My Neighbours and Me


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This is a continuation from “My Neighbours”.

I stood watching my neighbours Tom and Andy, desperately hoping they would look my way again. I wouldn’t hide from them a second time. I wanted them to see me watching and enjoying what they were doing. I had to have something in my hole so I reached into the bedside drawers and pulled out my lube and big butt plug. I lubed it up and slowly pushed it up inside my pussy, feeling it stretch my hole as it went deeper until it was finally lodged inside me. Even though I’d not had a real cock inside me for ages, I had used the plug and a couple of large dildo’s on my ass since moving back home. But I was gagging to feel a hot, hard piece of cock meat inside me.

I looked out the window again. Tom and Andy were standing at the side of the sun loungers, Tom bending over and holding onto his knees while Andy was fucking him from behind. He was holding onto Tom’s waist and slamming his cock in and out of Tom’s ass hard and fast. Just then they both looked up at my window and smiled. Andy bent forward and said something to Tom who smiled and nodded.

Andy pulled his long hard cock out of his dad’s cunt and walked to the connecting gate in the fence between our gardens. He opened it and stepped into my garden, then started to walk up to the patio. I raced downstairs and met him as he walked into the dining room, his long hard cock swaying from side to side as he walked. I was mesmerised by how hot and gorgeous he and his cock looked. He walked up to my naked body, put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me in for a passionate kiss, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

I took hold of his hard throbbing piece of cock meat that was still greasy from fucking his dad. He broke from the kiss and said “Looks like you were enjoying our performance Joey, why not get down and suck my cock. It’s got Uncle Todd’s cum on it. He stayed over last night and fucked my dad before he left this morning.”

I dropped to my knees, pulled the foreskin back and started sniffing and licking the massive bulging knob head. His cock was so hard, and had a large blue vein running the entire length. I could smell and taste cum mixed with ass juice. I slowly sunk the küçükçekmece escort huge hard dick as far into my mouth as I could go. I have trouble deep throating but I did get more than half of that hot cock into my mouth. It was delicious. As I sucked I reached around and started fingering Andy’s cummy fucked pussy, pushing one then two then three fingers up inside and finger fucking him. Andy stepped back, his cock slipping from my mouth, turned around and bent over. “Eat out my pussy Joey. Come on, get your tongue inside my cunt,” he said.

I pulled Andy’s ass cheeks wide and looked at the well fucked bunghole as it twitched. I started licking the hole, up and down then stuck my tongue deep inside his warm wet pussy. Andy pushed out his hole and his dad’s cum dribbled out. I eagerly lapped it up and stuck my tongue back in his hole trying to get more. It had a sweet salty taste that I had been missing for a long time. Cunt spunk is the best tasting.

My hole was clenching around the butt plug. My cock was aching and throbbing, desperate to be held, played with and jacked, but I left it alone making myself even more horny. I was going to hold off blowing my load for as long as I could. I wanted to be desperate to cum by the time I emptied my balls.

Andy stood up straight, turned to me and said “C’mon, dad is waiting for us. We’re gonna fuck you Joey – both of us, one after the other. We’re gonna spit roast you and fill you with cock at both ends, just like we’ve done with your mum and dad.”

“What?” My parents had been fucked by Tom and Andy? Even my dad? What the fuck?

“Oh yeah – they’ve both had our cocks filling their holes on a few occasions. Sometimes separately, a few times together. They love watching each other get fucked. Especially your mum – she loves it when I’m in your dad’s ass, and he is sucking my dad’s cock. She spreads her legs wide so your dad can really fuck her hard. And she loves cock in all three of her holes, drives her wild. In fact they organised this weekend for you. We’ve known for awhile you have been watching my dad, so last weekend we told your folks and they agreed for us to fuck you while they were away this weekend.

“Uncle Todd will be back soon too. You’ll küçükyalı escort like his cock in your cunt. He’s not as big as me in length but his cock is as thick as a beer can. He’ll tear your pussy apart.” My eyes opened wide and I smiled. “I thought you’d like that idea,” he said.

