My Long Hair Neighbour Who Ride My Dick


My Long Hair Neighbour Who Ride My DickdeleteddeleteddeletedI have noticed Sunita, who is our neighbour. She stays with her husband and k**s right opposite to my flat where I live with my wife and k**s.Sunita has very long hair which she coloured with mild blonde colour. Her long hair shines so beautifully in the light. Maybe because my neighbour is from Coorg, she is very fair, slim and a bit short (close to 5’2¨).My neighbour has a nice figure and slender waist. And because of her slim figure, her ample breasts look big enough as it pushes forward nicely. I have seen my neighbour in her casual dress and her milky white skin always looked pretty beautiful to me.Even though Sunita is so gorgeous and nice, her family was not a nice bunch of people. My wife never liked them and never really mingled with them. So, I don’t really get to see Sunita very much.It had been many years of staying in the apartment and I have always stolen chances to look at my beautiful neighbour and admire her beauty from far.Sunita loves to dress up for occasions and on festivals and party days. She is truly a great sight. Every guy in the apartment used to stare at her. She wears low-neck blouses with wide-open backs and it shows a lot of her skin and a hint of her cleavage.My neighbour is also open to wearing her saree below the navel, showing her deep belly button through her semi-transparent sarees. It gets really hard to resist looking at her all dressed up. My wife would be around and might notice my eyes glued to my neighbour’s body. So I am careful to always stay away and admire my neighbour from only a distance.One weekend, I was washing my bikes and she was standing on her balcony on the phone. I happened to look up and she saw me too and we smiled at each other. After a while when I looked up again, Sunita was looking at me. I felt a bit excited to see her also giving some attention to me.After a while, I was shocked to see her actually standing behind me. She had come down under the pretense of going to buy some groceries and came to talk to me.“All these are yours?”, she asked pointing at my bikes and I proudly smiled back at her. Slowly moving towards my Bullet bike, she said admiringly, “You must be a good rider too.”“Well, I guess I am. I ride a lot. Have you guys gone for a ride?”, I asked.“Oh no, not much experience in riding. Shashank doesn’t like it much”, my neighbour said. Then she paused for a while and asked me, “Does your wife ride too?”.I answered honestly, “Well it would have been very exciting if she did. But no, she doesn’t know to ride. I have tried to teach her but she was not interested. Sometimes, she comes along and that’s it. So mostly it is just me”.Sunita was looking at the bikes and not at me and then she said, “I would love to learn to ride or at the least go for a long fun ride”.While the conversation was going on, I noticed that my neighbour was holding the bike’s handle in a peculiar way and was slowly turning the accelerator and then started slowly stroking it.I started to get the hint that the conversation was not really about riding bikes! With a slightly naughty smile, I asked her, “Going out somewhere? Do you need a ride?” and she said, “No. I am just going to a nearby shop. Too short of a ride to enjoy. Some other day, maybe”.“Sure, whenever you want”, I was quick to reply.I was honestly rock-hard in my pants (even now when I am recollecting those memories). My naughty neighbour woman then went away with a smile, adding an extra sway to her beautiful ass.She was wearing a top and leggings and the shape of her juicy thighs and a hint of her ass were visible too. Her long hair was waving in the motion and brushing against her ass. I stood there taking in the sight and trying to decide if I understood the conversation right enough. The confirmation came in a few weeks later.During a festival season, my family had gone to my wife’s native place.That Saturday I was just izmir escort relaxing at home and was standing at the balcony enjoying the view. I saw Sunita coming out to her balcony with a cup of coffee. My neighbour was dressed in a nighty and as she pressed herself against the balcony wall, her loose dress was pressed against her body revealing a nice silhouette of her breasts. I was excited and was staring at the sight. Slowly, Sunita turned and saw me looking at her.Sunita: Hey Ram, I didn’t notice you standing there. What are you doing?Me: Just enjoying the view.Sunita (chuckled and blushed): What view?Me: Well, nothing specific, whatever I can see from here I was enjoying.Sunita: Hmmm… Good to know you have a nice view from there and glad to see that you are enjoying it.Saying this, Sunita arched her back slightly to point her breasts higher and press more tightly. “You promised me a ride but you never did give me one.”Me: Not that I didn’t want to, but never got a chance to.Sunita: Well, Shashank is in the office today. So maybe we can go for a short ride now. Or you can teach me how to ride today so that when we get another chance, we can go for a long one.Me: Sure, I am free. Let me get changed to my biking gear. Do you have a jacket?Sunita: I will take Shashank’s. Give me 5 minutes and I will get ready.I was all excited. I still was not sure how things would end up so I prepared myself for everything. Quickly, I wore my leather jacket and stuffed the pockets with a couple of condoms, in case things took a positive turn! I took my helmet and went over to her door. I stood there for a few minutes waiting and breathing and then knocked.My neighbour opened the door and stood there in a look I had never seen her in before. She had worn her husband’s black leather jacket and tight black jeans and heels. My neighbour had let her hair open and the whole length and spread of it was open and fell nicely till her thighs. The blondness of her hair stood contrasted against her dark dress and her skin seemed to glow as her fairness was too much compared to the dark shiny leather jacket.