My Little Girl is Busted

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My Little Girl is BustedMy Little Girl is Busted.[/b/]=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*On Sunday morning I awoke to a text from Mistress Lisa. “Give me your credit card information so I can order some fun for Thursday.” I considered the demand for a couple of minutes. Another text came through with a picture of me in action with my co-worker. “Want me to include Mom on my next text?”I sent her the information.So Thursday morning comes and as Tina fixes her lunch and I drink my coffee and scroll through some internet crap, Lisa appears in the hallway and motions me to be quiet and come to her. So I get up and act like I am going to the restroom which is convenient. Lisa then leads me into small half bath. “Drop your pants,” she commands as she takes a seat on the closed seat of the toilet. I start to protest and she says, “You may like what you get, now drop them or Mom and I are going to have fun watching a video I have….” I dropped my drawers.To be honest, when she reached out and grabbed my balls I momentarily thought she was going to give me a blowjob and my prick gave a nice little jump! Lisa laughed. “Even your prick knows to jump when I am around!” She then reaches down into a bag at her feet and removes two metal half circles and puts them around the point where my torso and gonad join as well as my dick. She lines up the screws of the top with holes in the bottom half and using a quiet battery operated screwdriver she tightens it up to an almost painful degree! Then she stuffs my cock in this curled pipe, attaches a rubber coated strip of metal that fits into the notch on the underside of the sleeve and hinges it locked to either side of the clamp. She locks it in place with a tiny key lock and using a beaded chain like a room fan chain, fastens the tip of the tube down to the bottom of my nuts! “There! Now go have fun at work. I have all kinds of ideas about what you are going to have to do to get that off tonight!” she laughed, stood, slapped my face lightly and then pushed past me and out into the hall.I quickly pulled up my pants and went out, kissed Tina, my wife and ran out the door for work! All day long the weight and uncomfortable unfamiliar nature of the device reminded me that I was just hours away from yet another session with Mistress Lisa. I knew she was choosing some wicked and vile manner by which she could humiliate me and force me to degrade myself before her. I watched the clock during meetings and kept checking my phone for any additional instructions. There were none.I raced home and as I closed the front door behind me I turned and saw Mistress Lisa looking like something out of my fantasies. Her flaming red hair pulled back, she was encased in shiny black rubber. From the top of her breasts down to the tall black platform black latex thigh boots, she was the very image of a Professional Dominatrix!! I now understood where my $675 dollars had gone!With a flourish of her riding crop she pointed at the toe of her boots. “Start shining my new outfit you worthless piece of shit! I want you spit polishing every bit of my outfit with your lazy tongue!” I put my computer bag next to the door and sank to my knees and crawled over to begin kissing the toe of her boot and working my way all around her foot.“So how are your worthless cock and balls? Is it frustrating to not even be able to get hard? Take your clothes off. I want to see my toys.” I stood up and stripped. Lisa stepped up to me bursa escort and cupped the only part of me available, my nuts, and squeezed…hard. I moaned and shuddered as the room began to lose focus!Laying her crop down, she picked something else up in her hand s and then told me to turn around. I did. She told me to bend over at the waist and I closed my eyes and did as she commanded. She spit into my ass crack and with a finger started working the spit into me as a lube. With no further preparation, she shoved a finger in and out of my ass a couple of times as I grunted. Then she shoved something slightly larger and round in. It went in. Then I was stunned to realize my ass seemed to pop closed around it!!!“What the hell did you just put in my ass? How are you getting it back out?!” I screamed as I whirled around to look Lisa in the eye. I was willing to put up with a lot, but I was not going to tolerate her putting something inside of me that was going to require a doctor to pull back out!Mistress Lisa just stared at me for a moment and as she did I began to realize that there was what felt like a button sticking sideways across the puckered center of my bottom. Lisa turned, picked up a device a little thicker than a credit card and she pushed her thumb on one part and deep within me something started to shake and vibrate! Every time she moved her finger, I felt the strange vibrations almost enticing my cock to grow!! I was almost as if it were being stimulated from the inside out!!!Raising an eyebrow, Mistress Lisa looked at me and said, “I am not stupid, though I am beginning to think that you are much more stupid than I ever dreamed!” Bringing her hand all the way up from her hip, the slap landed hard enough to cause my head to spin and to force me to take a step back. She split my lip and I bit my tongue. For a moment I wondered if possibly I had bit part of my tongue clear off!!!I was so stunned and focused on my mouth that I did not even comprehend what she was doing as she folded the length of her leash in half, looped half around my neck and a moment later, pulled hard on the chain from behind and I felt it choke off my wind! (reached up and tried to claw myself free as she hissed. “You just became my slave for another month for turning on me! And what was going to be a real nice little fun afternoon for us both has now changed! Do you understand me?”I nodded my head and she loosened the grip on my throat and I sucked in the air. “Now, let’s get out to the garage where you are going to take your shirt off and put your hand cuffs on and you are going to learn all over again to be my bitch!”She pushed me toward the garage and I went without a fight. I could easily have overpowered her but I knew that she still had the blackmail and so I submitted. I took off my shirt and began to undo my pants, but she told me to stop. Instead she had me hand cuff myself. She took a long rope and tied it to the center of the cuffs and tossed the remainder over the garage door bars. She told me to stand on two bricks she had put on the floor and I did as I watched her walk over to our four-wheeler. As she walked to the front of it I groaned. She had made a loop in the rope and made me raise my hands up to in front of my face. She then attached the loop to the winch and turned the battery on to activate the winch. Seconds later I was standing on my toes on the bricks and hanging from my wrists.