Subject: My little buddy Part 5 My little buddy Part 5 By Chaim groeiutrecht@ Reactions are welcome at groeiutrecht@ Thanks to Jack, Db, Matthew, Adam, Derek, Daddny MubP, Jeff, DC for their reactions, comoliments, suggestions and encouragement! English is not my mother tongue (it’s Dutch), so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free! What a trill, what a delight! Samuel stared at my handsome boy, and sure, my little boy was handsome. One hell of a hot, sexy boy. Little Mason giggled in Samuel’s strong arms. Samuel held his breath as his eyes broke wandered over my boy. He looked at his beautiful smooth face, to flow hungrily over his nicely formed chest, and further down that magnificently stuffed little crotch. Samuel got horny again and was loaded, no doubt about that. Samuel still holding my boy tight in his arm as his other arm went down. He stroked Little Mason’s little firm boy butt. He smiled and whispered to me, “What can we do with that little butt?” Samuel lay on my bed and I was sure he was fighting every urge to chase Little Mason down and rape him right there. I turned to lean against the headboard and offered them a grateful smile. “Keep calm and carry on.” That was I always had, to be very protective, a guardian for my Little Mason, always looking out for him. “Thanks Buddy! I will.” Samuel peered out over my boy’s shoulder at me. He understood my message all too well. He wanted to make love to little Mason, an I was sure wanted his cute little boy ass for so long now. I agreed to share my boy with him and was giving him the chance to do so. He was close to let himself go, surrendering to his desire for this cute boy. Samuel wanted him and got my blessing. I knew Little Mason was getting fucked like the boy always wanted. The boy needed to be the object of our desire. Little Mason still in Samuel’s strong arms looked so cute, he tryed not to look me in the eye. The boy’s eyes kept glancing at Samuel’s cock. Little Mason had such pretty eyes like most boys do. He kept biting his lower lip, his lips would look great working on Samuel’s cock, I thought. Our lust for him turned him on and had to relieve itself. I smiled at them and felt the sexual tention in the air. The time was right, so very right. “Yeah, it’s time boy.” Samuel said softly. I smiled at them, “Looks like it, go ahead, we all will enjoy the next steps.” Samuel took Little Mason into his arms, holding him to his chest. He kissed the boy in love and appreciation. The man and boy pushed their hard cocks together. Both released a groan of satisfaction. Samuel reassured Little Mason, “I will be very careful, little one.” Samuel turned his gaze to Little Mason’s near naked body. He couldn’t help but reached out and stroked his smooth chest. He ran his fingers over his soft stomach, and his hand slipped the boy’s briefs down just under his balls, to grab his penis now hanging between his smooth boy legs. Little Mason jarred himself back a little bit and moaned softly in Samuel’s arms. With his left hand Samuel reached out and grabbed his little hard boy cock and stroked it. First Little Mason didn’t move a muscle as Samuel jacked his hard little boy cock. Little Mason’s closed his legs and his small smooth balls were trapped between his closed thighs. “Spread your legs for me, boy. Keep your legs open for me.” Little Mason just looked down at what he was doing. The boy didn’t make eye contact with me. I think he was feeling a little shy having sex with Samuel with me watching them. “It feels good and your little boy cock is hard, isn’t it? I know you like it. Don’t be embarresed or shy, enjoy it!” I whispered to Little Mason. Samuel was reaching for his hand and guiding it to his own aching cock. Little Mason’s hand opened and wrapped itself around his hard cock. Samuel moved his little hand up and down on his cock. Electricity shot through me knowing Samuel was making love to my boy, my Little Mason. Little Little Mason’s raging boy cock stood up tight and hard against his stomach. I whispered to him, “Well that looks good, boy. Love you, boy.” Little Mason slowly turned to face me, he smiled happy, but questions filling his eyes. I nodded to him to relax him, “Do it boy. Feel it, enjoy it. Let go, Samuel will be nice to you and we will enjoy evrything the three of us.” Little Mason looked happy as Samuel felt his smooth legs very softly. First fingers went lightly over his calves and on up to his knees. After light pressure on the inside of his knees, the willing boy opened his smooth legs wider for him. Samuel’s hands continued to caress the inside of his smooth boy thighs as he slowly worked his way to Little Mason’s smooth loaded boy balls. He said looking at the boy’s trobbing boner, “That’s the cutest little cock, I’ve ever seen, boy!” Everything