My Life For Wetness

Chapter 11


I gaze down at the front of my jeans watching in anticipation as the first signs of pre-cum soaks through the fabric then with my hand in my pants I move the head of my cock over to a new dry spot and repeat. The tingle through my body says edge more. My right hand is on my mouse taking my computer on a ride through clips of teen boys jerking off while pissing their jeans. I let out several gratifying moans of pleasure creating more and more pre-cum spots for a least an hour and soon the whole front of my jeans are covered with wet, slimy, gel like pre-cum.When there is too much slime I take my hand out of my jeans and move my semi hard cock around through them and the slime, occasionally stroking in preparation of an epic jerk off that will include all the piss in me. This is what I live for every day. Wetting my pants and cumming on or in them.


As I continue to watch the young teens jerking off and pissing their jeans and the front of my jeans are completely soaked with pre-cum, it”s time to change into my school pants, no underwear no socks. I slide into the freshly cleaned light gray thin fabric uniform school pants over my thin frame. When I do up the top button and pull up my zipper, I loop through my wide brown double holed belt with the disturbingly loud buckle pulling the extra leather tight to accentuate my thin twenty four inch waste. My pre-cum junk, a little on the semi side creates an epic bulge to play with. I look in the mirror and and pick up my destroyed jeans and wipe the pre-cum all over my face and hair, then I turn the jeans inside out and rub all the pre-cum on the inside over the front of my school pants. I take several pics which I will hide in my computer in case when I”m old enough I want to put them on the social network. As for the pre-cum on my face and hair, that”s where it stays until it is dry.

I sit back at my desk in front of my computer then I pull my cock and balls through my open zipper before they grow hard or I’ll have to undo my buckle and pants again. I like my pants done up keeping me tight and firm to allow my belt to clang with every stoke so mon and dad will know that I am jerking off. Some times it leaves visitors bewildered, all the clanking. At school, the boys all know by now that I”m jerking off, be it in a stall or my favorite, at a urinal. 

The occasional clank during class means I have my hand in his pants. Some kids look, Father LaFroy never misses the chance to see my boner and hopefully cum shot stains that take up a lot of real estate on the front of my skinny pants.


Back at home again, in front of my computer taking a good grip of my long thick hard cock and playing with my bowling balls the stroking begins, the clanging of my belt buckle announces the event is underway. If mom”s home alone she will watch through the small amount I leave my room door open, for that purpose. It gets us off. As pre-cum precedes the explosion the stroke speed increases soon to resemble the speed of a woodpecker when suddenly I release a torrent of piss into the air. I lift my groin high, the piss landing all over my pants, so much piss it soaks through to my butt then runs onto my wooden chair only to drip all around the chair seat edge landing on my wood floor sounding like I’m in the rain forest. When I know I’m going to cum I sit on my piss soaked chair straighten my legs out as stiff as I can and suck my belly in as far as I can and cup my hand above the head of my cock while my throbbing cock blasts out the first eight or nine wads of pure white thick cum hitting my hand then landing over the front of my good school pants. I grab my shaft with my other hand and just hang on to my cock and let the rest of my cum ooz out over my fist and down my shaft to puddle onto my pants. I take more pics. I leave everything alone and go through my phone until my long hard boner goes flaccid to lay over my pants. After several minutes I take off my pants and eat as much of my cum as I can. I put on a fresh clean pair of jeans and a T-shirt over my wet body and go to the kitchen as it just might be supper time. I jerk off everyday exactly like that before and after supper. 

Well, I’m fourteen and I”m suppose jerk off six times a day on school days, and the other days, we’ll, it’s open season so I jerk off or wet my pants whenever I want. Saturday is my best day, as a matter of fact I’ve been trying for almost three months to jerk off ten times in one day and Saturday seems like my best shot. I lost count one day but I think I reached nine times. 

Most young boys like myself, who piss our pants on purpose just for the pleasure, do it when alone.

We really don”t have the ability to just tell our friends

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Author Joseph Chance

Chapter 11


I opened my eyes and, there was no daylight. It”s Saturday. I”m face down and the jeans I wore to bed feel awesome, still wet. I jerked off and pissed them when I went to bed and then again through the night. I guess I was trying to make up for not pissing myself yesterday at school, (Friday), as I had planned to do. What woke me, was dad coming into my room. He sat on the edge of the bed.

“Ray and I are going fishing, sure you don”t wanna come.?”

“I”m meeting some friends today dad.” actually, I lied, I”m not. I”m going to ride the subway system and try to do what I had planned to do at school yesterday. Wet my pants in front of people, like everyone or anyone that”s around.

“That”s OK, we can go some other time.” dad”s hand went under the covers, first to the back of my leg, then inside my leg then moved up and fondled my nuts through my wet jeans. Then his fingers moved up the crack of my ass to play with my ass hole. My hand came out from under the covers and found dad”s morning boner. What a beautiful way to start my day.

My morning boner, as usual, is sticking out the top of my jeans, pressed hard against my belt buckle. I humped a bit to let my steel buckle tease my cock into a good morning jerk off. Dad moved up and down my crack as I humped. Rolling over onto my back dad rubbed my wet jeans all over. The wetness and the feel of his warm hand arousing me, my thick shaft feeling the excitement, my cock head searching for action and my ball sack feeling heavy with what will, in minutes be it”s first cum offering of the day. I stroked dad”s cock through his jeans. He leaned back a bit and spread his legs just a little more giving me more access. The sound of his zipper as I pulled it down sent me whirling with excitement. I reached in and took hold of his morning, rock hard shaft causing pre-cum from the exposed head of my cock to wet my belly.



“Did you pee yet?”

“No, want some?” Is he crazy? “Want Some?”

“All of it dad.”

“OK, hold on a second.” dad stood up and pulled his cock through his zipper while I threw back the covers and pulled my boner out through my zipper and started slowly stroking. Dad aimed his cock down and started pissing all over the front of my jeans. It was awesome, it was hot, the smell was strong and his stream was hard. As I stroked I let my piss fly straight up into the air letting it rain down soaking through the front of my jeans. Fucking EPIC. I started to get animated as I was getting close. My pissing ended as did dad”s. We were both moaning when dad”s usual three thick wads of pure white cum hopped out of his rod landing right on my pants. I continued stroking as I took dad”s cum and wiped it over my face, eating some. I lifted my groin high into the air as my cum canon fired, again and again. The last of my cum just flowed over my fist, down my shaft, then settled onto or into my jeans. Dad”s cock like always shrunk and easily moved back into his jeans. I fondled dad”s spent soft junk in his jeans, something I love doing especially if we”re watching the game or working in his work shop. My wet hand may of left some obvious damp spot on his jeans. Dad knelt down and sucked my cock for a bit and ate some of my cum.



“Tell Ray I”ll go fishing next Saturday for sure, I promise.” I know Ray will miss me today, last week he pissed on my jeans after he caught me jerking off behind a large tree. Ray and I made out in the back seat of the car on the way home while dad was driving. Ray thinks dad doesn”t know.

“OK son, he”ll love that.”

“I gotta go son, this was awesome. I love you.” do dad and Ray jerk around. How will dad explain the damp spots on his jeans to Ray that I just left there? Is dad just pretending, making me think Ray doesn”t know what dad knows, or is dad not telling me that he and Ray fuck around? I actually don”t want to know. I saw a side of Ray last week that I fell in love with as he was pissing on me, the lust and pleasure about him as I jerked off and pissed myself, making my cum shoot so far and the size of the cum load more than usual. Was I maturing or did Ray pull a trigger I didn”t know I had. I rolled over face down enjoying how I felt. It was still dark. I fell asleep until seven thirty when mom opened the blinds.

“Smells like your dad in here.”

“It was dad and he drenched me, it was awesome.”

“What time are you meeting your friends?”

“Nine.” (I lied).

I pulled back the covers and mom took a breath when she saw how wet I was and my boner sticking out the top of my jeans. She loves and lives every day to see me wet.

“Can I have your clothes when you leave?” I don”t ever want to think what she does with my piss and cum soaked jeans but I think we are both equal when it comes to being perverts.

“OK, I”ll leave them on my bed.”


By eight AM I was ready to go down for a quick breakfast. I went into mom and dad”s secret hiding place and took two joints and put them in my backpack. I will tell them tonight that I took them. They do allow me but it”s rare. Ron, my ex baby sitter gives me weed also if I ask and uncle Johnny always leaves a couple in my room if he”s by.

I went down to the crawl space and got my Humor jeans that were spread out on the floor where dad pissed on them for me two days ago. When they dry on the floor they retain all the dry piss and smell a lot stronger than if you hang them up and the piss drips off. Totally Awesome!!! After dad pissed on them twice and they were dry, I shot a good load of cum on the front so my cum dries on hard on them. Today I want to smell like piss. My own piss doesn”t smell so that”s why dad pisses on them for me. I didn”t shower after dad left, I like piss and cum to dry on my body and hair, then put dry clothes on. Mom thought I looked so hot sporting my new “sweat shirt “FRIEDSHIP” with my stinky jeans with all the shinny buttons down the front. I want, or should I say, I need action today, because I failed to totally piss my pants yesterday in school as I had planned, I chickened out, I caved and didn”t do it. I think I was worried that the big kids in grades eleven and twelve would beat me up. So today I want to be totally out of control and desperate before I bust my full stream of piss, soaking these jeans in front of any and all that are around. Then maybe, just maybe, next Friday, I’ill have the balls to do what I should have done yesterday. What brings me to this state where I have to jerk off so much, and why do I want to piss my pants at every chance I get? Because I have to.


I just started high school nine weeks ago, grade nine, all boys, and Catholic at that. Catholics have to commit a lot of sins in order to keep all those churches full. This school is going to be EPIC. Eight hundred boys, can you imagine? It”s like falling out of the sky into a candy store for perverted pant pissers like me. There has to be a ton of boys, teachers and priests both straight and gay who are into pissing themselves and it is my mission over the next four years to find them all.

I didn”t want to start pissing my pants or getting wet right at the start of the school year. I wanted to wait a little bit before showing any wetness from pre-cum, piss or cum on my new light gray thin school uniform pants. I crave to piss myself everyday to attract would be pant pissers for great wet sex. Their not really hard to find if they know how badly I want to be wet so I”ll have to show them by example.

After waiting this long I wanted to have an accident or something and wet my pants in front of a lot of students. I planned for this to happen in the main cafeteria yesterday, Friday…… I DIDN”T DO IT…… That”s right,,, I CAVED, I got scared, as I said thinking of all the older kids who might want to hurt this skinny pervert in wet pants.

Teachers, nuns and priests were always telling me to pull up my pants, or take my hand out of my pants or leave that thing alone and best of all, don”t touch that. So when there was ever any evidence of piss or cum anywhere they would think of me first. Even most of the kids knew of my reputation.


I remember in grade eight I walked into a stall I thought was empty and there was Denis Parent pounding away on his cock. I went to leave.

“Wait!!” I heard him say in some sort of whisper, out of breath. It was obvious he was close. It was about to happen. I was surprised he asked me to wait because Denis is definitely straight. Everyone knew that he had serious action with girls. It got around that he actually fucked one. But right now in this instant he couldn”t stop. I know that feeling, the point that even if the Pope were to walk in on me at that point, I wouldn”t stop. Denis is considered the hottest boy in school and everyone thinks he has a huge cock. He knows better than anyone my reputation. He asked me to rub under his balls while he was jerking off. He was sweating a lot and had an animal look in his eyes. His hair was a mess. He put my hand inside his pants to rub between his balls and his ass hole. I couldn”t believe this, my hand stuck inside Denis Parent”s pants as he just kept jerking. I guess I walked in at the exact right instant, he needed and wanted help. He reached for my zipper breathing heavy but I had to help him because he was still pounding and after I got my cock out he took it from me and aimed it at his pants. “REALLY?” I thought. Then he said the magic word,

“PISS. please, it has to be wet.” I couldn”t let this instant pass so I pissed and actually soaked him as he pounded and pounded. I could hear the flood of my piss dripping off his pants into the water of the toilet. He still couldn”t get his cum so he started to stroke my cock then, out of breath he indicated for me to continue so I grabbed my cock, then Denis put his hand up and took hold of my balls. I wet my finger and put my free hand inside his pants and stuck my wet finger all the way up and into his ass hole. As I jerked I got my whole finger up his ass as he pushed down on it. Since he was soaking I was getting closer faster then he was when suddenly I shot my cum, big lumps and clumps all over the front of his usually pristine pants. He pushed down harder on my finger, his mouth wide open his eyes glazed. I wanted to kiss him but he snapped his face away. Finally, totally out of breath, his groin high in the air, he shot his small load of cum onto his pants. He couldn”t breathe or talk when he collapsed but wanted me out. I looked at him, what a beautiful picture. He was gorgeous. The hottest image of a spent boy I ever saw. I wanted to jerk off again, but left. There were a few wide eyed kids there but didn”t look as if they knew what could possibly have gone on. Spoiler ! ! !… his cock, nor his cum load were that big but if he asked me to be his boyfriend I would drop everything for him. I fell in love with him but he”ll never know.

I don”t know what happened after I left, how he got out of there. I crave to get caught in situations like that with a challenge but I”m sure he has no experience what so ever. We never ever talked about it ever.

One thing I”ll never forget, Denis, the most popular and hottest grade eight boy in the world and I in that exact instant of all time had a complete and sincere sexual ecstasy and we were one.


In the first week of high school I was so worried about showering with other boys. I didn”t want boys to see my cock and balls and the tiny soft hairs that were coming in around my junk and in my arm pits, so as you can imagine, I had a very bad first PE day when my boner, already the subject of stares and grins sprung right there in front of them all, straight up, to it”s full length, hardness and thickness screaming for attention with pre-cum starting to ooz from a beautiful hard cock head. Roy, the tall black boy with the most perfect body and beautiful long cut semi hard cock was showing how to soap up such a cock and such gorgeous low hanging nuts. Then, while facing the wall, he bent over to wash his lags. I could see his beautiful ass hole and his balls hanging all soaped up. So fucking hot. In a very short time the assistant coach, Matt, who saw I was not able to stop my cock, took me out of the shower and told me to take my clothes and towel to the last changing cube. When he got to the cube my boner was still straight up covered in slimy pre-cum.

“Is this something that”s going to happen every time you shower Joe?” he asked.

“I don”t know.” He looked down the hall then moved into the cube beside me. He moved very slow until he touched my cock, then took it into his hand barely getting his grip all the way around my shaft. His fist slid up and down easily spreading my pre-cum the full length of my shaft, his thumb and index finger touching the sensitive edge of my cock head. I totally relaxed and move in closer to accommodate his desire. I opened my mouth and took in his tit as it was right there.

“This is one huge fucking cock.” He said. He sensed I wanted more of this and put his face in my hair, his other hand finding my balls.