“Wow Sunita, you look like a biking angel,” I said as I entered the apartment and she closed the door with a smile and went to get me some water.“Can I get a hot cup of coffee?, I asked wanting to read her mind.“Sure, Ram. Take a seat” and my neighbour went to the kitchen.“Let me join you instead of sitting there alone,” I said while going to the kitchen with her. I placed my helmet on the dining table and stood near her breakfast table watching her work. I could see that her hands were trembling in excitement or fear, I didn’t know which it was. I decided to move further on.Me: You have beautiful long hair, Suni. I have always appreciated your effort in maintaining it and have always admired the beauty of it.Sunita: Thanks, Ram.Me: It looks very soft. May I touch and feel it?She stopped what she was doing and just stood still.Sunita: Hmmm.I went closer to my neighbour from behind and just kept my hand on her head and caressed and brushed her hair all the way from her head to the tip of it which reached till her thighs. As my hand reached her neck and her back, I started to press my hand closer to her and was actually caressing her back. When it reached my neighbour’s ass, my hand went along the curve of it and I ended at her things.I was bending down to reach the whole length. I did the same movement again and again a few times and this time, I didn’t travel the whole length. I stopped at her lower back and went back to caress the hair feeling her body also along the way.I could sense her breathing heavily now. I held her shoulders and made her turn around and face me. Without speaking anything, we just stood there facing each other. I kept running a finger from her forehead along the length of her hair, brushing the hair away from her cheeks and caressing her shoulders and stopped at her waist.I looked down izmir escort bayanlar to enjoy the view of what I was doing and noticed her jacket was too big for her since she was wearing her husband’s.“You should wear a jacket tailored for you, it should not be so huge, it should hug your body and should be shorter”. Saying this, I bend myself to her chest and reached down to the bottom of the jacket and lifted it to above her ass level. I held it there and admired the view.I looked up to see my neighbour smiling at me. I straightened up to be level with her and left that jacket and held on to her ass and smoothly moved my hands around. Her tight jeans gave me the full shape of it. It was round and soft and I could press it softly.“This is softer than your hair. I don’t know what other parts of you are softer”. My hot married neighbour couldn’t hold on any longer. She launched her up to height and kissed me deep in my mouth. We went crazy and kissed like teenagers kissing for the first time. I was all over her face, lips, cheeks, chin, nose, eyes and back to lips. When we locked lips, we kissed for a long time.My hands crushed Sunita’s ass and pressed her back and brushed her hair and what not. I put my hands inside her jacket from inside and pressed her back. We were going crazy.There was no turning back now. I lifted my neighbour up and put her on the breakfast table and kept kissing. This time she was at a higher level to me and she kissed all over my face too. And when we stopped after a long time, I was hugging her tightly with my hands inside her jacket from the back. My face pressed against her chest and she had her cheeks resting on my head and we were just breathing.As the excitement of the initiation got over, I realized something. With my hands still insider her jacket feeling her back, I asked my neighbour, “What are you wearing inside your jacket?”. She winked at me and said, “Check for yourself”.I let go of her and opened the jacket zipper and was shocked. She was not wearing anything under the jacket. It was her bare breasts I could see. I was beyond words when I realized she wanted this all along.I didn’t waste any more time. I quickly started to kiss and suck her boobs. My neighbour sat there moaning in pain and pulling my hair as I bit her nipples and suckled on her milky white boobs. I tried to remove her jacket and she stopped me and said –“I want to wear the jacket. I want to ride you like a Biker girl… Like I am your biker girl”. That was it for me. It was all a flurry of action after that. I pulled her from the breakfast table and we ran to the bedroom. We both removed our jeans as we reached.My neighbour was not wearing anything beneath the jeans also. She jumped on the bed wearing just the jacket. Her hair was a mess, it partially covered her face and her back and her ass. I removed my boxer too and jumped after her and pushed her down on the bed and went back to wild kissing.I reached down to her pussy to realize how wet and dripping my neighbour was. I did finger her cunt for a while as she squirmed in my arms and her teeth biting my lips. The deeper my finger went inside, the deeper her tongue went inside my mouth. I couldn’t stand the heat anymore. I wanted to be inside his horny sexy b**st.I positioned my dick at her entrance and just as I was about to push it in, my neighbour pushed me and said: “Stop”. My brain was frozen till now and now it kick-started.