My Michelle



“I’ll bet you can’t last that long.” I challenged my wife.

“You’re on!” She answered my challenge. “And if I do, what’s in it for me?”

“I don’t know, do you have anything in mind?”

“How about dinner at Tomasella’s tonight.” She replied. Tomasella’s was the best restaurant in town and one of our favorites although we didn’t get there as often as we might like because it was also the priciest.

“Done! If you can make it the full 10 minutes we’ll be eating at Tomasella’s tonight. Since I know you’ll never be able to last that long, what do I get?” I kidded, knowing there was no chance I would lose this bet.

“You can have your way with me all night.” She laughed, knowing that me having my way with her was something I did regularly, whether or not I had won a bet with her.

“I hope you got plenty of rest last night, you won’t be getting any sleep tonight.” I informed her.

“I’ll be having surf and turf for dinner tonight, I think that will give me the energy I’ll need.” She rebutted my challenge.

“Are you ready to get started?” I asked.

“Just as soon as I set a couple of ground rules. The time starts when she picks up, I expect you to watch and let me know once we reach the 10 minute mark. You’ll only be able to use your mouth, I don’t want you trying anything funny with your hands. Understand?” She said trying to sound serious.

“Not a problem. I don’t think you’ll be able to last half that long but you keep telling yourself that you will.”

Once we had the ground rules sorted out, it was time to get started. Michelle and I went into our bedroom where we each stripped down to full nudity, each of us looking forward to this. The bet I had made with her was that she would have to speak to her sister on the phone for a full 10 minutes without letting on that I would be eating her the entire time. She swore she could do it, but I had faith in my own oral talents that she wouldn’t be able to last anywhere close to 10 minutes. We each liked fun and games and this was something we had never tried before, but the thought of it intrigued us both.

“I’m all set, but remember you can’t start until she picks up the phone and we start speaking.” Michelle reiterated.

“You just lie down, spread your legs and get comfortable. I won’t start until I hear you speaking to her.”

She lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide, I crawled up between them with my face inches from her naked pussy. My thought was to tease her for the first minute or two and then once I had lulled her into letting down her guard, I would go right for the prize as I sucked her clit into my mouth and ravaged it with my tongue. I knew just how much she enjoyed this and I was certain this would set her off very quickly.

“I’m ready any time you are. Go ahead and make the call.”

Michelle had her cell phone in her hand, she pressed the key to speed-dial her sister and I was ready to begin momentarily.

“Hi Haley, how are you doing today?” This statement was the beginning of the phone call, and I got to work. I slid in closer and reached my hands under her ass and up and around over her thighs until I remembered I had promised not to use my hands. I let them rest lightly on the top of her thighs, hoping she wouldn’t accuse me of violating the ground rules but I didn’t see any concern on her face nor did she stop speaking to her sister to chastise me for my actions. I used my tongue to slowly lick up and down each side of her labia very slowly as I wanted her to get more comfortable with what I was doing and concentrate less on my actions than she was on speaking to her sister. I gave a few gentle licks and kisses to the insides of her thighs as I moved closer to her opening, I could start to sense the odor of her arousal and I knew it would not take long before she would be dripping down onto the sheets below.

“Not really too much, I was talking to mom earlier and she was telling me about a trip she and dad were thinking about taking. Can you believe they’ve been married 35 years?” I heard her saying, I assumed this was going to be a very general conversation.

“Do you really want to? Yeah I suppose we probably ought to do something for them but I hadn’t really given it any thought. Do you have anything particular in mind?” She continued speaking, I didn’t notice anything in her speech that would indicate something else was going on other than a nice talk between sisters.

“Yeah, I think they might enjoy something like that. We could get a bunch of their friends together and reserve something in a restaurant here and just have a nice party for them. I’m sure they would be upset with us if everyone brought gifts but we can just let people know all we want really is their company.”

