My Little Sister’s New Job Part 6

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My Little Sister’s New Job Part 6Thursday NightRachel looked at the screen in horror. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Her older son committing sodomy on her young daughter. Mike being forceful with Marissa, pulling her hair, shoving her face into the sofa. He roughly fucked her ass while Marissa teared up. Rachel turned off the video. She couldn’t believe this was happening, how she never was aware of it. Rachel started crying. “It’s all my fault. It happened again.” She thought angrily. “I should have stayed at home like it used to be instead of going back to work, Mike would have never abused Marissa!”Rachel used to be a nurse before she met her husband. They married months after meeting and soon she was pregnant with Mike. Rachel and her husband decided that she should quit her job and be a stay at home mom because he made really good money. Twelve years went by and everything was going fine but just before Marissa was born things started to change. Her husband started staying out later than usual, he drank more frequently and gambling started to become an issue. Five years later everything started going to shit. The husband was fired from his job, Rachel was about to lose the house, bills were going unpaid, her husband started stealing around the house and taking loans that he could never pay. He became an abusive gambling drunk.It all came to ahead one night. Rachel was sleeping and at 4:15 a.m. her husband arrived home. Stumbling through the house he finally went upstairs but he never went to the room he and Rachel shared. Maybe he needed help so she got up from the bed to find him, he was abusive but she still cared for him. She walked out, she looked around but couldn’t find him then Rachel heard a voice repeating something she couldn’t understand. She followed it to Marissa’s room and she quietly opened the door. She saw her husband on the bed, on top of Marissa, she got closer and heard what he was saying under his slurred speech.“Daddy, loves you. Daddy loves you.” Repeating again and again like a mantra.She’s horrified by what she sees. Her husband has taken Marissa’s pajama bottoms off, he is jerking his flaccid penis trying to get it inside his daughter. Rachel grabbed her husband and pulled him away from her daughter, who is luckily still asleep. He stumbles and falls face first to the floor.“What the fuck is wrong with you?” She yells at her husband. He mumbled something as he tries to get up but in his drunken state it is difficult. “I… wasn’t do- doing anything.” He said as he stood up.“You tried to ra-” she couldn’t get that ugly word out of her mouth, she was still in shock and angry. “Mommy?” She heard Marissa say behind her. She was clutching the sheet, she was scared and didn’t understand what was happening.“How fucking dare you do something like that, huh? What kind of man are you to do something like that to your daughter?” She walked up angrily at him shoving a finger to his chest.He strikes her across the face. “I can do… whatever the f-fuck I want bitch.” He stumbles as he goes again to hit her. She calls out for Mike to help her but she forgot that he isn’t living in the house anymore. He punches her, she goes flying against the wall and hits her head hard. Realizing what he has done the husband leaves the room. He drunkenly walks out of the house into his car and drives away. When she regained consciousness there was an EMT taking care of her and a female police officer comforting Marissa.Her husband died of a car crash two miles from the house. She never told Mike what exactly his father did that caused his death. Rachel lived for a little bit on what little savings she hid from her husband and things she sold. His death didn’t leave anything, he stopped paying his insurance policy to keep gambling. Mike offered to help monetarily, at eighteen he was on his way to six figures due to savvy investments he made with the money he worked for since he was a k**, but she declined wanting to hide that reality from her c***dren. Mike left the house when he caught his dad stealing $1,000 he had in cash in his room and got his own house once he could.That’s where Rachel and Marissa ended up once they lost the house. Mike told his mom not to worry about anything, he’ll take care of them. A few years when by and she decided to go back to work. A few part time jobs here and there until she was able to go back to working at a hospital. She spent years paying debts her dead husband accrued not wanting help from her son. She lived in his house and grew to depend on him, telling herself that it is only temporary until she can finally settle everything and start over.Now it has been eight years and look at how things are. She doesn’t know what to do going