about us screamed for sex. I knew Little Mason was watching my reactions closely. Samuel was nuzzeling his smooth boy balls with his nose and he used his tongue first just onder his balls. Samuel got onto the bed very close to Little Mason and moved him into position by pulling his legs onto his chest and out to the sides. Samuel looked down at Little Mason with lust coupled with disbelief. Now he had a boy so young willingly offering up his little smooth ass for him to use for his sexual gratification. “Wow boy, you are the best!” Samuel licked his smooth balls again and went to the edge of the boy’s sphincter. Little Mason moaned and pushed back on his tongue. Samuel flicking his tongue over his sphincter and his tongue circled around it. He moved onto sucking and chewing the boy’s ass before finally stabbing his hot wet tongue in and out like a tiny cock. All this just inflamed Little Mason. I saw the boy’s cock hunger was intense until it became too much to bear. Little Mason was in heaven with the wonderful feelings flowing through his body, he kept his legs wide open for Samuel. He yelled, “Oh, Samuel, please, give me your cock like Dadddy did!” We both knew Little Mason was ready and we were convinced, the boy was us tonight! Little Mason was lost in his own horny feelings. “Oh Samuel. There’s so much that I want to do with you,” Little Mason remarked made us smile, made in the moment his lust, it sounded nearly too good to be true. Nothing needed to be said. Nothing at all. For as long as I remembered I had admired, worshipped and lusted after Little Mason, I had kept my feelings suppressed, yet as long as we realized the situation had changed and the boy was ready. We all knew there was no going back. Two men and a boy, flesh and blood, loving each other, and now wanting to share the most forbidden of life’s treasures. We wanted it! Samuel licked his lips, I nodded at them, letting them know I was okay. We were ready. Little Mason shivered, “Are you alright, little man?” I heard Samuel ask him. Little Mason nodded and kept his legs wide open for Sanuel. He didn’t move much until Samuel swallowed his trobbing boy cock. Samuel was good! He sucked his foreskin between his lips and washed his little cockhead with his lips. “How does it feel, little buddy?” I heard Samuel ask him. “It feels amazing, Samuel,” Little Mason marveled with an endearing smile while Samuel glided his lips over his boy cock, he went up and down and slid down to the base of his shaft. Soon Little Mason’s cock was wet from Samuel’s spit. It was dripping down from his penis to his boy balls and onto my bed. Without delay Samuel sucked on his boy cock. Little Mason’s penis went in and out of his mouth, giving the young boy an excelent blowjob. In the meanwhile, Little Mason was getting closer and closer to a heavy climax. The boy’s breathing was getting heavier and more rapid and his toes were curling. I saw his penis started to swell and his balls pulled tight to his body. Samuel tightened the muscles in his throat and increased his speed, up and down, while th boy groaned with pleasure. “Fuck, oh fuck!” I heard Little Mason moan. Samuel lay next to Little Mason and sucked on his boy cock. I watched their hot sex. Little Mason was young, so he was able to keep going, I watched them all the time. I couldn’t believe how Samuel was able to keep him on the edge. The boy got sucked and he moved his hips with Samuel’s sucking mouth, he fucked Samuel’s mouth with his movements. Little Mason needed his orgasm, he moaned, “Oh, this kocaeli escort bayan is do good. Please, please…” Samuel groaned with him, “Oh shit boy, I’d love this, baby!” “Yeah, do it, make my boy happy!” I moaned, and I watched unashamedly as Samuel went down on him, deep throating his penis and expertly sucking it up and down. The boy balled up his fists and slammed them down on the mattress as he released a powerful cum shot. “That’s it boy, fire that load. Oh boy, what a damn long stream of cum.” Little Mason screamed as the first great shot of cum fired out from his penis. I watched his enjoyment more closely. “Ah yes… shoot it, boy!” I said expressing great joy at watching the boy cum. “So good, boy. That’s it, baby. Give us all of it,” Samuel urged. Little Mason’s first shot was so forceful that it took Samuel by surprise. He took his mouth away and Little Mason’s boy cock erupted again, a second shot soaked Samuel with cum. My buddy started to swallow just as the third shot blasted off, as he gulped his first load down. Samuel’s mouth was still dripping with his boy cum. I smiled at them and heard Samuel moan. To the boy’s absolute astonishment, Samuel raked an index finger into his belly button, taking a sample of his boy cum that had puddled there. He licked it and then swallowed. “Nice, boy. Very