They continued speaking, the subject light and mostly about their parents and what they might do to celebrate their parents’ upcoming anniversary. I could see the clock on the nightstand as they talked, realizing it had been a little over two minutes now. She hadn’t trabzon escort really looked at me with anything more than a casual glance so far and I assumed she was confident in her knowledge that she would be able to blunt my efforts. Now it was time for me to pick up my pace, I wasn’t worried she would be able to outlast me, but I didn’t want to wait too long before I started to get more serious either. I had been using the tip of my tongue and just moving lightly over her outer lips, now I started burrowing in deeper, pushing my face in between her labia and starting to work my tongue further into her pussy opening. I glanced up in time to see her looking at me more closely as she realized I was starting to increase my effort and she would have to work even harder to try to remain calm. I felt her jump a bit with the first probe of my tongue inside of her, but she managed to continue her conversation without giving her sister any sign that anything was going on other than their little talk.

“Have you heard about the big sale they’re having at Macy’s this weekend?” They changed the subject, it appears they had finished whatever they had to say about their parent’s anniversary.

“If you’re not doing anything Saturday, how about I meet you and we see if they have anything good? Yeah I think it will be a nice time, we can spend some money and then have lunch together. What do you think?”

I was still trying to push my tongue as far into her depths as I could, and I knew she was having a more difficult time keeping her voice even. I glanced up at the clock realizing that she had been speaking for about 4 and a half minutes so far, I knew that if I intended to win this little bet I would have to heat things up, starting right now. I was finding it difficult not to use my hands, something I normally did and I almost wished I had at least objected when she said I couldn’t but too late now.

Realizing that she had gotten used to the feel of my tongue trying to push in between her inner lips, even though I knew she was really enjoying the feel, she was still able to speak with her sister without letting on exactly what was happening between her legs. I loved my wife dearly, but I also didn’t like losing to her. She had agreed to this little contest so I assume she felt she had the ability to do what it took to win, but that wasn’t going to happen. We had been together long enough for me to know what really set her off, we had been together for two years before getting married and now our seventh wedding anniversary had only recently passed.

Fighting the urge to pull her lips apart with my hands, I slowly worked my way up until I got to her clit, I could see it was hard and throbbing with excitement, just waiting for me to attack it with my tongue. As soon as I ran my tongue over it, Michelle shuddered a bit and I heard the tone of her voice jump a notch but only for a word.

“No, there was nothing, I just had a little scratch in my throat that’s all.” She explained to Haley.

Haley must’ve heard the change in her voice just as I had, and I was thinking this might qualify to let her sister know what was going on, but they kept chatting as though nothing had changed. I inched up a bit higher so that I could get my lips fully around her clit, I then sucked it into my mouth and held it gently in my teeth as my tongue started running over and around again, I could feel it pulsing each time my tongue passed over it. Michelle could feel it too, I knew she was tensing up and I think she was having to fight hard not to squeeze her legs tight against my head. She could try if she wanted, it probably wouldn’t help her, but I wouldn’t use that as an excuse either.

“Lee is lying down right now, you know how hard he works.” The subject had changed again, now she was talking about me although I don’t think her sister was thinking of me lying down in the same way my wife was.

“Yeah, I know how lucky I am but I’m sure you’ll find someone just as great for yourself. Sometimes it just takes a little more looking but I have no doubt.” I knew her sister was lamenting the fact that she didn’t have anyone special in her life right now, I didn’t understand why but for whatever the reason she had never been able to find someone she felt comfortable with for any long term commitment. Haley was a beautiful woman, just as Michelle was. She was fun to be with and we all three went out regularly, I always got a boost to my ego to be seen with two such attractive young women. Michelle and I had talked about this on a number of occasions but even though Michelle had tried to fix up her sister with several of her friends, nothing ever came of them.

I had to stop these thoughts, even though I was still sucking and licking at her hard clit, the time was slipping away and I started to think she might actually make it the full 10 minutes. I knew I probably shouldn’t but took the time anyway to check the clock. I was down to one minute left, only 60 seconds to turn her on enough that she trabzon escort bayan would be unable to continue speaking with her sister normally. I hadn’t expected her to make it even half this long and wondered just how she had managed to do so, I could usually bring on a quick orgasm in her with my mouth and tongue very rapidly.