“These balls, holy fuck.” He stroked my cock and played with my balls. I reached up under his gym shorts and found him hard. I nearly stopped breathing. After we played for a minute he told me to get dressed and left. I felt so horny I wanted the class to know something happened so I let a gush of piss shoot into my pants as I was fighting to get my boner in place. For a second I had a strong urge to let more piss”s just fly but I held back. I looked at the front of my pants. There was enough piss there that the other boys in the shower would see when we passed to leave. Anyway, I wanted them to know that Matt and I were doing sex stuff. After a minute he came back and told me he was taking me home. I didn”t know he meant his home. He apparently told the head coach that he was taking me to my home because I was upset as it was my first time showering in front of boys. When we left the other boys in the shower and locker room saw my wet pants. When we got into his pickup Matt went right for the front of my thin school pants right where they were wet as we pulled out of the lot. I slid my butt forward to accommodate his move. He spread his legs a bit and raised his groin, a beautiful bulge finally noticeable, so I reached over and took hold of his cock taking it out the leg of his shorts. My cock was covered in pre-cum again which now was running down over my belt and onto the front of my good school pants. I undid my belt and opened my zipper, Matt”s shaking hand reached over and found it easy to take hold of my cock as it was sticking far out the top of my undies.

“You know what?” before I answered him, he continued.

“You have one of the biggest cocks in the whole school, I think third or fourth. How did you get such a huge cock, and balls for that matter, your only in grade nine?”

“I don”t know, it just happened.” He turned into an underground parking lot.

“I”ve been here for five years and I know every cock in the place, I”ve seen them all. One kid in grade twelve has thirteen inches, can you fucking believe that? thirteen beautiful thick inches, the huge”s cock I ever saw, and two kids in grade eleven, twins, have twelve inches, and I think your next, how long are you?”

“I think eight or eight and a half.”

“OK, I”m wrong, it looks bigger because your very thin. One kid in grade twelve has nine inches but yours is thicker and you have a bigger head on yours than any of them. Plus your balls are way bigger than any of them, and your cuter. I want to fuck you.” I could feel my face turning red. After we parked we started making out. He pulled my undies all the way to my knees and put his hand under and behind to poke his middle finger into my ass hole. I pushed down to take his whole finger. Then with my help we pulled my monster hard cock out then he stroked it then went down and took it in his mouth. He pushed the rest of his finger into my ass hole. I pushed up hard and moaned. He lifted his head and pulled his finger out putting it into his mouth. He sat up. My cock spewed a lot of pre-cum which landed on the front of my school pants.

“Yeah, that”s fucking hot, your awesome. I”ve had almost a hundred cocks in my mouth in five years, maybe more. Your”s is one big deal dude. Let”s go.” He opened his door so I got out my side, opened my belt and put my cock against my lower abs and did my belt up tight to hold my soaking cock in place then pulled up my zipper. I grabbed my backpack. People in the elevator noticed my wet pants and Matt did nothing to block their view. I think he was showing off his catch or something.

When we got to his apartment we started making out again. He undid my belt, which made a loud clanking noise in his quiet place, and pulled my pants down. I pulled his shorts down and I took hold of his cock. It was uncut and hard and thick.

“How long is yours, it looks long?” I asked.

“Seven and a half, does it look OK?”

“Are you kidding me?” Cocks are the most beautiful part of a guy”s body. We stopped for a minute as he went to the fridge and got us a pop. We went to his bedroom. While we lay on his bed I thought this would be a good time to introduce more piss, just a bit more. He seems to know a lot of boys and would probably get the word around that the new kid in grade nine with the big cock and huge balls likes pissing his pants. While he lay on top of me we started kissing. No wonder he was able to take my cock, he has a big mouth, I love it. I started releasing more piss into my pants, not a lot but enough to wet my nuts, and did it ever feel good. He started biting my neck when we heard the apartment door open and close. We sat up and leaned against the wall.

“That”s Francisco.” and at that second a kid walked into the room.

“Hi!!! who”s that?” the kid asked.

“Joe Chance, he had a rough shower day so I brought him home, you know to open him up a bit.”

“You mean to open his boy cunt a bit.” Francisco came to the bed and looked right at my pants, they were more wet than I had planned, the outline of my junk vi sable.

“I know, you want to join in.” Matt said.

“Well he looks like my type, and love the piss thing going on. That”s a nice bulge of junk.” Francisco was cute, younger than me, black hair, very dark eyes, beautiful red lips, quite skinny and a bulge that actually looks big on his thin frame.

“I think he is your type.” Matt made an obvious gesture towards my wet pants.

“Is that OK with you?” Francisco asked me.

“Yeah.” I replied. Francisco took a hold of his pants and not to be left out of the loop he let a gush of piss fill the front of them. Was he hot or what?

“OK guys let”s get it on.” Francisco said as his piss ran across his pants and down the front of his leg.

We all took our shirts, ties, socks and shoes off and Matt and Francisco took their cocks out and started the show by pissing on me in my thin gray school pants, my chest and face, then hair, and finally to the part of my cock sticking out from the top of my pants, the force of their piss streams pushing my hard cock against my belt buckle. FUCKING EPIC. I stood up on the bed and with the loud clank opened my belt, I was pissing before my zipper was down but once out I drenched both their pants with a tank like they have never known. We all rolled around on the bed sucking on every inch from top to bottom of each other’s pants, front and back. We chewed on each other’s junk and sucked each other’s ass holes through our pants.  

We soon found ourselves wanting to fuck. We took our pants off and Matt took out his lube. Matt went first sliding his fat cock all the way up my ass. His hard body took complete control of me. He knew how to really fuck. My boy cunt never felt so good. Little Francisco moved in front of me offering me his beautiful, tiny, pink twelve year old boy cunt. I stuck my tongue in and feasted, then two fingers. My cock was dripping pre-cum on Matt’s bed sheet. I scooped up my pre-cum using two fingers and prepared Francisco’s tiny ass hole for the invasion. I grabbed my piss drenched school pants telling my little victim to stuff his mouth. He actually turned my pants around looking for the front. That just got my wild cock to flex several times ready to pounce. My cock made up it”s mind. No soft or tender honeymoon penetration here. The head of my raging cock hardened as I placed it against Francisco’s tiny pink ass hole. As my cock, like a jack hammer made it’s way all the way up  the world’s smallest, cutest ass, Matt who was ready to blow his load, rammed me, driving Francisco several inches up the bed as my cock started filling Francisco”s ass, as deep as I could push. We all stopped. I nuzzled my face along side Francisco’s who had just let out a loud yelp. I did’t move, I was almost crying for what I did. I waited several minutes as Matt started pissing up my ass. Fuck, that feels good so I started pissing inside Francisco’s. It was a long and hot piss. Francisco in turn pissed Matt”s bed. Matt started slowly fucking me again. Then Francisco started moving his butt up and down so slowly I started fucking him for the second time. I took it very slow, the strokes the full length of my shaft. For a good ten or fifteen minutes I just fucked and fucked and fucked the little guy, making sure it was all honeymoon pleasure for him. I reached around and took Francisco”s cock and soon my hand was full of his cum. He moaned and moaned taking my pants away from his mouth then sucking on them enjoying my piss. As I got close I realized how beautiful he is then as easy as I could I pushed my throbbing cum and piss monster all the way in, deep, shooting extremely powerful, hot, thick wads of my best offering ever. The little guy didn”t know it but he actually just gave me the best ever top fuck of my life. Finally I considered myself a bona fide top. We waited a bit and we both pissed at the same time. Me into his ass, him onto Matt’s bed again.

We lay there several minutes, my cock not yielding a bit of hardness. As I bit Francisco’s neck on both sides then his wings, (shoulder blades) then I sucked on his arm pits, fuck he was delicious. My lips reached his and we kissed. He likes spit so we produced as much as we could and swallowed then made more and with our tongues we spread it over each other’s faces. My hard cock started to flex and so again I started the slow and beautiful process of fucking Francisco for the third time. What an epic fuck it was. It took longer and produced better results. When we finished we lay there again waiting for my cock to soften. Matt stood up on the bed and pissed on us from top to bottom. Slowly I pulled my still mostly hard cock out of Francisco’s still very tight ass hole. I went down on his small but hard rod and slowly suck him off twice. He is highly animated during sex. Matt made us move to another bed where we did’t move and just made out until Matt had done the wash.

Francisco and I stood under the shower for twenty minutes. I had to go home now. I put on all pristine clean clothes feeling brand new. Francisco and I made out the whole time Matt drove me home. We put our digits in our phones. Finally, I felt one hundred percent confident for the next time I would have to shower at school. Now when I”m in the shower the other boys don”t notice my junk even when I have a boner. In fact, most of them enjoy it and I”ve made a few friends, surprise, surprise, friends that tell everyone about my junk and need to piss my pants. On the next Monday, PE was my last period of the day and when I got dressed, while pulling my pants up I purposely pissed into my pure white underpants which streamed right through to my pants. The front of my pants were plenty wet. Not one kid getting dressed said a word when they noticed I was wet, after all they saw me in wet pants when Matt and I left last week. So today, I walked out with them as though nothing was wrong and headed for my bus. The word was getting around, Matt fucked another new kid, one with a monster cock and balls, and likes to piss his pants. On the bus, nobody said a thing except Ricky who wouldn”t leave my wet cock alone. After Ricky left, only the twins were left. They used what little time we had to stoke me through my wet pants to a total rock hard boner status. I watched as their bulges grew substantially. Fuck are they ever hot. I wondered, are they the twins Matt was saying had twelve inch cocks? 


Now enough ground work was done, I piss my morning piss through my undies into the school urinal every morning now so I”m ready to sit in class and touch my junk allowing piss from my undies to soak through to my pants especially along the length of my boner and around my balls hoping a lot of boys and teachers and even priests will notice the damp spots on my pants. Father LaFroy sees my damp boner while I play with it and my balls more, especially yesterday and seemed to enjoy me once the dampness showed, asking me to read in front of the class more than usual and then he called me up to write Saturday”s confession times on the board. He”s a new priest and young wearing pants that fit so we all could see his junk. We watch as he scopes our legs and crotches under our desks from the front of the room, actually from anywhere in the room. By now I”ve seen Father”s junk in his pants, soft, semi and right out full blown hard. Now I just have to figure a way to get into his pants and at his junk. Finally, after I let everyone see my new sweat shirt and my damp crotch for a week, I”ll set the following Friday to actually piss my pants in school in front of everyone, like really make it obvious that I pissed myself hoping most of the 800 boys will see and know that Joe Chance likes pissing his pants. Maybe some boys will post some pics of me on line, maybe some will beat me up, but I”m sure of one thing, the percent of those straights and gays that like or tolerate piss will be around for four years to watch Chance wet his pants. What a dream. 


So, back to Saturday morning, mom turned me around several times again touching the front of my jeans. I told her I was going to the mall with friends but actually I”m going to ride the Toronto subway system and piss my pants big time. I want a lot of people to see it.

“I love your shirt; hope you don’t get beat up just for the shirt.” 

“Mom the shirt just lets them know what’s coming. By next Friday when I piss myself at school, not one boy will be surprised after seeing this shirt for a week.




C H A N C E W E T S H I S P A N T S =========================

The sweat shirt is in school colours, maroon writing on a a gray shirt. The back I had custom printed on site after I paid for the shirt. The shirt matches my gray school pants so I will wear it all next week during spares, lunch breaks and on the bus ride home, then on Friday, I”ll grow some balls and actually wet my pants in front of them all. By then most of the eight hundred boys and teachers should know the kid in grade nine likes to wet his pants.

Since I caved and failed to piss my pants in front of all the boys in school yesterday, I decided I would cruise the subways today and when totally desperate, where ever I am just let go and soak myself. This should prepare me not to be such a pussy and chicken out next Friday and just relax piss myself.

“Just make sure you don”t miss confession. You missed last Saturday. If you miss today you won”t be alive to go next week.”

“Mom, I promise, I”ll go, as a matter of fact, Danforth Mall is near my school and if I think for one second that I won”t make it home, I”ll go to St. John”s, their confessions start an hour before ours. I”ll phone you and keep in touch to make sure I don”t miss.”

“Make sure when you are asked by the priest how long since your last confession, you tell him two weeks, do you hear me?”

“Yes mom, I hear you.”

“He”ll give you a lecture, but never lie in a confessional.”

“Do you ever lie mom?”


“That means you tell Father Attwood everything we do?”

“Yes, we are talking to God, we must, and make sure you do too.”

“You mean when I wear pissed or cum covered pants to church that Father Attwood who is standing right in front of me, giving me communion, can see my pants and might think that you and dad might have done it?”

“Well I don”t know what he might think.”

“I don”t know what to say. I even have stood outside after Mass and stood beside him when you were talking to him, a few of those time I had wet pants. I guess he must be straight.”

“What makes you think that, and why wouldn”t he be?”

“Well here”s the thing. Altar boys and priest at the altar facing us and are always looking to grab a glimpse of two things. A nice set of boobs or a nice pile of junk in some cute boy”s pants. Even straight boys check out other boy”s junk, they want to see if they stack up against other boys. That”s just the nature of people. All boys in a school bathroom will spend a lot of time checking their hair and their pants. That”s why a boy or man will never notice or comment on another”s shirt, because they can”t see it, but they will comment on another boy”s brand of pants or how they look. A boy will more often ask a boy where they got their jeans or pants but never their shirt because all the sex stuff is in the pants. Woman, always comment on a women”s blouse or shirt.”

I won”t tell mom that it is my intention to confess ALL my sins in GREAT DETAIL to the very HOT Father LaFroy. As I mentioned, I want into his pants and today might be the day.

I will wear my new “FRIENDSHIP” sweat shirt. I told mom I was going to wear this shirt at school all next week during lunch hours, on spares and on the bus ride home, so by next Friday it should be no surprise to any one of the eight hundred boys when I wet my pants. Just that once, that”s all I need. Somehow mom misunderstood me. 

“You mean your not going to wet your pants any more after next Friday?”   

“Mom, I”m not going to ever stop wetting my pants, but after next week, It will just be a normal wet, not over the top soaking wet. Once I do this, I’ll stop wetting myself and stay dry for a week or so then when I sprinkle piss on myself while jerking off, or touch myself causing piss from my always wet underwear to soak through to my pants or just to occasionally just piss myself, nobody will care because it won”t be soaking myself like this time. People will say he”s wet himself more than that before, that”s no big deal. It sounds crazy but I do have a plan. I only want to wet them once, to condition the boys what I”m capable of. After that I”ll go back to just damp pants and cumming in or on my pants which they will perceive as not as bad as totally wetting them. They”ll expect Niagara Falls and just get a trickle now and then, just enough to bone up a few potential piss lovers. I want boys, gaziantep travesti teachers and even priest that have a secret pissing fetish to know, I do too.”