nice!” I watched with both amazement and desire as Samuel licked his cum and swallowed it. I cast my gaze their way to let them know that I was looking forward to taking their loads too. I watched Little Mason’s eyes close as he relaxed. Almost as if in slow motion Samuel slipped his arms around him again and pulled him close. Little Mason rested his head on his chest and felt Samuel’s arms easing around him. He began slowly rubbing one of his hands up and down Little Mason’s back, exploring his shoulder blades and then down to the small of his back, over and over. “Damn, boy, you are so cute!” Samuel whispered hoarsely. His own cock began engorging. I saw it stiffening. Rising to its full glory. Little Mason moved his little hands down onto Samuel’s pecs. The boy felt his chest muscles. He smiled happy, Samuel was letting him touch them. Little Mason and Samuel pressed their bodies together, man and boy, feeling, touching. Samuel took Little Mason’s hand. “See how my muscles expand as you touch them, boy?” Samuel kept his hands over his, directing where they went and what they did. The boy’s hands went on, they touched and stroked. Samuel’s chest was moving up and down under their hands as he breathed. I realized I was breathing fast too, just looking at them. My heart was pumping hard like it was trying to escape from my chest, this was so hot to watch. Samuel took his hands off Little Mason’s hands. The boy did not know what to do, so he left them on Samuel’s chest, his muscular pecs. Samuel’s skin was warm, it was smooth, it was hard and toned. Little Mason felt his chest expanding and contracting as his little hands lay flat on his chest. “That’s it, boy!” Samuel said as I saw his muscles move. “Feel how broad my muscles are, feel them. You are a boy, I am a man, like Daddy, feel it, enjoy it. When you are older you will have muscles like that.” Samuel smiled at the boy. He liked how Little Mason, a boy, nearly a teenager, admired him. As he felt his hands fingers caressing his chest. Samuel could see a wave of excitement overtaking the boy. The young facial expression of euphoria pleased Samuel. It surprised us when Little Mason said, “Damn Samuel! I just didn’t know an older guy has a chest as hot as yours!” We laughed. Samuel said, “Well, not every man, but you will have a chest like Daddy and me.” The boy kissed his chest and I noticed how Samuel’s nipples were proud on his chest offering themselves to Little Mason’s little boy tongue. He shifted his position to allow the boy to get at him easier. I watched as Little Mason lips sucked down hard on his nipples. Samuel’s fine nipple offered itself to the boy, it was so exciting and tremendous hot to see them play together. The feeling of his hot tip against Little Mason’s tongue sparked great fires of lust in both of them. Samuel moaned when the boy began to chew at his right nipple. Little Mason’s boy cock was at full mast. I loved them and wanted them to enjoy every second and heard Samuel moan deeper and deeper while Little Mason’s tongue and teeth played with his man nipples. “Oh, you know just what to do to make me crazy, boy,” Samuel whispered in a sexually ravaged voice, “Go on, boy. My nipples are so sensitive, too easy to tease. That is so good, my boy.” He grabbed the bedposts with his hands, stretching his tits up and making them tight for Little Mason’s pleasures. The position displayed the total expanse and beauty of his chest. Rushes of heavy air escaped from his lips. He ached from the sexual high of Little Mason sucking harder on the sweetness of his nipples. “Suck it, boy, don’t play with me. Suck hard to my manly nipple. Oh, yes, Please suck it good. That is so good, my boy!” The boy was totally in to it. He brought his knee up, allowing him to feel the hardness of Samuel’s cock. I could hardly believe how fast they got so close together. The lusty young boy continued to lick, kiss and suck across Samuel’s chest, enjoying the feeling. “Shit that feels so good. So good, boy,” Samuel exhaled. I smiled, my mind flashed to the many times I had seen Samuel naked and admired his toned body and played with those sexy nipples. Suddenly Samuel stopped the boy and said to him, “Oh little man, this feels so good, but now it your turn, boy, let’s check you out.” Samuel reached took Little Mason by his wrists and placed his arms by his side. He reached over and held his shoulders, pulling them back, squeezing them, pulling them apart, making his boy chest stick out. Samuel’s hands slipped down his boy chest and moved to his sides under his arms. Samuel moved his thumbs so they were on his little boy pecs, he placed them right over Little Mason’s nipples. He began to massage the boy’s nipples, pinching them very softly. “Need to loosen those chest muscles,” he said as he