My New Lover Ch. 01


We have decided to take a drive and just get away for a while. We dress in shorts and t-shirts, no underwear, because we don’t want to be bothered with them when the time is right.

You drive and we talk about everything when I reach over and start stroking your leg. I see your cock start to rise in your shorts and that just eggs me on. I trace my fingers all around your cock, never quite touching it. You start to moan and fidget around in your seat. I lean over and stick my tongue in your ear, whispering for you to slide your seat all the way back.

You do and I lightly trace the outline of your cock through your shorts. You ease your hips off the seat and I pull your shorts off and throw them in the backseat. Your hard cock has my mouth watering. Leaning toward you, I lower my head and lick the head of your cock, tasting the precum that has gathered there. Mmmmm, it tastes so good. You thrust your hips up, trying to force your cock into my mouth, but I’m in the mood to tease a little bit.

Once again, you thrust, and I let just the head of your cock into my mouth, sucking on it and swirling my tongue all around it and licking your pee hole. After about 4 or 5 minutes of this, you are begging me to suck your cock. I love merter escort it when you beg me baby, I open wide and slowly, ever so slowly, I descend on your beautiful cock.

I keep going lower, until I feel the head of your cock nudge the back of my throat, relaxing my throat muscles, I ease down further, until your cock is buried in my throat. Damn, that feels fantastic. I just stay that way for a few minutes and I feel you start to play with my ass, since I am kneeling in my seat. You start to ease my shorts down, and I have to help you since you are still driving. Now, we are both naked from the waist down.

Suddenly, I feel something at my asshole and pull my mouth off your cock to see what you are up to. Oh, you naughty boy, where did you get that big vibrating dildo? It looks just like a real cock. So you had it hidden under your seat. Sounds like you had more than I thought planned. You have already lubed it all up and are trying to stick that big monster up my tight little ass.

Just as I swallow your cock, all the way to your balls, you ease that monster up my ass. Oh God, at first it hurts, because it is so big, but the feeling quickly turns to immense pleasure. Cars mutlukent escort and trucks are passing us by, but we don’t care. You ram that big dildo up my ass and turn it on and I nearly scream around your cock at the feeling.

You start thrusting your hips up at my face, fucking my face faster and faster. But we need to find someplace to pull over baby, before we have a wreck, killing us both. You quickly get off at the next exit and find a motel. You slip your shorts on, long enough to get a room. You come back with the key and I am still naked from the waist down, with this huge dildo buried in my ass.

It is starting to get late in the afternoon and not very many people are around. You open my door for me and tell me to take my shirt off so that I’ll be totally naked. Luckily our room is on the first floor. You help me out of the car, reaching behind me to make sure the dildo doesn’t slip out. My knees are weak as you lead me to our door, knowing that if anybody looks they will get one hell of a show.

You take your time opening the door, really increasing the risk of us getting caught. You finally open the door and as soon as it is closed, I drop to my knees and pull otele gelen escort your shorts off. Baby, I need your hard cock back in my mouth. Quickly, I start deep throating you, loving the feel of your cock in my mouth and the dildo in my ass. Helping me to my feet, you ease toward the bed, and lay down, pulling me down on top of you in a 69.

I quickly swallow your cock as you start licking and sucking mine, easing the dildo in and out of my ass. With your cock in my throat, my cock in your mouth and the dildo in my ass, I am going into sexual overload. Your hips are thrusting up and down, forcing your cock down my throat and the dildo is really reaming out my ass. Oh damn baby, I can’t help it, I’m gonna cum.

Hope you’re ready for this load, because I think it’s gonna be a big one. You shove the dildo as far up my ass as it will go and deep throat me like I am doing to you and that does it. Moaning around your cock, I explode, filling your mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cum. I force your cock all the way down my throat, my nose resting on your balls and push a finger up your ass and feel you twitch.

Your hot, creamy cum starts jetting into my throat and down to my stomach. There’s so much of it that some escapes and drips down my chin. As I turn around to face you, the dildo slips out of my ass and I feel so empty.

I lay on top of you, kissing you tenderly, sharing your cum with you. Thank you baby, that was incredible. I have never felt so full of cock. Kissing and cuddling, we doze off, dreaming of what the next day will bring.

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