My New Bitch


My name is Sasha. I am an executive at a major bank, or at least I was until yesterday when I got fired. It was the worst day ever, well worst work day, but the rest was pretty cool. It’s a bit of a story, but if you have the time I think you’ll enjoy it.

So, starting at the beginning. My name is Sasha, and I am a twenty five year old American/Czechoslovakian woman. I have long black hair that reaches down to the middle of my back, but I usually wear it up for work. I am five foot eight inches tall and weigh 125 pounds. I am by all opinions well built. My measurements are 40DD -32-35, and when I wear a tight shirt and Daisy Dukes I stop traffic. I am also the youngest CFO in the history of Castle Banking Cooperative, an American based financial institution.

I have the perfect body, the perfect job and the perfect man. His name is Alexi, a former pro athlete who owns several car dealerships. Oh and did I mention he is a total babe. Mine is truly a wonderful life, and I am grateful for every part of it, except when my personal and professional lives conflict.

I have been spending a lot of time at work lately, working on a merger with a major foreign banking company. It’s the kind of deal that not only builds a bullet proof resume, but can be very, very lucrative. I was looking forward to becoming the Associate CFO and making a killing. It also has me so tied up that I haven’t seen Alexi for more than ten minutes a day for over a month. Even my weekends are jam packed with work. Audits, financial reviews, stock valuations, and asset discovery are all I have been doing as we work to close this deal. It has been grueling, but the CEO promised me a hefty bonus and some well needed time off if I could make it happen.

So there’s the conflict, too much time at work and not enough time in bed with Alexi.

Last week we finally closed the merger. It was champagne, caviar and Rolexes all over the office. As promised I received a huge bonus, it was just shy of 2 years salary. I almost cried when I opened it, but instead paid off the Porsche and bought two tickets to Maui. I was going to spend the first week in bed with Alexi and the second surfing and working on my tan, but first I had to prep for my interview. I was pretty much a shoe in, but wanted to really impress the new bosses and show them I was ready for more. I spent two weeks learning everything I could about the new company, their officers and clients. I slept at my office, worked out at the on site gym and ate whatever I could get delivered. I called Alexi every night before bed, sent him some nudes, and reassured him it would all be worth it.

For my interview, they flew me Zurich first class, and whisked me by limousine to the main office. The interview was with a panel made up of executives from both companies. It lasted 3 hours and I was asked to explain past choices, present strategies and my vision for the future. It was challenging and mentally exhausting, but in the end I think I crushed it. I was given a tour of the town, taken to dinner and then dropped at the nicest hotel in town. After a long hot bubble bath, I turned in for a well deserved night’s sleep.

The next morning I hopped a jet back the states. After a long flight, I was met at the airport by the Executive Vice President of Human Resources Matt Charles. Matt was a lifelong company man. He was six months from retiring, and would probably take a buy out and leave early. He asked how my trip was and I told him about the main offices, my interview and brief tour of the town.

Arriving back at the office Matt grabbed my bags and loaded them in my car. His phone alerted him of a new text message. “Sasha, looks like Steve wants to see us.” We walked into the building and made our way to Steve’s office. I was hardly dressed for a meeting, wearing a comfortable skirt, light sweater and flip flops for the flight home. I told Matt I didn’t feel good about meeting Steve looking so casual, but he said not to worry.

Steve Daniels, the CEO of our company, was sitting at his desk when we entered, but jumped up and greeted us both. He asked me how the trip was and then had us take a seat. I had met with Steve several times in the past, but something felt odd this time.

“So, I’m not going to beat around the bush. The parent company has decided to offer us all severance packages, and stock buyouts.” He handed us both a packet, and picked up a memo to explain the next steps.

“Wait, they’re letting us go?” I didn’t understand. I had interviewed for a position the day before. “But they just flew me to Zurich.”

Steve looked at Matt and then turned to me. “It was a formality, a courtesy if you will. They wanted to be respectful.”

“So they wasted my time. Did I ever have a chance?” I was reeling and needed clarity.

Matt jumped in to help Steve explain. “Listen Sasha, It’s a very male dominated culture over there. It isn’t right, but”

“Ar you fucking kidding me? Male dominated! They say they’re a progressive ankara olgun escort company, but in reality they’re a bunch of chauvinists! Fuck them, just tell me about the package and get me the hell out of here!” I took my anger out on them unfairly, but I had no one else to blame.