massaged his boy nipples. Oh God, my cock was leaking precum watching them. The boy’s shyness kept him passive, but Samuel didn’t seem to mind. He was smiling and kept saying these sweet nothings to Little Mason. I saw a blush rise on the boy’s face, but he did want this. Little Mason just lay there passively breathing heavily. Samuel lowered his head to his boy chest and began to lick around his little nipples and that earned him a quiet moan. Samuel started to kiss his little nipples and pushed the boy back onto the bed. Feeling my own hard cock I whispered to Little Mason, “Boy, you are ready for this!” The conviction in my voice and the pleasure from his nipples and penis was too much. All of little Mason’s restraint just slid away. Samuel began to run his hands over the smooth boy’s body as he was teething on his nipples. I’d never seen that so intense before, the boy’s pain was his pleasure! Little Mason’s groaned and trembled. Samuel left his nipples and his hands went to his butt cheeks and Little Mason groaned louder. I saw Samuel’s hands go around on his smooth boy butt, and he held him close. He started feeling up his perfect little butt cheeks, rubbing them real nice. Samuel grabbed a cheek in each hand and pulled them apart. “Oh boy, what a butt!” I felt Samuel’s rising hunger of dominating Little Mason’s perfect boy butt. Samuel needed Little Mason’s surrender, totally, completely, not to some external force, but to his own need. The boy must have felt it deep down, his body trembeled and he surrendered to that youthful power of his own sexual needs. Samuel felt it. It started feeling really good, and my own cock got real hard. “You are as happy as I am, boy.” “You must be very happy.” Samuel grinned. The boy hung on him real tight, they were so close, their bodies pressed into each other. “That’s the way, I knew what you want. I will to give it to you. I know what you need, boy.” Little Mason blushed. Samuel laughed, “You are so beautiful!” he shouted. “My cock can make you happy. You need me inside you.” Little Mason could barely breathe, but he nodded. “I have the same need to be inside you as your new Daddy had. I need to plant my cum deep inside your sweet, beautiful body. I need to look in your eyes and see that you are mine when I have kocaeli sınırsız escort my release.” said Samuel, “Oh boy and I see your eyes. You wanted it all the way,” and their energy grew more powerful, flowing throughout their bodies with each touch. Samuel demanded Little Mason surrender and at some level. The boy knew it, he felt it, and groaned, “Oh, my God… Do it! Please! Do it!” I moved in and reached out to stroke my hand over Little Mason’s boy chest, occasionally, pinching his hard boy nipples, the way Samuel did with his teeth. “Oh, Daddy, please!” My thumb and forefinger squeezed a little harder, fed by my boy’s groan and the tremble that quaked through his little body. Each time I did this, gasps and moans became more pronounced as they escaped from deep in his throat. Samuel leaned in again. Their lips met and they kissed. I joined their fun. Noses danced for position, tongues tangoed and took on their own swordplay. We were taking turns to invade deeply into his warm moistness of Little Mason’s open mouth. A deep groan erupted from Little Mason’s gut and sailed through his lips, “Oh fuck.” Samuel’s hands caressed their way upward from my boy’s waist, across his belly and perfectly boy chest. He kneaded the boy’s shoulders for several moments and then began exerting pressure. Looking into his eyes, he gave one of those smiles that always melted his willing boys. “Show me, boy,” he said as he pushed harder, guiding Little Mason to his knees. My boy knelt before Samuel staring at the cock that jutted from his crotch. It was a beautiful sight, my boy really worships his man cock. Samuel’s balls hung low between his thighs. Samuel’s balls were as naturally hairless as his chest and abs. Slowly, nearly hypnotized by the awesome sight my boy looked at me. I asked him, “You like your Samuel’s cock, boy?” Little Mason smiled at me, “Yes Daddy, it looks big and beautiful.” Little Mason leaned forward and took that pulsating, already dripping cock into his little boy mouth. “Yeah that’s it, boy. Suck it. Show me your skills,” Samuel cooed as he felt my boys wet, warm mouth envelop his raging cock. He grabbed Little Mason’s head to steady himself as he felt the pleasure. It didn’t take long. A button was pushed and Samuel’s brain kicked into hid pure lust mode, he closed his eyes and groaned, “Oh yes, boy!” Little Mason couldn’t get enough of Samuel’s cock and the wonderful scent of his crotch. He closed his eyes for a moment as his nose burrowed into his Samuel’s crotch and he took a long, slow, deep breath of his wonderful scent. He looked so