My New Neighbours

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My New NeighboursI noticed recently that a new family had moved in opposite, I had seen the woman a couple of times, she was quite cute in a plain sort of way, early 30’s at a guess and quite a slim figure but I didn’t know until yesterday that she had a daughter, I had never seen a man so thought it could be interesting.The first time I saw Lucy (the daughter) was yesterday morning, I had got out of bed and pulled the curtains and saw her come out her front door in her school uniform.Good job the window ledge was there otherwise she would have seen me totally naked instead of just topless, she looked up and smiled as she walked past, I smiled back and thought no more of it.Later that day I decided to take a shower and was up in my bedroom about to undress when I noticed that Lucy had the bedroom overlooking mine and she was standing by the window, slightly behind the curtain but definitely visible and she was looking directly into my room, Wow! I thought and pretended that I hadn’t seen her and casually started to undress for my shower. I got a buzz when I took off my shirt knowing that I had an audience and as I dropped my shorts I realized that from her window she could see much lower on my body and as I glanced across I am sure I saw a smile on her face.I was getting a semi as I jumped in the shower which nearly turned into a full blown erection as I thought about my new admirer, I quickly finished my shower and grabbing a towel returned to the bedroom to dry myself and much to my delight Lucy was still there in the window waiting.I stood back as far as I could giving her a full body view as I slowly dried myself with my now fully erect cock in full view of the window and from the occasional glance I could see she was enjoying the view; she was not looking out the window by accident.As I dried my cock and balls I made sure I rubbed my throbbing erection enough to be completely dry giving her the view of me basically wanking into a towel and this time I looked up at her and returned her smile. Oops, that proved to be the wrong move because for whatever reason, maybe embarrassment, she immediately disappeared from the window, leaving me with cock in hand and an empty theatre.I waited around for a while but she didn’t return so I carried on with my day thinking that I must get up to see if I get the same smile as she leaves for school.As I woke up and opened the curtains I could see her bedroom curtains still closed but as she was due to leave any minute I assumed she just forgot. Bingo! I saw the door open and Lucy appear, she stood on her doorstep a few seconds searching her bag to make sure she had everything which gave me a few seconds to look at her.She was about 5ft nothing, quite slim and had on a white blouse and a black pleated skirt which was probably too short but certainly showed off her slim legs so who was I to complain.She checked all is well and as she turned she looked straight at me; I did see half a smile as she walked past but soon disappeared into the distance. I slipped on my robe and headed down to make some coffee and realized I hadn’t put the recycling bin out the front, as I opened the door I saw Lucy’s mother coming out the front door to do exactly the same which was the best icebreaker ever!“Great minds and all that” came the softly spoken voice from across the path, there istanbul escort is a path separating the two rows of houses and just a small front garden so it just shows how close the bedroom windows are!! Peepers paradise.“Sharon is the name” she said, “What’s yours?” she asked“Nice to meet you Sharon, I’m Frank” I replied realizing we are both dressed in robes which again caused a bit of a laugh, “Good taste in robes too Frank” she said with a giggle as she too realized the similarity.We had a bit of a chat and I realized that Sharon was not the sharpest tool in the shed, she was pleasant enough and very sweet and I don’t know why I said it but it just came out, “I just put some coffee on, would you like a cup?” and much to my surprise she told me I was a life saver as she had run out of milk,“I’ll just grab me fags and key then Frank” she replied chirpily so I returned to the kitchen leaving the front door open.Within a minute Sharon appeared shutting the door behind her and stood in the kitchen doorway still in her robe, she saw me look her up and down, “Oh don’t worry Frank, you’re quite safe, I do have underwear on” she quipped with a smileI looked up at her widening my grin, “I don’t” I said and her gaze immediately dropped however at this point there was no physical evidence to support my claim although with her dressed like that I couldn’t guarantee for how long.“Come in and sit down” I said pointing to a stool which she not so gracefully climbed up on giving me a perfect view of her white panties, I think she was determined to get a reaction under my gown, she crossed her legs as I poured the coffee nearly spilling it as I glanced at the excess thigh that was on view.I stood by the counter as we chatted, Sharon told me all about their life, she was a single mother having had Lucy when she was very young and they are more like sisters, Lucy had never met her dad and missed not having a father figure in her life and had become a bit shy and reserved.She was at that curious age and needed guidance and I got the impression she was a bit simple, Sharon worked odd hours in the hospitality industry although she wouldn’t tell me exactly what she did and even confided that it was difficult helping her with homework due to the lack of education that she had received, in a way it was a bit of a sad story but also gave me plenty of options.I didn’t let on that she was looking in my window even though Sharon was a bit flirty and we seemed to strike up a good rapport, I mean, how often do you meet a new neighbour and end up drinking coffee in just robes and I could see she kept glancing down as we spoke, luckily the old man was behaving himself.“Maybe you could help Frank” she quipped as she finished her coffee and at first I thought she was coming on to me for a date, “How can I help Sharon?” I asked intrigued as to how she would answer.“Hmm, well maybe you could sit with her until I get home from work and maybe help her with her homework” she said with a pleading look on her face, “Would you do that for a damsel in distress?” she asked hopefully.What could I say, she was trusting me to look after her daughter while she worked and I was only happy to help,“Of course, I would be happy to help her in any way I can” I said with a smile avcılar escort while reaching out to pat her naked knee, she put her hand on mine and gently squeezed it which sent shivers down my spine and also the inevitable spasm under my robe, I am sure she saw my cock twitch as she squeezed my hand again.