My New Gym Buddy Pt. 02


As I stood there in the shower, alone again, I was in a bit of a daze. I stepped back into the warm water cascading from the showerhead and listened to the footsteps of my new “Friend” grow more and more faint down the shower room’s hallway, all the while my mind racing with mixed feelings and emotions about what had just happened.

The inevitable series of questions came flooding into my mind all at once…

What was I thinking?

Why did I completely freeze up when I had so many chances to just say “No thank you”?

Does this make me gay?

Can one experience like this even define someone’s sexuality?

This was different than any sexual experience I’d had before, that’s for sure. Aside from the random sweaty guys hanging around in locker rooms, I had never even been in the same room as another naked man. Let alone one who was sexually attracted to me, as far as I knew.

I was in completely unfamiliar territory with not much of an idea on where to go next, mentally or emotionally.

Then the most obvious question came to mind:

Did I like what just happened?

I stood there frozen for what felt like an hour, but in reality was likely only a couple more seconds. I stared right into the white tiled wall, completely still, breathing heavily, pondering how complicated of a question that really was. How was I supposed to even begin answer that?

Once I finally forfeited my staring contest against the tiles on the wall and looked down towards my feet, I got what was perhaps the most concise answer my body or mind could have given me at them time:

My cock was still rock hard.

With each heavy beat of my heart, I watched it throb with a slight bounce. Deep down, there was no denying how incredibly turned on I still was. Looking down, watching my own güvenilir bahis cock bob up and down in rhythm, I began to have flashbacks to only moments ago when I had my new friend’s cock only inches from my face. I thought about each flick of my finger on his head and the response I received from his cock, each time bouncing up and down playfully. I thought about how hard it was. How warm it was. How with each bounce, I could feel myself wanting more and more to reach out and grab it.

With that thought, I reached down and wrapped my hand around the base of my own cock. I began to stroke it slowly, lost in my thoughts.

The thought of his hard cock resting gently on my tongue, his precum flowing generously, coating the inside of my mouth with a sweet, salty taste.

The warmth of the head on my lips.

The power I felt knowing I could do whatever I wanted with that big beautiful cock, but also the slight sense of powerlessness I felt knowing that deep down, HE could do whatever he wanted to ME with that big beautiful cock too. And I would happily obey.

I became increasingly curious as to what more he would have wanted to do to me. My thoughts turned to the image of me being bent over, his face buried in my ass for a few brief moments. I replayed the scene over and over, remembering how warm and soft his tongue felt when it played with my sensitive little hole. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

As I held my throbbing cock in my right hand, stroking it slowly, I reached my left hand around my backside and began rubbing my ass. I slowly moved my hand between my asscheeks, closer and closer to my puckered hole until it finally made contact. Gingerly tracing circles around it, I felt more and more tingles up my spine with each completed rotation.

As I rubbed my newfound güvenilir bahis siteleri sweet spot, the scene continued to play out in my mind. The warmth, but also the cold I felt on my asshole for the brief moment after he finished licking me. The heat it was replaced with when I felt the thick head of his semi-hard cock press up against my rosebud. The slight, pleasant pressure I felt as his cockhead slowly pushed its first few centimeters into my asshole. And then the emptyness I felt when he so quickly removed it. The more I thought about it, the more empty I felt without his warm cock pressed up against me, pleading for entry. Before I knew it, my middle finger was imitating his cock head, making its way inside me. Though his cock only teased me with the prospect of slipping its way into my waiting asshole, I had full control over my own finger and was not going to deny myself the same pleasure he teased me with.

Slowly my asshole adjusted to being wrapped around my middle finger until I began to feel a relaxed, almost ethereal sensation. I needed more. Without even stopping to think, I began to insert my index finger alongside it until both were fully extended and gripped snugly by my tight hole. It was then that I began to slowly sliding them in and out

As the fingers on my left hand found their way deeper and deeper into my asshole, my right hand began to pump my cock more furiously, each stroke becoming more and more lubricated by what was now a steady stream of precum. Before long, I had a rhythm going that had me tingling from head to toe. Up until this moment I had never even considered exploring my ass as a point of pleasure, but now I was starting to wonder why I had waited so long. It was wonderful. The deeper my fingers went, the more intense the pleasure got until eventually iddaa siteleri I felt my middle finger brush up against what I assume to be my prostate.

Oh my word.

I felt a brief shiver before I let loose an absolute torrent of cum. Stream after stream came rushing out of my cock and sprayed onto the shower walls as I continued to jerk it, all the while toying my newfound g-spot with reckless abandon. With each stream, a corresponding wave of pleasure came rushing over me. I had never cum this much, this hard, in my entire life.

I wished it could go on forever, but as the rest of the semen dripped out of my cockhead I began to slowly withdraw my fingers from my asshole. I heard a faint pop as my tight knot released my fingers from their grip, and I let go of my softening cock with a soft moan.

Standing under the warm water feeling the small aftershocks of the previously overpowering waves of pleasure, I half expected that the symptoms of the fabled “post-nut clarity” to take effect rather quickly as it had during my previously regrettable sexual encounters. What overpowered my thoughts and emotions, however, was a feeling of partial emptiness. It was almost as if something in the back of my mind was telling me that what I had just done was only scratching the surface of what was possible in terms of the pleasure I could get by opening myself up the way I had done for my new friend, and now for myself. In fact, as time went on, I felt myself wanting to do it again. And soon.

Considering the gym shower was not the most private place to explore parts of your body in a sexual capacity, I resigned to cleaning myself off and heading home to continue my journey. There really was a lot of exploring to do.

As I got dressed and made my way out of the gym, part of me felt an almost tangible excitement at the fact that I’d get to meet my new friend here again tomorrow. After a night of exploring myself in the many new ways I had in mind, I knew I’d feel a lot better about the prospect of letting him explore me too.

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