I had her hard clit in my teeth, running my tongue over it but I knew I would have to do something more drastic since time was quickly running out. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I grasped it firmly enough and pulled, causing her to involuntarily jump. Still she managed to speak, the tone and character of her words perhaps a bit slower, but I don’t think her sister would be able to notice much of a difference. I tried pulling it again with my teeth, having the same result, she jumped noticeably but was able to continue. This was getting serious, I was down to less than 30 seconds before I would lose the bet, something I swore would never happen. What to do? I had a quick thought of reaching my hands up a little higher and fondling her breasts, although I wasn’t sure that would be sufficient to break her concentration. She loved the way I played with them, but it was usually something that was sufficient to get her started not push her over the top. Besides, I had already promised not to use my hands although at this moment I was pretty sure that would be my only option if I had any chance to try them. Should I do it? I could shove a couple fingers into her pussy and try to get to her G spot quickly enough, or maybe put a finger up her ass, but I didn’t think either would get me any points with her. In the end I kept sucking and licking in the hope that it might be enough, but at the 10 minute mark I had to admit defeat.

I’m sure she expected me to lift off and give her a break, but once I had signaled her that she had made time, I kept licking and sucking just to annoy her.

“Lee just told me he’s taking me to Tomasella’s tonight, I want you to come with us.” Michelle said with a big grin, speaking to her sister.

“No, it’s not a problem at all. He’s right here, and he says you’re not going to be imposing on us. We would love to have you join us. Actually, he lost a bet to me and this is what I get as my prize. No, not right now, but I’ll tell you all about it at dinner tonight. Okay, see you about 7:30. By.”

She was grinning at me even as I continued to lick and suck, now that she had hung up I felt that using my hands was no longer out of bounds. I reached up and fondled her tits, the nipples had hardened as soon as my tongue had touched her pussy lips and they remained hard and firm the entire time. I tweaked them as I fondled, knowing just how much she loved me doing this to her. She knew she had won, and asking her sister to join us was almost as though she was sticking out her tongue at me but I didn’t mind.

I stopped licking and crawled up to lie atop her, whispering in her ear “I can’t believe you actually lasted the full 10 minutes.”

“I had enough incentive that it was easy.” She baited me, I knew she was stretching the truth quite a bit here.

“How about something a little harder?” I asked, just before my hard cock slid itself in between her wet pussy lips and bottomed out inside of her. She had to have known it was coming, but grunted and opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“I said you could have your way with me if you won the bet, didn’t I?” She murmured softly, even as I continued stroking in and pulling back with a measured pace.

“I might have heard something like that. Shall I stop?”

“Don’t you dare! This bet was a win-win for me, I expected you to be filling my pussy regardless of who won the bet.” She giggled, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me tightly to her.

We both enjoyed the time we spent together, we had long ago decided that we were soul mates. It was almost love at first sight when I originally met her, a blind date arranged by a coworker. I had never been on a blind date before but had heard the horror stories from many people and almost decided to back out at the last minute. Boy was I wrong! We had gone to dinner together and it was almost as though we were the only two people in the restaurant. She later told me she too had thoughts of not meeting me, but for whatever the reason, things had worked out between us. She had her last year of college to finish and I was just starting on my career, not yet secure enough that I thought a wife and family was appropriate. We knew we would be married, but managed to put off the formality for two full years before committing to it. Even after 9 years with her, every day felt as though it was the first.

Michelle was trembling and shuddering as I continued sliding into her, she was a full 10 minutes ahead of me. My cock had been like iron as I ate her, but it had waited patiently until I was able to slide it home into her pussy, a pussy that seemed made for it.

“I think your pussy must’ve been made for my cock, they escort trabzon fit together so nicely that I can’t believe they weren’t.” I had told her very early in our relationship, something I repeated to her often. She agreed completely, and we spent many happy hours with my cock buried deep in her pussy, she knew exactly what to do with that hot pussy to drive me crazy with lust. I wasn’t the only one, each time my cock bottomed out inside of her pussy, she would grunt and sigh with arousal. Like I said, we were made for each other.

