Subject: My Life For Wetness Gone Wild – Chapter One My Life For Wetness Gone Wild CHAPTER 1 Events of the following depict real events of my life. How I discovered I was gay and how I adjusted to each event as it presented itself. All the names and some locations have been changed. Disclaimer: My life is surrounded with a fetish for urine and sometimes others. It also involves incest, public and stranger interactions that may be graphic, and may be offensive to some readers. If fetishes of any kind offend you I would suggest looking through Nifty for softer material more suitable to your desires. My story will use language that is direct to the nature of the user and may offend some. If foul language offends you, close this page now. If graphic conversations are not for you, then leave now. Nifty has a wide variety of stories to suit you. The obvious idea here is to feed all the real juicy and filthy things that go on in my mind and personal life. Things that hungry readers live for, like filth, lust and sexual satisfaction of a gay man now in college that went through many strange and weird events with strangers, family, well pretty well anyone who would play. I have no boundaries, my legs are always spread. Fasten your seat belt, the plane is ready for takeoff and there are no limits to the heights the events in my real life that I and my dysfunctional family went to, in an effort to satisfy our secret, deep filthy needs. Chapter 1 I Was Ten My mom and dad were having a party one Saturday night with about twenty people. It was a little after ten when my brother Paul and I went to bed. About an hour after we went to bed I noticed that Paul was asleep in his bed on the other side of the room. People were passing our door quite often. Paul was twelve I was ten. I have noticed since two years earlier that I was attracted to boys, not girls. Don’t know why. I was the child that had too much energy and seemed to be into everything, including what was in the other boys pants. As I watched people going by our door that night, I saw uncle Johnny, his wife, aunt Kay and mom as they stopped to talk with their drinks. I really like uncle Johnny who is about thirty. He wasn’t a gym type but had what I thought was a perfect body. Nice hair, eyes, lips, long legs, thin waist beautiful butt with nice dimples at the side, and when he walked the seam of his jeans played with the crack of his butt in a way I thought was hot, my cock seem to think so, and his bulge, well what can I say. He liked his cock to the right so we all could see how long and thick it was and how big the head at the end was. His rather huge nuts hung so nicely below. I had no idea why my cock got hard but it did just then when I noticed something. Uncle Johnny’s light blue jeans were wet. He pissed his pants. Not all over just the front was wet but it clearly wasn’t a situation where he went for a pee and didn’t get his cock out of his pants in time or that he put it back in before he was finished, or that he was dribbling, it was a clear case of pissing his pants. The view was epic. I watched every move of his crotch for a good ten minutes and at that moment made up my mind that I wanted into his pants and I wanted to wet mine exactly like he wet his. Needless to say I didn’t sleep too well after midnight. I played with my junk and spread my legs a lot then on purpose I peed the front of my PJs. It felt warm and good so I wet them more. Sometimes my cock was hard, sometimes it was soft but felt good as long as it was wet. Before I fell asleep I peed once more and just let it go until I felt the hot piss flowing over my balls to the crack of my butt. All I remember after that was waking up in the morning. My PJs were still kind of wet and I loved it. Little did I know that the night before would define a direction of my life that is totally unbelievable by any standards. I was now on a mission to wet myself every day. Now, how will I do this? The next day in school I spent the whole day thinking of last night. I went into the bathroom, don’t know how I discovered it but I went up to a urinal, pulled down my pants and just started pissing, through my undies that were still pulled up. I had a lot of piss and my undies got quite wet. Some of the piss ran under my balls and dripped into my jeans. I couldn’t believe how good it felt but knew I had to fine tune this. Funny thing, when I got home my PJs and bed were perfectly clean. Mom must have found them and washed them. That night I watched TV in my PJs but when I went to bed I put on my jeans and undies and went into the bathroom and pissed through my undies again, pulled up my jeans then slept in them. I played with myself so the pee would wet my jeans. In the morning my jeans were dry but my undies were damp which I loved. When I got to school I started the process all over again. There were times when mom or dad or a teacher or nun would notice something about my pants, maybe even saw a wet spot but they said nothing. Over the next year or so I spent a lot of time fine tuning which meant