forward. She’s on the bed at four o’clock in the morning on her day off looking at the laptop frozen in indecision. Deep inside her she wishes to have never bought that dashcam she wanted for her car, to never have left it charging in the living room and accidentally hitting record. To never have picked it up for a month without using it anyway and curiously connecting it to her laptop. Looking at her phone, she contemplated calling the police so they can take Mike away. She hesitated to do it, her love for her son was still blinding her from doing the right thing. “Not only would they take him but Marissa too. I would be judged a horrible mother and lose my k**s forever.” She thought horrified at those consequences.She thought of confronting him and kicking him out of the house but then she remembered that this is not her house and he would probably kick her and Marissa out. The only thing she could do then for the safety of Marissa was leave the house but only recently was she able to pay off everything and she has no money to start over let alone take care of her daughter. The only place she has to go is her parents and she doesn’t like the idea. She never got along with them and left when she was young. They softened a little when she finally had Marissa and they wanted to make good for the sake of seeing their grandk**s. So, her mind was made, she had to go crawling back to her parents. The feeling of shame washes over her, a woman in her forties has to go live with her parents running away from her abusive son to save her daughter. “I have to do it, if I can’t call the police on my son the only way then is to never see him again.” Saturday MorningI feel the pressure of a mouth sucking my cock in the morning. My eyes are closed as I enjoy the blowjob and going through the events of last night in my head. I fucked Holly and Sarah and Marianne fucked and sucked them too. I came all over their faces, tits, pussies and ass, in the end the bed was covered in sweat and cum. I’m playing a game in my head to guess which one of the two is sucking my cock. Holly when giving a blowjob does a lot of tongue play while Sarah uses her lips and hands a lot. This one was different, just taking me deep in her mouth with great suction and deepthroating. Through all the pleasure she was giving me, I just couldn’t guess who she was so I opened my eyes. I’m surprised to see Marianne sucking on my dick. She didn’t let me fuck her or give me a bj last night bursa escort because she’s a lesbian but here she is between my legs enjoying my cock like she needs it to survive.“Good morning, Mari. What made you change your mind?” I asked with a smirk on my face.She pops the cock from her mouth. “Just shut up and let me suck your dick.” She resumes the blowjob. I have to give her props, she can suck a mean dick for being a lesbian. Marianne is cute, very short hair, chubby but curvy and a fucking huge rack with big brown nipples grazing my thighs. Her rack swinging like pendulums they have me hypnotized. I reach to my left and I grab a handful of Holly’s breasts and to my right I grab Sarah’s medium sized tits. I fondle them while they are asleep as I enjoy the oral pleasure Marianne gives me.“Hey Mari, why don’t you put those juicy tits to good use and give me a titjob.” She cocks an eyebrow but moves ahead to wrap her tits around my cock. They engulf my cock as she starts jerking me with her tits, “Oh my God, Marianne your tits feel wonderful. How is it that a lesbian can give such an expert blowjob and titjob like that?” “I developed early so I received a lot of attention from the boys. I was confused about my sexuality back then so I experimented with them, a lot of BJ’s and titjobs but never fucked them.”“Wait, so you never had a man fuck your pussy?” I asked.“No.”“Wanna change that today?” I said jokingly.“Don’t push your luck, k**do.” She said with a smile. Marianne’s tits finally made me orgasm as I blew all over them. She started to rub the cum on her breasts like lotion and licked up what was left on her hands. “Well, aren’t you going to clean me up?” I said. She took my cock again and suck and licked it until it was all clean.“Goddamn boy, what’s in your cum that made me want to suck a dick after thirty years?”“It’s magic, baby.” I winked at her.After that Holly and Sarah woke up, we all fooled around a little bit more. Sarah on top of Marianne engaged in a lesbian 69 while Holly and I fucked missionary locked in each other’s eyes. I lean in and we engage in a passionate kiss, our mouths hungry for each other, to us in that moment we were alone in that room and nothing else existed. She orgasms and soon after I sprayed my second load of the day deep inside her. Soaking up the moment we engage each other, under her heavy breath she whispers into my ear: “I wish we could stay like this forever.” She reminded me so much of Hayley and in that moment I felt a little guilty.After all that, we said goodbye to Marianne and Sarah promising we would do this again next week. Holly hopped into my car so I can give her a ride home. “I had so much fun last night, you were amazing.” Holly said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. “You too, I still can’t believe it happened.” “Yeah, having sex with three women in one night is sort of unbelievable.” She said with a chuckle.