My Lil Peach finally went black!

Double Penetration

My Lil Peach finally went black!We had been discussing for some time now and due to a lengthy separation due to work schedules, my fiance and I finally gave in to our temptations and we both agreed to get her 1st black lover to fuck the shit out of her. She lives in GA for the next few months and I live in CO. Being apart from her is torture but our shared love of porn and camming kept us close. However, I noticed she was aching for cock and since I had a hunch that she loved black men I figured to give in to what she truly desires, and that’s big muscle stud black guys with huge thick and long cocks attached to heavy black bull balls. So, I noticed the teasing posts she was trading with a black guy she met a few weeks ago on a social karşıyaka escort media site and confronted her about it. At first she denied any wrong doing but I cut her off mid sentence and I simply urged her to contact him as soon as possible and arrange a date to meet him. She was so relieved to have gotten my explicit permission to meet this guy and she wasted no time.Within 2 days she got picked up by this young black thug like dude who took her over to her place and proceeded to inspect her pussy thoroughly. I insisted they make videos and the 1st video sent to me was of him rubbing her glistening and juicy pussy while she asks him meekly if she has a good enough pussy for web camming. This obviously buca escort set the stage for what was to transpire that would take all night and go deep into the next day. And that was hours of him eating her pussy, fingering her pussy, sucking her little puffy milky white titties and fucking her wet, tight pussy til both she and him came multiple times. In fact, she told me she lost count of the amount orgasms she had early into the night and she fucked for hours after that. He must’ve blown so many warm sticky loads in her pussy and in her mouth that he’s probably got dry balls for a week. She then sent me a video of her sucking him off like a pro. She deep throated his thick black cock and got down to the base izmir escort bayan of his dark shaft before slightly gagging. She looked up to the camera with the prettiest smile and with the most beautiful big innocent eyes staring back. The next video she sent was of him fucking her while she lay on top. Once again those gorgeous eyes stare back with a pleading desire for more and more of that dick. Her new black lover tapped the fuck out of my beautiful fiance. He’s gonna make her his bitch for the time being (ofcourse he has to share with other nearby bbc studs) and hopefully fuck her many more times in the future. I’m now more in love with her than ever before and I am convinced we are going to love this new lifestyle. I already have her 2nd bull lover set up to pick her up tonight from her church and we are all so excited about her next BBC experience. I am going to give my love so much black cock in the future and I am going to be so proud of my girl every time she gets fucked by her lovers.deleted

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