My Mother In Law takes Control 2

My Mother In Law takes Control 2My Mother In Law, Maria has whipped me into submission. I stand with my legs spread hands against the wall, a garden hose nozzle shoved in my asshole filling my bowels with water. Maria’s silk bathrobe hangs open, her hard nipples rub against my back. “Are you going to behave”I hesitate squirming against the nozzle in my butt.”Well! Are you” I hear a familiar voice ask. The building pressure in my bowel, the stimulation of the nozzle in my butt, and my mother in law stroking my cock have brought me to my peak arousal. I’m going to cum. “Yes ” I cry as my cum shoots from my cock hitting the wall of the house splashing on my belly and thighs.”I did not hear you ask for permission to cum” says the familiar voice.”Neither did I.” says Maria. “Salma have you brought my suitcase” “Yes”Salma is my Sister In Law, my wife twin sister, a real stuck up bitch. “That nozzle looks okay in your ass slave. We are going to have some fun training you!” Now I am really worried. “Take the hose out of your ass and suck on it, bitch” Salma says as I turn to see Maria walk inside. I reach down and feel the end of the hose going in my butthole. “I said pull it out, now!” Swish!!! The crack of leather hitting my butt. “OWWWW!!! FUCK THAT HURT!” I quickly yank out the nozzle, causing the water in my distended belly to spray from my asshole all over the ground and on to Salma’s stilettos. “Look at the mess you made” Salma orders. I turn around to see Salma in a shiny bright red PVC garment that has holes in all the right places. In her hand is a cat o nine tails. On the BBQ table is a large open briefcase that contains a lot of sex toys and restraints.”Eyes down slave. Clean my boots” I reach for the hose. Swish ! The twisted leather ropes hit my back”Lick them clean” I get on the ground, poke out my tongue, and reluctantly lick the pointy tip of her shoe. The shitty brown water tastes disgusting. Salma picks up the chain leash and leads me to the dog. Kahn my Rottweiler smells my asshole.”No mistress I beg you” I plead. Kahn has his tongue licking my butthole.Salma pulls the dog off my back just as I feel his hard cock pound against my butt trying to penetrate me. Thank god. “Crawl over to the güvenilir bahis şirketleri coffee table then lie on your back on top of it arms and legs at each corner. “”Yes Mistress.” Swish! “OWWW! ” “Yes Salma. Momma is your Mistress slave”I follow her instructions. I see Salma holding 4 short pieces of rope which she uses to bind my ankles and wrists to the legs of the table. My back is now arched. A large ball with holes is stuffed in my mouth stretching it wide open, Velcro straps hold it in place. From the suitcase Salma takes a selection of butt plugs, a battery and some wire things, some office bulldog clips, a bag of spring loaded clothes pegs, and some steel bar things with holes in. They are all laid out on the table where I can see them. My cock is semi hard. “Like what you see slave” “Yes Mistress”Salma picks up a stainless steel phallic object with a long wire coming from one end. She squirts some lube on the round tip and moves between my legs. I clench my butt cheeks in fear of the unknown to come. She grabs my big ball sack and squeezes firmly.”Open up butt slut” Salma smiles, flashing her white teeth, as she pushes the probe in my now flushed asshole. Several strips of Packaging tape are put on my hairy pubes through between my legs and on my butt securely holding the probe in my ass. Black plastic electrodes are stuck on my butt, lower back, and near my belly button. The wires from all these things are connected to a switch which is connected to a battery. “Ready !” I watch her hand flick the switch. My body shakes and convulses as the electricity surges through my body. “UMMMPPPHHH!! . Beads of sweat form on my torso and head. Salma puts a deck chair near the coffee table, sits down, and reaches out to apply oil to my cock. Her hand wraps around most of my thick shaft , moving up and down. My penis has shrivelled up and is not responding to her attention. “Okay now for your carrot” Maria has returned wearing a elegant black lacy lingerie outfit consisting of a corset and garter belt with matching panties and stockings. The top hat, black bowtie with white collar and little black high heeled boots. Fuck what a sight. My cock responds immediately. “Do you like my outfit?” tipobet giriş She asks seductively. My dick is now fully erect and threatening to shoot cum in my face. “I am