My New Secretary Ch. 02


I did not have time to dwell…

My promotion to Big Boss was sure to have stirred up a lot of resentment. I was 33 years old, and had been chosen ahead of a lot of people who were more senior. I clearly had a lot to prove.

The next afternoon I was scheduled to make a presentation to all the other department heads, and it was critical to make a good first impression. I sat at my new desk, started up Power Point, and got to work.

I got a few hours solid work in, when I realized I was going to need some sales data from Kate. I phoned her what I wanted, and a scant 10 minutes later, she came in with all the relevant documents, neatly organized. I realized my worries about her were unfounded. She was going to make my life a lot easier.

“Thanks very much Kate, that is wonderful work.”

“Thank you, sir” she beamed. And then, strangely, she remained standing there, without saying anything more, just looking at me intently, with a barely suppressed smile.

“Is there something else, Kate?”

“No sir… it’s just… never fethiye escort mind.” She actually giggled a bit, and her face now wore a dazzling smile.

However dazzling she was, I was not in the mood for giggles. “Please, tell me.”

“It’s just that you look so… cute! Sitting at that desk and acting so *serious*.”

“Excuse me?”

“Sorry, sorry. I know. You’re the BOSS now. And I am your hot secretary, right? I just LOVE this!”

I tried to level my voice. “You need to understand something Kate. I AM the boss now. And you ARE my assistant. And I DO have a presentation tomorrow. And you WILL behave in a professional manner around me. Ok?”

There was still a hint of a smile on her lips: “Got it, sir. I love it when you are so… serious.”

A pause, as I frowned at her. She said, “Ok, I’ll leave you to your important work…”, and she turned and walked away a step. Then she stopped, with her back to me. She had a pen in her hand…

Still facing away from me she held it up over her shoulder, so I could see it… escort fethiye she held it there for a couple of seconds… (What is she DOING??, I wonder)… and then, with an exaggerated hand motion, she dropped the pen on the floor.

Then she turned her head back to me, and said, “Oh sir! I’m so sorry! Your hot SECRETARY just dropped her PEN on the floor! I am just such a klutz sometimes!”

A pause.

Then, “You want me to… pick it up. Don’t you sir.” Then she turned her head back away from me, spread her legs slightly apart, and slowly… slowly… started to bend down. From the waist.

Of course, I was beyond speaking at this point. She was wearing a black business skirt. It was nothing scandalous– it came down to a little above her bare knees, and was a little tight, but perfectly professional. Still, as she started to bend over, the fabric pulled tighter and tighter against her glorious ass, and then hem of her skirt rose inch by inch. I was enraptured by the sight of those soft thighs revealing themselves to me… Not four fethiye escort bayan feet from where I stood… I could see a few wispy blond hairs… she bent lower and lower… a soft blond fuzz appeared on her inner thighs…. my cock now pressing uncomfortably against my suit pants… all that tanned, just ever-so-slightly plump, luxurious Kate-flesh… that ripe ass pointing proudly in the air…

She had bent all the way over now, and was just casually letting her ass sway in front of me. “I’m so sorry sir, I don’t know how I could be so clumsy.” But not making any move to pick up the pen. It occurred to me that I could pull off my pants, flip up her skirt, rip down her panties, and be fucking her within 5 seconds. But of course, I wasn’t going to do that. Even if I wanted to, I was frozen in place.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve been clumsy… ” She kept up an inane chatter, and gradually spread her legs wider apart, revealing even more thigh. I was hardly breathing. This must have lasted for a minute. I kept staring, lusting. Waiting for the panty shot, which was moments away. Finally I saw a hint of something dark — was it panties? bush? cunt? And she grabbed the pen and stood up!

“Bye sir!” she said, without looking back, and strode out of my office.

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