Maybe when next Friday is over, I will have planted the seed into the minds of all 800 boys, teachers and priests and anyone they tell, that if they like piss at any level, I will help them enjoy it. Gay, straight, grade nine or twelve, teachers or priests, everyone will be welcome. Like in grade seven and eight, even the janitor got in on it. He”s so hot. I still have his number. But today is Saturday and I”m heading to the subway. 

The subway system is easy. East West line runs along Bloor right across the city. I live way out at the east end of this line. The North South line runs from the North all the way down Young Street to Lake Ontario, (Union Station) then continues a few blocks west and runs back up to the very North via University Ave.

Union Station is sort of a huge hub. The subway meets with the main train station, and also the GO train station, then above ground there is the Rogers Center where the Blue Jays play baseball and there is also the CN Tower. Then below all that is the underground “PATH”, the worlds largest underground Mall that runs north from Union Station up Young Street to Bloor where the two subway lines cross. Four million square feet of shopping, seventeen miles of shops for cruising in wet pants for me). When you get to Dundas, about half way up the “PATH” you can go above ground to a large mall called the Eaton Center, with several levels and hundreds of stores.

In other words, the whole system is an easy way for a horny and hungry perverted, pant pissing fag like me to get action. I have been hit on every time I”m in the subway system. Any gay can hook up every time. Somebody will piss on me today, or someone will get pissed on by me after which they will be subject to wearing my huge load of cum.

When I left the house I rode my bike to the Kennedy Subway station and locked it there. If I stop at a light I put both my feet on the ground and use the cross bar between my legs to push my nuts around and I also push my ass hole against the point of the bike seat. I lit up and took three tokes of the joint I stole. I took the subway west till I got to Young Street then to the next level and headed south to Union and then north again up University then back again. this took a long time. Now I”m stoned and edging my cock the whole time. There are washrooms and concession stands at every stop where I can hop off the subway and go to a urinal where there is always some gays hanging out and watching for action, and I”ll piss a bit through my undies if my piss is building up too much in my bladder, or buy some pop if I have room. The goal is to stay as full of piss as I can during my whole trip until my desperation level lets go.

The subway was quite busy even though it was early Saturday. I saw a lot of nice guys young and grown ups. A lot of people are in groups but even though I wouldn”t break into a group, it”s so hot to watch them and edge my cock. I like to sit in a side seat right next to a door. That way I can see all the butts of those coming on and all the crotches of those getting off. What a dream.

I keep my hands folded on my crotch with my cock facing south so, if I see nice stuff and get myself hard my cock bows up and I just press down on my crotch pushing my shaft down and it pushes the head of my cock against my jeans under my nuts. This way I”m edging a lot, which produces a lot of pre-cum, sometimes too much, which in time gets my pants down below my crotch wet for all to see, which I love and in turn makes me much harder, and VERY HORNY. Any wetness on my mid blue pants, shows up dark blue. Everybody looks and sees something shiny, the fly buttons, that catches their eye. I just continue edging letting pre-cum flow into the bottom of my underwear and pants. I do that a lot even in school. The fun part is, anyone sitting directly across from me can look between my legs and see what I”m doing and that I”m wet. What a turn on.

On the trip back south from the west end, about an hour into my trip the train started to get crowded. What”s going on, I love this. Soon, there was only room to stand. Seems like a lot of boys and men. Boy, was my pre-cum on the run or what? Hard then soft, again and again leaking a lot of pre-cum pushing through the bottom of my crotch. I”m getting so horny I don”t care that people notice me touching myself, especially the two older ladies sitting right across from me, they could see right up between my legs to my wet pants. It helps that I”m high. I have no intention of closing my legs, I want them to see the action. Then things got better.

Two older teens got on and went left and stood holding two over head bars. First I saw their butts then when they turned to hang onto the bars I have a great view of their crotches. They weren”t huge or obvious but they were firm and neat. So hot. Wow, I would love to get at them, or just have a few seconds in their jeans. One of them had the most awesome dimples on each butt cheek. Then a man, about forty followed by a kid, maybe eight. The kid had a decent butt for an eight year old, that was so neat and tidy with a great form showing an epic crack and sweet cheeks also displaying awesome dimples on each side. This kid”s butt was actually too hot for such a young boy. What AM I thinking, a little kid, but my cock was reacting. I wanted his butt. Am I into colouring books now, my cock never acted like this, ever. Maybe be caused I smoked up. Whenever I think of such young kids my cock doesn”t usually react but this kid had a butt that my cock would love but would never ever fit in. The man took an over head bar, the kid hung unto a post. They both turned sideways facing each other when I noticed it.

The man was hard. I couldn”t see how long his cock was because he was standing sideways but he was really hard, and the boy, well holy fuck. His boy cock was rock hard sticking straight out, tenting his jeans to the max. The strain of his cock made the jeans so sexy. How can a little kid be sexy, impossible, well tell that to my cock. The kid”s cock had to be three or four inches, pushing his tented jeans to such limits. It was obvious to me that they must have gotten hard before they boarded the train. What were they doing. Then I noticed as the train moved along that they were inching closer and closer when I noticed the man”s hand touching the boy”s little boner. This kid isn”t eight, I think he”s at least ten. The two older ladies had a front row seat to all this, It wasn”t long before the boy put his fingers inside the top of one of the man”s jean pockets to help him keep his balance. The kid”s fingers were right where the head of the man”s hard cock was. The kid”s fingers were moving behind the man”s cock and the man, by the look on his face was working his way to shooting his load. We”ve all done that in school, just rubbing our cock right below the head and after what seems like an hour our rock hard cock throbs and as we straighten our stiff legs we calmly hold tight and the cum just shoots and shoots while we try not to let other boys know we can”t breath. At first I thought they were father and son, dad and I would do that. Maybe these two, like dad and I do sex things. Maybe we might have something in common, like me and dad. But then the man asked the boy his name. “Luke” the boy told him. Wow, sounds cool, Luke had dark hair and was as cute as all fuck. And they just met. WOW. The people talking and getting off and on distracted others from what was going on, except me and one of the ladies seem to be aware of what they were doing. I was fully aware of what the boy was doing and I could tell by the way the man was moving that there was about to be an exp lotion in his jeans. I was getting so horny, I didn”t care if anyone noticed that I was touching my hot and hard cock.

I noticed that the man was also looking at the two teens, and they were glancing back at him. What is this all about. I was getting more hard and wet I could feel my pre-cum running down under to my ass hole. This is so sweet. This would be a good time to piss myself but I”m not totally desperate and with my cock pointing down, all my piss would just run out the bottom of my crotch onto the floor. Total waste. I”m not sure what happened but the man”s legs seem to get super stiff and all his body motion stopped and then I noticed a wet spot coming through his jeans right where his cock head was. I”m sure he just shot his load. He moved and then moved the kid”s hand away while dropping his hand towards the kid”s boner, rubbing the back of his hand back and forth, moving the kid”s boner to one side then the other as the wet spot at the top of his pocket grew. When the man”s cock went soft it dropped down creating another wet spot. The kid seemed to be pushing his little steel rod against the mans hand.

It”s amazing watching how many people touch each other. Just last weekend I saw two guys in their twenties moving back and forth with their hands touching each other”s junk. If you watch close enough I could see the two guy”s getting hard and the movements becoming more sensual. And the week before that I saw a guy on Young Street, just walking along who had clearly just, I mean just,,pissed his pants. He was wet from his top left side over the front of his pants then down his right leg to just below his knee. I wanted so bad to just turn around and follow him. Don”t these people know how horny I get. That guy looked drunk.

Finally the train stopped at Union Station and a lot of people were positioning to leave. I heard some talking about baseball and realized that they were all going to the Saturday Blue Jay game. As the two teens left, their sweet bulges moving as they walked out, one turned to where the man and the boy were,

“Come On Dad, this is our stop.” and the man, with decent size wet spots on his pants followed them out. The little boy remained holding the pole, his little boy cock, still like a steel pole tenting his jeans as he watched the man and his two sons leave. What the fuck was that? Did the two teens know that their dad was molesting the kid and just got jerked off by him?

Everyone left, including the man that was sitting right beside me who spent the whole time playing on his phone. At one point I looked down at my phone to take a glance. What a hot crotch. I pictured what it would look like wet, maybe with my piss. He kept touching his pants with the back of his hand while working the phone. Was he working on himself or was it just normal. When he got up with the others he stood right in front of me so I would drooled and a vision what I could do with his now apparent semi hard on. The boy was staring between my legs as the train doors closed. Then he came across and took the man”s seat beside me. The two older ladies were still there. A couple on the other side and a tall man between the opposite doors using his phone. My heart started pounding with this kid and his steel pole in his pants. I lowered my elbows to rest on my legs and looked on my phone so I could sneak a glance at the boys pants. I wanted to see down under his nut sac, His little steel boner was still trying to rip it”s way through his jeans. I can”t believe how nervous I got and how hard my cock was getting. I could feel more pre-cum making it”s way down the shaft of my cock and into my pants. God it feels good.

After the train left the station, it headed north up Young Street. The subway car was almost empty. The kid moved in close to me and whispered.

“You wet your pants.” There was long silence then I turned to his beautiful face with dark brown eyes and full red lips and the tips of his perfect teeth peeking out.

“No,,,,,I didn”t.” I answered. Another long pause,,,then the boy leaned far in front of me, bending over with his head between my knees and looked right up between my legs at my crotch. When he sat back up, his hand swiped under my crotch, even touching my balls. He held it up and it glistened a shine indicating wetness.

“Yeah,,,,then what”s this?” the kid asked. What a bold little fuck. I can”t believe this kid. First he jerks this guy off and not only does he go out of his way to see under my crotch, but he touches my junk and now wants me to explain why I”m wet. I LOVE THIS KID. Why is my heart pounding. Why do I feel the hardness at the base of my thick cock shaft feel like it wants to rip out, and why is there so much pre-cum?

“What”s that,,,Pre-cum, not piss.” I answered. He put his hand near his face and sniffed then licked all my pre-cum off his hand and fingers. My cock was going nuts.

“Your right, it was slimy and sweet, and a tiny bit sour, is that what pre-cum is like?” the kid asked.

“Yes, and who the fuck are you and who was the man?”

“I”m Luke and I don”t know, he followed me and stood very very close behind me while I waited on the platform for the train. I could feel his hard peter against my bum and it made me hard, and I liked it so I didn”t move. There were so many people they didn”t notice that he was moving his peter around making me harder and harder and excited. I knew he wanted to touch me. I think I even made him jazz in his pants.”

“You did and your still hard, why?”

“That”s your fault now. I saw your your pants were wet when I looked from the other side.” Is this little twerp hitting on me? He”s doing a good job. I”m not into little kids, yet, but I fucked a twelve year old last week, Fransico, and I still dream of seeing him again. And now I have a kid I think is hitting on me who can”t be any older then ten and knows about jerking off.

“Do you always wet you pants with,,,Pre-Cum?!!!

“Have you ever wet your pants?” I asked him.

“A boy at school peed on my pants last year so I do it sometimes and it feels good, why?” The boy went to a low whisper to tell me the two ladies were watching us. Then he asked me my name.

“Joe, Joe Chance, nice to meet you Luke, your very hot for such a little boy.” FUCK!!!,,,,why did I say that?

“Your very hot too, how old are you?”

“Fourteen, and you?”

“Ten and three quarters.”

“What grade are you in?” I asked.

“Six. What grade are you in?”

“Nine.” I looked down again at my phone and Luke was still as hard as ever.

“What are you doing on the train?” I asked.

“Going to my grandmother”s place. What are you doing?”

“Just riding around, people watching.”

“Were you watching us, me and the man?”

“Yes, I saw the whole show.”

“I knew it, made you wet eh, did it make you hard, I don”t see nothing in your pants that”s hard.” Fu ck this kid is bold. Who is he?

“So you were checking out my pants?” I asked him.

“I”m always looking at boy”s pants, so where is it?”

“Where is what?”

“Your hard peter.”

“Jesus, again, are you always so bold?”

“I just want to touch it if it”s hard, well even if it”s soft too. I”m into peters.”

“It”s there, right down the middle under the row of buttons.”

“Is it hard?” he asked.

“Just as hard as yours.” We both looked down at his. He looked up with a big grin and a red face.

“I want to touch yours, OK?” Luke asked.

“Then I get to touch yours, right?”

“You bet,,,tell me when. I make a lot of people hard then they make me hard. My four uncles all make me hard and I make them hard.”

“All at the same time?” I asked him.

“No, the “re married.”

“You mean to tell me you make out with four uncles and they all don”t tell each other?”

“They make me keep it a secret.”

“Do you just touch them or do they just touch you.”

“No, we do a lot of things.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I stroke them and they suck on mine. If they baby sit me we get naked, and hard, and I make them jizz. Now can I touch your hard peter?”

“Are you kidding me Luke?”

“No, now that we”re friends I thought you would let me touch it.”

“What makes you think we are friends?”

“Your shirt.” Oh yeah, I forgot my shirt. Yeah, “FRIENSHIP.”

“Because we”re talking now about each other”s peter, so, my friend “Joe”,,,, can I touch your hard peter?”

“It”s not a peter, will you quit saying peter? it”s a cock and no, not yet,,,,the ladies are looking.”

“So, your chicken to let me just touch your “cock?” Luke asked. loud enough for the ladies, the young couple and an old man, also a guy at the opposite door who is still constantly on his phone.

“SHUSSSSS, people can hear you.” with that I grabbed his wrists to use his hands to hit his face. He fell back in his seat and I leaned over him and moved his hands in a slapping motion. While he giggled my forearmed and elbow worked over the front of his jeans. I could feel his steel cock and moved my arm around and pressed down hard on it. He, lifted his groin pressing his steel rod hard against my arm. At the same time I was opening and closing my legs trying to move my cock from where it was trapped. I was able to get my hard cock to move out of my unties to the right of my fly buttons, all the while shooting squirts of piss. I wanted to kiss Luke on his soft lips and feel his junk with my hand. Right there I wanted to molest him in front of anyone that wanted to watch and piss my pants more at the same time. I was getting out of control and it felt so good.

“I give up,,,,I give up.” he pleaded so we stopped. As we both sat up I used that opportunity to reach my hand deep down the front of my pants and pull my boner up. I want to fu ck this kid tiny ass hole and piss all over him, and I won”t stop now till he pisses all over me. I checked out my pants and felt so good seeing the amount I pissed myself.

“Your still chicken.” I looked down at my pants again. Now there was a good piss spot on the front of my pants as well as under my crotch. It looked and felt awesome. My balls were wet and I was getting horny, horny, horny.

That did it I thought. I”m not chicken. I may have been chicken yesterday but not today. I have to grow some balls right now. Fuck, I don”t know where to start.

“I hope the ladies don”t have a heart attack.” I reached deep down into my pants again and organized my nuts while letting more piss out to wet the front of my pants. When I behave like this I just know I”m going to end up very very wet and jerk off. The ladies were looking as Luke took hold of my soaking hard cock shaft. Fu ck that felt good.

