My Name is Dave Ch. 03


I did not mean to hit accept. That was the thought that kept running through my head. It had been a bizarre chain of events that I could probably never recreate even if I tried a hundred times. They couldn’t hold me to that, could they?

I didn’t mind getting fucked by Steve, in fact, I enjoyed it and wanted to do it more often. My problem was giving him a blank check to my body. I just wanted some control of the pace. Though I did have an erection the entire time thinking about what it would mean if I had to go through with it…

What it meant was, by the rules of the site I had signed up for, that I had to let Steve do whatever (within certain set parameters) he wanted to me whenever he wanted for the next three months. And not just him, he took off the restrictions for multiple predators. He could share me, he could even give me away: he made the agreement transferrable.

He had sent the most one sided agreement I could imagine and I had accidentally accepted it. That was way more than what I was looking for. I needed to get out of this.

I quickly sent Steve a message explaining that I had not meant to send accept, and how I had fallen and accidentally did it. I thought he would be willing to take things slower, go more at my speed.

GreedySteve was having none of it. He had won the lottery and was not about to give me up: “I don’t care if a bird flew in your window, crapped on the accept, danced on the keyboard and got your password then died, fell over and hit send. You’re mine. If you think I am giving up unlimited on-demand access to one of the finest pieces of ass to come along in a while, you’re nuts. You are my own personal fuck toy right now, Dave. The agreement stands and I won’t change anything in it.”

That angle did not work, time to try something else. I was aware that Steve was going to fight me on this one. I always had the option of just breaking the agreement and taking the six-month ban. The problem was, I really liked how this was going and was more afraid of six months away from him than three months as his virtual sex slave.

I appeal to Predator and Prey

Fine print in user agreement: “all disputes will be handled by an arbitrator chosen by the site and the user must abide by all decisions.”

I spent the next few hours poring over the site’s rules and regulations to see if there was a way to get it voided. What I found was that agreements can be disputed on two grounds: 1) fraud and 2) coercion. I knew my situation was neither one of those, but I thought it was pretty harsh for what seemed to be a one night or weekend at a time thing. Maybe someone would listen and at least modify the terms (which the site arbitrator had the right to do, according to more of the fine print) or, if I was really lucky, nullify the agreement.

I began the process of contesting the agreement. In the explanation, I said that no fraud occurred, that it had been an accidental signing. I then went on to give a detailed and, I thought eloquent, description of the accident and subsequent mistaken sending. I expressed my fondness for Steve and a willingness to enter into another agreement with him if this were voided. I suggested a modification such as much shorter term might satisfy all parties. I was willing to compromise here.

I read and re-read it, satisfied that it said what I wanted it to say in a polite but logically unassailable way. I clicked send and away it went.

In retrospect, that might not have been the best move.

Within a minute, a message appeared in my inbox. In all capital letters the subject was “AGREEMENT” and the long string of characters that was our agreement ID “ON HOLD.” I opened it and saw that it was addressed to GreedySteve and me. The text explained the allegation of fraud and that an investigation was underway.

This was going to piss Steve off, but I tried to work this out with him. He had his chance to do the right thing.

I went to bed fairly sure I did the right thing, but began to have some doubts.

At the end of three months, regardless of other things, things would end. So, at worst, I was looking at getting fucked a lot for three months. I could probably live with that. But, that was if I had to go through with it and I thought my accident could get me out of it.

I checked my messages the next morning. There was one saying the investigation into the event had started. I expected to be questioned on that when I opened the next message. Instead it was reminding me about being certified.

“Certified” in P&P lingo meant disease free. They had made an appointment for me at some clinic that handled this stuff for them (it actually was pretty close to my house). I got screened for all the diseases, agreed not to have sex outside of the P&P world and, voila, I was certified. Regular return visits to the clinic made sure I kept up my certification. If I was with a certified predator (like GreedySteve), we could dispense with condoms.

Well, it would be good to have anyway. I liked istanbul escort the idea of cum in my ass and, frankly, on the third fuck of the night, latex started to hurt.