I was still having trouble thinking about my folks and the neighbours fucking – my folks always seemed a bit reserved when it came to public displays of affection so to think of them as joining in a group session especially with two other guys just wasn’t making sense. “How did you and my folks start fucking with each other?” I asked Andy.

“We’ll tell you later. Right now we want to fuck you. So let’s get moving huh?”

We walked naked and hard back to Andy’s back garden where Tom was laying on the sun lounger, his hard cock still standing up as he slowly stroked it and massaged his balls. “Hi Joey” he said as we walked up to him. “Nice of you to join us. Take a seat” he said waving his hard rigid cock at me.

Andy started playing with my ass and then moved his hand to my plugged hole. “Oh dad, he’s plugged. He’s got a butt plug in his cunt,” he said as he took hold of the end of the plug. I bent forward, spreading my legs and pushed my arse out. Andy pulled the plug slowly out of my arse. As it popped out, my arse felt wide and gaping and empty. I needed cock in me badly. Andy sniffed the plug, then shoved it in his mouth and sucked my ass juices from it.

I straddled Tom, and positioned his knob head at my hole’s entrance. I rubbed my pussy across his knob feeling it tickle my cunt. “C’mon Joey, get it in you. You know you want it. Your ass is gagging for cock” he said. I couldn’t wait any longer – I held Tom’s cock against my pussy opening and in one go sat down on him, feeling his knob stretching my bunghole and then sliding down that length of cock meat until he was balls deep inside me. Fuck it felt good, my ass was full of cock for the first time in months.

I wanted to just sit on Tom’s cock and feel it inside me, but lust took over me. I started riding his cock hard, rising up and then slamming his cock deep in my cunt. I squeezed my ass muscles as I lifted up off Tom’s cock and then released as I rammed him maltepe escort inside me. My ass was making juicy fuck fart noises as I rode Tom.

Andy disappeared for a few minutes then came back with a couple of bottles of poppers. He handed me a bottle and then stood in front me, his hard cock only a few inches from my face. I took a few deep sniffs of poppers, put them down and grabbed Andy’s ass pulling his cock to my mouth.

As I rode Tom’s cock, I took Andy’s cock into my mouth and started sucking on his raging bulbous knob head. “A real cock whore aren’t you Joey,” Andy said. I just murmured my agreement and took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. “Don’t make me cum though. I want to fill your cunt after dad.”

Suddenly Tom said “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum Joey. Take my load you bitch, take me fucking load.” With that he pushed his cock deep in me and held it there. I could feel his hot seed spurting in me, filling my pussy. My cock was dripping pre cum all over Tom’s stomach as he unloaded inside me.

When Tom had finished blowing his load, Andy lifted me off his cock, threw me to the ground so I was on all fours. “Crawl around slut. Lick your ass juice of my dad’s cock, clean him up.” As I did that, Andy moved behind me and without any foreplay, slammed his rock hard cock in my loose gaping cunt and started fucking me hard doggy style using his dad’s cum as lube. He was slamming his cock in me so fucking hard it hurt but I was loving it. I started jacking my hard cock as he fucked me. It didn’t take long for me to feel the jizz rising from my balls and up the length of my shaft to explode across the grass, my ass muscles clenching as I blew a huge load of cum.

“OH FUCKING HELL, I’m gonna cum you slut,” Andy shouted. “Take my load you slut.” He rammed his 9″ cock all the way inside me and emptied his nuts. He shot a huge load of jizz in me, so much that I was overflowing. I could feel his cum running out of my hole and down my balls. When he had finished, he slowly pulled his cock out of my gaping cunt, and pushed the butt plug back inside me. “Keep that cum in your pussy Joey. You’re gonna need it, the day isn’t over yet” he said as he slapped my ass.

I was blissfully shattered. No cock for months then two big cocks fucking me hard and unloading huge cum loads in me. I looked up at them both smirking at me. “Like parents, like son,” said Andy. “All the family are cock hungry sluts.”

“Oh Andy,” said Tom, “have you told him?”

“Only that we’ve fucked his parents a few times. Not much more.”

I looked at Tom and said, “Tell me. How, when, everything.”

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