My Mother Fucked For Car Battery

My Mother Fucked For Car BatterydeleteddeletedThis is a few weeks after I saw her ‘breakfast fuck’ with anju uncle…I was on the terrace of our building, waiting for mom to come back from her shopping. I had left my keys inside and was locked out. I was looking out for our car and after twenty minutes I saw it entering the road to our colony…but just before entering, it took a left turn inside a deserted lane.For some reason, the car stayed there for another good half an hour, I couldn’t see anything from the terrace. But when mom came back I tried to read her a little and she seemed very very fresh and happy. Apparently she got all her shopping done, my bong mother.At dinner I was scanning her intently, it was pretty easy, here’s why: she was wearing a light blue sleeveless nighty with a very low cut cleavage; her voluptrous brown figure was bulging in all the right places for a juicy bengali mother..she wasn’t wearing a bra so her nipples were also showing a little through the thin fabric and her juicy arms were completely’d want to take nice bites out of those arms, they looked so sweet and succulent.But I was caught helplessly between her beautiful fuckable face and her juicy lips and the nice deep cleavage and the heaving mounds of her mature 36c cup breasts with her big nipples. I think in dad’s absence mom enjoyed giving me these teaser shows too. She caught me looking at her and then I caught her smiling..I noticed her neck was a little red..and so were her arms in some places, around the meaty parts.Later in bed, I wondered if mom was having sex with our driver Chandan. Chandan was a thirty year old driver, he had been with us for many years. Mom certainly trusted him a lot, what with picking her up late from the airport. He was a confident sort of guy, good looking too and not too muscular, but you could tell that he was very fit. I imagined him giving it to my sexy juicy mother in our car and got a massive hardon. I decided to find out the hard but simple way.The next day I called up Chandan and asked him to meet me in private. When he came,I got straight to the point.Chandan:Nosha sir, you called.Me:Yes, Chandan I need to ask you something a little weird. Don’t freak out okay?Chandann:Ye-Yes..why weird Nosha sir?Me:Have you been fucking my mother?Chandan looked shocked and surprised.Chandan:No! No no sir..what are you saying?? I could lose my job!Me:Chandan..relax! I am not going to tell anyone, I swear…and I won’t be angry or anything if you tell me. Come on..Chandan: Well..sometimes..And then he told me about the times mom had gotten a little friendly with him whenever she got the chance.Sometimes they would do it in the car, sometimes in the house too. Apparently, him and mom fucked a lot! He got to tell me a lot about it, once he realised how much I was enjoying this and swore that my mother was truly the best he had got to fuck in his entire life.I decided to make the most of this for myself…so I asked Chandan for a favour. At first he could not believe what I was saying or asking of him, but then he realised I was serious. He agreed to it.Mom was going shopping in the afternoon and I caught her dressing up in a short top and a long flowing skirt. The short top highlighted her big breasts and tummy nicely. Her skirt hid her juicy legs, but her nice curvy ass still showed perfectly with her underwear cut very visible because it was so tight there. I got ready too and five minutes after mother left I started following her.She got in the car and they left. They didn’t go too far I knew, it was that same deserted lane I saw them go into last time. This time I just knew what was going to happen, so I caught sight of the car a little ahead on the road, parked next to a low height wall. I stayed low and on the other side of the wall and crept up next to our car. I could hear what was happening, or rather, I knew also what was happening.Chandan:Madam, the battery seems dead. Car won’t start nowMother was in the front seat, but to my big shock, she was already sucking his cock!When she heard him, she immediately sat up and looked shocked.Mom: Now what Chandan?How will we fix this now?Chandan smiled and fondled one of mom’s, he was very free with her!Chandan:Relax madam, have I ever failed you in any emergency?So much tension in your nipples..haha!Mother:Uff..Chandan, pendik escort I pay you also very nicely for handling emergencies na? Now fix this!Chandan quickly pulled out his phone and dialed one of his garage buddies, Abdul for a spare battery and asked him to hurry up. In the were in the middle of something..Mother:What..?You still want your blowjob?No! What if someone sees us?We can’t even run away in this dead car!Chandan:Arre relax madam, no one is coming here in the middle of the afternoon, there is nothing here!He had put his arm around her shoulder and started caressing her neck…just like mother enjoyed it, and soon she gave him a coy smile.Mother:Yesterday evening only you fucked me so nicely, again today?Chandan:Haha..madam, my truck will run everyday for you!Mother laughed while Chandan’s hand slipped to her breasts. He was just caressing them and mom was sitting back and enjoying the squeezing. This went on for a while till he grabbed her behind the neck and forced her head down on his lap. He was rubbing her face over his thick long eight inch cock and he was getting some precum on her cheeks and lips.Then she managed to wrap her lips around the tip and got to work. I could see every vein on Chandan’s cock throbbing as mother’s wet lips and tongue rolled over them…she was making yummy noises too from time to time.She then moved her tongue down to his tight scrotum and licked his balls clean till her saliva was dripping all over them, then she gently started sucking on one