“I didn’t mean that, I just can’t believe it was with a woman as sexy as you.” I could see that she was blushing. “You think I’m sexy?” “Holly, if you Google sexy woman the first picture to pop up is yours.”I could see that she was excited. “Thank you for the compliment. I just haven’t felt sexy or beautiful ever since my husband left. Last night and this morning you finally made me feel like a woman after all this time.” “Hey, if it makes you feel even better, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve fantasized about you since the first day I met you.”“Really?” She said with a laugh. “ Did you jerk off to me?”“Every time I saw you.”Her laughter is beautiful and infectious just like her daughter Hayley. I remember the first time I met her my jaw hit the floor with her beauty. Now I’m imagining having mother and daughter naked on my bed, both of them worshipping my cock. I’m thinking that I should come up with a plan to get them both together. It would be difficult maybe even impossible to pull off, how would Hayley react to me having sex with her mom when she’s clearly in love with me and how would Holly react if she knew I was having sex with her young daughter. Reaching her house, Holly asked me stop around the corner. “I think Hayley is up by now, if she sees me arrive in your car I don’t want to answer questions as to why you dropped me off.”“Just tell her that I saw you walking home and gave you a ride.”“No, that won’t do. She will get jealous.”My heart skipped a beat, does she know? “What?” I asked, hoping she didn’t detect my nervous tone.“Oh, I should not have said that, I don’t want to embarrass my daughter. Well, I think she may have a little crush on you.”“Really. How do you know that?” I was amused.“Oh my God, she can’t stop talking about you! She thinks I don’t notice but I remember being her age and fawning over my friend’s cute brother. I even found a note on her desk with your name and hers inside a heart, it’s so adorable.”I need to know if she’s fine with her daughter having a crush on me. “How do you feel about that?”“It sounds weird saying it but I’m totally okay with it. The day her father left she was very depressed, remember that she even stopped going over to your house to see Marissa. I noticed her change once she started going back, but I thought it was because she was back with her friend but now I realize it was because of you. She always looks happy and smiling when she mentions you or when you are going to take her somewhere with Marissa. I think is great for her to have a man in her life and not just only me.”I took all that in. I’m thinking, should I make my move now? It’s risky, I could potentially lose all or gain everything if I make my move prematurely. I hope I’m not misreading the moment. I’m throwing my dice, let’s see how they come up. “How do I make you feel?”“Like I’ve never felt before, I hope you don’t think I’m crazy but I think I’m in love with you. You have made me happy. I feel like a teenager again just saying that.”“Do you need a man in your life?” I unzip my pants and take out my cock.Holly looks at it hungrily. “Yes I do, you are the only man I need.” She reaches out to grab it. “And this is the only cock I need.”“What if I told you I’m the only man you and Hayley need?”“What does Hayley have to do with this?” She asked.“I’m going to tell you the truth, the reason that Hayley has come out of her depression is not because she has a crush on me, it is because she loves me.”Holly looks at me confused. “I don’t get it. What are you saying?” “Hayley and I have been in a relationship for some time now. She wanted to be with me and I’ve made her happy just like I make you happy.”Holly is silent. I can’t see any emotional response on her face. “I can’t believe this… you and my daughter… how could you… she’s just a young girl…” I’m starting to think I may have fucked up so I need to do something. “I will take good care of you and her, you said I’m the only man you need and I can be that for both of you. I will always be there to love and support you and Hayley, to protect you and never abandon you just like your husband did. You and Hayley will never have to be alone again.”Holly is stunned. She turns away from me and looks out the passenger side window. I’m thinking this it, it’s all over, she’ll leave forever and bursa escort bayan call the cops