a lot of pissing in my undies and jeans. Now, I’m a little better at it. I don’t pull my pants down, I open my zipper and pull my undies through with my cock still in them and pointing the head of my cock down. That way I can hold my piss as long as I want and piss my whole tank of hot piss through my undies like a fire hose and only the front of my undies get wet. I suddenly noticed that I enjoyed when another kid would see what I was doing. I sag my jeans so the wet undies don’t wet my pants. Now I can sit in school all day soaking wet and no one knows. When I go home I go to the bathroom and do the same thing and no one knows I’m sitting there eating supper, soaking wet, or watching TV right beside dad, or going to the mall or the show or Burger King. I’m wet with piss all the time. My piss doesn’t smell, well not much but I soon realized that after pissing them you can kind of smell them. Mom doesn’t notice I’m wearing the same undies all the time, because I throw clean undies in the wash every few days. When My wet undies get really raunchy I hide then in the crawl space. I actually fall in love with them. One day I decided to get brave and knock it up a notch. Now I wanted everyone to know that I might be wet, so when I’m in class, or eating supper or on the bus or in the movie, I touch myself so some of the dampness of my undies shows through to my pants or jeans. I especially love doing this with my Sunday suit when we go to mass. At communion time most of the alter boys watch us as we are in line. I like to think that at least one or two notice that I’m kind of wet. They are all boob or crotch watchers, no exceptions, every one of them. Maybe a kid in the hall at school might notice. The grade two teacher in his tight pants sporting a bulge noticed. He invited me to help rake leaves on the week end. So I went, but he had no trees. Another story. All I know is, I’m getting a lot of attention. Everyone knows how straight I look, they just don’t know how gay I am. For me it’s any cock and piss that completes my dream. I’m too young to know what jerking off is although boys have mentioned it. I was about eleven and a half when things changed. I started getting more boners than normal and I started getting this thick clear syrupy stuff coming out of my cock. Every time I look at a boy’s butt or crotch or lips or eyes, I would get hard and after the hard boner went soft, this sticky stuff landed in my undies. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this şişli travesti stuff. It was warm and wet and felt so good on my junk. The only thing is this happened a hundred times a day. At school, on the bus, at the mall or on the subway, even while watching TV if I see hot boys. I can’t even watch a baseball game with dad. The pitchers all have nice butts. My boner is up and down through the whole game. Forget about the “Tour DE France” All those tight butts , beautiful legs and crotch bulges. So my undies get soaked then when I take them off they dry and get hard. I get so much of this stuff that if I roll my undies in a ball and let them dry, It sounds like taking Velcro apart when I want to put them back on. After I put them back on the hardness rubs against my junk and up and down the crack of my butt, and what you know, the sticky, syrupy stuff starts soaking my undies again, and tomorrow dry harder and the wild boners just keep coming. Now all I need to know, what are all these boners for and what do you do with them? One Saturday evening while I was sitting on the living room floor in my pure white undies, mom noticed that my undies were wet and that I had this constant boner which she said to dad was too big, too fast for my age. I guess she thinks when my cock grows my ears shrink. I can hear every word. She also told him that my balls were wet and also were far too big for an eleven year old. She was telling dad in a low voice, but I could hear. While I played I would glance at the TV and if I saw a cute boy my boner would move and more juice run over the head of my boner and run down my undies. Who was this kid on TV? I don’t know why mom was so taken with this because she has found my bed wet and jeans wet a few times. Dad has found my pissed jeans twice and now I’m on death row. They decided there and then that I had to go to a doctor, this was unusual. They were afraid I was going through puberty too early. I’ll have to find out what this puberty thing is. Two days later, on Monday morning mom told me that they were taking me to the doctor and I wouldn’t be going to school. I like school, I score in the 90s, I can’t miss a day. I didn’t know then that this was going to be the worst day of my life. I didn’t see it coming. I had a bath and had to put on all clean clothes, socks, undies, T shirt, button long sleeve shirt and clean pants, no jeans. Once in the Dr’s office they started explaining all these things that seem to be going on in my pants. Things I love. Mom has a way to embellish things and make them sound outrages. She even said it was interfering with my sleep and