My new neighbor f


My new neighbor fI just move in to my new apartment after breaking up with my gf back in 2009. It was a nice 2 family home duplex I was told my neighbor was a family very quiet and low key I was like perfect for me. So as the months past I’v seen my neighbor maybe 6 time and was a very quick hi things I felt no bigger she will never borther me this will be great. It was about 3 am when I heard all this yelling someone crying names being call and shit breaking in my neighbors house.I got up threw on some jeans and went over to her door this guy was above her hitting my neighbor. I grab his arm and lay straight shot to his chin which drop him to his knees. He got back up and I told him you man enough to hit a girl hit me mother fucker and I was ready to throw down. He said she no girl and I said your no man he went to charge me and I gave him a 3 punch combo which drop him again. He got up said I’ll be back and I was like anytime bring a friend. I help my neighbor up she had to small cut one on her lip the other on the back of her head. She didn’t want me to call anyone cops hospital or a family member. I said sorry for entering her house but I don’t go for that she told me her name was Jessica and thank me I told her no problem she gave me a hug as she was crying I was rubbering her back for comfort. Told after 30 minutes I need to get back to bed and if you need anything call me or bang on the wall 3x. So next day I get pendik escort home from work Jessica knocks on my door to tell me thank you I ask her in we each had a beer she start telling me what was the fight about I explained its non of my business but express I wanna explain so I crack her a beer with mine sat and and listen. She said that been her boyfriend for 8 months and he is mad cause he wanted to take me to gang bang so she did for him and he got mad cause guys were paying to much attention to her blow job skills. I was sitting there just like I don’t think you should be telling me this and she explained she was a transgender and open up tp me about everything. I have to admit she looks awesome Jessica I would have never known. We drank about 12 beers and she was like your a good man thank you she curled up to me on the couch telling she feels protective being in my arms. We that just made me feel so good I made her something to eat had a very glasses of wine and she went home. I was sitting there thinking about her for 3 hours the smell of her hair the softness of her skin the smile with a little cut on it and I started getting turn on. It was 2am I hear someone banging on her door guess who it is here I go again I open my door and said you again he said stay out of this I don’t think she not in her house she in me now mother fucker its was a lie he left guess he didn’t want round 3. Jessica open her door thank you escort pendik again can I ask you for a favor I said sure can I sleep at your house please told ya if you don’t mind the couch she said its perfect. We went into my house she was wearing this pink silk outfit omg I was holding back .my woody I could see Jessica was still shaking told her would you feel safer in my bed she said yes .As I got in my bed she cuddle right into me and said thank you I told her it ok that guy is an ass and not to worry. I was falling asleep and I could feel Jessica rubbing her ass against my cock and it was growing. I never ever thought about being with a transgender but I cant explain there something there. I grab her her tits and started kissing her neck she was moaning and really grinding into me she turn her heads our lips touch and I was fully hard. She whispered in my ear I really want to be with you and her hand grab my cock now I have a good size cock 8 inches and I can’t tell she like the size of it. She slide my boxers off and I slide of her panties. Now I never thought about sucking a cock or how but I knew what I like and I was going for it fuck it. Jessica start blowing me omg she was loving it as much as I did She laid on top of me so we were in a 69 position I started rimming her pink little boi pussy and fingering it her hipps were going crazy then she lifted her ass exposing her cock to my mouth I grab the base open pendik escort bayan my mouth and she push in my mouth she was a  smaller then my cock I was working the tip moving all the way down to the base and she was doing the same thingI was choking on it cause I never suck a cock but she took mine like a champ. I was stiwhing between her boi pussy and ass getting her wet. She must of felt how wet and lube she was from me spiting her cum and on her pussy she got up sat on my cock and was working the sweet pussy ass down my shaftI started suck on her nipples and tits and had one of my hands on her throat she was moving her ass in a figure 8 then I realize I did not have a rubber on and I was like fucking im gonna cum in her I told Jessica I wanna cum in her she l said please give it me I want it. I roled her over legs over my shoulder she grab my ass as I push every inch of me deep in her she was moaning yelling fuck me I’m yours I want that seed deep in me you feel so fucking food I took no mercer I pound her hard she held my ass cause she could feel I was gonna cum and she want to make sure I didn’t pull out she keep saying I need it and all my good I soak her deep our lips lock with passion. After I got of the top of her I could see she was still hard and was jerking herself so I did what any good man will do I suck her cock so hard and was fingering her she grab my head and I got this warm saltly taste shooting in my mouth I just swallowed and she pump at least 5 times in my mouth she grab my face and start kissing me. . She spent the night and the next week also and we were a couple for 9 months before I moved back home still miss her

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