Steve took us through the package, took our security badges and had us escorted back to out offices to grab our personal items. Then we were walked out. I gave Matt a hug and apologized for my earlier outburst. We laughed, admitted the package was actually pretty awesome and promised to keep in touch.

The drive home added more fuel to my rage. Road construction delays and stupid drivers had me at my wits end. When I finally got home, i wanted nothing more than to drink some wine and soak in the tub. I grabbed a bottle of Merlot and headed upstairs.

Walking down the hallway to the master bedroom, i heard noise coming from inside. As I gt closer I realized it was Alexi, and It sounded like he wasn’t alone.

“Fuck me. Really?” First my job, and now this. I stopped outside the door and tried to think about what to do. On the one hand I deserved this, I had neglected him for the past several months and I really shouldn’t be surprised. But, on the other hand, this was our house and my fucking bed. Damn it, I couldn’t catch a break.

I listened outside the door and could barely hear a woman’s voice. Then I heard Alexi. His voice was much louder and I heard every word.

His voice was strained and breathing sounded heavy. “That’s it you little whore, you know you want that Cock, take it like the slut you are! Fill those panties with your cum.”

I wanted to walk away, just go to a hotel and deal with this later, but I decided to confront them here and now. I pushed the door open and was surprised at what I found. Alexi didn’t notice I had entered the room, and so I stood there watching. There was no other woman, but the voice was a porn star’s coming from our laptop. The woman in the video was fucking a man in the ass with a strap on, and he was clearly enjoying it. Alexi was standing naked, and his eyes were glued to the screen. With one hand he stroked his cock and the other held a pair of my panties. I was shocked, but stood there watching.

“That’s it fuck me. Fuck my ass!” Alexi cried out shooting his load into my panties.

I Walked out slamming the door behind me. I was half way down the hall when he figured it out.

“Sasha? Is that you? Oh fuck, honey, wait!” His words filled the house, but I was already outside on the way to my car.

I turned the key, cranked up the radio and tore out of the drive. Could this day get any worse? I drove around for about an hour, and couldn’t get the image of the woman fucking the guy in the ass out of my mind. It had been a shitty day, and I was still emotionally raw, but when I had calmed down a bit I realized I was turned on by the thought. I slipped my hand down into my panties and slipped a finger in my cunt. I was dripping wet. I pulled over and masturbated to the thought of Alexi jerking off into my panties and fantasizing about being fucked. I imagined him bent over begging for my cock.

“Beg for my cock!” I spoke, the words were powerful and I felt a surge of energy pulse through my body to my burning cunt. My body trembled and I came moaning and gasping for air.

After I regained my composure, I drove around for another half of an hour, trying to sort out what I would do next. I was so horny, I knew what had to be done.

It was dark when I pulled into the drive, but Alexi had turned the porch light on to show he was waiting for me. I walked in with an arm load of shopping bags from the kind of stores that don’t advertise.

Alexi was sitting in a chair in the foyer, his eyes perked up when he saw me. “Oh thank God you came back!” I walked past him up the stairs to the bedroom without saying a word.

“Sasha, honey, please let me explain.” He chased after me.

I tossed the bags on the bed, waited for Alexi to enter a then closed the door behind him.

“Sasha, please talk to me.” He pleaded.

“Get Naked!” I demanded showing no emotion.

“What? I, um,” He stood staring at me confused.

I reached out and pinched his nipple hard “Shut the fuck up and get naked!” My words were cold and harsh. He stripped down and stood naked before me. I stared coldly at him, and then went to the bed and rummaged through one of the shopping bags. I overacted, each movement and facial expression were over the top. I acted like I couldn’t find what I wanted and got frustrated.

“Fuck, where are they!” I dumped the contents of the bag on the bed and tossed it across the room. The bag had contained a dozen pair of panties, some for me and some for Alexi although he didn’t know that part. I made a production of sorting them, picking them up one by one and tossing them at Alexi’s feet. First was a baby blue pair of boy shorts, then a pair of black ankara ucuz escort bikini’s that had “Master’s Slut” printed on the back. There was a thong that had “Eat my Ass!” on the back and a bikini that had “Take these off and Fuck Me”. I threw them on the floor at his feet, and watched as he looked down to read them.

