaft. Her hand felt good as it started to slowly slide up and down.

As she held my hard dick in her hand she softly asked, “Would you like for me to tell you about the first time Hank fucked me?”

“First time?” I questioned, “So… you have fucked Hank more than once?”

Teasingly, she looked me in the eyes and gently nodded as she lightly spoke, “A few times…” She smiled wickedly and then softly added, “Well… maybe more than a few times.”

I began to imagine CJ sitting on top of Hank as she slowly rode his cock and I groaned as my cuckold angst grew stronger. My dick seemed to grow even harder as her slick hand moved gently up and down.

CJ started to confess how she had met Hank as she wandered through a few model houses while she shopped for a new home for us. Hank approached her and they chatted as they walked around the model homes. Hank had worn a snug dark blue t-shirt with a logo that indicated he was a firefighter with our local community. It was apparent his well-defined physique did not go unnoticed by CJ as she described his slim body.

We purchased our home from that developer and work soon started on our new home but construction did not progress as planned.


CJ’s story… (or was it a confession?)

CJ timidly smiled at me as she spoke in a soft gentle tone as she started her story, “I decided to stop by the construction area one Saturday afternoon to check the progress of our home. I was wandering through our new home and was surprised when Hank came inside after he noticed my car parked in front of our unfinished home.”

“Hank was in the process of moving into their newly completed home just a few blocks away. We talked for some time as we wandered through our unfinished home. I looked at Hank with a bit of hesitation when he asked if I would like to see their finished home just a few blocks away. He offered to drive and I smiled as I cautiously accepted his invitation. We slowed at his driveway as the garage door opened and Hank parked inside and I began to feel uneasy as the door closed behind them.”

“Hank and his wife had purchased their home from a different homebuilder and I was anxious to see the layout of Hank’s home. As we walked through his new home it was evident they had just started to move in as there were unpacked boxes and misplaced furniture scattered everywhere. We leisurely wandered through the house comparing all the features between our two homes. I wondered… no, I hoped Hank had intentions other than showing off his new home.”

“As we entered the master bedroom I felt him come up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. He pulled me back against him and shivers of arousal run down my back as he started to lightly kiss the back of my neck and whisper in my ear, he told me things like how beautiful I was and how he had lustful thoughts about me since we met me at the model homes and had hoped we would become close neighbors.”

“All this had unexpectedly surprised me and I graciously tried to pull from his grasp, I wanted him to work a bit to earn the ultimate prize. He kissed the back of my neck and smiled when he heard my soft moan and he felt me relax. I think Hank knew then that I would surrender myself to him.”

“He smugly smiled as he felt me tremble as his hands slowly moved upward along my bare skin. My tube top pushed up off my breast as his hands slipped under my top. He caressed my bare breast as he cupped them in his big hands, and I felt him quietly moan in celebration of his looming conquest.”

“I willingly raised my arms as he pulled the top over my head exposing my pale breasts. He continued to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear as he caressed my breasts, telling me how he loved my small firm breasts.”

“I lightly whimpered as he gently pulled and twisted my increasingly sensitive nipples. I held his hands against my small breasts and I softly moaned as his rough fingertips caressed my tender nipples.”

“I leaned my head back against his chest and closed my eyes as my breathing became even more labored as I felt him unfasten my shorts and with his help, the shorts slid down my legs. I submissively lowered my eyes as I turned illegal bahis and stood before Hank in just my thong panties and sandals.”

“Hank took my hand and held it above my head as I slowly pirouetted around as his eyes took in my petite firm body. I stopped as I faced him and he gently rubbed my hard nipples with the backs of his fingers as he asked, ‘Will your husband have a problem sharing your gorgeous body with me?'”

“I smiled coyly as I answered, ‘Why would he have to know… unless you tell him?’ He lightly rubbed my hard nipples and I felt the gentle tingle between my legs and I knew I was getting wet in anticipation of a nice hard cock.”

“He laughed as he spoke, ‘Well, I don’t think this is the first time you have fucked someone without his knowledge and I suspect Jon has a good idea is a wittol.’ He smiled wickedly and teased me, ‘Maybe I will let him watch sometime’.”

