My mummy was a cougar


My mummy was a cougarIt was about 3 years ago I was shocked but in the end surprised it happened. My mates always came to my house and had said my mum was fit and would love to see her naked I said I had a video I took in secret of her washing and had jacked off many times to it. We set it up and sat on the bed knowing our cocks would be in our hands soon wanking for all our might.As we watched her showering her tits pulling her nipples I could see matt my bestie of the world ingroused in the video we watched as her hand went down onto her pussy her fingers sliding into her pussy, Matt now ha his cock in his hand rubbing it like hell, I had never noticed his cock was massive and looked at his face, he winked and carried on.Now all of us had our cocks out wanking as tho it was going out of fashion,all of a sudden mum walked into the room with shock we stopped as she asked what us boys where upto looking at out hard young cocks, she saw the video and said when was this taken I confessed a while back, she laughed and said well I better give u a personal peformance.She demmanded us all to strip and come to the bathroom, we all undressed quickly and rushed to the bathroom, celtabet giriş mum was standing in the shower waiting, she demanded we stood there watching and no touching our cocks. She turned on the shower and soaped her body, Matt asked if he could help as she beconned him to the shower, she grabbed his cock as she kissed him then got on her knees to suck his weapon,i was in awe as her mouth swallowed my besties huge cock allof a sudden he jerked and shot his load in her mouth.She said whos next and demmanded my mate into the shower she wanked him off in minuets. She saw me and said well we better take care of you my boy and got out of the shower and told me to wank off over her tits, I rubbed vigoursly as I shot my load over her tits. She then said well thats better now boys go to my room and wait for me, we all went to her room and stood there until her return.She came in naked and laid on the bed went to her bedside locker and pulled out a huge dildo,opened her legs and started to fuck herself. Our cocks went rigid the site of my mums shaved pussy was amazing, she pulled out the dildo glistening with her pussy jucies, as she sat up and celtabet yeni giriş said now who shall I have first, I knew she was loking at matt with hunger for his dickShe beconed my other mate to the bed and told him to stand one side of the bed, then matt the other side, and me onto the bed I was curios as to what she was going to do, but was amazed what happened, she knelt on the bed and told matt to shove his cock into her pussy from behind, as he did she cum straight away as she shook with pleasure, she then took my other mate into her mouth,and grabbed my cock rubbing it softly.Matt was now fucking my mum like a horny dog banging his huge cock into her whilst she sucked the one in her mouth,he tits hung like ripe mellons as I rubbed her nipples,she cum again and again she was enjoying matt’s cock.All of a sudden my mate cum in her mouth,it slipped out of her mouth and she lowered her head onto mine, my mummy was sucking my cock,I felt her tits as I shot my huge load.She now demmanded Matt to stop and lay on the bed, he pulled out as it shone with her jucies,he lay on the bed as she straddled it saying it was the best cock she had celtabet güvenilirmi ever had. As it dissapered into her pussy she cum again as we sat and watched, she moved up and down, as Matt grabbed her waist, all of a sudden he flipped her over and rammed his cock into her as she was on her back legs wide open.He pounded her as tho it was a piston his huge balls slamming against her ass as she cried out in passion begging to be fucked, I could see his cock slamming into her slit,her tits bouncing with the force of his thrust, as she shook with orgasms before he emptied his load into her pumping thick cum as it dribbled out of her snatch. He pulled out to reveal a gaping pussy creampie,breathless she said omg that was amazing as we all went back to my room, Matt said to me my mum was amazing and had wanted to fuck her for ages.I looked at matts huge limp cock and said well she did enjoy it and we all laughed. We all went down stairs and sat in the living room mum apperead a few minuets later and kissed us to say thanks, as she got to Matt she kissed him and matt shovedd his hand onto her pussy she cum in a instants amazed at her reaction she confessed her pussy was sencetive and because matts cock was so big.We sat there whilst matt sucked her nipples and rub her puffed up pussy making her scream with enjoyment at what he was doing. He still comes to the house and on the odd occasion hear him fucking my mummy as she cums again and again.

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