“Finally!” I Held up a pink satin thong with the words “ANAL WHORE” written on the back. I walked back over to Alexi and held them up in front of him. He smiled and I shoved the panties in his chest. “You think this is funny?”

“No. No Sasha I don’t think it’s…”

“Put them on sweetie.” My voice was sweet and sexy.

“Wait, what?” He asked clearly he thought they were for me.

“Put on your panties.” My voice was sweet but more commanding.

“My panties? No, hey wait.” He held the panties out to me as if he was giving them back.

“I said put on your panties slut!” I raised my voice and slapped his balls, he bent over and let out a whimper. “You’re going to do what I say or get the fuck out!” I was now shouting, and the feeling of power was exhilarating. My heart raced and my cunt was on fire and dripping wet.

Alexi stood up and stared at me. His anger from being hit in the balls, was hard to hide. So was his erection, and the drop of pre-cum on oozing from the tip.

I stared back emotionless, and then smiled coldly. “Put on your panties.”

He looked at me his eyes cold and hard, and then put them on. I leaned in and gave a kiss and rewarded his obedience by rubbing his cock through the silk panties. He closed his eyes, smiled and moaned softly.

I closed my hand around his hard dick and stroked it slowly. “See what happens when you behave like a good slut?” His cock throbbed in my hand, and he started to breath heavier. I knew he was close, I stopped and whispered in his ear. “Not yet slut, I’m just getting started with you.”

I stepped back and took off my clothes slowly. First my sweater. My boobs bouncing as I pulled it over my head. I put my hands over my bra cups and squeezed them, and then slipped my fingers inside my bra and pinched my nipples. I closed my eyes and moaned softly for effect. I opened them and looking Alexi in his eyes took off the bra and threw it at his feet. I gazed down at his panties, and saw the wet spot was growing. I smiled and dropped my skirt to the floor. Standing there in my thong panties, I watched as his gaze moved down to my cunt. I rubbed my hands up and down my thighs and then moved one over the front of my pussy. I rubbed it up and down pressing a finger into my slit and then pulling it up to the waistband before rubbing it back down. I lifted his chin with my other hand and our eyes connected. I rubbed my cunt through the panties, feeling my wetness and the inferno within me. I bit my lip , slipped my thumbs in the waistband and dropped the thong to my ankles. Once again Alexi’s gaze settled on my dripping cunt. I pushed him backward until he fell on the bed and climbed on top of him. I sat on him and rubbed my pussy against his raging hard on. He started to moan, and I let him enjoy it for another minute. Then I dragged my soaking cunt up his body. Over his stomach, chest and then I sat on his face. He licked and nibbled me, and I rode his mouth like a bicycle on a gravel road. I was so fucking horny and his tongue felt so good licking up and down my slit. It was almost enough to make me cum, but I was holding back wanting to prolong the experience. When he focused on my clit it was too much and I couldn’t stop the wave. It crashed over me and I came screaming.

“Fuck! FUCK! Eat my pussy slut!” The words exploded out of my mouth as my juices squirted out of my cunt all over his face. I fell forward my face on his stomach, his panty covered cock inches away. I reached out, stroked it softly and pushed my ass into his face. Alexi had fucked my ass before, but he never had eaten it.

“Eat my ass baby.” The words fell sweetly from my lips like honey. Alexi laid still, it was obvious to me he was refusing my command.

I Squeezed his cock and dug my nails in. “I said eat my as you filthy fucking whore!” The words erupted out of me. I was shocked, but didn’t let it show.

Alexi stuck out his tongue and licked my asshole. OH MY GOD! It was awesome, I trembled and pressed back against him moaning and purring like a cat. He hesitated and then eagerly lapped at my rosebud like it was his last meal. It felt incredible, a tingling sensation ran up my spine and my clit throbbed. “MMM baby that’s so good, eat my ass!’ I spoke in a combination of moans and gasps. Then he grabbed my hips and pulled my ass closer. His tongue slowly penetrated my asshole, and my mind was blown. It tickled at first and I tried to wriggle away, but Alexi’s grasp was too strong and I was held there as he fucked me with his tongue. Slowly the feeling built as he plunged in and out faster and deeper triggering the nerve endings on my hole and inside my ass. ankara yabancı escort My legs went weak, I felt my ass tighten around his tongue and my cunt throb. My orgasm hit me so fast it was almost a shock. I trembled, convulsed and screamed moaning as I squirted all over him. “Tongue fuck that ass baby. MMM that’s so good. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I’m coming, oh shit I’m COMING!” At that moment, I was so lost in the bliss of what has to have easily been the best orgasm I’ve ever had. My whole body tingled and electricity pulsed through me. I rolled over me in waves, each stronger than the last. It began deep inside me and exploded out of my cunt and ass. It was so powerful it almost hurt, but the pleasure. Mmm the pleasure was incredible, like nothing ever before. It was like I had all this energy trapped inside and suddenly it was freed in huge burst after huge burst each one more extreme and It felt like I was squirting non stop. It was awesome.