nut at a time. My mother is truly a blowjob pro, no doubt about it now.Chandan was doing a good job, I thought..everything was going according to the plan..he had mother in the car nicely stranded and horny and I was of course, recording the entire session again. Mother was very engrossed in blowing Chandan that she didn’t hear a motorbike coming. Thankfully Chandan did, and quickly made mother stop and get back in her seat. It was Abdul from the garage, he had brought the battery.Chandan:Madam, quickly..get in the back seat.Mother without realising what was happening just moved into the back seat. She was still wiping Chandan’s juices off her lips.I saw Abdul was a heavy set older guy who looked like he did heavy lifting. He was very dark and he had a very rough look about him..good, I thought.Chandan and Abdul quickly changed the battery in five minutes and then Chandan went to mom.Chandan:Madam..we need to pay him 6000 for the battery now.Mother:6000?Now??But I am not carrying that much cash now..Chandan:But madam..he fixed the battery, we have to pay him.Mother:Can’t you talk to him and see if we can pay him later?Chandan:Okay, I’ll try…Saying this, he went off to speak with Abdul, who I could tell was waiting anxiously for the next part of the plan. They both headed back to the car and quickly entered the backseat from both sides, sandwiching my mother in the middle.Mother:What is happening?Chandan, why is this man sitting here in the back?Chandan:Madam…you had asked to make for we made our arrangement.Mother:But what is this arrangement?Why is he putting his hand on me..?Hearing this Abdul put his hands tightly over mother’s mouth to shut her up and pulled it back to stretch her neck.Abdul:Madam, you are going to give me Rs.6000 right now, or else something worth that amount.Chandan:Madam, let’s do this..this is best option.Mother was getting scared and shocked, when she heard Chandan say this..But she could do nothing right now. Until now, only three people were knowing the plan: me, chandan and abdul; now mother was also realising this plan.Abdul had wrapped his arm around mother’s mouth and by now had pulled her up to his lap. He was biting her shoulder and roughly squeezing her breasts through the top. Mother was trying to resist him but failing very badly. Chandan was just sitting there at first and enjoying the close-range m*****ation of my mother and stroking his cock.Then he reached over and whispered in mother’s ear: Madam..just let this be. If you co-operate, this will be very much fun for will also enjoy this..stop fighting.Mother looked at him, unable to say anything, but slowly slowly stopped resisting. Chandan grinned and signalled Abdul to take his hand off mother’s mouth.Instead of wasting any time, he took the chance and quickly removed escort pendik mother’s top..oh my god, she wasn’t wearing a bra! Her nipples were already very hard from all the squeezing and fondling. The look on mother’s face was also changing..slowly, she was also accepting that she has to do might as well enjoy it.She looked at Abdul and immediately locked into a fierce kiss with him. Now getting courage, Chandan leaned over and started sucking on one of her breasts. Feeling his tongue on her breast, she took Abdul’s head in her hands and placed it over her other breast and Abdul got straight to work. Mother was leaning back on the seat and holding their heads to her breasts as they sucked and licked at the juicy flesh and all over her big brown aerola.Abdul was biting from time to time to tease mother, who was falling in love with him I could tell. While they were still sucking on her big round breasts and covering it with their saliva, she reached down into their pants and pulled out their cocks like a pro and started stroking them slowly.Abdul was biting her neck too and mom was really starting to enjoy the attention. Chandan decided to find out how much the easy way and pulled off her skirt down to her knees, and then she kicked them off. I could see her white cotton panty was soaking and it was giving off a nice smell too. Instead of taking that off, Chandan simply ripped it off and exposed her nice jungle, wet with her juices. Mom was just pretending to fight it off now, because she couldn’t stop pushing her tongue down Abdul’s throat.Chandan:Madam..come on, let’s come out of the car.Mom:No no whatever you want inside the car, both of you.Abdul slapped her really hard and said:Madam, you are my randi now for Rs.6000, so I want to fuck you where I want!Saying this, he dragged her out by the hand, all naked and wet around her breasts and a little scared now. Abdul took her to the front of the car and pinned her hands behind her back and spread her over the bonnet.He pressed her flat down and her huge breasts were spilling from the sides. There was sweat running down her face and her juicy lips, but that was from the heat inside her now. Still holding her hands behind her, Abdul made her spread her legs wide and jiggled her ass a little. Then while he started to rub it against her cheeks, he shouted out to Chandan.Abdul:Chandan, bring the stepni!Chandan immediately brought it from the back of the car and handed it to Abdul. While Abdul studied it, Chandan took the opportunity to rub his cock all over mother’s ass cheeks and I could see his precum shining on her big brown butt, slowly dripping.Abdul took the long end of the stepnie and pressed the cold steel against mother’s ass. He made her bend down a little more and spread her legs. Now that he could see her pussy nicely, he got a nice angle and rubbed the rod against her wet lips. We could all enjoy see her juices drip down the rod and Abdul was gently caressing the thick end all over her lips, only spreading them open. Mom’s eyes were closed and she was moaning slowly. The way