“Holy cow.” Luke quickly withdrew his hand and wiped it on his pants.

“Did you like that?” I asked. Luke was breathing heavy, his eyes were wide.

“That”s huge dude, yeah I did like it but what was that, some kind of monster or something?”

“That my boy is what you call a cock, so you better be prepared because a lot of guys have much bigger cocks than this.” I noticed as I checked out Luke”s pants that they were a bit wet. Not a lot but enough to get him started. He must have pissed a bit while we were wrestling.

“Here”s Boor we have to take the eastbound train.”

“I can”t, I”m wet, people will see.” he said as he looked at his pants.

“That”s the whole idea.”


“You want people to see, you know to tease them into sex.”

“What?,,,that would never work for me.”

“It did,,,after you jerked off the man over there you came to me because you saw my wet pants, remember?” his face turned red with a slight grin.

“I like wet.” the kid replied.

“Well when your with your uncles, wet your pants a bit and see what they do. My baby sitter wet my pants when I was five.”

“What if they hit me?”

“They won”t in case you tell your secret.” We got off the train, everyone could see that the front of our pants were wet. There were more people on the Boor train but we found a seat.

“OK,,,,Your turn.” I told Luke.

“My turn for what?” he asked.

“Your turn to wet your pants, like I pissed mine.”

“You didn”t wet them very much.”

“That”s enough.” I replied.

“See, you”re chicken. Chicken chicken, chicken.” He was right, they aren”t that wet.

“Jesus,,,,,,shutup. Wait…. Just watch the front of my pants, I”ll show you wet and remember after this you have to wet yours.” By the time the doors closed there were more people, some standing.

“Sweet,,,,,I”m watching.” said the kid. With that I totally relaxed. There were people, two standing so they will have the best view, but fuck, I want to wet my pants so bad and I”m going with it now or it will never happen. I put my left foot up on my right knee. My heart was pounding and I think I was shaking. Luke and I fell very quiet and still when my piss started coming through the front, creating a large dark and shiny piss spot. I relaxed and a lot more came out spreading further across the front of my pants. We were both frozen and fixed watching the piss quickly spread to my pockets and down to my nuts. Fuck it felt good……………… underwear was drenched as was my butt. I could feel the tingle as the piss reached my ass hole. I was breathing heavy and soaking. this is what I live for every day. Finally I was in public, in front of unsuspecting witnesses in piss soaked jeans. I did it, WOW!!! I was pumped, I wet my pants. I relaxed and enjoyed the attention, glad that they could all see the length, thickness and hardness of my cock and best of all, soaking wet pants. I didn”t dare look around, don”t want to poke the bear. We sat dead quiet until a few people left.

“OK kid, let it flow.”

“I”m afraid.”

“You can”t be afraid now, look at me, I pissed mine.” I didn”t let him know that I would have pissed mine even if I never met him. We both paused again, this time our eyes were fixed on his pants, making my cock get even harder. I used my knuckles to push my boner down over my leg. Obvious display wasn”t the word. Everyone knew and could see what I was doing and also knew I was molesting this little boy. After a few seconds Luke”s wet spot started to grow but then he lost control and a huge amount of piss shot into his pants soaking the whole front and under to his butt. He grabbed his pants and squeezed to stop the flow.

“Holy shit.” he gasped. His face was red again.

“Don”t panic, how did it feel.”

“Awesome, like totally, totally, awesome, but my undies and my bum are soaked. I can feel it on my butt hole.”

“I love when that happens. Just relax, has your pee fully stopped?”

“Yeah.” he put his head back and the sigh was that of pleasure. We both sat there, not moving or talking until a few more people left the train. Finally we had a chance to check out the damage. His pants looked so hot. He stood up and I checked out his butt. It was wet and accentuated the beauty of his crack and dimples. Fuck he”s gorgeous, I want to push my face and suck out some of the piss. My cock was as tight and hard as it”s ever been. It felt like it was trying to break out of it”s skin. My aching nuts added to the pleasure.

“Your so fucking hot.” I told him. He sat down and checked out the front again.

“You can see my junk.” he said.

“I know and wasn”t it awesome how it felt when your piss was flowing around in your pants?”

“Yeah!!! it felt so good. I still have a lot of pee left.”

“So do I, but let”s not wet anymore, this is more than enough to let people know that we wet our pants on purpose and we love it because we”re not trying to hide it. Let”s save what we have left to find a place or a subway bathroom to finish playing and use up the rest of our piss.”

“At Warden by my grandmother”s there”s this woods and when I leave grandma”s place to go home, I go into the woods where a lot of men are walking around looking for boys or men to play with and sometimes I pee my pants a little bit like the grade eight kid did to me last year, because the men or boys are quicker to touch me and play sex stuff, then I won”t be late.”

“Do they ever make you cum?”

“What”s cum?”

“White stuff that shoots out of your cock when you stroke it.”

“Is that the same a jizz, all my uncles get white stuff. One uncle Jim gets a ton. It just keeps on shooting all over the place. Sometimes he eats some. So my jizz will turn white like theirs?”

“Then that”s cum, what do you do to them?”

“Well, whatever they want, sometimes I stroke them till they shoot their jizz, sometimes on the ground, sometimes on my face or on my pants. Sometimes they stroke their own peter or want me to suck theirs. Sometime they want to get into my bum hole but my hole is too small, but then I let them in.”


“With their fingers.”

“Does it hurt?”

“A Lot, but I kind of love it. One uncle keeps his finger in my bum a long time and pushes it in and out while he jerks his peter then pulls his finger out and shoots his jizz on my bum hole.”

“It hurts because your too young and way too tight.” When we got to Warden we waited to get off behind the other passengers. People were boarding as we left and they all noticed that we wet our pants. What a turn on. Luke pointed left to the secondary exit.

“There, just up those stairs and there is a woods I was telling you about.” When we got half way up the stairs there was a landing. I couldn”t wait.

“Hold it Luke.” he stopped and we looked around. The train had left.

“I have to kiss you, sorry I can”t wait, I just have to kiss you.” with that we embraced to kiss. I found and licked his lips and faster that I expected I opened my mouth and took his lips, then felt his tongue. Fucking awesome. After thirty seconds or so I told luke.

“I want to suck on your jeans, while you let some piss out.” he looked down and pushed his groin forward, his steel cock still testing the integrity of his wet jeans. I went down and took in almost the whole front of his pants and his piss greeted me with a rush. Fucking epic. My mouth filled with his sweet piss fast then ran out over my chin, soaking my sweat shirt and landing on my pants. I got up and pushed my hand down the front of his pants and found his steel rod and tiny balls. His cock was like a real steel rod. FUCK. Likewise he put his hand down the front of my pants, soaked with his piss and got his hand around most of my cock. We kissed again and found a lot of sylvia for each other and swallowed.

“Wait, I didn”t check out your ass.” he turned around and I stuck my face against his gorgeous wet ass. I sucked on his pants for piss and moving my hand between his legs I took hold of his junk and played. I was now sucking right where his ass hole is. We heard a train arriving which would mean people would see us. We went to the top of the stairs, out the exit into the bright hot sun. Right there to the left was the wooded area before going up the hill, St Clair, to his grandmother”s house. I looked around and sure enough there it was a large wooded area across the street to our left before going up the hill. Some people who left the same exit were coming behind us and must have been able to see that we had wet ourselves I hope.

We went into the wooded area. There were paths indicating serious foot or bike traffic. We went in far enough out of sight of the road and stopped at a tree and got into making out. I reached down his pants again, a rush came over me, he feels so hot. His underwear was soaking wet, so hot. Luke took hold of my crotch. He moans a lot, then undid the buttons of my pants and opened my belt. The noise of my steel buckle as usual aroused me. When he took hold of my soaking wet undies I let a good size squirt of piss out. That got a good moan out of him. He went down and took my wet undies into his mouth and used two hands to play with my cock. After a few minutes he moved up to the head of my cock so I let a shot of piss through my underwear into his mouth. He moaned and sucked hard. His face was soaking. I had a lot more piss but I held back to save for a little later.

“My turn.” I announced as I went down and undid his jeans and took his boy cock and balls along with his undies into my mouth. I didn”t have to say a thing, he just started to let his piss flow again, soaking his undies and flowing into my mouth. He didn”t stop, allowing the piss to get everywhere. What didn”t stay in my mouth again ran out over my chin and landed on my crotch soaking me right through, I loved it, as it was also soaking his own jeans. He stopped pissing letting me and my mouth molest him while my hands went under to entertain his taint, butt crack and asshole. He moaned and pulled and played with my hair. We suddenly could hear voices of people talking so we jumped up pulling our pants doing up the top of our pants. It was two guys coming up the path holding hands talking and getting a kiss in as they got near. We just stood there as they passed, my belt and the second, third fourth and fifth button still undone, showing the shaft of my cock through my soaked pure white undies. Luke”s zipper was down and his steel rod covered with his soaking wet pure white undies poking out. They looked and took in the scene of us standing there as they passed quite close to us.

“Hi.” they both said at the same time with a little wave. We said hi with a little wave. When they passed I noticed that the older boy, over twenty, had his hand playing with the younger boys butt. The younger boy looked my age, maybe less. I looked down at out pants and realized what a pic. I took my phone out of my back pack and took some pics and selfies of Luke and I. Front and back and even from down under. I couldn”t believe how hot we looked. Luke and I walked down the path and found a few good places so we took one path a bit off the main path and lay on the grass. There were a lot of trees so we felt at ease to continue our adventure. I can”t remember the last time I was this horny, at least never for a ten year old. Was I actually capable of falling in love with this kid? What the fuck was going on with me? I want to stop the whole world for just him and me, right now.

“This woods looks so gay, I only live two subway stops away and never heard of this place.”

“Gay????.” Luke asked.

“It is, how did you know!!!!?”

“I told you, I come here when ever I visit my grandmother”s twice now. I just looked in and there they were. I didn”t know why they liked me until one guy put his hand down my pants. I loved it, that was last summer, now here they are again. “

“Did you run into this many people?”

“Twice last year. Every time I come here, somebody wants to suck my peter. They seem to like little boys a lot. After they swallow my jizz, I think it”s jizz, I go further and some times I find more guys that do the same thing. Sometimes other boys and men will stand around and just watch, sometimes they play with their peter and sometimes they jerk their jizz out.”

“Jesus, now I know why your so forward. I didn”t know a ten year old could get cum.”

“I get some but I don”t know if it”s cum. The last time I was here, three guys made me jizz. The only thing is, my jizz is clear but when I jerk them off they have white jizz.” I felt better knowing Luke was experienced. Does that make me less of a pervert? NO. I guess Ron, at twenty was a pervert when he molested me when I was five. Luke and I started making out again. I don”t know why but I can”t get enough of this kid. A little ten year old, holy fuck. He probably has crayons in his backpack.

Before long we finally lay on the long soft grass when Luke took the lead and pulled my cock out, all wet and slimy from all the pre-cum. He made a lot of noise like “WoW, Holy Cow, I nv er saw one this big or fat before.” and a lot of moaning. I told him he didn”t have to announce it to the whole world. He sucked my cock all over while I sucked on his.

“I have more pee left.” he said.

“Sweet I want it all.”

“Can I stand up?” Luke asked.

“Yeah.” I sat up and bent my head forward and messed up my hair. I instructed him to soak my hair first. He did and as he did the piss ran off my head over my face and onto my pants. I was in heaven, his piss was hot, clear and tasted sweet and he had a lot of it. By the time he was finished I was soaked from top to bottom and loved it.

“OK, you have to pee on me now, and do my hair too OK?” He sat on the ground like I did. I hope he actually likes piss because I have a ton of it. I stood back and after holding so much I was ready to shoot my fire hose full blast. As soon as my piss first hit his head he moaned and moaned as he washed his hair and face like he was in a shower. He bent his head back and opened his mouth so I soaked his face and filled his mouth. He didn”t swallow and all my piss ran down his chest onto his jeans. Then he lay down and I power washed the front of his jeans then his legs. I had so much left I went back to his face and hair. I could tell he was sure enjoying it. Finally I aimed back on his jeans.

After our beautiful piss shower we lay together, our faces facing each others crotch. I took hold of his cock and balls and he took hold of mine, my belt buckle was like an alarm going off. We sucked on each other”s pants and played for ages, finally he said he was going to shoot some jizz and boy was I surprised. For a ten year old he near filled my mouth. His whole body went stiff and his moan was audible for miles, well not really miles but animals in the woods probably could hear him. I held on to him while pulling on his nuts and pushing my middle finger up his very tight boy cunt, giving his asshole a good working over. I swished his cum around in my mouth enjoying the flavour, then swallowed.

Luke was still chewing on various parts of my junk. The head of my cock doesn”t fit in his mouth but he was doing a great job at getting me close. I knelt up and straddled him facing him and started jerking off. He played with my balls with one hand and played with my taint and ass hole with the other. My cock was in a rage because it couldn”t fit into Luke”s ass hole. He had me on fire, my monster cock trying to take control but I held on at a steady pace, my huge nuts bouncing around like crazy until I couldn”t hang on to my load any more.

“OK kid if you want any of this open your mouth.” My breathing was deep as my balls got ready to send the load. I grabbed Luke by the hair and aimed my cock right at his face. He grabbed my nuts hard as the first shot of my hot cum hit his hair, the next few plastered his face, two going right into his mouth then two hitting his chin and neck. The rest of my cum usually just flows over my fist so I got my balls right up to his open mouth and filled it, the little tyke swallowing some like a pro. The rest flowed onto his chin and chest. I pushed myself back and lay on top of him and started the process of licking all my cum off his face and kissing him while my angry cock humped his pants against his still steel rod. After several minutes he was pretty clean and we were spent.

“That was awesome!!!” he said out loud. We kissed more. We made out for about twenty minutes or so. Ever since we got there I could hear movement in the tree area surrounding us. I even could hear noises that led me to believe some were jerking off and the sound of piss making puddles on the ground. But now they were moving away as they knew we were done. We lay still for ten or fifteen minutes until our cocks shrunk back to eagerly await a new adventure. I took a few more pics and selfies. Too hot to handle. I love this kid. That”s right, I love him.

“OK little guy, we have to find a sunny spot to lay in the sun and dry off.” When we stood up to put our junk back into our pants we could hear more sounds of several people leaving from around us. I looked around and saw a few heads moving away.

“There were actually some people watching us,”

“They always are.” Luke answered.


“They always watch. I told you I”ve come here two times now. Each time I get sucked off, there are people around, watching and doing things with their peter.”

“Jesus, I still can”t believe I never heard about this place and live just two subway stops further east,” We embraced and made out more, sucking on the front of each other”s jeans. This kid is too mature for ten. We walked to the top of the hill and found a sunny clearing with lush grass. We lay in the hot sun to dry.