It was a five-minute drive into a little clinic tucked behind a warehouse. I gave them the paper I printed out for my screening. They were surprisingly busy. From the looks of it, P&P was not their only customer, but I was in and out within ten minutes. The tests were all pretty basic (though I could stand to never have a syphilis test done again) and I was back out the door in fifteen more minutes. Efficient. I had to admire that.

I stopped to grab a six pack on the way home and promptly went to my laptop to see if they were asking me any questions about the agreement.

I was surprised to see a message saying “CASE RESOLVED”. That was quick. I opened it and there was a message from the site administrator: “There is no verifiable proof that anything improper occurred during your acceptance of the agreement. Everything was done by the rules of Predator and Prey to which you have consented. Therefore, the agreement will stand as is and is effective immediately. Furthermore, since an already disproven charge of fraud has been leveled against a member in good standing, and your explanation was so outlandish as to be obviously untrue, this case will be referred to site arbitrator for disciplinary action.”

Well, shit.

I could handle being Steve’s fucktoy for three months, I guess. I really did not have anything on tap, aside from the odd shift at the coffee shop. And I did like being fucked by Steve. Or I could break the agreement.

A new message was in my inbox. It was to the site arbitrator about the false fraud case complaint against me, I was only on the cc list. It listed the complaint, that I had accused GreedySteve of fraud to get me to approve an agreement. For evidence, they had my complaint, but all the text was deleted except for the part where I say “GreedySteve committed no fraud”. This would not be good for me.

Site arbitrator? What were their exact powers? I had gone over them trying to research this, where were they? Okay, found it. They settle disputes, discipline community members and modify the terms of agreements. They had the power to do that?

Fuck. I could really be in for it if I did not get out of this right now.

I backed out of that page and tried to work my way through the maze of pages to get to the agreement cancellation page, but the button was frozen. I went back to my profile and tried to cancel my membership. A pop-up told me this action was not possible due to pending action by the site arbitrator.

I suddenly realized I might be in pretty deep. If they wouldn’t let me quit, well, Steve had already proven how easily he could subdue me. But, again, I like being subdued and fucked by Steve. I would just like some say in it besides don’t piss on me and no fists up my ass.

But the idea of basically being a sex slave for the next three months was intoxicating.


It was not too long after I got the message saying the agreement was in effect that Steve’s truck pulled into my driveway and Steve came to collect his bootie. I sat naked in the living room and waited for him.

He came up the stairs and for the first time I saw the face of the man my body already knew well. He had a handsome face, brown eyes, short brown hair and a nose that looked like it had been broken at least once before. Even though I thought I had never seen his face before, I knew it was him. I knew the body, the sense of presence. But I realized I knew the face, too; he was a regular at the coffee shop where I worked. He had even been in this morning, but he always wore work shirts so I never saw his arms (I would recognize those wonderful strong arms anywhere). Maybe if I’d followed him into the bathroom I would have recognized him.

He went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. He generously offered me one of my own beers.

“Here’s how this is going to work,” he said. “I plan on honoring the agreement to the letter and will hold you to it as well. Your off-limits list stands. When this ends, it ends. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I really like to do a lot of things that are not off limits. Things like fucking that perfect ass of yours.

“I know this is probably a little more than you were looking for at this point. But you just behave, do as your told and be a good sub,” he said, “and when this is over in three months you can go on your merry way. Don’t sign anything, don’t protest anything, just let me, and a select few friends, enjoy that wonderful body and in three months I find someone else young and naïve. You go off to grad school with some life experience.”

He gently held my chin and made me look him right in the eyes.

“You’re mine, but I’ll keep you safe. Understand?”

I believed him and nodded.

He pointed to the bedroom.

“After you,” he said.

I kadıköy escort hesitated for a second then headed down the hallway to the first of what promised to be many ass-fuckings over the next three months. He followed a minute later undressed and carrying a bottle of lube and a box of condoms.

“I loved checking you out when you were working at the café. Especially when you wore shorts and were wiping off the tables,” he said. He began to position me, bent at the waist, standing on the floor, hands on the bed. “Love those legs. That was how I knew it was you on the profile.” He touched a spot on my upper outer left thigh. “You have a birthmark here and it shows up on the pictures on your profile.”

