My Massage Gal

Big Tits

My Massage GalI love to get erotic massages. In general, I prefer Asian masseuses. Their technique, along with their mystique, has me raring to go before I even hit the table. However, I have had very good service from other sources as well. These include American women and gay or bi men. Most have been good, some fair, a couple bad and one nightmare. I’ll write about a few of them starting with a good experience: the woman who calls herself “My Massage Gal”.I scan Craigslist (and formerly Backpage) just about every day looking for things out of the ordinary. Last year, while reading the The****utic category, I saw a new ad by a mature woman looking to make some extra cash by doing massage at her home. She was obviously new at it as the post contained her real name, address and phone number. Her ad was suggestive and the price was below market rates so I called and made an appointment.Helen turned out to be older than the ad stated (what else is new?) but illegal bahis looked ok and was very pleasant. Yes, she’d been caught up in the economy and needed to supplement her income. We went to her guest bedroom where I stripped naked and laid face down on the bed. She watched me undress, which I liked, and her mother was in the next room which also turned me on.She gave a pretty good massage using lotion for about 20 minutes. I could sense her climbing onto the bed and moving up between my legs. She asked me to spread them so she could get closer and I’m thinking this isn’t bad. She did my lower back and glutes and eventually moved to my genitals. Pretty soon, I was on all fours and she was rubbing my cock, balls and anus with enthusiasm. I love having my nuts fondled and she didn’t disappoint. Without being asked to flip, I turned over and she took control of my rock-hard dick. She was real curious about what I liked and how to do it. She said illegal bahis siteleri she wanted to get good at it and most of the men she’s met weren’t as open as I am. Well, I love to talk about it so I directed her to tickle my balls and knob my cock with a slow twisting motion. Pretty soon we both watched the cum pouring onto her hands. I paid her, took a shower and left.Fast forward almost a year and I’ve seen her every week. After getting into trouble with her nosy neighbors, she now comes to my place. It’s a two hour visit for $140. Helen is completing her LMT training and her skills have improved dramatically. This is in no small measure due to my coaching. I’m her best regular so she’ll do pretty much anything I ask outside of intercourse and I don’t want to fuck her anyways. What she will do is take her time, have a glass of wine, get naked, tease my butt hole and balls for a half hour before the flip, blow me as long as it’s before putting canlı bahis siteleri on oil, and allow me to cum any way I want. One of my favorite positions is standing and shooting my load on her tits. Another is with her positioned between my legs talking dirty about my sexual fantasies while we take turns stroking my oiled-up dick until I spurt. A third favorite is me getting back on all fours, her finger gently inserted and pressing my prostate, while milking my dick to an explosive finish. I’ve volunteered to go with her on one of her outcalls and provide an extra set of hands. She knows I’m bisexual and seems amenable to this. It will probably happen at some point. I’ve also thought about asking to record a video of a happy ending but haven’t gotten up the nerve because I think she’d say no and possibly get angry. If this ever happens and nobody is recognizable, I’ll post the video.I still go to AMPs in between visits from Helen. I am interested in fucking them and sometimes I do. But my sessions with Helen have become very comfortable and personal. She would like to broaden the relationship but it’s not going to happen. I like her but she’s my “Massage Gal” and that’s all she’ll ever be.

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