Michelle had been shuddering and trembling for several minutes now, I knew she was trying to prolong our love making and put off her own climax until I would reach mine at the same time. We had done this often enough that reaching orgasm together was not something that was unusual, it happened regularly. I know she was trying hard to wait for me and I hoped she would be able to, that tingling in my balls was starting to get hotter and I knew I would be erupting into her very soon, very soon indeed.

“I can feel you getting there honey, I know you’re waiting for me but you won’t have long to wait.” I let her know, even though I didn’t need to say it.

“Give it to me baby, I want you to fill me with your seed. I want it hot and wet and running out of me all afternoon.” Her voice was tight and she barely got the last words out before she started shuddering more violently, she had reached the top and was now moaning my name. Her pussy muscles gripped my cock in orgasmic paralysis, squeezing the viscous liquid out of me, my hot semen shooting into her with every contraction of my balls. We lay together for several minutes, each of us slowly trying to regain our breath as our hearts slowed, their beats now synchronized.

“I expect you to build up your strength and energy too, I want you doing this to me all night long.” She announced, barely able to speak. This wouldn’t be the first night we had spent giving each other pleasure, but I would gladly lose a night’s sleep for what I knew was coming.

I lay atop her for the next 20 minutes, kissing and nuzzling her neck gently. She was murmuring soft nothings into my ear as we enjoyed the feel of each other, the feel of our recent coupling still apparent to each of us. We had done this often over the past nine years, very often indeed. Neither of us tired of our actions and each looked forward to the next occasion.

“I think we have about an hour until we’ll need to start getting ready to go out. Do you have any ideas about what to do with our time until then?” Michelle giggled as I was still toying with her breast.

“I have a few ideas, but only one that really works for me right now.” I said softly, replacing my fingers on her nipple with my lips.

“Mmmmm that feels really good.”

“I like it too!” I managed to say, moving from one to the other.

I continued the casual teasing of her nipples with my tongue, softly licking and giving a gentle nip of my teeth every few minutes. She was sighing softly, an occasional whimper mixed in but I could feel her arousal rising by the second. Hers wasn’t the only one, my hard cock was trying to tell me it was looking for someplace warm and wet. I knew exactly where that place was and wasn’t about to disappoint my other head which seemed to be taking over control of my thoughts.

“Shall I slide it in like this, or would you prefer it from behind?” I asked her with some sense of urgency.

“You know I like it either way, but right now I’m so comfortable with you lying atop me I don’t think I really want to move and turn over. How about if you just shove it in and see what happens.” She answered, her breath getting ragged.

“You asked for it…” I said, not needing to move more than a fraction of an inch before the head of my cock slipped between her lips and it was only another few seconds before it had pushed all the way in and was bottoming out inside her hot pussy. She was still full of my semen from our last coupling, so my cock slid in easily as it enjoyed the hot, wet sensation yet again.

“I know I’ve told you before and I know I’ll tell you many times again, but my cock fits so nicely in your pussy. Don’t ever let me take this feeling for granted, promise?” I said, continuing to slide in and out at a slow leisurely pace.

“Not on your life! You keep putting it in and I’ll keep it hot and wet every time.” She said solemnly.

We stayed joined together for another 30 minutes before I felt the tingling in my loins, the sign I was ready to erupt once again. This time Michelle didn’t have to wait for me, she had been right along with me the entire trip and as I felt the hot viscous liquid moving up my hard shaft, I could feel her inner walls trembling as she worked hard to maintain enough control to squeeze me with her vaginal muscles. Apparently she had more than enough muscle control, she started milking my cock just as the first shot of hot liquid spurted from the tip, coating the inside of her vagina yet again. This time felt just as good as the last time had, just as good as every time we had made love ever since the first. Michelle’s eyes had closed and she was moaning and trembling, but still managed to pull me tight to her despite the convulsions that were occurring in her crotch.

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