He began to work some lube in my ass.

“I had been thinking about trying to seduce you anyway, but this has worked out better. When I realized I was going to get to deflower you it was almost too much. The funny thing is, I would send my replies to you while sitting in the café checking you out, knowing I was going to fuck the shit out of you. You want to talk about a morning pick me up.”

He slipped on a condom and rubbed some lube on his covered shaft. I felt him guide it to my puckered brown hole and start to push. I gasped as the tip broke through and he forced his way into my body.

Three months of this, three months of serving his cock anytime he wanted. I don’t know if I was more scared or aroused. I was already getting addicted to this, but could I do three months? I already had some skipping town plans drawn up in my head.

He gave a quick hard thrust in and I let out a whimper.

“That was for accusing me of fraud. I did not make you agree to that, there was certainly no fraud. You should have seen my outrage at being accused of fraud in my message back to the site arbitrator. I can be persuasive in e-mails. I told him my reputation had been slandered. Or is it libeled? And I demanded justice. Then, I went into detail about you and things I wanted to do to you.”

“Steve, I’m sorry…” I started but he smacked my ass.

“No talking when I’m fucking you,” he admonished. “Or I’ll gag you. You’ve got three months to prove how sorry you are.”

I groaned as he pounded away at me. I loved his strong hands on my bare hips, holding me, guiding me for his pleasure. I was surprised when he reached down for the bottle of lube. He squirted some lube on his hand then grabbed my cock. I jumped as he began stroking it.

“Just hold still and relax,” he said and began slowly stroking my cock. “You can enjoy this, too.”

I froze. His hand on my dick felt so good and his cock in my ass was an undeniable force. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensations of my body. His hand was slow, agonizingly so, but he was bringing me closer to climax. My body tensed as I was on the edge of orgasm, but he slowed his stroking, keeping me just below what I needed to cum. I could feel sweat suddenly coming from my pores and I began to tremble.

Suddenly, my world exploded and I came and came hard. Cum shot from my cock and onto my bedspread. Pleasure roared through every fiber of my body, I moaned and clenched. He came, too, my ass spasming on his cock putting him over the edge, too.

He slowed, then stopped.

“I’m going to learn to play your body like an instrument,” he said and gave my cock another slow stroke. “And I’ve got plenty of time to practice.”

He left after that with a warning: “I’ll be back in the morning for a blow job and cup of coffee on my way to work.”

The Site Arbitrator Ruling

The next morning, I woke up, somewhat unsure, to my current fate as Steve’s fuck toy. Steve was going to be fucking me soon, and often. I wondered what his appetites were like? Daily? Few times a week? What was I in for?

I rolled out of bed, hit the bathroom and brushed the morning ick from my teeth. I headed to the kitchen, found coffee made and Steve sitting at my table.

Oh, right. He was coming by for coffee and a blow job. I should have waited to brush my teeth.

“Have a cup, wake up a little then check your messages. Tom decided.”

“Who’s Tom?” I asked.

“The site arbitrator. I have to say, I love that you challenged the agreement. It has worked out wonderfully for me. Did I mention I built a deck for Tom? Put in a hot tub, too, and gave him a nice discount on the work. He’s a great guy, but doesn’t have much time for uppity prey. Kind of an old perv, too.”

“Steve, I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t want to accuse you, but I accidentally hit accept and was trying to get out of it.”

“And how’s that been working for you?” he said with a smile. “Here’s the deal, Dave. Frankly, I believe you when you say it was an accident. I know you weren’t ready for this yet. But I don’t care. I got you and I am going to keep you for as long as Tom allows.”

I knew this would be bad before I even opened the message titled “RESOLVED”.

The first part was fairly basic kağıthane escort and expected. I was found guilty of one count of making a false charge and one count of defamation by making false charge. Then it went ahead and referenced the section of the user agreement (to which I had agreed) allowing this authority.

Fine. That was expected. So what did it all mean?