“I had to ask him what a wittol is and he explained, ‘It is a man that knows of his wife’s infidelity but accepts it and is more than likely aroused by it.'”

“He pulled me to him and our lips met in a passionate kiss as he guided me backwards onto the king size bed. I slipped out of my sandals as I crawled onto the bed and lay on my side, my head propped up on my hand. I watched intently as he pulled his shirt over his head and I shamelessly moaned to myself as I saw his well-toned physique. He started to slowly unfasten his pants and arrogantly smiled at me as I lay on his bed in just my delicate panties. You know…the red lace boy shorts that you liked so much.”

She looked into my eyes as she continued, “His pants along with his red satin underwear fell to the floor as he proudly revealed his thick cock. He crawled to me and knelt between my open legs and hooked his fingers under the sides of my panties and gently pulled. My hips rose slightly as I hastily helped him slid the delicate panties along my legs. He moaned softly as he gazed down at my trimmed fur that covered my kitty, ‘Such a beautiful pussy… it’s a shame I am going to make a mess in it’.”

“He leaned over me and passionately kissed me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our tongues danced as we explored each other’s mouth and he tenderly pulled and twisted my tiny nipple… my soft painful whimpers could barely be heard as he covered my mouth with his in a frenzied kiss.”

“My legs gradually opened as his hand slid lower over my body and my hips rocked upward as I felt his hand as it slowly moved lower as it reached my aroused pussy. I sighed as his long fingers slide through my short curly hair and my wet pussy began to open as his finger slid between the wet lips.”

“I moaned with pleasure as I felt his finger began to slowly slip deeper inside me. My legs unconsciously spread even wider and my hips rose as if offering myself to his rough fat finger. He paused to rub his fingertip over my aroused clit which excited me even more and my hips began to slowly rock as my sensitive pussy sought his teasing finger.”

“His long thick finger slipped easily inside my sopping pussy. He started to move his hand faster as he fucked me with his finger. My legs opened and I moaned as he vigorously slid his finger in and out of my very aroused pussy and my hips pushed upward in rhythm with his finger.”

“His hand moved faster as his finger slid faster in and out of my pussy and his finger slipped deeper inside of me. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him as I cried out as my body began to shake as an intense orgasm rushed through me. I could faintly hear how wet I had become as he forcefully finger fucked me.”

“I had just begun to recover from my first orgasm when he rolled onto his back and pulled me on top of him as we continue our long frantic kiss. Our lips parted and he kissed and licked my neck and as I tried to catch her breath. I felt his hand gently push my head lower, I knew what he wanted… what he expected… and I looked up into his eyes and sensuously smiled as I started to lightly kiss his chest.”

“He groaned softly as I kissed and nibbled his hard nipples. My hand slid lower until I felt the coarse hair that surrounded his very impressive manhood. I looked up into his eyes and saw the face of a conqueror taking his treasures and I moaned with anticipation as my fingers wrapped around his thick cock, much thicker and longer than yours.”

“I started to move lower as my kisses trailed down his chest… I gently kissed his hard abs. I moaned as I looked up at him and smiled and softly spoke, ‘Oh my god… such a beautiful cock…’ I held his heavy cock and started to lick the crown as I slowly stroked the hard thick shaft.”

“Hank’s hand guided me back to his cock and I moistened my lips just before my lips stretched over the head of his hard cock as he slowly pushed my head down. He pushed the fat head deeper into her mouth and he groaned with pleasure as my tongue licked the underside of his hard cock and I sucked on the illegal bahis siteleri spongy head, ‘Oh yeah that feels so good… anyone ever tell you that you’re a good cock sucker?'”

“I smiled as his cock slipped from my mouth and I slowly stroked it and stared at the beautiful hard cut cock with tight skin and a large reddish crown and I could only imagine how good his thick cock would feel as he plunged it deep into my cunt and stretched my pussy as he eased it deep inside me. I arrogantly smiled and nodded as I proudly answered, ‘Maybe a few…’ I smiled at him just before I slipped my lips over the thick crown and I groaned as the fat head swelled even more as it filled my mouth.”