happy this way! I noticed up their already high level of lust. Little Mason was sucking, slurping and licking like a mad boy, his tongue bathed every ridge, every vein. He lapped at the piss slit, licking up the large drops of sweet and pre-cum that were steadily flowing as signs to Samuel’s increasing levels of arousal. Little Mason’s tongue dove for them in ecstasy. Licking, lapping, getting more and more of Samuel. I moved in to hold my boy’s head and Samuel fucked his mouth. He did not skip a beat and took the hip action and deep penetration with hardly any gagging. “Okay, open wide your little mouth and be a good boy.” Samuel pulled out his cock and stroked it quickly. My little boy just was on his knees with his mouth open waiting for his man milk. Samuel re-entered him and fucked his face for all it was worth. Samuel whispered, “Wow boy, you are a natural! You’ve got your lips around my cock, there’s no turning back now. All right, I’m going to pull out, all the way to the head, and when I pull out, I need you to suck my cock as hard as you possibly can. Suck the cum right out of my balls.” Little Mason did as he said. Samuel began sliding his cock out of Little Mason’s mouth. The boy sucked as hard as he could, his slurping echoing off the walls. “Oh fuck!” Samuel said, shoving his cock back in. “Do it again boy! And again! Again!” He was shoving his cock down his little boy throat, pulling it out, and shoving it again, his hands pushing Little Mason down on his cock. “Keep going boy, keep going! Oh fuck, this is hot.” This went on and he pulled Little Mason off his cock. “Oh boy, fuck, oh fuck,” He said in fast succession. Pre-cum and saliva dripped out of his little boy mouth immediately and fell on his chin and the bedspread. “Oh fuck, you’re a natural boy. Please go on, you give the best head I’ve ever had.” After a few minutes, Samuel felt he had to stop him from taking him over the edge. He pulled his cock from Little Mason’s vacuuming mouth and rolled back, gasping for air, his knees shaking. “What’s wrong?” Little Mason choked out as he knelt in place, now stroking his own throbbing boy cock. “Why do you stop me?” “Nothing, boy. Nothing’s wrong. You’re just too good, I wanted it to last,” Samuel whispered as he reached out to tenderly run the back of his hand across my boy’s cheek. His fingers trailed upward to sift through his hair. “You are a fucking good boy.” This was more than I could ever wish for. Little Mason was a cute and obedient little boy with a tight boy ass who needed our attention. Little Mason, my boy, my little lover, wanted to be teached averything about sex. He loves me and my best buddy Samauel, serving our needs. I was sure, this was just the beginning! The first of many wonderful sessions to come. Little Mason realised that he could enjoy sex with us, that it was not something to be ashamed of but to be proud of. The boy did everything for me and it was for me to share this with my best buddy. Still I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening here, it was too awesome. I was definitely sure that this was amazing. Little Mason was an incredible boy who had become my very willing sex and play partner. I had dreamed of this, and I dared to let myself think that the lustful feeling might just be mutual. What I needed was some way to test that our feeling were mutual to be sure. I was sure now! Little Mason didn’t fight his own feeling, he was my boy. It was so cool, I wanted it to happen, and so did he and did Samuel. My buddy showed already he was eager for my boy. I felt Samuel needed a break, my buddy didn’t want to cum too soon and to joy more and more. “You’re sure, Samuel?” My buddy nodded, “He is the best, but I need a tiny break. I’m afraid I will come all over the place. I can’t hold back if I let him go on, he is a devilish little sex machine. Oh, man, how delicious! It is too good!” Samuel bent down and kissed him on his forehead. “It was great, little one, but my penis gets really sensitive just when I’m about to shoot my load. It’s a little too much good feeling and I’m afraid I can’t hold back, that’s all.” The boy looked a little disappointed, “Oh! Okay! So I did it good, then?” “Yup! But I think I need to teach you to go slow, too. You wanna learn more ways to make us feel good?” The boy’s big smile was back, “Yes, I want to learn everything! I smiled as my fingers slipped inside the waistband of my boxer shorts, feeling my own hardness there. My boy was ready to do anything we wanted. I loved Little Mason so very much! At this moment his deep love for my boy knew no bounds and I knew we could ask him anything. He would anything that we wanted. Anything! No matter what! Little Mason panted and looked at my movements, “Teach me everything, Daddy!” Little Mason begged, his eyes