she was moving her hips meant she was enjoying this wild session too!Chandan:Look how madam is moving her ass yaar! Abdul, what do you want to do with her??Abdul:Haha…your madam is a top class slut. I like to take these high society bitches and fuck their asses till they forget their father’s name and then shower their tits with my cum.. But your madam is even more special yaar Chandu..I will take extra care with her haha!Chandu:Enough talk! Let’s fuck her now!Saying this he immediately started moving towards mother who was still lying spread over the bonnet of the car, but Abdul stopped him.Abdul:Wait, first she is my randi for rs6000! First I will take care of business and then you and I can have our fun..He took his big long cock in one hand and stroked it a little. Once he got a bit of his juices on his palm, he placed it over mom’s mouth and pressed his cock hard against her pussy. Mom was whispering to Abdul to just put it in now, she wanted it so badly.I could see the ten inch black monster, with veins popping, like a snake lick my mom’s wet pussy as she shuddered in anticipation. Even Anju uncle’s cock wasn’t this big, and I realised that this video would be even more blockbuster. Inch by inch, Abdul squeezed his cock inside mom’s pussy, pendik escort bayan and my dirty mother tried to scream in pleasure but could only lick at Abdul’s cum-drenched fingers wrapped around her juicy lips.Abdul: Chandu, your madam is truly top class maal yaar..oh, look how nicely her pussy is taking in my cock..Chandu: I know man… I enjoy that chut too much! Always so nice and juicy!He was right, mom’s pussy was practically leaking with her juices as Abdul settled into a fast rhythm.His strong thighs were crashing against her beautiful ass and it sent ripples all over her big cheeks and mutton thighs…I could also see the length of Abdul’s black shaft go in and out of my mother’s pussy furiously, that must have felt really really nice inside her pussy like that! Even mother was loving the fuck so much that she started sucking on Abdul’s fingers that were covering her mouth and making loud orgasmic moans.Every time Abdul’s black monster went completely inside her, she grinded her ass against his thighs like a proper pro now. Abdul gave her a nice hard fuck and by now he knew that he owned his randi. They fucked like this for five more minutes and then Abdul came heavily inside mom’s pussy.Abdul:Aaaaahhh …!! God…madam! Best fuck ever!He grabbed her and turned her around. Her face and her were drenched in sweat and she was breathing heavily..her huge breasts were like two heaving b**sts and Abdul gave one a tight squeeze as he wiped his cock on mom’s thighs.There was a lot of his cum still dripping from her pussy while some of it got tangled around her bush, the cum was so thick! Mother was almost u*********s from that monster fucking now and from the looks of it, she had also finished off Abdul who was now sitting down to catch his breath. He signalled Chandu to come over who was still holding his hard dick in his hand (poor guy did not get any action today! I had actually hoped for my mother to get fucked in her pussy as well as her ass in a glorious double penetration).Abdul:Chandu, your madam is kamaal ki raandi..very experienced,haha!Chandu:mmmm yes…we had a deal yaar..I was also supposed to fuck her with you..Abdul:I’m too tired man, you can fuck her now if you want to. But you will bring her to my garage tomorrow first thing in the morning, okay? I am not done with her yet. I’ll introduce her to my sons, kyun Madam?To my utter shock, mother let out a tired laugh and moaned: mmm hmmm….She was still lying completely naked there on the car bonnet with her legs spread wide as Abdul got dressed and rode off on his motorbike. On the way out, he gave mom’s breasts one final squeeze.Mom:Abdul..if I come over will be getting more than your money’s worth..Abdul:Madam…just come tomorrow..we will give you full body workshop, hehe hehe!He smooched her and left.Now Chandan positioned himself for fucking her but mom shook her head to say no.Mom:Chandu..please..not will hurt..Chandu:Madam I always fuck you gently na…Mom:Chandu please..tomorrow morning only we will do it toh…please Chandu..Chandu seemed to be in two minds now, but he realised that tomorrow’s garage ride will be more rewarding.So he carried mom back to the car and dressed her up the best he could. Mother was happy for the support as her knees were still shaking as he made her sit in the front seat beside him.When he got in, I saw mother lean over and kiss him…it became a very long kiss..they were not breaking apart. Then I realised she was giving him a handjob to finish him off for the day as well and Chandu was trying to get as much as possible. After a minute of this Chandu suddenly grabbed her head and shoved it down on his cock.From the look on his face I could tell he had just ejaculated in my mother’s mouth. He held her head there for a few more seconds and when she came up, sure enough Chandu’s white sperm was all over her lips and chin. She licked up the bit on her lips and she wiped off the bit on her chin with her finger and then licked that up too.Mom:There Chandu…drank all your malai..Now just drive home..Need to get ready early tomorrow now for “FULL BODy WORKsHOP”.They drove off and I was left with another priceless incident for my masturbation collection. I was starting to realise that my mother was obviously turning into a sex queen for the neighbourhood. If I followed her properly, no doubt I would catch her satisfying uncles of our society too.Her big dusky Bengali booty is on everyone’s mind and for the final and most explosive piece of this triology, the next sex story will be starring our very own family doctor….

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