on me. I’m through, I’m fucked, I should have never made that gamble.It feels like eternity until she said: “You promise?” She turns looking directly into my eyes. She asks again. “Do you promise.” Tears are rolling down her eyes. “I promise everything I said.” She kisses me then, throwing her arms around me. I can feel it in her kiss, sealing the deal, to be with me she’s going to have to share her young teenage daughter. “I only have two conditions.” Holly said. “Don’t get Hayley pregnant and I want to be a mommy again.”I put the car in drive. “Let’s go, we have to tell Hayley.”Friday NightRachel was lying on the bed in what used to be her old room. She was exhausted after dealing with her parents all day. They are seventy years old and they still haven’t changed their attitude with her, but they showered Marissa with love almost as if they forgot they had a daughter and they never treated her that way. It was embarrassing for her to ask them if she could move back in until she found a job and to keep it from Marissa. After what seemed like hours of pontificating they begrudgingly agree to have her, although it seems to Rachel they were happy about it just because now they have their old punching bag back to nag at.She laid there thinking about her future. How was she going to pull this off? She had a little bit of money in her account, she could live on that until she found a job nearby. After working for a while she could save that money to get an apartment for her and Marissa. It will probably take months to pull it off but she’s confident she will. Rachel feels disappointed in herself. How can a woman in her forties be in this situation? Lost everything due to her degenerate husband, living the years after paying debts and finally close to getting back her life until her son fucks her daughter and her life again.Why would he do such a thing to his sister? He’s a good looking man, he has a great personality and an even greater bank account, he could have gotten any woman he wanted, so why his sister? Then a weird thought invaded her mind: —Why not me?— She shook it off and felt weird that she even thought that. Changing topics in her head she went to Marissa. What is she going to do for her? She definitely must have trauma after those events, her brother taking her against her will, forcing himself upon her… —Why not me?—“GAH!” She exclaimed out loud, hitting herself on her forehead with the palm of her hand trying to get rid of that thought again. She remembers Marissa is sharing a bed with her, she looks over and she’s sound asleep, her beautiful red headed angel. “I’m definitely going to have to get a ther****t for her.” She thinks. Rachel closes her eyes, trying to find sleep but something keeps bugging her. Flashes of the video with her son sodomizing his sister cross her head. She keeps tossing and turning, she just can’t get it out of her mind.She gets up and reaches for her laptop sits down at her old desk, turns it on and looks for the video. The arrow floats over it, hesitant to click it. She finds the courage and hits play. It has a few hours recorded so she skips to the timestamp where she first found her son half way through the act. She never saw how it started or how it ended and there is no audio so she can’t hear want they are saying. She skips ten minutes back and finds her k**s engaged in what seemed to be a passionate kiss. She saw Marissa responding to his kiss as if she wanted it and liked it.“Impossible. It may seem that way but it’s not.” She thought. Mike then started to move down to Marissa’s small breasts, taking them in his mouth. He then went down to her pussy, after a little while she could clearly see the pleasure on Marissa’s face. “It can’t be!” She thought, “She’s enjoying it!”Mike took Marissa and forcefully put her on all fours. From that angle she can see his penis and where he’s going in. After a few tries he goes in to Marissa’s asshole. Rachel gasps and covers her mouth. “I just can’t believe it, in her ass?” She keeps watching and it pains her to see Marissa’s face. She’s wincing and clearly sees tears rolling down her cheeks but after a minute Rachel notices something. What she sees is not pain but pleasure. Marissa is actively pushing into her brother, taking him deeper in her ass. “Is she liking this?” For a quick second Rachel doubts herself.Rachel is now involuntarily focusing on the penetration, her breath is deepening “Wow, he sure has a big one. Okay, what the fuck am I thinking!” At this point Rachel can’t take her eyes off of her k**s. Her respiration has increased and without even realizing her hands are going down to her pussy. “I haven’t been fucked like that in years. Oh god, what am I thinking?” Her hands slide down her red patch of pubic hair, she starts to rub her clit. Her other hand goes up and down her slit, finding