“Oh sorry, I shall get condoms”, I quickly said without wasting time and reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out a few.“No. It’s not that…” she corrected me, “I want to ride you!”.“You naughty little…” I started with a smile and quickly interrupted by my horny neighbour, “Well, you promised that you will let me ride”. Sunita pushed me and made me lie down and she got on top of me.What a sight it was. This gorgeous woman in her late twenties, fair as a dove, soft as a pillow and hot as burning izmir bayan escort coal sitting on top of me wearing only a jacket with breasts heaving according to her breathes and her dark nipples pointing at me. Her hair was covering herself and kind of hiding her semi-nakedness from me.I reached up and brushed aside the flying hair to see my neighbour’s face. She was sitting comfortably in between my legs and had reached forward to catch my dick in her hands and she started to work her magic. Sunita spat on her hands to make them went and started to stroke me a few times. When it was hard enough, she leaned forward and put it in her mouth and sucked it.I don’t know about her riding skills but she was so good with mouth and her tongue. I guess her husband gets her to suck his cock every time. She twisted her head and angled her neck and sucked and licked my rod from all angles. Soon, I was hard as a rock.Without taking the dick out of my neighbour’s mouth, she reached forward and tore open a condom pack. Taking the hard and well-lubricated rod out of her mouth, Sunita put the condom on. “I have the helmet on, now let’s ride!”It was clearly my neighbour’s first time on top. Sunita struggled to position her in a sitting pose and tried and failed to push my hard dick inside her wet dripping pussy. I was just enjoying the expression on her face as she was showing the frustration of not getting it right. But once she did have my dick inside, she was ecstatic.Sunita adjusted herself and started to hop on me, leading my dick to go in and out of her in depths. I could feel my neighbour’s ass slap my thighs as she took the entire length of my dick in her. The best sight was her boobs bouncing on and on. And her hair was flying all over. I could feel the ends of her long hair brushing my thighs and my stomach.Sunita didn’t want to make any adjustments. She held my hands and gave the full weight of herself to me and kept going up and down my shaft. This glorious lady was wearing just her leather jacket and riding me to heaven.I wish I didn’t have a condom on. I wanted to feel my neighbour’s wetness on my rod. But this was more than I could ask for. I reached forward and crushed her breasts in my hands. I pinched her nipples and it hurt her. She screamed a bit and leaned forward and laid on my chest and bit my lips in return.Sunita’s ass kept going up and down my dick. She was getting better at this position. In the new position, I felt a relief in the pressure on my dick. I knew I would last longer now. So, I started moving my hip up to meet Sunita’s rhythm and to dig deep inside her. She loved it.Sunita moved a bit more forward and gave her nipples in my mouth. I had to push the open jacket with my face to get inside and suck and nibble her jugs in the darkness. Her hair had fully engulfed me. I could feel it tickle my chest, my face, and my arms.I was reaching my point of explosion. I asked my neighbour to change position but she refused. Sunita wanted to be the rider today. That was fine with me. So I hugged her tightly around her torso and started to move faster in her. Sunita understood and she too moved in according to my pace. And soon, I shot in my condom. I jerked and wriggled in pleasure.My neighbour wanted more so she tried to sit up straight and gave a few more ups and downs of her ass to try and ride my dick. But, soon I was losing hardness. So, Sunita just sat on my lap as my dick oozed out of her pussy.After a few minutes of breathing, I too sat up with Sunita still on my lap. We locked lips and kissed madly for a while. In between, I felt her pussy and started to finger her. Sunita was not just wet, she was literally leaking.I wiped her juice on one of her nipples and then licked it clean and then kissed her with that tongue. We hugged and cuddled for a while. I brushed aside the hair that was covering our bodies now and kissed all over her body.Me: Let me ride you next.Sunita: Sure dear, but not today. It is already late. Don’t know when my husband could come.Me: Let’s meet at my place next time. Will I get the chance again?Sunita: Sure, I am yours.And there were many more meetings and rides with my hot neighbour!

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