were glued to us. I slowly pulled my boxer shorts down and when the waistband cleared the end of my cock, it sprang up and smacked against my belly. “Holy fuck,” Samuel couldn’t contain his amazement. He chuckled and said to me, “Sometimes you amaze me.” “Sometimes I amaze myself. So come on, did my boy got a mouthful of your cock or not?” “Yes, he did! He is perfect!” Little Mason fell to his knees and grabbed my cock in both little hands and started massaging it. The boy looked up and smiled nervously, his lust driven eyes were glazed in sexual heat. He begged me, “Teach me, Daddy, teach me everything!” With some coaching my boy was soon taking my cock inside his mouth and it went slowly deeper and deeper. My boy could take it halfway down his throat. Little Mason gagged and choked a few times and tears streamed down his cheeks but he kept at it. Taking direction from me and breathed deep and soon, he was sucking my cock, taking it deeper and deeper. He loved and worshiped my cock! izmit anal yapan escort I didn’t do anything, just gave my boy the total pleasure he deserved. Little Mason took most inches of my cock in his little boy mouth before it reached the back of his throat. The smooth purple head snaked its way deep into his wide open boy mouth and across his tongue and I was in heaven as his lips and tongue cradled it and surrounded it, providing a hot, wet tight channel for my cock. I moaned with pleasure and affection, “Oh God boy, suck me boy, suck Daddy’s cock, you make me feel so good, baby. Suck it, please suck it, just do it!” Samuel stood next to my bed, with his eyes fixed on Little Mason’s bobbing head, not believing what was going on. Loving every moment of it. “Wow, he deep-throats you!” Without hesitation Samuel slipped one hand between his thighs and he began stroking with his fingers across his tight boy hole. It drove the boy insane! Little Mason spread his smooth boy legs wider so Samuel’s fingers could have better access and soon they were buried to the first knuckle in his tight little boy hole. “Yes, that’s it, little boy. That’s it,” I moaned out my encouragement. He didn’t need much prodding, however he kept on bobbing and licking and sucking. Getting more and more turned on. It was pure Little Mason, my sexy boy. Sexy and for a little boy very powerful his own way. I wouldn’t be able to withstand his sucking little mouth much longer. Just before I got to the point of no return, I pulled my cock from his mouth and moved back. I was gasping for breath, panting and I grasped my cock and squeezed hard to force my cum back into my loaded balls. I looked into Little Mason’s adoring eyes, and saw his lust and passion. I had seen that animal hunger for my cum a few more times. Similar circumstances, very different partners as we speak, but none of them was like my boy, my Little Mason. I stood up and we embraced, buried our tongues in each other’s mouth. Searching for him, exploring each other, possessing him as my little boy and lover. There was desire and passion flowing between us. It was like nothing that either of us had ever felt before. Samuel smiled at us and I lifted my boy off the floor and moved him onto the bed where I put him gently down and fell on top of him. Our lust rising by the second, two man and a boy, all horny. Fingers caressed and explored every inch of the other’s body that they could reach. We finally broke our embrace. Samuel waved his cock at my boy, “Can I put it in again, boy?” “Oh yes, yes! Of course you can,” Little Mason said, eager to get his hot hard cock in his mouth. It a wonderful experience for all of us. Samuel parted his lips with the swollen knob of his hot hard throbbing cock and held his head in his hands as he slowly slid his cock in and out of his young little mouth. Seeing his hot hard throbbing smooth cock slide in and out of my boy’s mouth was great. Little Mason’s boy cock became hard again. Having Samuel’s cock in his mouth felt so natural for my boy. Little Mason’s instinct took over as he began to use his tongue to lick his shaft and began to suck Samuel’s cock. “Oh yes boy. Suck my cock.” Samuel gasped as he continued fucking his young eager mouth with his cock as his hard cock throbbed in his mouth. Samuel stopped sliding his cock in and out of his little boy mouth and left me to it. I sucked on his hard cock, licking his swollen sensitive knob and listened to his moans of pleasure. Little Mason took over again with his sexy hard cock as Samuel told him how to take him deeper. It looked beautiful and made my own cock harder. “Lick my balls, boy.” Samuel instructed. My boy did as he was told and began to lick his low hanging balls. Samuel’s cock throbbed and jerked about and I heard him moan with pleasure. I began to caress them as my boy licked Samuel’s balls. This