“Do you feel safe coming here?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I think so.” 

“I bet you never get as wet as we did.” 

“Never, that was awesome, I want to do it more. Sometimes the guys slobber on my pants but I never ever got really wet like this, I love this. You get a lot of jizz, did I get lots?” 

“You got more than I ever got when I was ten. Your gonna be a cannon. what does your grandmother say.? 

“Nothing, she always throws my pants in the laundry whenever she knows I was down here.”  

She knows about this place?” 

“No, but sometimes I run through the little creek and get my pants wet, she thinks I”m playing.”  

“Can I have your underwear?” 


I want to take them home and tonight when I go to bed I will wear these jeans and suck on your underwear while I piss my jeans and jerk off. Then I”ll stuff your undies down my pants and go to sleep.”  

“Won”t your  bed get all wet?” 

“Yeah, it always gets wet.” 

“You wet the bed too?” 

few times a week.” 

“Holy cow.” We looked around and Luke pulled off his jeans then his undies. I held them to my face. Holy fuck, I love this kid so much. I spread his undies on the grass between us to dry. 

We lay and talked for two hours, people, were also cruising, looking at gaziantep masaj salonları us now and then. It was noon when we were dry enough. Luke”s clothes are smaller and thinner and dried faster, I don”t mind wearing damp clothes in public.  

“It”s time you got to your grandmother”s place.” We walked along the top of the hill to ST. Clair. We walked a few blocks to his grandmother’s street. 

“I have to let you go from here, I don”t want her to see you with a guy.” 

“I hope we meet again, I”ll be back before the end of the summer, if your around check the woods, I kind of like stopping there.”

We didn”t care who saw us hugging and kissing on the street corner before Luke started off down his grandmother”s street. I watched for a long time. He was far down the street when he turned to a house. A short round woman with an apron on hugged him and pat his beautiful bum as he disappeared into the house. I realized how I felt about him and how perfect we were for each other. Wish he had a phone, but he has a lot of growing up to do. Lucky guy who gets him.


I started back down the hill to the subway station. I had a full tank of piss again. I ducked back into the woods and went into my backpack to find the rest of the joint to smoke plus another pop. Naturally I held Luke”s tiny under pants to my face, thought I was going to cry. A few guys passing checked me out while I drank a can of Root Beer and smoked my weed. I couldn”t help thinking that I might of actually fell in love with Luke. It might be puppy love, I”ve had that before.

I finished the weed and  watched guys passing while I finished my pop. When I was leaving the woods I could feel the weed and got hard thinking of Luke and then thinking of going to confession at Father LaFroy”s church. Right at the exit I near fainted when I noticed the kid in the black cords, alone, standing against a tree, a slight space of light breaking through his legs right beneath his crotch. My heart never pounded so hard in my life. My cock was fast to harden. I thought I was going to cry. We approached slowly and embraced, we  knew. That’s all I know, we just knew. We started kissing and feeling each other all over. His pants were damp as were mine. 

“Who are you?” I asked.  

“John Paul.” 

“I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you.” 

“I’m from Paris.” said John Paul 

“I’m Joe.” 

“I’m from Paris.” he said again Repeating himself.  We hugged and kissed again. Finally it sunk in,  

“Paris, like Paris France? ” I asked. He shook his head with a huge smile.

“Yes, Paris.” We started making out again. I felt his junk and it was as big as mine. His nuts were also huge like mine. We played with each other”s hair, then right down to every part of our bodies. I Played with his butt and he played with mine then we started stroking each other”s cocks through our pants. I pulled down his zipper and he undid my belt and all the buttons down the front of my pants. We pulled each other”s underwear down and soon we were both using both hands to molest each other”s junk. We stroked and stroked until our Cocks were as hard as fucking rocks. Finally, my piss hose let go filling his pants. Then he did the same to me. I bent over and he soaked my hair so he bent over and I soaked his. Then the best part, we jerked off, stopping to suck on each other’s cocks and balls and even assholes. We couldn’t get enough. I bit all the fuck out of his neck and he did the same to me. Finally, at the same time we were shooting our cum into each other’s pants. We found some grass and rolled around knowing we had an audience watching, playing with themselves, jerking off and pissing, John Paul and I were eating the cum out of each other’s pants. We were sucking each other’s asshole, crack and taint while pulling on each other’s huge fucking nuts. We decided to fuck. It’s going to be nice having a long thick cock like my own up my ass. 

He was beautiful. Smooth long and forceful strokes, all the way in and all the way out. He held me like I was gold but his thrusts were deep, his huge cock filling the whole of my boy cunt. He sped up as his monster throbbed and expanded when the shooting started. I lost count of the shots, his cum hot and like bullets. He stopped and lay on top of me for several minutes before he gently and slowly pulled his still rock-hard cock out. He was still breathing deep and lay on his back.  

Now it was my turn. Can I please him? Can I fulfill him as he did me? I couldn’t believe how strong and horny I felt. I had a ton of pre-cum so getting in was easy. My whole body was hot as I lay on him in his doggy pose, my cock getting in deeper that anyone I ever fucked. I wasn’t as smooth as he was but he moaned with cries of pleasure I never heard before. He wanted it harder, deeper, faster and kept telling me I was a fuck God. I held back wanting to make it last forever. My ball sac felt heavy and full and ready and then it delivered. I shot fourteen stinging shots through a steel throbbing cock into a yelping pup from Paris.  

“I love you.” he yelped. 

“I love you” I panted out. I stopped as the rest of my hot boy juice filled my new lover for life. I knew I could never move to Paris but he’s still my new lover for life. How do I negotiate how I feel? 

I lay on him for ten minutes, my cock still steel. I moved a bit and my cock didn’t want out so slowly I started the whole routine over but now I felt I wasn’t fucking the gorgeous kid in the woods but my new precious lover from afar, so I took my time and made it better. John Paul cried and moaned, the sounds of pleasure killing me knowing my load that was about to blow would be the last we would enjoy for probably the end of time. I though the shooting would never stop. After ten minutes I pissed a tankful into his ass. He loved it. When I finally finished and got out, John Paul pissed a beautiful hot bladder full of his piss all over me. 

After a long rest and talk we got up to leave, our clothes dripping of piss. We stopped a few times to make out and kiss and cry. We exchanged digits. When we got to the street, there was his straight friend waiting. He had been there the whole time. John Paul and I kissed again for a few minutes, they went up the hill, I went down to the subway crying like a baby. I smoked the rest of my weed then got on the very back of the subway, a few people looked but a piss soaked kid was probably not the worst thing they every saw on the subway. 

I took the subway east two stops and found my bike. It will take about half an hour or more to ride all the way down Dan fourth to Victoria Park Ave to St. John”s church which is one street away from my school. The sun was very hot and burning through my wet pants to my legs.  AWESOME I can”t believe how good I felt soaking my pants on the subway earlier with Luke, with so many people watching, and Luke, he looked so hot wetting his pants. Wish I could have him forever. We did it, so now, next Friday I”m going to wet my pants in the cafeteria for all the boys at school to see. I will probably never see Luke or John Paul again but a least I have John Paul”s number.



I”m going to confession now. I”ve never been to a different church before for confession. It’s Saturday and confessions are from one to three pm. I usually go to church near home at St. Rose of Lima. There are a couple of reasons why I”m going to St. John”s rather than my own church. Father LaFroy is the main reason, well actually, he”s the only and main reason. There seems to be some kind of bond between us. He seems always interested in what I have to say and I”m sure I seem sexually attractive to him. He teaches at my high school and St. John”s church is a block away. Naturally his looks keeps things in my pants hopping. He is as I said before, rather young for a priest and packs a nice bulge, something you never notice on a priest. When I started high school I decided not to let any wet spots of pre-cum, piss or cum show up on my new grey school pants, not for a full nine weeks anyway, then I caved and decided last week that I would return to my all time joy of pissing myself when I jerk off meaning that I would spend my time in classes edging causing wet spots to show up on the front of my pants then jerking off in the washroom. Could people notice? They sure could and that”s the way I like it.

Last week Father LaFroy noticed my wet spots and my boner and showed a lot of interest, passing my desk and checking to see if I was touching myself and playing with it and checking out my pants, and staring from his desk under all the boy”s desk but more time under mine, checking for boners and wet more spots, so today I”m going to his church to confess to him ALL my sins in GREAT detail. I want him to know everything there is to know about my impure thoughts and actions. I”m wearing my “FRIENDSHIP” sweat shirt and blue Humor jeans, with seven shiny button so he”ll be attracted to where the fun begins. My jeans already are damp all over the front from edging and all the pissing I did with Luke. My underwear is still wet. I”ve been drinking pop all morning and I”m high on weed ready to spread my legs with a full tank of piss. Just thinking of all the possibilities is keeping my cock hard and dripping pre-cum. As I ride my bike I can feel every aspect of my jeans playing against my horny, ready for action junk and ass hole. When I stop at a light, as usual I put my feet on the ground moving my nuts left and right over the cross bar, and when I stand up to ride I can feel the seam of my pants playing with my crack and ass hole. I wonder if I”ll get into Father”s pants before I blow my cum load.

The church is dark. Much darker than I imagined. Dark places like theaters, and night time make me want to piss myself. This place is so beautiful and holy looking and very quiet. There are four people in pews near the confessional. I sat in a pew behind them near the confessional, stoned, with a raging boner sticking out the top of my jeans under my belt and sweat shirt dripping lots of pre-cum, some of which runs down my shaft, to my balls and soaking through to the front of my jeans. I could if I wanted to, just jerk off and go home but the horny whore in me says Let”s not waste a beautiful man in a cassock. People left as they came out of the confessional. I hope they didn”t read my shirt. Finally it was my turn. I knelt in complete darkness waiting for Father Afro to slide open the little door. My heart was pounding my cock sticking out more in anticipation of the main event. I played with it and why is it when I”m in a dark room, like I said, in a theater or if it’s dark out side at night or when they darken the classroom for visuals, like one time when the class was dark I just had to piss my pants even though I knew the lights would come and the blinds opened. That was worth it, it was dark but I could see enough of the kid one seat up and to my right, he actually took his cock out and played with it. I could see his dark outline against the light wall beside him and watched as he shot his load hitting the under side of his desk and dripping down onto his pants. Well I just ended up soaking wet, piss even running down my leg. I had to figure a way out and jerk off, and at the same time I wanted to see the front of the kid”s pants. I couldn”t have it both ways, as the teacher went to the back to turn on the lights I followed her telling her I had to rush to the bathroom. Was close. I sat in a stall and text mom to bring me some pants. The kid funny enough was in the stall right next to me. I couldn”t get out before he left. I knew the kid, but I never got to see the cum stains on his pants. it killed me not to get even a glimpse.

This confession booth is very dark so it”s OK to just wet my pants. So in small squirts I started the process of wetting my pants. a lot, Fuck the warm piss felt awesome as it ran down my legs then I stopped before it got to my knees. My breathing got heavy. It”s taking a long time, for the sinner on the other side, must have as much fun as me. Lots of sins. Where would the church be without sinners. Gotta keep the seats full. We do our best. Where do I start when he opens the little door? Tell him I love his body or that I noticed he was checking out my pants with my semi boner outline crying for his touch in class. The door suddenly slid open, Father said an opening prayer then.

“How long has it been since your last confession?”
“Two weeks.”

“Why two weeks?”

“I was with friends father and lost track of time.”
“And what are your sins?” I started with the small stuff like lies and stealing weed.
“So you smoke weed?”
“Yes Father a few times.”
“You sound young how old are you?”
“Are you high now?”
“I think so.”….I knew I was, can”t lie.
“And you’re only fourteen?”
“WOW, your young, a baby. Weed is serious, what other sins does weed help you with?”….I paused for a spell I didn’t want him to yell at me, how do I say what I do? There is so much. I was shaking when I started.
“I touch myself a lot.”….All was quiet again for quite a spell.
“You touch what?”
“I don”t know what to call it.”
“Just call it what you always call it.”
“My peter?”
“OK, why?”
“Why what Father?”
“Why do you always touch your peter?”
“It feels too good.”
“You know that it’s sinful to abuse yourself sexually.”
“Do you mean to jerk off Father?”
“Yes, it’s a sin.”
“Yes but my thing, or peter keeps saying touch me, touch me and gets to the point that I can’t not touch it, then I end up stroking it and before I know it, I’m all wet and then the jizz gets all over my pants.”….There was a long pause….l heard a hiss of air escaping from his mouth. What does that mean? he sounds stern.
“How often do you do this?”
“On school days, four times maybe six.”
“What do you mean all wet.”
“When I stroke myself, I wet my pants then the jizz comes.” I was hoping to take him back to what goes on in class.
“So you don”t abuse yourself on non school days?”
“More, like maybe eight times.”
“Per day?!!!”
“Yes Father, per day.”
“WOW, You masturbate as many as eight times in one day?”
“Yes Father?”….The pauses got longer. I could hear breathing.
“OK, you have to spend your play time studying to get higher marks, keep yourself busy?

“Yes Father.”

What are your marks like?”
“High 90s”
“High 90s???, how much do you study?”
“I study a lot, I’m in grade nine plus I’m doing grade ten and eleven on line so next year it will be easy for me to do my work and get high marks again.”
“Well that’s very good, height 90s….but let’s start from the beginning, when do you find time for all the sexual things if you”re studding so much?”
“I make time.”
“How old were you when you had your very first encounter with sex?”
“When I was five?”
“Five years old?!!!”
“Yes Father.”
“So you were molested throughout your whole life till now?”
“Yes Father, but I like to be molested.”
“By family?”
“No Father, (I lied, mom will kill me), by my baby sitter.”
“You still have a babysitter at fourteen?”
“He”s a friend of the family now.”
“And your parents don”t know that this person has all these years been molesting you?”
“Not yet.” (I lied again.)
“How old is he?”
“He was twenty the first night and molested me that night,, when he first started, so he is twenty nine now.”
OK, I”m finding this all interesting. Are you straight or gay or both?”
“Is this a case where you think your gay or you know and prefer to be gay?”
“I am one hundred percent gay, I like and have to have boys.”
“Have you spoken to your guidance teacher yet?”
“No, she”s mean, the kids call her shit ler. Sorry I swore.”
“So you go to school down the street.?”
“Grade nine?”
“Yes Father.”
“Are you in my grade nine class?”
“I think so, actually yes Father.”
“Have you ever been taught by me?”
“The only priest that teaches me is Father LaFroy.” I know he”s Father LaFroy.

“We’ll end the confession now, it’s two o’clock anyway. I think we should talk out of the confessional.”….We left to a seat in the church. He took his stole and hassock robe off. When he took his robe off I noticed right away that his boner was  straight up with a wet spot right where his cock head was. Father LaFroy is ready. I can”t believe that finally I”m going to get into his pants. I know he noticed my wet pants as soon as he approached me.