“I was thrilled that Hank was enjoying the blowjob and began to excitedly rock my head, rolling the head of his cock around in my mouth as I tried to take it even deeper, rubbing my tongue around the fat crown as my hand slowly slid up and down his hard cock. His took my head in his hands and forced his cock even deeper into my mouth. I began to slowly bob my head up and down on his swollen cock and was eventually able to take more of his cock into my mouth, but I was disappointed that I could only get nearly half of his thick cock in my mouth.”

“I continued the slow rhythm as my lips slid smoothly along his cock. I liked the feel of his hard cock as my lips slid easily up and down the hard shaft. I moved around and knelt between his legs and wrapped my hands around his hard thick cock. I started to bob my head faster as I tried to take more of his cock in my mouth. I glanced up into his eyes and sought his appreciation as I urgently moaned as I urged him to cum in my mouth.”

“He held my head in his hands and started to rock his hips faster as he pushed his cock faster and deeper into my mouth. I moaned as I sucked on the crown and I could taste the bitter cream as it slowly began to ooze from his cock. It has been a long time since I had sucked a cock so nice… so big… and I became even more fixated as I fervently tried to please him as I longed for him to fill my mouth with his cum.”

“I let his big cock slip from her mouth as I looked up at him and saw that he was smiling and I knew he was enjoying my blow job. I held his heavy cock as I softly kissed the head of his cock, then started kissing my way up his chest, I paused briefly to lick and nibble on his nipples.”

“I straddled him and took his cock in my hand and rubbed the fat crown along my very wet pussy. As we kissed I could feel the spongy head of his cock as it pressed against me and I became more excited as I felt it began to force its way into me.”

“I groaned loudly as my pussy surrendered and slowly opened to accept the large crown. I moaned as I sat on his hard cock and began to slowly slide down on the thick shaft as I coaxed it deeper as I became more comfortable as I adjusted to his thick cock.”

“His fat cock felt good as it stretched my tight pussy and I slowly forced it deeper. I shrieked as he suddenly thrust his cock deep into me and another orgasm began to rush through my body. I could feel his thick cock as it plunged deep and I groaned loudly with each powerful thrust as it bumped against my cervix. My wet pussy stretched even more as he frantically pushed it deeper and I wondered if you would be able to tell. Hank thrust hard and paused with his cock deep in me and I

sighed with pleasure as well as relief when I felt his swollen balls rest against my ass and I swelled with pride as I realized I had taken all of his big cock.”

“Hank held my hips and gradually forced his cock deeper, he fucked me slowly at first, then started to aggressively pull me down onto his hard cock. I moaned, ‘Your cock feels so big.’ I rocked my hips as

I felt his big cock as it filled me and it slid deeper with each forceful thrust.”

“Hank held his cock deep in my pussy as he rolled me onto my back and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He leaned on his hands he started to slowly force his cock deeper. He looked down at me as he commanded, ‘Tell me how much you like my thick cock.'”

“I panted with each thrust as I moaned, ‘Oh god, yes… It has been a long time… since I had such a big thick cock. Way too long.'”

“Our bodies glistened with sweat as we feverishly sought pleasure from our mutual infidelity. He arrogantly smiled as he told me, ‘I am going to own this pussy…’ His cock thrust deep as he added,

‘Your husband will have to settle for a sloppy cum filled cunt.'”

“Eventually I became accustomed to his fat cock and he started to fuck me harder, it was all I could do but to lay there with my legs wrapped around his waist as each intense thrust forced his cock all the way into me. I pressed her hips higher to meet his hard thrusts as he repeatedly plunged his cock deep into my unprotected womb. We started to fuck faster and I could feel his swollen balls as they slapped against me. I cried out loudly, ‘YES…FUCK ME HARD!’, canlı bahis siteleri as he continued to fuck me through several intense orgasms.”

Hank pulled his cock out of me and I felt so empty and I pleaded for him to put his cock back in me. He ordered me to get on my hands and knees and I submissively obeyed. I shrieked as he slapped my ass hard and I hurried to kneel before him. He moved up behind me and started to push his hard cock into me as he pulled me back and then sadistically thrust his cock into me. I could hear the sound of his enormous balls as they slapped against me…along with my moans which grew louder and I trembled as yet another orgasm grew closer.”