felt so good to work together on Samuel, which made it so exciting. Samuel instructed me to suck his balls. I took one into my mouth and sucked on it, gently tugging at it. At the same time, half out of instinct and half from tutoring Little Mason was giving him a good blow job. Samuel was quietly moaning with pleasure so I knew we were doing it right. I felt so horny and Little Mason was enthusiast as a kid and acted like a grown up and I realized why I liked boys his age so much. Samuel told my boy, “Take my cock firmly and pull back my foreskin, boy.” Little Mason firmly gripped his shaft of his throbbing cock and pulled back his foreskin, exposing all of his red swollen mushroom knob. I admired my sexy young boy busy with Samuel’s hard cock. “Lick my cock head, boy!” Samuel instructed him and without hesitation he moved closer and began to flick his tongue all over his knob. When he did, Samuel let out a quiet moan of pleasure. Little Mason licked all over his glans as if it was his favorite ice cream, and must have tasted his salty pre-cum. Occasionally I looked to see their expression of pleasure. Little Mason’s cute boyish face was in ecstasy as he licked Samuel’s cock. After a while Samuel gasped, “Suck it again, boy.” and Little Mason did as instructed. The boy took his swollen gland between his lips and sucked on it as he took care of it with his tongue. “Oh yes!” Samuel gasped. “Suck up and down on it.” Soon he was bobbing his head up and down his cock, sucking and licking his sensitive knob as I played with my buddy’s loaded balls. We were loving it, I knew why I felt so good, in Samuel and Little Mason I had found friends like myself. Little Mason was getting carried away on sucking Samuel’s sexy hard cock. As he did so Samuel gave him tips and words of encouragement. I saw the tension began to rise in Samuel and his words ceased as his breathing became heavier and faster. Instinct kicked in again and Little Mason began to suck Samuel’s cock harder and faster, which made him moan more and more. Samuel thighs tensed up, yet I did know what this forecasted. Suddenly Samuel gasped, “Don’t stop! Please!” It made Little Mason to suck him harder as he sucked and licked the underside of his cock head. Samuel held his head and arched his back as his cock gave a powerful throb and he yelped out with pleasure. Samuel shook with desire, wanting more of this. Needing more, but he couldn’t handle more. Samuel’s body demanded more, he looked deep into Little Mason’s eyes and found himself getting lost in them. Samue face flushed under the glowing warmth of his smile, their intense closeness. It was as if Little Mason knew what was running through his mind. We all knew Samuel was close, there was no way back this time. He needed his orgasm, he needed to fill Little Mason with his cum. “Uh, uh, uh!” Samuel grunted. My buddy looked at me and Little Mason sucked even faster. Our gaze froze and we stared into each other’s eyes as Samuel’s orgasm swelled from the center of his body and into his throbbing cock. Samuel curled his toes into his ankles. It all set his nuts boiling toward a volcanic eruption, “Oh boy, take my load!” Samuel moaned when his first jet of cum was released. “My cum is yours, boy!” He yelled! The first shot of semen went off. Little Mason stared at him with wide-eyed amazement while his orgasm rocked his body with waves of pleasure. Samuel had a mind-blowing orgasm that soon would surely crash over him in waves, he had not stopped to gasp for breath. His whole body was flushed with desire. He was trembling, and didn’t really know why, or understood why he loved this kid’s sexy body so much. Samuel squirted his salty stringy liquid into Little Mason’s open boy mouth, his cum shot into my boy’s mouth and I was transfixed by the sight. Samuel’s looked down and pushed his stiff cock as deep into Little Mason’s mouth as he could. Little Mason whimpered and his little boy body stiffened, his moans were muffled on Samuel’s cock as cum shot out of his cock and into his wide open boy mouth. Samuel withdrew his cock partway out of Little Mason’s mouth. Little Mason swallowed Samuel’s hot cum as he whispered, “Wow, that was great. Thanks little buddy!” He panted, “Oh fuck, you are the best. Did you like it, boy?” “Yes, oh yes!” Little Mason breathlessly replied. and I watched them enjoying Samuel’s orgasm. Samuel pulled his cock out of my boy’s mouth and Little Mason held his lips tightly. Samuel gasped as his cock started squirting again! Another load followed, a thinner stream of cum shot into the air, hitting Little Mason’s face, chest, and abdomen. Please let me know what you think. Reactions are welcome ail English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free!

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