“Hi Joe, I thought it was you let’s lock the doors first.”….I followed him to the back as he locked the doors. When we went back into the church we stood by a pillar.

“OK Joe, I see your high on something and quite wet, you must be aroused right now, as a matter of fact you have actually aroused me, and I’ll tell you why. When I went into the seminary to become a priest I was attracted to this particular boy and for the first week we kept looking at each other, then one night we both ended up in my room and we had sex, very wet sex. If your wondering, yes I”m gay. The sex that night was fantastic. The next morning he left the seminary. I prayed and decided to stay and control my sexual urges. I have never slipped once in all this time, until now. I got hard right away when I first saw you in my class but I controlled myself.
“You haven”t done it in how many years?” I asked Father.
“Eight years.”
“Not even just touching It?” I asked.
“Never even touched it till two weeks ago when I saw your wet pants in my class.”
“You never noticed me before that?”
“You look too straight, plus with the school being all boys I try not to notice any one boy to keep my temptations in check.”….
“Two weeks ago in class I saw you were a bit wet and very hard. I fell apart and found myself in love.”
“You always looked hot to me Father.”

“Love your shirt.” we laughed.
“I can”t see your cock.” He said glancing at my jeans.
“I got one.”….I lifted my shirt up and there it was the better part of my fat eight and a half inches sticking out the top of my jeans hard as all fuck dripping pre-cum all over my belt and running down my shaft into my jeans which were really wet. Father LaFroy gasp…..
“Holy Jesus it”s beautiful and how did it get so big?”
“God made it for me.”
“Can I touch It?” he was shaking.

“Yes.” and I giggled.
“Your afraid of me?”
“No Father, I”m not afraid of you, your pants are getting wet which I seem to be causing.”
“No son, my sinful urges caused that.”
“No Father, my sinful urges of having you like this.”
“Let me touch you and show you I am a sinner.” Father said.
“You can do all the touching you want, if I can touch you.”
“I”m a man, a man with urges. You woke them up.”….he started to move closer, I backed up.
“Joe, I want you, really, one, way or another.” we both noticed my pants getting more wet.

“I won’t force you Joe. You know it”s not a sin to wet your pants. We could start there.”….Holy fuck, he hit my weakest point, piss. I can”t leave without his piss. My pre-cum is running all over. The thought of us pissing made me feel better about doing this. He”s right, it”s not a sin to piss ourselves, so I moved closer, relaxed a little and started to piss myself, slowly ….I moved closer again and Father hugged me tight enough that I could feel the warmth of his piss and mine.
“Father,,,,I”m really hot for you, and want your piss.”
“Joe, sins are things we do without re guard for the law or God, that’s why you have to confess them. You sinned when you took stole weed. We all sin every day. God gave us a free will and we have to own up to the consequences.

“Your so hot Father, Why do I need to have you.”…. I put my hands behind my head and crossed my fingers. I turned my head sideways as Father pressed me against the pillar. I could feel his hard bulge touch mine as our piss continued to flow. We moved side to side allowing our real lust to take over. I used my bulge to push his to one side then he pushed mine, then that moved us tighter. We moved in till our full bodies were together, Fathers face in my neck biting me, moaning. I felt his hand under my wet balls. Then he took hold of the base of my thick hard shaft as pre-cum was running down. I lowered my hands and took hold of his boner and nuts through his now soaking pants. After biting my neck hard we faced each other and started kissing. I gave him a mouthful of my saliva which we passed back to each other, so much more building up, then we started licking each others face till both our faces were wet. I love doing that, I suddenly thought of Luke and let go another large shot of piss. Father was shaking but so fucking hot. I could feel more hot piss starting to run from the bulge in his pants onto the top of  my cock, running down the front of my pants and down my legs, so I relaxed and my piss kept shooting out over both our pants. We continued making out until every drop of our piss found it”s way out into our pants then creating a huge puddle.

We were making a lot of noise when Father suggested we go down stairs. He took my hand and as we left we looked back to see the huge puddle we left behind. At the far end of the church hall down stairs was a stage and steps leading to back halls to several rooms. We went into one that was quite dark with a leather couch. When he shut the door we stood there making out. After about ten minutes I started humping the head of my cock against Father”s pants along side his boner. Before I could tell him that I was going to cum my cock started shooting my load of thick cum over the front of his black pants. He could feel it through his pants and we both moaned. My belt buckle rubbing against my cock kept the cum, coming. When I was done I lowered my face to his crotch and used my teeth to pull his zipper down then with my mouth I pulled his hard cock out the front of his wet pants then starting at the head of his cock, bit by bit I took his whole rod right to the back of my throat. As I sucked his cock, all my cum on the front of his pants was getting all over my face. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled on my hair to shove my face against his cock. The loud moaning thanking God started as his cum shot down my throat. He filled my mouth and some got out over my chin. It seemed like it wasn”t going to stop. So fucking beautiful. I stood up and as we rubbed our spent boners together we kissed and ate all the cum off my face. Then we both pissed together. Father turned on a lamp by the couch and we cuddled and talked a lot and explored our bodies.

“What a lot of cum for a youngster.”

“When I was on the bus two weeks ago, a friend of mine jerked me off in my pants and there was so much cum it looked like I wet mt pants.”
“I want to fuck you.”…..he said as he turned the light off as we both filled the room with the sound of two very horny animals pulling their pants down.

“Father,,,Can you keep your pants on? I like the feel of wet pants against my butt.”….I asked him. I got on the couch doggy style and took some pre-cum from my cock and stroked it over Father”s cock and left him to find my boy cunt. He was so sweet and took his time and as he breathing increased his cock slid all the way into and up my ass. I could tell he was nervous. He took his time to ensure this to be one of the most awesome fucks I ever had, with lots and lots of hot cum. It was awesome. We lay there for some time until his cock was able to just slide out. We embraced for some time.
“I love you. You allowed me to express my lust that has been pent up for years.”
“You were awesome Father.”
“I hope we can do this again.”
“Whenever you want Father, I want all of you.”

“I would love that,” Father turned the lamp on as I started jerking off, he used one hand to fondle my nuts and kissed me as I stroked and soon my complete load of hot thick pure white cum was shooting all over the place. God it was good. We held our wet and cum covered bodies close, fully clothed for half an hour doing a lot of kissing and discovering our hard bodies.
“How are you going to get home?” Father asked.
“My bike, by the time I get home I”ll be more that half dry.”
“Your not kidding are you? I hope we really can see each other again.”
“Father, we will see each other, a lot, but it has to be our secret, I want us to fool around and talk and find out more about each other.” We made out more, then went back up stairs. He unlocked the door and a very bright hot sun will take on the job of drying my piss and cum covered jeans and sweat shirt as I ride home. If you haven”t gone on a bike ride with your nuts bouncing back and forth in your pissed soaked jeans,,,,

“Will your parents see you wet?”

“Mom and dad know I”m gay and know I”m always wet.”

“Really?” Father looked so hot standing there in his soaking pants, still hard. I got on my bike.


“Well What Can I Say???? What a beautiful afternoon. I could feel Father”s eyes checking out my butt as I rode standing up hoping he could see my nut sack between my legs.

Getting home would be easy. North on Victoria Park to Lawrence Ave then east to my house. I was drinking more pop and was still quite high. When I was riding north on Victoria Park I came to St Clair. Half a block away was Our Lady of Fatima church, where Father Shafer who molested me in grade eight, to my delight was transferred from his church to Our Lady of Fatima because Sister Superior caught him with his hand down my pants jerking me off. Last summer I did a kid”s papers and what do you know, the church was a customer and I found Father Shafer. He took me into the back of the church that day where he and the altar boys dress for mass and we found a kid”s closet unlocked where the kid left a pair of jeans, so I put them on while Father Shafer and I destroyed the kids pants with piss and cum then hung them back in his closet. I locked the closet, noting the combination and his name written on the inside wall so the kid would find them the next Sunday morning.

I went into the church and confessions were still going on. I went up front then just walk into the back area and tried the combo on the kids closet. I recalled it from my last time there. Funny thing, he must have enjoyed his jeans the last time because he didn”t change the lock. Plus he wore the jeans the following day to the school basketball game. What do you know, there was a pair of jeans there again today along with his altar boy outfit. He must want more. I took the jeans out and went out the side door to the stairs leading down to the church hall. There were washrooms there so I went in and put the kids jeans on. So fucking hot. I looked in the mirror and again I soaked his jeans while I jerked off. The excitement and pleasure was too much. I went back up the stairs and hung the soaking jeans on a hook by the back belt loop. They will still be wet when he comes to serve mass in the morning.

I found a pen and paper and left the kid a note. I didn”t tell him how I found his name, and lock combo written on the inside wall, until now.




Hey Kid:
On Wed. last May 27th, I found your jeans right here in your closet. You left your door unlocked and open.

Naturally being a full blown pervert, I sniffed your jeans all over, front and back, inside and out and detected the distinct but very slight smell of what must be you, awesome, also with a very, very slight hint of piss.

My boner told me to try them on. You must be 17 or 18 because they were too big for me. As I wore your jeans, I and a friend that were making out pissed them and jerked our cum loads onto the front of them, then put them back.

Four days later, Sunday, you must have found them dry with my hard lumpy cum and my friend”s piss smell. My piss doesn”t smell, but my friend”s piss, well watch out. You must have choked on the smell when you opened your closet. I also know you must have enjoyed your jeans as we left them, because you wore them the very next day, Monday to the school basketball game. You were with three girls standing near the exit.

I actually stood right beside you for five minutes at the game. I could smell my friend”s piss and see my huge load of dried cum on the front. I”m glad your so sick.

I know, I”m sick too, so why would I write this note? Simple, I really want into your pants when your “re actually wearing them. Your so fucking hot. So when passing the church last night I pissed and cummed on your jeans again. So when you get here for your usual 11 AM mass today they will be still dripping with my piss and cum and I trust you”ll enjoy them again.

Don’t be shy, lick my cum and suck my piss and jerk off. If I find out that you actually did, I will go nuts.

Your challenge is to find me, so we can fool around in your jeans for a few hours. I really need to get into your pants and I really need to piss all over you, and then you all over me, then we have to cum together.

You”ll find me.

By the way, change your lock combination or I”ll return and do it again. (don”t change your lock if you want more of my piss and cum, I have plenty.)



On Monday I took my “FRIEDSHIP” sweat shirt to school to wear all week, during lunch breaks, on the bus ride home and during spares last in the library. 

On Friday, we”ll see if I can live up to the motto, like I didn”t do last Friday.  

In the cafeteria, Monday, I saw Jeff Morley, the altar boy looking as hot as ever. I noticed he was looking around a lot. Good for him. He must be looking for me, you know me, the pervert that pissed and cummed all over his jeans Saturday night that he left in his locker at church. 

After lunch I had PE and Matt was there this week. We made out in the last cube for a few minutes before the gym class. During the game my half hard cock bounced all over the place setting myself up for my shower. My plan is to shower next to Roy. When I got in the shower, I went right next to him, the black boy with the long cock and beautiful low hanging balls and his perfect butt. His cock always springs out then down like it’s half hard all the time. This gives him one sweet bulge in his thin grey school pants. A bulge I stare at wishing he would just piss himself, or at least let me piss on them for him. I often see small indications on the front of his pants like maybe pre-cum stains or cum. Might be, I get the same stains when I play with myself in class getting pre-cum stains all over the front of my pants. Sometimes I get so horny, I just slowly rub, then it gets to the point of no return and the rub turns into a slow stroke. Then as the explosion starts I hold my cock tight keeping my body rock hard and still so other boys won’t notice and just let my cum shoot, shot after shot until my whole pocket and side of my leg are soaked. Wet shows up black in thin, light grey pants. I don’t know why I work so hard keeping the jerk off from other boys seeing when they will soon see my wet pants when we leave class. As long as Father LaFroy at the front can see, I live for that. Makes it all worth while. 

 It”s not uncommon to see boys with boners or semi hard cocks in the shower, it just happens. I love all cocks, hard or soft, short or long, thin or thick, cut or not cut. I worship them all and anything that comes out of them. I cannot get enough cock. Roy and I have sort of fooled around, each of us sporting half hard cocks a few times in the shower and dressing room. Roy is a little taller than me and asked me to wash his back one time. Other kids do the same, so I agreed. I looked down at the crack of his gorgeous butt as the soapy water funneled down his crack to disappear under his nuts.  

This time again he asked and after I washed his back he washed mine. A few times I could feel his half hard cock bumping against my butt. After he washed my back, he took advantage as most of the class was out, save for two in the far end washing each other’s junk. When the two boys were finished, you know, stroking and washing they left. Roy”s hands moved from my back to my pits then washed my sides, moving a bit closer, pressing his now harder cock against my butt crack. Naturally, my cock got hard and pre-cum ran down my shaft. Then his hands moved around to the front of my chest, his now hard boner pressed right up and down against my butt crack. I got excited, Roy, my new gorgeous black friend, flaunting a very long, pre-cum covered rock hard cock is ready to fuck. For a brief second, he reached his soapy hands down and stroked my rock hard slimy boner, then he moved back as

Matt appeared at the entrance and leaned on the wall. Roy and I both turned and looked at Matt who then glanced into the locker room then looked back at us. Usually he yells to the last kids to get out of the shower but he didn”t this time, but put his hand in front of his shorts. Mark and I clearly could see Matt working his cock as it hardened not concerned that the two boys in the locker room that just jerked off in the shower was watching him. Roy again moved his cock against my butt crack. He reached down and pulled his cock up as it hardened, pressing first then humping. Naturally my cock sprung to the max, more pre-cum oozing over the head and down my shaft. Roy squat to push his tongue into my ass hole, then his fingers. So fucking hot. When he stood up I spread a lot of my pre-cum up and down over his entire hard cock. We both looked at Matt and saw him stroking inside his shorts with even greater speed as the two boys in the locker room left while they kissed and molested each other. There seemed to be no kids left in the locker room allowing Matt to pull his cock out and stroke giving Roy the go ahead, so he slowly pushed the head of cock into my asshole followed by one long push, with me taking the full length of his now rock hard cock all the way in and deep with several yelps. This was my first black cock up my ass and it was EPIC. I couldn’t breathe and wanted to yell. Mark was slow for a few minutes. 

“Five minutes guys, the next class will be here soon.” Roy picked up his pace the head of his hard rod reaching deeper as Matt came and stood in front of me. 

“Matt, go in the dressing room and shoot your cum on the front of my school pants.” In a hurry Matt was gone to obliege me. 

 By this time Roy was pounding me like a wild animal. When he stopped and grabbed me tight, his throbbing cock fired shot after shot of hot cum as far into me as he could shove that beautiful black cock. When I stood up, Matt was back so I plastered my load of thick pure white cum over the front of his shorts. We were all breathing heavy and laughing then remarked on how awesome it was. Roy wanted to piss so I pointed his long flaccid cock at myself. He pissed on me, I pissed on him and Matt, behind me pissed all over the back of me. Roy stood back under the water, I left, I love piss to dry on me before getting dressed. Matt was gone. When Roy came into the locker room we made out as we got dressed. I told him how awesome he was.  