“Oh thank you Frank” she said softly with a smile, “You have saved my life” she continued letting go of my hand. “I am sure Lucy will benefit and underneath her shy exterior she is a good girl really, just give her time as she struggles to pick up things” she informed me as she jumped down from the stool giving my lower regions another glance.As she was leaving she stopped to give me a hug and I could feel the warmth of her slim body against mine, I was sure she felt my semi hard cock against her, she smiled, “We must do this again sometime Frank, it was good meeting you”I smiled back nodding my head, “You too Sharon, Send Lucy over this afternoon and we can have a chat” I said with a smile, “Thank you Frank” she replied and I watched her walk back to her house, she had a nice little figure under that robe, definitely potential for later, she turned and waved as she disappeared into her house.I decided to go grab a quick shower and do some chores before Lucy arrived as I didn’t want to give her the wrong impression, I was up in my bedroom and had just slipped my robe off when I looked up and saw Sharon pulling Lucy’s bedroom curtains, I froze as I looked across and saw Sharon standing there in a daze staring directly at my naked body, surely someone will break the iceWe were both in what seemed like suspended animation, frozen to the spot but it was Sharon who moved first, she gave a gentle wave and I saw her smile having now seen what was under my robe even though it was soft and hanging.I smiled back before moving out of the line of view and off to shower thinking to myself that now she has seen me naked it will make our next coffee morning interesting.When I returned Sharon had gone so I slipped on a pair of low cut sports shorts and a tee shirt, did my chores and had a beer while waiting for my visitor, I had decided not to mention the window incident unless she brought it up as I didn’t want to embarrass the poor girl.I was on my third beer and had just fired up my second smoke when the doorbell went, I got up and had a good buzz when I went to the door.My jaw dropped as I opened the door, Lucy was standing there looking very coy and shy and a little embarrassed coming face to face with me after yesterday, “Hello Sir, I’m Lucy” she said almost apologetically. I needed to make her welcome and quickly as she didn’t seem comfortable,I put on my best chirpy voice, “Oh Hi Lucy, I’m Frank, please come in” and I got a brief smile as she walked into the hallway, she placed her bag down and slipped off her shoes leaving her tiny feet in just her little white ankle socks.I showed her into the lounge looking at her black pleated skirt which was a little on the short side but gave a nice view of her smooth bare legs, her white blouse neatly tucked in. She sat on the sofa with her hands on her knees which were tight together.I needed to loosen her up a bit, “Would you like some juice Lucy?” I asked with a smile, she looked down at the table and then back up to me, “Yes şirinevler escort please sir, Oh and I see you smoke too!” and I got a brief smile which told me that I would soon have her feeling comfortable, plus I wouldn’t have to smoke alone.I handed her the juice and sat in my chair opposite as she took a mouthful, I looked across at her, “Do you smoke?” I asked as I fired up again, her smile came back and as she reached across to put the drink on the table her legs opened and gave me a nice flash of her white panties, she had the same taste as her mother it seems.“Yes I do” she said softly having no idea of the flash she just gave me, I handed her the smoke and I could tell this wasn’t the first she has had, she didn’t cough or choke and held it in before exhaling like a true pro, “Wow sir, the juice is awesome and the smoke even better” she said with a nice smile now and as she reached across to get her drink she once again showed me up her kilt, what a great place to put the table.This time I got a prolonged look as Lucy was careful not to spill any as the smoke affected her head and could see how puffy her panties were tight between her legs, she soon sat upright to take another mouthful but didn’t quite put her knees together which again gave me a glimpse of white triangle.We chatted as we shared the smoke and she opened up quite a considerable amount as the smoke and juice started to take effect, she was happy and was unaware she was flashing her panties. She told me a lot about her life, not the smartest but once she opens up she has a good personality and we seemed to be getting very at ease with each other.“Want some more juice Lucy?” I asked and as she nodded she leant over to get her glass once again giving me an open leg shot up her skirt, I was sure she saw me looking as she smiled as she straightened up handing me the glass, she could certainly see the slight bulge appearing inside my shorts.I returned to the kitchen to fill up her glass and grabbed myself another beer, I was buzzing as I returned so I can’t imagine how she was feeling, I think the smoke was a bit strong and she did hit it hard.As I returned she looked up at me totally zoned out with a big smile on her face and reached out to take the glass and took a big gulp, “Ahh, dry throat” she sighed and then had a fit of the giggles.I returned to my seat as Lucy reached across to put her glass down and I don’t know if it was real or just my imagination but it was like she did it in slow motion with a long freeze frame with her legs at their widest, OMG! I could feel my cock rising and couldn’t control it.“Oh WOW sir, I feel um.. I feel um.. good sir” she stuttered as she straightened up giggling which then started me off giggling, the next few minutes were crazy with us both feeling the buzz. With all the laughing Lucy hadn’t realized that her skirt had ridden up and was almost around her waist giving me the ultimate view of her tiny panties which I must say had seen better days as the edges were frayed and a few holes appearing.We regained our composure and Lucy then realized her skirt had hitched up and pulled it down back into place much to my dismay but she did smile when she glanced across to my lap and saw the sideways bulge inside my shorts.“So what homework do you have?” I asked and she took a deep breath, “Ah, it’s human anatomy sir but I’m scared to ask mum for help” she sighed and seemed upset as it was obvious that she struggled on this subject, “Don’t worry Lucy, I will help you if you get stuck” I said reassuringly, she looked up smiling, “Really sir?, will you really?” she asked and I was only to happy to offer my assistance.To Be Continued….

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