her fingers wet. She’s now masturbating to the loves of her life having sex, her mind has gone blank. Rachel hasn’t had sex or masturbated in a long time, the feeling felt almost new to her. She’s grinding against her hands as she sees the moment her son cums inside Marissa. Her son’s cock springs out of Marissa’s hole, cum starts dripping out of her. Rachel is licking her lips, “why didn’t you come to me, if you needed sex I would have helped you!” She tenses up and orgasms right there on the chair.Her body finally relaxes, taking deep breaths she tries to compose herself when she hears a small voice behind her, “Mom?” Rachel goes full panic mode as she turns to see Marissa with a terrified look on her face. She totally forgot Marissa was in the room with her. “ Oh God, what do I do now?”Saturday AfternoonI sat in Holly’s living room as I waited for her and Hayley to finish their conversation in her room. Holly said that she would speak to Hayley about our new future, hopefully she would take it well. I heard the door open and Holly stepped out, “Mike, can you come up?” I went upstairs and Holly was standing at the door, “Did everything go well?” I asked.“I think it was hard for her to swallow, but I think that if you would talk to her she would be okay.”“Okay, I’ll talk to her alone, can you go and make us some coffee?”“Of course, sweetie” she gives me a kiss and walks downstairs. Hayley is sitting on her bed as I entered. I can read on her face somewhere between sadness and confusion. I stand in front of her and she quickly wrapped her arms around my waist in a hug. I stroke her hair, “I found a way for you and I to be together now, no more hiding, this is the only way we could do it. All I have to do is take care of your mom and when you are of age we will marry and start our family, just like you wanted.” She started to cry, “Really? You will marry me?” “Of course, honey. I will make you my wife and we will be happy together but until then you will have to share me with your mom and Marissa. It would make me happy if you do everything I say and with no complaint. I don’t want to be harsh but if you don’t we are done. You are my special girl and I love you.” I lift her from the bed and hug her. “Now tell me, do you love escort bursa me?”She looks up at me, her blue eyes tell me everything. Absolute adoration for me, she’s given everything to me. “I love you, Mike. I would do anything to make you happy.”Now I have mother and daughter, all for me. Holly, desperate for a man who can provide for her and satisfy her sexual needs and Hayley, a naive young girl who lacks a paternal role in her life and I came in and took advantage of that. I’m now excited with thoughts on how I’ll manipulate these women. What will I make them do? Will I get mom and daughter down for threesomes? Make them kiss, lick, suck and fuck each other? Holly has bisexual tendencies, maybe all she needs is a little push into having sex with her daughter. How great would it be if I get Holly, Hayley, Marianne and Sarah all in one bed? Hell throw in Marissa in there too! Thinking about this stuff has gotten me hard. Hayley can feel it poking her belly. She looks down to my erection and looks back up to me with a huge smile. “There it is Hayley, you are already making me happy.” She giggles, “Can I take care of it?” She asks not really waiting for an answer as she starts stroking my cock over the pants. She drops down to her knees and expertly takes of my pants and takes me in her mouth. It’s unbelievable how this girl turned into such a cocksucker. Just months ago she was only my sister’s friend and now only in her first year as a teen I’ve taken her virginity, fucked her pussy countless times, given me numerous blowjobs and titfucks, I’ve cummed all over her, inside of her and down her throat. She has everything I need to keep me cumming, a beautiful face, perfect body and gorgeous set of tits. To be honest, when she hits legal age I would definitely marry her though I wouldn’t stop fucking other women. I know Holly and I just started fucking but if it keeps going I would not stop it. Marissa is fun to fuck, I would never give up the thrill of the taboo of fucking my sister. Hayley is deepthroating me, I’m always impressed how she’s able to do it. Hayley is so focused on sucking my cock she doesn’t see when the door quietly opens and her mom walks in to the room holding two cups of coffee. I look at Holly and her eyes are wide, she doesn’t say anything as she sees her little girl gagging and sucking on my cock. I motion her to set the cups down and come kneel right next to her daughter. Holly set them down and I can see the hesitation on her face. I understand why she would hesitate, she’s watching as her daughter sucks the dried up pussy juice from the cock that was inside her just this morning. I motion