I laid there Alexi’s tongue still in my ass, my cunt dripping all over his face. It was surreal, like an out of body experience. I forgot what I had been doing and what I had planned, at least for a moment. As I slowly regained my senses and reality came back into view, I remembered my little panty wearing bitch and the cock hanging from my waist. I grabbed his dick hard. He cried out and released his grip on my hips. I rolled off of his face, and stood up next to the bed. My legs were wobbly and my body ached from all the spasms that came with my orgasms. I took a moment to steady myself, and then decided it was time to fuck my whore. “On your knees baby. It’s your turn.” My words were soft and sweet, but there was no hesitation or weakness in my voice. Alexi moved to his knees, his ass eagerly raised in the air. I slapped it with all my might and he cried out like the little pussy he is. “That’s right baby, cry for mommy.” I teased him, he may be the man, but he was definitely my bitch.

I grabbed the bottle of Gun Oil, stepped into my harness and climbed on the bed behind him. My huge cock bobbed up and down by his ass. You wouldn’t think that after the massive, multiple orgasms I had just felt, that I could be horny, but I was. I was hornier than ever, like he had hit a switch inside me and turned me on for the first time. It was different to, I wasn’t just horny for cock, I was horny to fuck his tight asshole. I was horny to see my cock disappear up his ass, his hole stretched wide, and control his body. I wanted to hear his moans, and make him come by thrusting my big cock in and out, in and out. My nipples were hard as nails, and my pussy was dripping again, the juices running down my legs as I poured the lube on his ass and my cock.

I decided that I would just dive in. I pulled his thong to the side and started rubbing the head of the dildo up and down his crack. He moaned as I teased and tickled his slippery hole, his cock hardening. I lined my cock up and felt a charge of electricity pulse through me. I placed my hands on his hips and slowly pulled him closer. My cock pushed against his hole and he grunted and cried out in pain. He tried to pull away, but I reached beneath him and grabbed his balls. “No, no sweetie, you’re not going anywhere.” My voice was sweet, but unwavering. “Just push your little asshole out to my cock. Relax and open it for me, or this is gonna hurt.” He stopped fighting and pushed against me, the head pushed against his hole and I could feel the pressure as the dildo pushed back against me. He grunted and whined as my massive cock forced itself against him. And then suddenly, the head just popped in.

“Fuck, STOP! Oh fuck it’s too big.” He cried out as he was penetrated and stretched wide. I Held him still and waited. The sight of my cock head in his ass was amazing. I had assumed from the video he was watching earlier that he had some experience, but it was obvious he had never taken anything as big as my cock in his ass. He breathed hard, and whimpered. I realized the only way to do this was to do it and poured some more lube on my his ass and the massive dildo. I rocked back and forth against him my cock pushing slightly and then pulling gently, slowly loosening him up. After a few minutes of this I pushed deeper inside him. His reaction was almost the same as the initial penetration as a new part of him was being violated.

“Wait, STOP! FUCK, FUCK.” His cries were a mixture of power and submission. He laid there trying to gain control, his breathing erratic. He was powerless and he knew it or he was at least beginning to accept it. After a few more minutes, I poured more lube and pushed deeper into him. This time I pushed slowly, gently until I was all the way inside him. He grunted and groaned and let out a whimper as my hips touched his ass. I felt my balls press against him and the feeling of power was intoxicating. I felt the energy in my body starting to build again. I wanted to pull out and start fucking him furiously, but knew he needed time to adjust. I knelt there behind him, my cock buried in his ass, my cunt dripping and body tingling. I pictured my energy pulsing through my cock and into him. I started to rock back and forth again. Pulling a bit out and pushing gently back in. In and out. In and out. Slowly I increase the length of my strokes, adding more lube as I push back in.

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