school. Well she was wrong about school, my marks are up but it wasn’t interfering with my sleep, I was. I was awake a lot trying to figure out how to do this jerk off thing I hear about at school. I knew that all this action in my pants had something to do with it, BUT WHAT? Wouldn’t you know as soon as the nurse told me to undress and lay on the table my cock got hard, like rock hard, and didn’t the doctor have to touch it to examine it. I wanted to ask him if he could show me how to jerk off but I’d probably get killed by mom and dad who were both watching the show. He asked me if I was sexually active. I didn’t know what that meant, mom said of course not he’s never outside our site. The Dr. said he asked because I was so skinny. Don’t know what that meant. Mom and dad both told him I eat and drink day and night. Then the Dr. put my feet in these steel rungs and went to the end of the table and started looking down where my bum hole is. He played with my nuts which just made my cock dance around and he applied pressure all around under there then put on a glove and yes, he went up my bum hole and played in there for the longest time. Then he mumbled that I must have a lot of girlfriends. Dad said he thinks both girls and boys. Finally he started talking to mom and dad as I just lay there. I didn’t understand everything but I heard things like over active this and that, yes my testicles were enlarged by 3 times, and my hard penis which never went soft the whole time I was there, was 5.75″ long and very thick causing unwarranted erections and discharges. Given his age and weight we should act now to slow ??? lost again. What do we do? Mom and dad wanted to know. Well I’ll perform a, …and I was lost again and I’ll put him on such and such pills and everything will be fine. This is not the first case like this he said. Then I thought, I hope I’m not going to lose my boners and wet stuff, they make up the best part of my day. I live for this stuff. Mom and dad were so happy as the Dr. and a nurse prepared to perform ??? what ever. Just as I was about to calm down out came the weapon. A needle, in a looong syringe with two holes for finger grips. The nurse was wiping my area between my balls, asshole and the base of my cock. Now known as the taint. The Dr. with his weapon in one hand, wearing gloves signaled mom and dad, so now everyone in the room was watching the show from the foot of the table, and could see my nuts and asshole, but me. He said to my mother, see this as he used two fingers to hold the very base of my boner. Far too thick, if we don’t settle this now no telling how this will get at which time I felt his finger run up and down the back of my cock. Now I’m finally thinking, maybe I want it huge to match my huge nuts. What the fuck is going on here. I wanted to run. I love all my boners and all that leaks out, and how wet I get, what’s going to happen here? Finally the Dr. looked at me from between my legs. “Joe, I have made all this area under here numb so you won’t feel a thing. There will be no pain. It will take less than a minute and you can go home and will be able to go to school as early as tomorrow.” That’s nice, another hole. Mom and dad seemed happy with that. The smart Dr. sat on a stool and his finger hunted around for the right spot and finally this 8″ needle was in me. Well good job Dr. he made my taint numb but the inside was not numb and I could feel the cold needle making it’s way up. Hope I don’t fart. At the rate he was moving, I thought he was fixing my eyes. Just a joke. After finding the right spot he emptied the contents and pulled the needle out. Funny thing happened, my boner was gone. I couldn’t feel a thing down there. We were actually there two hours. The nurse said I could get dressed and told mom and dad that without control I may end up wetting myself on the way home. Well that made me happy. And guess what, I did in the car on the way home. But the numbness took all the fun out of it. Before supper the numbness was gone. It was a while before I noticed all the life was sucked out of my junk. I watched TV no boners or sensations of any kind. I went to the bathroom, nothing. In my room I played with myself and nothing. I suddenly realized I was fucked. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want mom and dad to think I was looking for anything. When I went to bed, no boner, even when I woke up. When I went to school the vibrating bus usually gives me a good hard boner, but today, nothing. As usual I was checking out all the boy’s butts and crotches, which always gives me boners or sensations to piss myself. Even the grade 8 boys who were sporting nice bulges and butt cracks, did nothing. I suddenly missed all the cracks and bulges more. I went home bone dry, and cried most of the night. This went on day after day, week after week for at least three months. My mind was everywhere now except my junk, boners, wet pants. Even beylikdüzü travesti when I have to poo, nothing, I usually get boners and going poo used to feel so good because my poo is