“I felt Hank’s cock swell even harder and I knew he was close to reaching his climax and in one of my sane moments I pleaded with him, ‘I am not on birth control… so you can’t cum in me… Please don’t cum in me…'”

Pregnancy had not been a concern of ours for several years after my vasectomy after our second child had entered her teen years.

“Hank forcefully pulled me back hard against him as he thrust deep once again and held me with his hard cock buried deep in me. He growled loudly as he started to fill my pussy with his plentiful fertile seed. He laughed as he told me, ‘Oops… I guess it is too late now.'”

“I felt his cock erupt again as he filled me with more of his thick potent semen. Another strong orgasm shook my body and I pushed my hips back to meet his thrust as he pushed his thick cock deep into my trembling body as yet another orgasm rushed through me. With each hard plunge, his cock spewed more potent seed into my conceivably very fertile pussy. I could feel his cum as it seeped from my stretched pussy. I slowly rocked my hips as his cock slid easily inside my pussy filled with his potent seed.”

“Finally, Hank stopped thrusting, and held his cock deep in me as he gently slid his softening cock slowly in and out of my cum filled pussy. After our mutual orgasms subsided we started to relax and his cock slipped out as we lay side by side on the freshly stained sheets.”

“I could feel his thick cum as it slowly seeped out and trickled downward guided only by the cheeks of my ass. I angrily yelled at him, ‘you asshole! I asked you not to cum in me.'”

“He unsympathetically shrugged and smiled crudely at me and said, ‘If you don’t want to get bred… Then you need to get on birth control,’ then added, ‘advisedly before the next time because I don’t use condoms, and I didn’t see you trying to stop me either.'”

“I smiled arrogantly and snidely asked, ‘So you really think there is going to be a next time?’ I sniggered, ‘You sure seem pretty sure of yourself.'”

“He chuckled as he told me, ‘Oh… You will be back wanting more. So tell me… how long has it been since you have been fucked that good?'”

“I smiled and paused as I recalled the many times Roger and Pat had fucked me with their big cocks several years ago. I thought for a few moments then I chuckled as I teasingly answered, ‘Well there was that bouncer at Snoop’s… I will have to think about that for a moment.’ I rolled closer to him and rested my hand on his chest and said, ‘But it has definitely been many years since I have been fucked that good.’ I teasingly slapped his chest and angrily told him, ‘I just better not get pregnant!'”

“Finally, I told him I needed to get home. I went into the master bathroom to freshen myself as best I could. I started to dress and I searched all over for my panties. I glanced at Hank and noticed his arrogant smile and I noticed my panties dangled from his finger and he asked, ‘Were you looking for these?’ He held them away from me as I grabbed for them and smiled as he told me, ‘I think I will just keep these secured in my trophy locker.'”

“I became concerned and pleaded with him, “I can’t go home without panties and all this cum leaking in my shorts. I eventually gave up trying to get my panties and freshened up as I finished dressing. Hank drove me back to my car. I looked around to see if any prospective neighbors were near and then kissed Hank goodbye. I laughed as I told him, ‘I hope I left a big cum stain on your seat… asshole.'”

“I turned to get out of his truck he took my arm and I turned to look back at him. Hank smiled mischievously as he told me, ‘Since you were the first to get fucked in my bed in my new home… I feel it is only fair that we break in your bed in your new home.'”

“I suggestively smiled and said, ‘We’ll see.'”

“He looked at her seriously and said, ‘And I do mean first… even before your husband…’ He smiled and paused as he waited for my response.”

“I chuckled and told him, ‘you are so sure of yourself… and naughty too. We’ll have to see about that.’ I leaned over and rubbed his thick cock and smiled coyly as I playfully teased, ‘that is, if I can wait that long.’ I teasingly smiled as I wondered out loud, ‘If you are going to keep my panties in your trophy locker. Does that mean I am your latest trophy fuck now?'”

“He laughed loudly as he told me, ‘I guess that depends… trophies are meant to be flaunted and shared.’ He smiled and then confidently laughed as he drove off.”

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