the Ringmaster. Your Mistress. Do you understand. No more late boozy nights at the strip club. No more lap dances and coming home reeking of a sluts scent. Otherwise” she nods at Salma and my body reacts to the pain of the electricity surging through my body. I bite on the ball gag in my mouth. My nipples are hard. I gasp and wheeze for air through the holes in the ball. My body is sweating profusely. Water pools underneath me. “Looks like you need to cool down slave. ” Maria puts down an ice bucket on my broad chest and starts putting ice cubes on my ripped abdominal muscles, belly button, and nipples. Salma grabs a big lump and places it firmly under my balls. They both take another cube and run it along the underside of my long thick shaft. My body is on sensory overload. “Salma sit on his face and rub your clit, baby””Yes Momma” Swish of the stick hits Salma’s PVC clad bottom. “WTF” Swish! “Salma I am your Mistress. No swearing Baby” “Yes Mo.. er Mistress!”Salma sits on my face and rubs her clit. Her puffy pussy lips glisten as her fingers move from her clit to inside her young pussy and back again. Repeatedly I’m just beginning to enjoy the view when she orgasms squirting her juices all over my open mouth and face. I can’t swallow. I cough and gag. Drowning in her juices. They quickly undo the Velcro strips and remove the ball gag. Salma sits on my face and continues grinding her pussy against my mouth and tongue. The ice is cooling me down. I feel a warm moist sensation around the tip of my white circumcised cock. Maria is giving my cock the most sensitive oral treatment. I can’t see but fuck it feels great my cock is very aroused. Her lips wrapped around the girth of my fat shaft, as her tongue swirls around, her head bobs up and down, until her chin rests on my ice cold balls. She gags as throb deep down her throat. Now straddling my waist Maria reaches around Salma to manipulate her nipples. Sadistic pinching, pulling and twisting them.Maria whispers in Salma’s ear. Salma stands moves back and her tipobet güvenilir mi hand guides the head of my cock in to her dripping cunt. “Milk his balls baby””Yes Mistress” Salma bounces up and down on my excited penis. She bumps and grinds that beautiful ass against me. Her tight wet pussy muscles clench my cock as she leans forward rubbing her nipples against my chest.”Permission to cum Mistress” I ask “Denied” Replies Maria as she reaches underneath my butt grabbing a loose end of the packaging tape and yanking it out and through removing the hair from between my legs and asshole. “YOOOOWWWWWWW” The rope binding my ankles and wrists is beginning to feel loose. I wiggle my wrists and feel each slip from the ropes. I sit up and clamp my mouth on one of Salma’s big firm breasts. Being a big strong giant of a man I stand with her still impaled on my dick and lift the edge of the coffee table until the legs are higher than the bindings. I am free. I turn and lie Salma back on the table.”Spread your legs wide Selma I’m gonna jack hammer your cunt” I grunted. Salma is very flexible her legs shoot out sideways from her hips. She grabs my shaft placing the head between her horny pussy lips. I pound her young pussy hard and fast for a minute. Looking up I see the Ringmaster legs spread on the couch with a dildo in her cunt and a small vibrator on her clit. Her eyes are locked on mine as I rough fuck her daughter.I get up and move three paces.”Get on your hands and knees!” She moves in to position on the settee. “Pull your knickers down to expose your old cunt” With two hands her black lacy panties move down to mid thigh. “Reach between your legs and guide my cock in to your cunt” Her hand reaches between her spread thighs and grabs my shaft rubs the head on her wet pussy lips.”Fuck my cock” her ass moves back impaling my hard cock. I can’t control myself I grab her waist and thrust fast and furious for 30seconds before filling her cunt with warm seed. At this instant Salma flicks the switch electricity flows through Maria and I causing us to fall on to the ground.Later that day after we are all showered dinner has been prepared. Rib eye steak is marinating, the salads are made. We are in the pool keeping cool when my wife walks out from the kitchen with a tired but happy smile on her face dressed in her sexy bikini. Sees that dinner is all prepared under the pergola and her husband is frolicking in the pool with her family.”This is nice. I hope Momma didn’t ride you to hard””

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