always very hard. My poops are still very hard but there is a sensation missing. I used to love the feeling of holding my pee and getting so desperate, which always gave me boners, then letting tiny squirts go, leaving small wet spots on my crotch. My junk just lay in the bottom of my undies playing dead. About three months later, mom came into my room to wake me up an I was very sore way under where my nuts and asshole live. I lay there scared what could it be I was afraid to pull the covers down and open my legs but when I did, it was Christmas time again. My cock was standing so high and hard it was hurting me underneath. The head was so sensitive I couldn’t, not touch it and there was slimy syrupy stuff all over the head and running down my shaft. My nuts were aching, (Blue Balls I Believe). I touched and played with everything. FUCK it felt good. I went into the bathroom and actually had to stand in the tub to piss because my boner wouldn’t bend down. I was all sore but felt so good. I can’t tell mom or dad or they will take me back to Dr. Fuckup. I got dressed and pulled my boner up and sagged my pants with the top of my boner sticking out and went down for breakfast, but half way through breakfast I noticed a lot of stuff leaking. How could I hide this, I don’t want it taken away again. Suddenly a brain storm. I would steal one of dad’s condoms. A condom can hold a lot of whatever this stuff is and if I need to I can go in any washroom and empty it. I would prefer to let it collect in my undies and let it soak through my pants so everyone could see the fun I’m having. I would prefer to then let my undies dry and get all hard so I could wear them the next day for another load. I can’t believe how happy I am. Dad was gone to work, I know where he keeps the condoms, so while mom was cleaning up a took one from his bedside drawer. But I can’t keep stealing them, he’ll notice. I can reuse this one but, how many times. I went to school with a boner most of the day. Then I spotted Mr. Hall, the grade two teacher. He’s gay, I was at his house once to rake non existent leaves. We just watched TV and went to the mall. We didn’t do much, I think he was afraid because I was 10. He touched me a few times and I touched his boner once that day. Today, he was at his class door getting ready to start class. I told him I had to talk to him. We both made it very obvious that we were checking out each other’s crotches. I saw and adored his crotch, but he couldn’t see much of mine as I had my boner standing up. He asked if it was important. There was only one way to get his attention, talk dirty. I had to. This was an emergency. My hear started pounding and pounding. “Mr. Hall, ….I have a very very rock hard cock right now standing up in my pants.” He looked all around then back down at my crotch. I could see him breathing extremely heavy as his obvious crotch grew. In fact his boner sprung out to the side of his beautiful neat bulge. I could see the head at the end and realized I wanted to touch it again. “I don’t know what to do or how I could help.” He said looking right into my eyes. I made his eyes follow my eyes to his long getting hard cock, then I said, “I need you to invite me to your place to help you do something like maybe paint or clean the basement or rake the leaves again, anything, it’s an emergency.” Then he asked, looking at my pants, “Can I see it?” I told him it was sticking out the top of my pants and that he would have to look fast as I would lift my shirt. He was breathless again and nodded his head. I looked him in the eye and said, “I have a condom over it, because it’s trying to make cum.” He held his breath and fixed his eyes on my pants. I checked my shirt to make sure all the buttons were done up so the corner of my shirt wouldn’t flip over and expose anything to anyone else going in the room. I sagged my pants down further so he would see lots of cock. I looked up and down the hall then lifted my shirt and gave him a good few seconds, then pulled my shirt back down. He actually had to put his hand down his pants and pull his boner up. Then he whispered, “FUCK, that is one beautiful cock, how old are you?” I answered, “Eleven and a half.” “This weekend OK?” he asked. “Perfect.” I answered. “I’ll arrange it.” He let out a lot of air, then said, “Holy Fucking Cow.” He closed the door. The whole interaction only took a minute so I don’t think anyone noticed anything. I passed the Vice Principal just as I got to my class on time. When I got home after school mom told me Mr. Hall called and asked if it were OK if I went to his house Saturday to help do some work in his basement, he would pay me. On Saturday morning he was at our door at 8 am sharp. He talked with my mom a few minutes and we were gone. “I haven’t seen you in a long time, you know I like you.” I held my hands over my hands over my crotch as I studied his. What a nice bulge. I wasn’t eager to go to his place again because all the pic of boys on his phone were younger than me and I got scared, but I couldn’t tell him that. I