“Usually us black boys have the biggest cocks, what happened here?” 

“God likes me better I guess. But don’t worry, it grows until your twenty two . You’ll be a horse by then.” 

“Do you ever fuck boys with that?” Marked asked. 

“Yeah, except if they are too young or tight I can”t get it in.” 

“Sometime maybe you can try and get it in me, I’ll take the whole thing.” 

“I would love to, if I could piss all over you first wearing only your unwashed jeans, your gorgeous.”  

gaziantep escort bayan “Did you see those two kids jerking off at the back?” 

“Yeah it sure inspires me.” 

 As I put my pants on I near fainted seeing Matt’s cum on my pants and let some of my own piss squirt inside the front of them as I put my leg in. Just then a group of grade twelve kids came in. I had just put my “FRIENDSHIP” sweat shirt on as I have a spare class and will be going to the library, 

“What the fuck is this?” the bully, Rutherford  yelled as he stopped to read my shirt.  

“Oh fuck, the fag Chance is going to wet his pants for us, looks like he started already. What the fuck were you two doing in here, pissing or cumming?” His name is Rutherford the school bully and his inhalers laughing and making remarks they knew could hurt us. He looked down at our pants. 

“Oh yeah, we got these two figured out. How was it girls, is that piss or cum Chance?” he asked touching the front of my pants. The feel of his knuckles hitting my hard shaft was epic.¹ 

“Wow!!!, that’s fucking warm dude, must be super fresh.” He checked out Roy”s pants.  

“Hot package fag.” As we left they chanted things like “Good Bye Girls” and other derogatory and homophobic chants. I can’t ignore the fact that most bullies are hot. That fucking Rutherford is nineteen in grade twelve. What a hot butt with awesome legs meeting his solid  hot bulge. When he throws kisses with his sweet lips, to mock us I get so hard and wet. His buddy Red is one boy I would fuck on the spot and would love to piss all over his pants. I would wear his cum on the front of my school pants every day if he wanted. Yeah, I would eat some too. As for his butt, I would let him sit on my face with his pants on as he pisses a long morning hot piss for me to suck on. Also nineteen in grade twelve, I would fuck him anywhere. 

“That”s some sweat shirt.” Roy remarked as the door shut behind us. 

“I”m wearing it all week, during lunch, and spares and on the bus home.” I told him. 

“Do you really like to wet your pants?” 

“Big time your dry piss is all over my body right now and it will stay there until I go to bed and dream about how hot your fuck and piss were as I jerked off.” 

” awesome.” 


“YEAH?!!! WAIT TILL FRIDAY.” All week I will wear this shirt in class, I”ll also allow more than usual amounts of piss and pre-cum to stain the front of my pants. I went to the library to study my Latin which we start next year. I always stay a year or two ahead of most subjects on my computer so I don’t have to study during the current year. Teachers are confused wondering where I get my high marks from. 

When I got to the library there were few boys. I sat at the back playing with my nuts through my partly wet pants and Matt’s cum, some of which I ate. As I went through my Latin book but couldn’t see while thinking about Mark fucking me in the shower and Rutherford touching my junk through the wet spot on my pants. Suddenly two legs stopped right beside where I was sitting. I looked up, glancing at the bulge first, and found Red, the bully looking down. I know he didn’t miss the fact that my hand was moving on the front of my pants. He had to notice my piss spot and Matt’s cum. They call him Red because he has red hair. I often wondered if the hair in his pants was red. 

“Have you seen Lane?” he asked. 

“Wasn’t he just with you guys a half hour ago in the shower?” 

“No I can’t find him anywhere.”  

“You sound concerned Red.” 

“I’m not concerned, I was just wondering where he was.” There were a few things Red didn’t know. I always thought Red was gay the way he follows Lane everywhere and always wants to know what he’s doing and the way he looks at Lane and checks him out. They have been a visual icon apparently for over two years. They both go every Saturday night to the dances at St. Mary’s. The new thing I just learned this very minute and didn’t know was, Red wets his pants. He’s standing right in front of me and I’m sitting, breathing in the hottest smell of piss from his pants. They were dry but the smell of piss was awesome and unmistakable.  I can’t believe this. One of the schools best known bullies might be gay but definitely pisses his pants. My breathing became heavy and my  cock was expanding and my nuts tingling. I took another look at his bulge and took in a deep long sniff of his pants. Fuck, he’s hot. 

“Don’t worry, he’ll show up.” I said. 

“Yeah, he always does, and what do you mean worry?” 

“Well you know, I get the same feeling when a boy that I’m close to isn’t where I expect him to be, you know the feeling.” Red didn’t realize that he just lowered his hand to adjust his junk, or maybe he did notice. 

“I don’t worry.” Red said in defense.  

“Yes you do.” 

“Are you calling me a fag?” he turned around to see if his raised voice attracted anyone’s attention. I used that opportunity to get a good close-up look at his butt. FUCK. 

“I’m not calling you a fag, don’t panic, no one thinks your gay, but I should tell you this, that I know one hundred percent that while Lane is short and soft and cute, he is one hundred percent straight.” 

“Your nuts.” 

“See, that response just tells me you like him.” 

“I should pound you right in the head, right here, right now.” I stood up, picked up my backpack and brought my face close to Red’s and whispered. 

“Follow me.” I walked through a back door into a large sort of meeting room with a lot of long tables and chairs stacked against the walls. Red, several steps behind followed as I entered a hallway with several doors. Two of the doors were washrooms. I went in, he followed. I locked the door. 

“This is a dead lock, no one can open it now even with a key. I think it was originally for priest and nuns private use, but I really think it’s too far away from classrooms and offices.” 

“So what the fuck are we doing here?” 

“I just want to talk. I know for a fact that Lane is straight and I think your wasting your time trying to get into his pants.” With that Red lunged at me against the sink. “You little fuck.” At that I was actually hoping my wet pants touched his. 

“Red, wait, why don’t you just let me talk and tell you what I feel. Please just let me talk, we’ll both feel better when I’m done.” 

“I’ll actually beat the shit out of you if you say one thing wrong.” 

“I won’t, promise. I don’t know if your gay or straight. You appear straight because of the guys you hang with. The whole school knows you guys hate gays because your so loud. I notice that you appear to like Lane, nothing wrong with that, he”s hot and you can trust me if he were gay I would already have fucked him by now, and I’ve only been at this school a few months. He’s just that fucking hot but I found out he’s straight so I lost interest, God knows there is a huge supply of gays in this school, I don’t need Lane.” 

“Because he’s hot doesn’t make me gay, I just like him.” 

“Nothing wrong with that, I have a few friends that I really like that are not gay, but I like them for other reasons.” 

“There you see, I like Lane for other reasons.” 

“Like what Red? You can tell me.” 

I don’t know, I just like him.” 

“See, now we’re making progress.” 

“We are?” 

“Red, we are.” 

“I don’t get it, how?” 

“You don’t get it but you would if I told you.” 

“Told me what?” 

“You have to promise not to hit me if I tell you, your taller and could do a lot of damage.” 

“OK, I promise I won’t touch you, honest.” 

I didn’t know where to start, actually I’m afraid, but I can only say it and take my chances.” 

“Go on, I promised.” Red prompted. I took a deep breath, my heart is beating, I was actually nervous. 

“When you stopped at my table, I could smell that you wet your pants.” 

“You could smell my pants? well your wrong, I didn’t wet my pants.” 

“Yes you did, I’m an expert, read my shirt, you pissed your pants Red.” He bent over to see if he could smell his pants. If he didn’t wet them he wouldn’t have to check. 

“If I’m wrong, I’m sorry.” 

“You should be and even if I did wet my pants it could have been an accident but that doesn’t make me gay.” 

“You’re right Red, I know a few people that are straight but like to wet their pants.” 

“Well there you go.” I leaned in close and with a soft low voice I asked Red.  

“Would you believe they like to wet their pants so much they even ask me if I want to wet them too and then wet mine. Some are very straight and married. Some fuck me and some just want to suck each other off or jerk off. I know your straight and that you like to wet your pants. I get the same cravings as you. I can’t help it, I just have to wet myself. I know you know that craving?” There was a silence but for our breathing. Then me and my big balls had to ask. I put my lips right on his ear. I wanted him to feel my breath. “Red,,,Can I check, please, just once?,,,let me smell your pants once more, just once, please, I’ll do your homework for a month. 

“You don’t know how to do my homework, I’m in twelve, your in nine.” 

“I study on line, I know grade nine, ten, eleven and twelve, ask any teacher, they all know.” It took a long time, he didn”t actually say yes but his silence and nervousness were loud and clear. He must believe me. Because he didn’t smell anything when he bent over, he hopes I won’t. 

“Are you getting a little hard Red, even just a bit?” 

“No.” I moved my lips right up against Red’s ear so he could both hear and feel my question. 

“Can I touch it?” he didn’t move or say anything. 

“I have to touch it or just smell your pants, I won’t tell anyone, promise,” 

 I slowly slid the back of my hand down his chest and as I could hear his breathing I continued over his belt and stopped right on his zipper cover and froze.  

“I think you should turn off the light.” said Red.

“No body can get in, don’t worry.” 

“Just in case.” he said as he reached and turned the light off. Darkness is heaven for a piss pig like me. I slowly moved down moving my hands to his firm hips until my nose felt his pants. Although my cock wasn’t standing up it was as hard as it ever gets. The bottom of my undies and pants were soaked with my pre-cum. I pressed my face against Red’s pants and inhaled the awesome smell of dried piss. I could have shot a load. I moved around his pants and could feel his cock straight up behind his zipper then I moved to his nuts. 

“Well, nothing right?” Red asked. 

“Nothing.” I lied. 

“Anything else?” Red asked. 

“I must be wrong, maybe it was your underwear.” before he could question or object I was pulling his zipper down. He didn’t move. My nose touch his briefs, white, I hope. His cock was hard so I rubbed my nose up and down, his groin seemed to move against my face so I moved in. 

“Well?” asked Red. 

“Well I found a very strong beautiful smell of piss on your undies, the inside  and out side of your pants.” I used my two index fingers to pull his zipper opening wider exposing the shaft of his boner under his undies. I opened my mouth wide around his shaft and breathed my hot breath provoking Red to push his cock forward. I let lots of saliva wet his undies. I moved one of my hands from his hip to the inside thigh just below his nut sac. He moaned and placed his hands on my head. Then using both hands he unbuttoned his pants. I moved my mouth to the top of his cock which was still covered in his undies, then my hand moved up the inside of his leg to find his balls. Another moan. I continue to soak his undies with my saliva. I moved my hand from his balls to his asshole so he started humping my face. It wasn’t long before I could taste pre-cum wetting his undies and soon after that I could taste a bit of piss. 

“OK, I can’t let my pants get wet. 

“Hold on, hold on.” I said as I stood up. I moved to his ear again.  

“I have to kiss you.”  


“I don’t know, I’m feeling very passionate right now. I want  you too to feel the same.” I rested my hand on his undies and could feel his rod flexing. I moved my mouth to his and found his lips to be wet. When they met his tongue entered my mouth. It was so long I could suck on it, then I felt his hand on my balls. 

“Fuck these are big.” I reached into the opening of his briefs and pulled out his cock and balls. I then undid my belt and undid my top button and pulled my hard cock and balls through the opening of my briefs. 

“I don’t want to piss my pants, I’ll have to go home to change and mom might be there.” 

“OK, we’ll just jerk off but we have to piss ourselves some day, right?” 

“Right, I really want us to piss together,” 

“Sweet.” I answered. I took Red ’s hard cock and pushed it through the opening of my undies. His six or seven inches felt so good in my underwear against my skin. Then I took my cock and pushed it through his underwear against his skin. Then I did up the top button of Red’s pants and then the top button and belt of mine. 

“There, now we’re locked together and we just hump until we explode.” 

“This feels so awesome.” Red said moving his cock around in my undies. 

“Yeah, wait till your nuts blow off, it’ EPIC.” Once again Red’s tongue was down my throat and the grinding and humping begun. We played with each other’s nuts as pre-cum could be felt by both of us. We gathered a lot of spit and passed it again and again to each other. We bit all the fuck out of our necks not caring the talk and stars then twisted our tits till they were as sore as our nuts. The pre-cum which we both seem to have a lot of was pushing us beyond our limit of care for noise and abuse. Red pulled my nuts so hard I thought they would come off. Soon he had me against the wall, I thought his cock was going to rip my skin then finally he announced he was going to cum, even giving me permission to piss if I wanted to. 

“Not yet Red, I’m gonna cum now too.” 

“I should warn you Joe, I shoot a huge load of cum.” 

“So do I.” 

“I’m not kidding, I get tons of it.” Red warned me. Suddenly it sounded like Red was crying and couldn’t breathe getting ready and real close. Then suddenly right then

when his cock throbbed and started shooting hot cum at a pace I couldn’t believe. It took only about six shots to fill my undies and it continued soaking my balls then running down half my leg. His com is more watery than mine, and wet cum goes a long way in these thin grey school pants. At that same time my rod took top prize blowing more shots than usual of thick cream, lumps and all. When I finished shooting already surpassing any load I ever shot, I took a tight hold of my raging eight and a half inches and held on as the rest of my sac load oozed out, some of which ran down Red’s leg. We both rubbed each other’s load around and through our pants, a ritual of pleasure that seemed like never to stop. His cock went soft but long and his ample nuts made for a great play thing. My cock which always takes forever to go soft was Red’s play thing for several minutes. We finally pulled our cocks out and Red turned on the light. We were both soaking with cum. We did up our pants. We were in complete disbelief how wet our pants got. We reopened our pants to check out our loads. Red’s cum was like thick runny snot or raw egg white. I scooped up and held on to it and held it over my mouth and ate it. It slid down my throat. I did up my pants and rubbed my crotch forcing more of Red’s slimy cum to soak through my pants fabric. I was getting hard again just playing with Red’s cum. We went into Red’s pants and we both scooped out cum and ate it. 

“I think I could fall in love with you. You’re the first person I was ever able to do this with. I love your personality, your hair, eyes,lips,butt,awesome cock, huge balls, cum load and especially the taste of your cum. The only thing is your piss, I want all your piss, all of it, every drop.” 

“Same with me Red, I can’t tell you how much of you I want, every day and every night. This was so beautiful, actually epic.” 

“When can we piss?” holding onto his junk. 

“Why not now, we’re soaking already.” 

“I’d like to get out of here first.” We made out more, his long tongue trying to gag me. Fuck I love this guy. 

“We have to get to my truck, I’ll feel safer there.” 