again and she complies. She comes over and startles Hayley, “Mom!” Hayley exclaims surprised, caught in the act. I place a hand on each head. “It’s okay, Hayley. Now is Holly’s turn.” I place my hand on the back of Holly’s head and gently push her head to my cock. Holly looks sideways at her daughter and closes her eyes almost as if to forget her daughter is there.She opens her mouth and I slide inside with a groan. Goddamn this is fucking great. Holly sucks me good, swirling her tongue around my head and going up and down. I look at Hayley and she’s just staring at her mom, I can see a hint of jealousy in her eyes. I place my hand on her chin and tilt her face up. She looks at me and I mouth to her “I love you.” She gives me this huge smile and mouths back “I love you too.” I then guide Hayley down to my balls for her to suck. Hayley eagerly takes my testicles into her mouth, tenderly and lovingly slurping on them. Holly at this point looks like she doesn’t care she’s sharing a cock with her daughter, she’s only focused on getting my cum in her mouth.The pleasure is wonderful. I just can’t believe this finally happened, My cock and balls are inside mother and daughter’s mouth at the same time, and they fucking love it! I’m looking down at them and they are looking back up at me with those beautiful blue eyes of theirs, all they want to do is satisfy me. Hayley was a mirror image of Holly, hair, eyes, face, body, breasts and everything. I hit the motherfucking jackpot. I will make mother and daughter my personal cumsluts, their only purpose in life will be sex.Holly is taking my cock faster in her mouth, She can feel I’m about to cum. I hold Holly’s head down as I explode inside her throat. She struggles to swallow but she gulps it all down. I take my cock out and Hayley takes it in her mouth, trying to suck whatever cum is left. I see there’s a little bit of cum on Holly’s chin so I wipe it with one finger and feed it to Hayley. She sucks it like it’s the nectar of the gods. I help them stand up and tell them to remove their clothing. This time there was no hesitation as both of them took everything off. Two pairs of big firm breasts stood before me. They awkwardly stood there waiting to see was next. I tell them to sit down on the bed.“I promised I would take care of both of you. Holly you don’t have to go back to work and worry about your bills, you’ll be a mommy again soon and that’s all you’ll have to worry about. Hayley, I promised that you’ll be my wife when you are of age and we will have a lot of k**s and I’ll make damn sure it will happen. All I want is to make you girls happy and in return you will make me happy. Now I need to make sure if this is what you girls really want.”They both looked at each other and then at me. “I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone else before. It’s unconventional the way we ended up here but we will make it work, it’s going to be awkward at the begin but Hayley and I will make it work.” Holly said.I take my clothes off. I walk up to them and take one breast each in my hands. I lean in and kiss Hayley then I move in and kiss Holly. “I want us to share each other, so there would never be jealousy.”I sit in between them and I bring their faces closer to me. I alternate kissing between them, our breathing is getting heavy, they are getting horny and my cock is getting harder. Soon enough their faces are really close and I place one hand behind their heads and gently guide their mouth to each other. Holly is the one to take the lead. She takes her daughter’s mouth into hers. Hayley is surprised but she doesn’t back away. Holly then wraps her arms around her and moves her tongue inside her daughter. Hayley slowly starts to respond back. Soon enough their tongues are wrapping around each other. Mommy teaching her daughter how to kiss another woman. I start jerking my cock to the view. Holly slowly starts going down her daughter’s neck. Trailing kisses all the way down her neck to her breasts. Holly plays with Hayley’s breasts as she takes a nipple into her mouth. I love my life right now, I can’t believe I made a mother and daughter do this to each other. I’m about to have another threesome two days in a row. I’m thinking how hot it would be if Marissa was here too, when should I spring on Holly that I fuck my sister too?Holly makes Hayley lie down. With her butt up at the edge of the bed she trails kisses down Hayley’s belly until her tongue hits the jackpot. Going down on her daughter, Hayley makes little cute squeals of delight. I get up and move behind Holly as she tongue fucks her daughter. I motion her to lift her ass more so I can gain entrance to her pussy. I position my huge cock into her hole and as I penetrate her, I can’t help but think, “I fucking love my life.”

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