lied to him. “I like you too but mom and dad have been watching me too much. They sense that I’m doing stuff with my privates.” “Are You?” I looked at his crotch, his hand on the wheel was brushing against it. I’m sure it was growing, like mine. “I was, then they took me to a doctor who stopped everything, I couldn’t get hard for about three months, then last week everything came back and I’m so happy. I get my boners all the time and I get some juice coming out again, which I love. I stole a condom from dad to let the juice go into because if they see the juice on my pants they’ll take me back to the doctor.” Mr. Hall reached over and moved my hands to uncover my crotch and there was my boner. “How old did you say you were?” “Nearly twelve.” He fondled my boner and balls which felt so EPIC. No one except him has ever touched me before. “Well, you are early, no twelve is that big and has juice coming out. You are right, you have to be careful who you tell, but I don’t know how I can help you, unless I stay at your house every day and night, which I can’t. You know the school is watching me all the time, there have been whispers going around about me and young boys, which are actually true” “You can help Mr. Hall.” I noticed now that his boner was right hard. I want to touch it so bad. I can even see him flexing it and is spreading his legs to try and get it close to me. Then we came to a long stretch of road with no houses, just fields and he reached back over to play with my junk so I just reached over and took hold of his large, long boner. What a rush, I have never felt one before, I slid down in my seat and stretched my legs right out and lifted my groin giving Mr. Hall full access to play. I opened my legs when suddenly he asked. “Do you know how to jerk off?” I didn’t know what he was talking about but knew it had something to do with my cock and making babies and that grown ups always say it’s bad and priests and nuns say it’s a sin. I never could figure that out. When we learned to go to confession for our first communion they had to tell us what the sins were. Why didn’t they just shut up. Once they told me that touching myself was a sin, that’s exactly when I started touching myself. “Not exactly.” “I’ll show you after.” “Yours is huge.” I couldn’t stop istanbul travesti playing with it and mine just got harder and harder and my nuts were aching. “I’m older, yours will grow.” “Then why did you and mom and dad and the doctor say my cock was too big?” “It’s too big for an eleven or twelve yr. old, not a sixteen or seventeen yr. olds.” “Why does mine always leak syrupy thick juice?” “That may be ore cum which people get before they shoot their cum.” “OK I’m lost.” “I’ll show you later.” It took a bit of time but we finally got to Mr. Hall’s house. He has a nice house. When he closed the garage door he started to hug me and touch me so I touched him. He was tender and didn’t squeeze me to tight, then he kissed me right on the lips. “Do you know how long I wanted to do that?” We went into his house where he showed me to the kitchen. He made me toast with peanut butter, and milk. Then after that we went into the living room and he put cartoons on. He started to fondle me again and ask if he could pull my pants down so he could see what I was doing with the condom on. I stood up and he un zipped my pants. My undies were bone dry but he could feel it was odd in there and when he pulled my undies down there was my half hard cock wearing a condom with clear liquid in the bottom. He told me that if I wanted I could pee in the condom it would hold a lot and after a bit of encouragement I started to pee into the condom, then more and more, this was super. When I finished peeing the ball of piss was huge. Then he said he would pull my pants back up. After he pulled up my undies and then my jeans, the bulge in my pants was huge. I walked around in them as we both laughed. Then he took me into the bathroom and told me to stand in the tub. I played with my new crotch bulge while he looked for something in the drawer and came back with a pin. He played with my bulge and asked where my cock was, he didn’t want to hit it with the pin then suddenly he poked my pants and the condom just burst and all my pee just went through my pants and undies, soaking my balls and racing down my legs, it was epic. I asked Mr. Hall if he could do that so he went to his room and came back with a condom and pulled his pants down. I had never seen such a huge beautiful boner in real life. I felt it and rubbed it up and down. Mr. Hall just stood there letting me play with his nuts and cock. I wanted to suck it, and he let me. My cock in my soaking jeans has never been so hard. Then Mr. Hall put the condom over his very hard long cock and pulled up his pants. He told me he had to wait for his cock to get soft, then his bulge started to grow as he filled the condom. We started laughing and I held his crotch as it grew, and grew and grew. When he finished he asked for the pin but I poked his crotch fast and his ton of piss was all