“There’s a door in the meeting room that leads to the teachers parking lot, we just have to get to it and the student lot is next to it.” 

“What if I want to kiss you on the way?” Red asked. 

“Well we just stop and kiss.” We made out more and kissed. I opened the door and pointed to the exit.  

“Is it alarmed?” Red asked from behind me while playing with my butt and caressing my asshole while humping my thigh. 

“No, it looks like just the panic bar.” 

“What’s a panic bar?” Red asked. 

“It just means, once you close it outside you can’t get back in.” Once we were outside the door we ran to Red’s truck. Once in the truck we both let a huge sigh of relief and for a minute or two molested each other and kissed. 

“What now?” Red asked while I played with his junk. 

“My house, I’ll text mom.” 


“Could you hide? I’m with a boy in his truck we”re wet. Open garage door.” 

“I ask her where she was.” We made out more, getting Red’s hand wet when I let some piss out into the front of my pants. I rubbed his pants and he too let out some piss. It was awesome. My phone beeped, mom said everything would be fine. 

“Was that your mom?” 

“Yeah, she’s at my aunts, will be home at five.” We went to my place and went right down to the laundry room. We made out taking out cock out and pissing all over each other, even pissing on our hair. Fuck he’s so hot. After pissing we jerked off again. I got him to cum again on the front of my pants and I shot my cum on his pants. When we were done I spread a lot of Red’s cum over my face and hair, and he did the same to himself with my cum. I threw our clothes in the wash and went to my room to watch some porn. I put a pair of jeans on and gave Red a pair of my dad’s jeans on. Red went on how hot I look in jeans. We talked about each other’s body part and his beautiful bright red bush and the trail of red hair trail that led to it. I also mentioned his awesome trail of red hair that ran from under his balls up the crack of his butt with the swirl around his asshole. 

“I want to fuck you.” Red said. 

“I want to fuck you too.” I replied. 

“Can I suck your asshole?” Red asked, and I let him, then he let me suck on his. It was epic. When the clothes were dry, Red got dressed, we made out more and exchanged digits.  

“Can we meet again?” 

“My mom and dad know I’m gay and that I like it wet. They let me bring home anyone I want.” Sometimes my friends even stay over on weekends.” 

“I’m too old for you.” 

“No you”re not, the last guy to stay over for the weekend was my ex babysitter. He’s twenty eight and my uncle stayed over the four day labour day weekend and everyone knows we fucked and pissed every ten minutes even his wife knows and he’s thirty three.  

You’re a school kid like me, trust me whenever we want to suck, fuck and piss, no one at my house will care or judge you.” We made out more then Red left in his red truck. He made me swear never to tell anybody, naturally I promised. I studied his crotch and butt as he got into his truck.

He”s so fucking hot.


After I went into the house mom and I talked for almost two hours about everything Red and I did. I showed her all the pics and selfies which had a double effect on my rock hard, pre-cum leaking cock. It was hard as I went over the events of the day and even more harder because mom was seeing us. I know how much she loves to see boys in piss soaked pants and boners. She couldn’t believe the bites on my neck. 

On Tuesday Red and I stayed apart. He hung around with Rutherford and Brooks and the rest of the red necks. As a warm up to Friday I partially pissed on the front of my pants in class, not a lot just the smallest spot added with the pre-cum spot. Father LaFroy watched my boner go up and down several times. I watched his. During PE on Wednesday one of the two jerkoff kids from the shower on Monday was close to me the whole time during gym class and copied me having his boner acting up in his shorts. After PE he stood right beside me under my shower head.

“What!!!” I asked. He said nothing and continued showering.

The whole class knew he was hitting on me with his boner and balls swining all around. He didn’t ask, he just started washing my back then my butt and when he thought not to many boys were watching he soaped up my balls and hard cock using two hands. Fuck he was sweet. Matt stood at the entrance as usual watching as his shorts displayed movement.

“My name is Oboodi.”

“I”m Joe.”

“I know.” He has long fingers and plays the piano. As I washed my hair Oboodi stood right in front of me and pissed on my junk. The other kids didn’t seem to care although a few watched. Two of them got hard. Roy and another kid seem to be getting along but there didn’t seem to be any sexual chemistry. Oboodi is from the second floor grade nine and seems very extrovert and forward with his sexual intentions. He washed my chest standing close enough to allow my boner to rest against his body. He stroked my cock so I stroked his until all the kids left except Matt was stroking in his shorts. Oboodi pulled me close and shot hia cum on my balls, mine shot up his chest hitting his chin. We stayed close and pissed on each other, Matt shooting his cum onto the shower floor. Oboogi and I kissed for a while not talking.

When we got into the locker room he brought his school uniform to where I was. 

“Aren’t you going to kiss me again?” He asked. I didn’t say anything we just kissed. We took our time drying off and soon a lot of boys were already leaving. Again I let a good shot of piss go inside my school pants like I did Monday as I was putting my leg in. I so love doing  that. Oboodi did the same thing in his pants. I couldn’t believe this kid. When the other boys left the head coach came out of his office, said nothing and left. Oboodi and I looked at each other and started to make out. Matt left. Oboodi and I compared our wet pants and hugged and kissed a long kiss then took pics and selfies in our wet pants, exchanged digits and left. We held hands as I took him to his class. We kissed and departed. It”s not uncommon to see boys kissing a small kiss as they drop their sweet hearts off at their class. Fuck he’s so cute. He’s a little smaller than me but has quite a set of nuts and enough cock to satisfy any boy”s appetite, and a nice body including a hot butt. I want to  really fuck him. I can’t believe he walked into his class in wet pants  not batting an eye lid. Well it wasn’t a lot of piss but enough  to indicated that he actually wet himself. He wanted to please me, and he did. 

Thursday I was showing more wetness in my pants even in the cafeteria but not enough to cause any fuss. I told Rick and Andrew about Roy and Aboodi. By the time I got on my bus my pants were very wet. The boys all looked with mixed reviews. The twins were all smiles with a thumbs up and Ricky took pics.  

When I got home, naturally, mom was so turned on by how wet I was.  

“Boy you look so hot” she felt my wet pants and moved my junk all around. 

“So you did it today instead of tomorrow?” she asked.  

“What?, piss myself at school?”  

“Yes.” she nodded  

“No mom, I’m doing that tomorrow.”  

“But your soaking.” 

“I know, I’ve been working on this all day, a little here and a little more there, then after lunch more and by end of day a lot more then before I got on the bus I let my pants get more wet than ever before at school. I wanted to test these boys today. Tomorrow  I will wet the whole front of my pants. I got a pop and went to my room to watch some teen porn as they jerk off pissing their pants. I edged for an hour then started stroking while pissing a high fountain into the air landing all over and soaking my school pants flooding over my balls then to my asshole. The continuous sound of piss flowing off my chair and hitting my wood floor was intoxicating.  When my cum started shooting I cupped my hand over my cock so all my cum would land on the front of my pants. I collapsed fighting for air and watched as the rest of my cum oozed out over the head of my cock and down my shaft and onto my pants. I didn’t move for several minutes as the porn videos continued until my cock softened and lay across my cum and piss soaked pants.  

“FUCK!!! That was epic.” I said under my breath. 

“I’ll say it was.” Mom said from my room door. 

“Jesus mom you scared me.” 

“Jesus Joe, your sexual performance was! EPIC.” I put my humongus balls and cock in my pants. Mom told me dad would be home soon and supper was in half an hour. When she left I took some pics then took my pants off and slurped up my cum and washed my face and hair with my pissed soaked pants. Exhausted and feeling so satisfied and complete I did my laundry, I didn’t shower, just put on black jeans and a black T-shirt for supper. I’m fourteen and my body feels hard and strong now after a good piss and jerk off event. I looked in my mirror and the sight just thrills me. I love my legs and thin waist, developing chest and shoulders. I love my hair and lips, but best of all I love how evident my huge balls and long flaccid cock are in my pants. Aboodi’s Ibulge is flat and non descript and I love the way he looks in pants, yet when he pulls out his cock and balls you have to stand back and wonder where he hides it all. 

Mom and dad and I had a lot to talk about at supper. I showed mom and dad pics of the week I had. I did my homework stopping by the living room now and then. Dad and I molested each other a few times. I told him how nervous I was about what I was going to do at school tomorrow. They were worried that I would get beat up. I told them that I’m going to be wetting my pants for the rest of my like. 

    Finally it was Friday morning. Today, I am going to piss my pants in the cafeteria for all to see. I was nervous the moment I woke up. My heart pounding my cock standing straight up as hard as ever. I didn”t take my morning piss, I”ll do that through my undies into the urinal when I get to school.  

When I got on the school bus I used my knuckles to slide my full, rock hard boner down over my right leg so every boy could see first hand the monster that would bust a full tank of piss into my pants at lunch time. I know the bullies will be loud and persistent but that will only attract piss lovers and fags to my pants and then they will know how dead serious I am for their piss. When I get to school I”ll walk with my piss full boner to the bathroom and stand back and let anyone around watch as my morning piss shoots through my undies into the urinal, and when I scoop my piss up over my undies against my shaft to soak the upper part and lower part of my undies, I might accidentally splash some piss on the front of my pants, but today I don’t care. I will enter my class and they will all see some wet and my raging hard cock. In second period I”ll rub one out for Father LaFroy to see. I did and soon I saw him sporting a beautiful boner, even touching it.The same beautiful rod he fucked me with last Saturday during confession. I”m not going to cave today. I will piss myself in the cafiteria today.  

Finally, the lunch bell rang. Why did it seem so loud today. I went to the bathroom and smoked half the joint Ron gave me last night. When I got to my locker I took my blazer, shirt and tie off and put on my “FRIENDSHIP” sweat shirt that I have been wearing all week. Students headed for the cafeteria talking a lot about tonights basletball game. Andrew and Ricky arrived and seemed to be in shock when they realized that I was really going to do this. I reached into my pants and pulled my cock upwards and just stood there waiting for my heart to slow down. All three of us headed for the cafeteria and leaned by the window next to the trash and tray boxes  which were only feet from the table where we usually sit to eat.  

“Are we ready guys?” with that, while looking at my phone, I started  pissing my pants. Andrew and Ricky were in shock when I just let some piss flow, creating an obvious wet stain. I am now totally stoned. We walked across to the stack of clean trays to go in line. A few boys saw my pants and an obvious buzz could be heard. When I stood in line behind the rail I pissed more then turned towards the tables and suddenly the buzz got louder. The staff behind  the counter could see my pants as more piss was now soaking my balls. I was shaking but the feel of hot piss filling my pants made it worth it.  

“Joe, they’re getting loud, somebody will beat the shit out of you.” 

“I”m doing this Andrew, like I did on the subway last Saturday, I”ve done it now, how do I look?” Ricky was in awe. 

“You look so fucking hot,,,let”s go.” Ricky said as he took the lead. I followed, my soaking pants clinging all around my junk showing the full length, thickness and shape of the head of my boner. 

When we got to the end of the line we had to pass the rough boys and the bullies.  

“When we get to the tables, stay wide in case some asshole puts his leg out, you know like you see on TV all the time.” Andrew and Ricky laughed. As we turned at the end of the food line the whole room could see that I had pissed myself. The yells started, “Fag and faggot and queers, yelled a lot. The whole gay section were on their feet, mouths wide open, some holding their junk, then finally Rutherford’s voice could be heard through the whole room as we passed his table.  

“Hey, Chance the fag wet his pants.” This caused more noise throughout the whole room. There were negative and positive jeers Rutherford again. 

“Hey Joe, can you piss my pants too?” Problem with that is, Rutherford is fucking hot. I would love to piss all over him. Average but appetizing crotch, thin waist, firm butt with an awesome crack and dimples on each cheek of his firm butt, and firm legs. Yeah, even though he’s four years older, I would piss on him and fuck him with my rock hard monster cock which he could clearly see through my wet pants. Did I mention his lips? 

“Hey Joe, how about a blow job, would you like one?” I decided to snap around to let him know he wasn’t my type, but when I turned around he was pointing across his table to a tall kid with dirty blonde hair. 

“Not me faggot, BROOKS here could handle your cock.” Brook’s mouth was wide open in shock. I never saw Brooks before. A skinny kid with a big nose. As I stood there every  eye was on my wet pants. Andrew, Ricky and I turned and continued. Now we had to turn up the middle isle to our table at the front near the entrance. My boner was moving up and down, my wet pants still clinging on. Phones all out recording and clicking. I looked back to where the grade twelve kids were. Rutherford making fag like gestures to Red beside him. Now I could see a side view of Brooks. WOW, too bad he hangs with the red necks. He is skinny, not an ounce of fat, long firm legs and what the fuck was in his pants. Jesus it’s huge, sticking up a mile. Finally we got to our table. I sat on the other end so the whole room could see the front of my pants before I sat down. 

“Did you see all the smart phones, this is going to make the net.” Said Ricky. Andrew Ricky and I took a few seconds to study my pants. 

“You look so fucking awesome dude, did you see how your balls were moving?” Ricky added. I was in fucking heaven. I kept checking out my pants not believing how good I felt. 

“Hey guys. Watch the front of my pants.” Andrew and Ricky bent over to watch as I let a good gush of piss flood across my whole crotch over my nuts to my butt. 

“Jesus, your ass will be wet now.” Said Ricky. 

“I don’t care.” I was stoned and felt so good I wanted to pull my cock out and stroke the monster till it shot all over the front of my wet pants. 

“Joe, don’t piss any more, fuck dude, you’ve achieved your goal.” 

“He’s stoned dude, we’ll have to get him out of here.” Suddenly the whole room went quiet. Everyone’s eyes went big, mouths were open.  

“Fuck, don’t turn around.” Principal Father Sullivan, Vice Principal Oaks and Sister Superior were at the entrance. I could hear them walking behind me to end up at my chair looking down at my pants. What a fucking rush, as they studied my balls and boner and soaking pants, but now I’m worried I would be expelled but at the same time they  acknowledged just by looking that my dream came true. I was in fucking heaven. It brought back the memory from grade eight when Sister Superior of that school when I was twelve caught Father Shafer with his hand down my wet jeans jerking me off. Vice Principal Oaks the biggest of the trio grabbed me by the back of my sweat shirt and pulled me out of the room. All the boys were yelling and clapping but it gave me a chance to let them see the goods including my boner and my awesome balls and soaking butt crack. When we got into the hall it was jammed with boys from the upper three floors. Even the wide set of steps were jammed with boys laughing and jeering. What a fucking show. Exactly what I wanted. Now I got to figure out how to not get expelled or beatten up. We ended up in the office, the whole staff staring at my pants. It was hard to get my boner to deflate with all the attention it was getting. I was driving the office nuts with my cock flexing visibly in my soaking pants. I could hear calls to the school board and the word expel being used. The guidance office was called. Then they called my mom. 

I think I finally fucked up. 


END Chapter 11 

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