The next section was a personal statement from the site arbitrator: “It is with great pleasure that I rule against the charged in this case. It is not the place of prey to accuse predators. You should be glad that this predator finds you so desirable and try your utmost to keep him pleased rather than fighting his attentions and defaming his character.

“You have fulfilled exactly one agreement and GreedySteve has been a member in good standing for several years. Had you not challenged the agreement and the good name of GreedySteve, you would have been done in three months. Had you even just chosen to break it at that point, you could have been reinstated in six months. And no one would have blamed you for breaking that ludicrous agreement. But you chose to slander GreedySteve by accusing him of fraud and for that you will be punished.

“I hope, in your extended time with GreedySteve, you are able to make amends with him and he finds it in his heart to forgive you.”

Okay, that sounded really bad.

Page three was the penalties. Steve was smiling.

“Read them aloud,” Steve ordered me, rubbing his cock though his pants.

“Penalty one,” I read, “time of the current agreement will be extended,” I paused here before I read the painful next words, “to six months.”

Steve smiled.

“Penalty two,” I continued. “The first offense ban for breaking an agreement has been revoked. Any breaking of future agreements will result in a lifetime ban, subject to approval of the site arbitrator.”

A lifetime ban did not seem so bad right now.

That was it? Only two penalties? Okay, the six months thing was a little hard to swallow, but I could change the locks or skip town if I felt I needed to. Or just quit the damn site, they had to let me, right?

“Read the rest of it,” Steve ordered.

I scrolled down and found the next text. “The behavior of the charged shall be monitored closely and modifications to the agreement will be made accordingly by this office. Resignation of charged from this site is subject to the approval of the site arbitrator upon completion of this agreement. The site arbitrator invests the Predator holding the agreement with all power needed to enforce this agreement by any means necessary and to call on other Predators for assistance when needed.” And then there were a bunch of references to places in the user agreement that granted him these powers.

“What ‘by any means necessary’ means,” Steve said and put his hand on my thigh, “is I know where you live and where you work and even where the one granny you have left lives. It also means I have a key to your house and I have friends who help me bring you back in line if you go anywhere. Probably take a taste of that sweet ass, too, for their troubles.”

He unzipped his pants and stuck his cock in my face.

“It means you better be good,” he said and grabbed my hair. “Take a good look at this cock. The next six months of your life are going to be spent keeping this cock happy.”

It was a beautiful cock, long and perfectly proportioned, veined and rock hard.

How did one time one night turn into six months?

“I’m sorry, Steve,” I said.

“Shh,” he said and let go of my hair. “Less talk, more oral. Use that mouth for better things.”

I started licking his shaft from bottom to top with long strokes.

“Besides,” he grabbed my hair again and held me in place while I licked at one particular spot on his shaft. “It has worked out very well for me.” He let go and I took the tip into my mouth and began sucking. “You know, there are lots of forums on the site where prey can talk about the dos and don’ts of P&P. You can have someone look over your agreement for you and tell you what it really means, too. But I’m glad you didn’t, that you came in fresh and eager and right into my clutches.” He did a rather convincing evil laugh.

He stopped talking and grabbed my head with both hands and began to fuck my face harder and faster. It was unpleasant, I’d far rather take it in the ass, but it was what he wanted. He came, and I swallowed as much as I could.

He zipped up and got ready to leave.

“I suggest you read the terms of the agreement,” he said. “So we don’t have any more surprises. I need to go to work. I’ll be back later.”

I looked at the clock. I had overslept and had to leave for work in fifteen minutes. I gulped my coffee, mmm…coffee and cum for breakfast. I downloaded the agreement to my phone while I grabbed a quick shower, dressed and was off to work.


I arrived exactly on time to do my 8am to 4pm shift. I was sore and still in a daze about what had happened to my life. Shy? Still, but certainly lonely no more. It really was kind of thrilling, too.

I started my shift at the end of the breakfast rush then helped clean up and get ready for midmorning and lunch. It was about 1030 when I had a chance to look at my phone and read the terms of my agreement.

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