over the place, he was drenched. We played with each other and our boners returned. He sucked on mine and I tried to suck on his, the head was too big. He stroked and stroked on both our cocks when suddenly he got all stiff and started pushing his groin towards my chest when his cock just started shooting this white stuff all over me. He was breathing very heavy and holding on to me tight. The white stuff was running down me. I asked him if this was jizz, and he said yes as he used his finger to wipe some off me and eat it. He offered me some and I ate it and used my finger to get more and more until we had eaten it all. I had to pee again and I did on Mr. Hall’s privates. “Well there you are, you ate your first meal of cum.” “I thought it was jizz.” “Same thing, cum, jizz, ,sperm, semen, cream, boy juice, it has a lot of names.” “When will I get that?” “At the rate your going I think pretty soon.” We stripped down and put all our clothes in the wash. I asked him why no soap. He said two reason, first he likes the raw body smell of a boy, not soap, and second, mother’s know their soap and how it smells and would spot it if I went home with a different soap then know we had to wash our clothes, then why, and would conclude that we had our clothes off, then trouble. We sat on the couch in undies, he lent me that were too big but clean and dry. We talked for a long time about what we liked. He doesn’t piss a lot like I do. He told me the teachers had said things about wet spots seen on my pants. They put it down to growing up fast and my marks weren’t falling. He told me he watched for me every day since I was at his place last year and how sick he got when I missed a day. I asked him why he liked little and young boys, he said he didn’t know and admitted that he must be sick. Said his feeling for little boys would probably put him in jail some day. I agreed with him that when you are attractive to something it’s not you that can stop it. Like me, I can’t stop pissing my pants, it’s just not going to happen. I told him about uncle Johnny and how hot I am for him. I went on how we young boys don’t get very good answers when we seem to have issues with what’s going on I our pants. We can’t stop, we have to spend day and night looking. When you come along we are eager to let you at us in fact I push to have you at me, I want it so I can learn what’s going on. I told him he was hot. He asked me if I knew how beautiful I was, I blushed, I think I look average. He told me I was fucking hot. He said one day when he was checking the bathrooms he had a strong urge to play with my butt when I was peeing. We rolled around on the couch our boners at their best. We talked again as a wet spot showed up on the undies he gave me. He sucked the wet spot. I asked him what I could do to keep my boners and wet spots away from mom and dad. Then I asked him if he could buy me some condoms because I have to were then all the time until I could establish to mom and dad that I’m a jeans and bed wetter. He asked how I would do that, I didn’t know yet but I can’t keep stealing dad’s condoms. He said he would buy me some on the way home but I would have to hide them. Then he asked if he could see me again. I hugged him, he was so nice to me. We got dressed and time was running out, he gave me a condom to put on to keep me dry. Mom would want me home for supper soon so we made out a bit then left. He stopped at a drug store and bought me a box of condoms, taking them out of the box and putting them in my pocket and asked if I had a place to hide them, I told him yes. He gave me thirty dollars, he told my mom he would pay me. I gave hime back the ten saying thirty was too much. At supper I pissed in my condom, quite a bit and when I got up to do the dishes I looked down and what a bulge I had. As I did the dishes I peed more and my pants got too big. I went to the bathroom and took the condom off and emptied it. I went to the crawl space and hid all the condoms. As I lay sleeping my mind went crazy thinking what happened that day. I held my first strange hard cock. Found out what jerking off was. Ate Mr. Hall’s cum, and kissed him and made out with him, a real grown up man. Learned how to piss in a condom, totally EPIC. And he got me some condoms to keep my pants dry until I come up with a plan of some kind. And found out that at school, Mr. Hall craves for me. And my wet pants were up for discussion among teachers, sweet, they noticed and not one said anything to me. WOW, What a day. The next morning mom was mad about something and I worried until she told me. Uncle Johnny was thrown out of the house by aunt Kay and would be staying a couple of days with us. Since my brother Paul got the downstairs for his bedroom, Johnny would have to sleep in Paul’s old bed in my room. WOW, this was going to be great. Last time I saw uncle Johnny was almost two years ago when he was here for a party and he was wearing wet pants. This is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT.

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