“Now you will learn. You see, I had planned on leaving you in the chastity device bursa escort bayan and humping you with that on and then after I had cum a few times, allow you to actually fuck my cunt since the first time you did it you failed to get me pregnant. But now the rules have changed. I want your dick hard from the get go and then I am going to turn it into a pin-cushion. I may even tattoo my name in the length of it! Mistress on one side and Lisa on the other!! I am going to beat your balls black blue and bloody and then I am going to take pictures of this and so help me if you ever disobey mee again I will put them online on your business website!!”She then began undoing my pants in a none too gentle fashion. She clawed my chest a couple of times in the process and it quickly became very apparent to me that I was in real danger! My flesh was stretched and just her fingernails were enough to draw leave crimson droplets building and then running over my very white flesh!Naked and vulnerable, she quickly released my privates from the locked down cell they had been in. Then she did something I had not expected. She walked away from me and turned, showing she had unzipped the latex top. “No one ever tells you how fucking hot it is wearing this! But I guess letting you see me naked is not a bad thing. It might make this even more fun!” Her large firm freckled breasts with their thick hard nipples did indeed have a sheen of sweat on them as did her belly. I watched as she unzipped the hidden inner seam on each boot, stepped out and wiggled her athletic long legs out of the rubber pants as well. “I hope you like what you are staring at you dirty old prick!” Fondling her breasts she said, “You like my big old tits, just like all of the boys do. I have fucked a dozen different boys at school. Most of them weren’t as big as you. I also fucked two teachers; three if you count Ms. Sanchez!” She smiled at me wickedly. “And I have fucked Andy, your golfing buddy and Tim Sweet and Andy Barr and Juan Carter Valendez. You know them. They are men that you let me babysit for. All I have ever had to do was show them a little cleavage, smile and put my hand on their thigh and every one of them wanted to fuck me just like you!”She pulled over a table and climbed up on it and stood in front of me on it. “This pussy right here, Your little girl’s wet and dripping cunt. Your Mistress’s glorious slit has had almost two dozen dicks in it and the funny thing is, you want to get into it again. You want to fuck it and then eat your own cum from it! Look at you! You can’t fucking take your eyes off of it except to look up at my tits! You disgusting dirty old fuck! No wonder I am whore with parents like you!” She was stretching her labia and moving fingers in and out, showing me all of her and she was right. I wanted her. I wanted to pound her and fill her up! She squatted down on the table and with one hand on my shoulder, reached down and grabbed my cock. To my surprise, I was stiff as a board! “Pervert. You want to fuck the woman who has already said she is going to hurt you and beat you to within an inch of your life and all you can think about is how you would allow me to do anything to you just so you could wind up with your dick in me. Pathetic!!”Sitting back on the table, she put her feet on my hips and her hips on the edge of the table. “I am going to cum and I am going to cum and squirt all over you, because you want your whore of a daughter to show you how wet she gets!” She started escort bursa rubbing herself and fingering her cunt as she kept up a vile monologue of sexual descriptions of the things she liked or was going to do to me. I kept my eyes on her. I could see the movement but I did not look to confirm it. Mistress Lisa was rapidly approaching the one and only thing that mattered to her. The surprise was complete when her peripheral vision saw her Mother take the last step toward her. Her eyes flew open wide as she fell back on the table. She did not even know Tina’s hand had anything in it as it came around and hit her in her shoulder. She did not even know she was doing it when her bladder released and sprayed me with urine as the electricity knocked her silly.Tina pulled handcuffs of her own out of her pocket and pulled the one limp arm back over the side of the table. She flipped the other arm over the other adjoining side of the table so the girl’s head rested on a corner of the table. Tina cuffed the wrists behind the table leg. With Velcro leg weights around her ankles and then bungee corded them beneath the table to her handcuffs just as the girl began moving again.“What the hell was that?” I heard Lisa mumble numbly as Tina walked over to the winch and lowered the tension.“That, was a purchase I made this week.” Tina said. Your father and I had a long talk. We may not be happy with each other, but we have agreed to put those differences aside at least for one day. For the next 24 hours, you are going to pay for every word, every touch and every bit of hell you have put me through now for months and him for weeks. We have even taken tomorrow off from work so we don’t have to take a break until Monday if we want.”“Monday is Labor Day. We can keep at this until Tuesday.” I said as I stepped down from the bricks. Tina came over and picking up the keys from the pile of clothes Lisa had shed, she unlocked my handcuffs and then walked over and grabbed one of her glassy eyed little girl’s nipples and gave it a savage twist!Leaning over I reached behind me and found the stopper for the butt plug in my ass. Relaxing I took a deep breath and then removed it.“You can’t don’t this. You both submitted to me voluntarily. I am not. Now fucking stop and let me up.” She was starting to get her attitude back and I looked over at Tina who was lightly fingering the stun gun. I smiled and walked over to the table from the other side.“Open up sweetie, I have a nice tasty but plug for you!” I said with all of the saccharine I could muster. She glared at me and clamped her mouth closed. “Wrong answer.” I said. The jolt hit her in more or less the same shoulder and her mouth flew open as she shrieked. I dropped the toy in her mouth as her Mother pulled the probes away from the shoulder. Putting my hand over her mouth I smiled as she panted around the plug. “You seem to have enjoyed telling me and your mother that we could do things the easy way or the hard. For the next five days you may want to heed your own advice.” I smiled at her.“So where shall we start?” Tina asked.“Your choice,” I replied. “Since she has been abusing you longer,An evil smile crossed her face. “Go get the box of candles she stores over in the cabinet. She seemed to enjoy using those on me quite a bit. I think it is time to find out for myself how much fun they can be.” I turned and walked away as I watched her lean over her only c***d. “You taught me a lot. But my imagination had me worried about many other things. Now it is my turn to unleash those things on you!” With that, Tina grabbed Lisa’s jaw and licked it and I shuddered.=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*Tables reverse!!!

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