My New Secretary


My New SecretaryOne thing I want to do is to have my own business. A few months ago Ifinally decided to get started. It is a small distribution business. Iam mainly the middleman arranging products to be shipped all over thecountry. I don’t have much of an overhead. So I don’t need aninventory, just an office where I can conduct my business; a place tohang my hat so to speak.At first I worked everything myself spending most of my day on thephone. I needed a client base. As the amount of my customers grows, Inotice I am spending more and more time in the office. Between thephone calls soliciting new business, the calls arranging the ordersand all the paperwork that went with it, I realize it is time to getsome help. Hiring a secretary to handle all the paperwork is just whatI need. This would allow me to concentrate on my customers as well ascontacting new ones.After placing an ad in the paper, that following week I beginreceiving phone calls about the position. I wind up with fiveinterviews that week. One of the applicants is you, Alexandria. Youreally impress me. Honestly, the impression you made was more than injust your skills and qualifications to be my secretary. You areincredibly attractive. At thirty-one years old, you are extremelyself-confident with yourself. That’s what I want in the position. ButI also keep thinking about how pretty you are with your long plum,black hair, dark complexion and curvaceous body. I knew I wanted youworking in my office, Not that my expectation is for anything tohappen between us, but you are just so damn beautiful. I decide tohire you. I call you, Alexandria, offering you the job. You stateyou’re ready to start work right away.A few weeks go by and you’re everything I knew you would be. You’reextremely efficient and are quite an asset to the business. It doesn’thurt either that you’re such a lovely sight. In fact, everyday I amanxious to see what you would be wearing next. Sometimes you will haveon this really short skirt. It sits easily half way up yourdeliciously thick thighs when you stand. I had a hard time workingthat first time you wore it. When you sat at your desk that tinylittle skirt rode all the way up, exposing your incredibly smooththighs. I often walked out of my office, passing you so I am able toglimpse of those legs. I’m sure you noticed. Late that afternoon whenI was on my way to the rest room, you conveniently decided to stand upas I passed. You swung your legs around from under your desk,teasingly spreading them apart. You had to know I could seeeverything.There were quite a few other days too, that I’m sure you were being atease to me. I would get these coy smiles, as you simply lick yourinviting lips. As if you knew I could see out from my office, youwould stroke your fingers up your leg. There were many times you wouldbend over to a bottom file drawer, letting your dress ride up. What abeautiful view I would get of your legs and thighs. Anytime I askedyou into my office it seemed like you went out of your way to benddown in front me so I could see your beautiful 36B breasts. I couldn’tmiss those dark frilly-laced bras you always wore.After the first week you began making remarks too. Comments that weremaking me crazy to the point that I began wondering if you really weretrying to tease me or come on to me. On a warm day you’d say somethinglike, “Oh, I’m so hot.” Then you’d look at me smiling, almostgrinning. Then later in the afternoon you’d comment, “don’t you thinkit’s warm in here?” You’d fan yourself with some papers saying, “evenmy panties are wet.” The rest of the afternoon all of could thinkabout was your panties, which drove me crazy. I was really believingthat I hired a beautiful little cocktease.One day I have to leave the office for the afternoon. It is nothingunusual. I have done that a couple times before, leaving you holdingdown the fort. I am only gone a few minutes when I realize I haveforgotten one of the files I would need. Upon returning to the office,I don’t see you when I enter, but I hear some movement in thebathroom.I go right to my office, which is a separate room adjacent where youhave your desk. I spent only a few minutes looking for the file Imisplaced. I am ready to leave again and I approach the doorway,hearing you. You are making a sort of moaning sound. Wondering whatyou’re doing, I peek through the partially cracked door. You aresitting at your desk with the chair pushed back. Your skirt is hikedup to your waist as your hands work feverishly between your legs.Obviously you don’t know I have returned to the office. I stand therewatching, staring at you as you fingering yourself. From the soundsyou are making, you are enjoying the self-stimulation allot.I couldn’t believe this is actually happening. My secretary is playingwith yourself. As I stand there watching, I suddenly realize I amtouching myself. I am stroking my dick through my pants, enjoying thefeel of it growing harder and harder.When I hired you, I have fantasized many things about you. And I knewyou are teasing me the past couple weeks. Now, suddenly I am wonderingwhat to do. Should I walk in on you? How will you react? All I know,is at that exact moment I want you. I want to touch and feel you. Iwant to be the one fingering that pussy. And with my dick growingharder every moment, I need to fuck.I look back at you, after my momentary daydream of what to do. You arenow standing, your back is to me. Your skirt is around your waist. Isee what you are wearing underneath. It’s a skimpy string thong. Thethin strand goes up the crack of your ass. And fuck, what an ass. Youare simply gorgeous. Your fingers are running from your pussy backunderneath that thong to your asshole. You’re masturbating yourselfand giving me quite an amazing show. I have to do something; I musttouch that gorgeous body.I walk quietly out of my office right over to you. My hands touch yourhips. You jump. “Oh my God,” you cry out. That shock look is all overyour face. You certainly must have thought you were all alone. And nowyour boss is witness to you masturbating in the office. I feel yourembarrassment.So quickly I kiss you on the back of the neck and say, “Don’t stop.You look incredible.” Then I drop to my knees and caress thatbeautiful ass. With your skirt still hike up around your waist, Itouch the soft skin of your behind. My face press against your skinfeeling the smooth flesh of your butt cheeks. I kiss you there,enjoying the softness on my lips. Then I run my tongue over your assand nuzzle my face into your crack. This is like heaven. türbanlı bilecik escort You are sucha beautiful young thing. You feel so soft against my face.When I look up, you are staring down at me. Then you whisper out, “Oh,yes….yes. I love having my ass touched. Don’t stop.”You move your hands to the tight fitting thong around your body,slowly tug it downward. My hand touch yours, helping slide it downthose soft silky legs. You step out of it. Next you unsnap your skirtwhich falls to the floor too. Now you stand there nearly naked beforeme. I stand up behind you pushing my body against yours. As I holdyou, you reach back between my legs feeling for my dick, then grippingit through my pants. You look over your shoulder, staring deeply intomy eyes.”Oh, it’s so hard,” you murmur in such a sexy voice.I unbuckle my trousers, letting them fall down. You grab me again,squeezing my exposed hard shaft in your hand. “DAMN, you’re so hard”,you groan. You are now stroking it with your soft, delicate fingers.You are driving me nuts. Your naked beauty is like seeing a goddess.Your touch is overwhelming. I desire you…badly. Turning completelyaround, your mouth now covers mine. I hear a soft whisper escapethrough your lips, you plead, “Oh, fuck me. You have to fuck me.” Wekiss harder, deeply, until we are both nearly out of breath.And then again you beg. “Fuck me please. Please…” Then after amoment of silence of you staring at me… “In my ass.”I almost can’t believe what I am hearing. So many times I dreamed ofburying my dick in a gorgeous piece of ass like yours. And now mypretty secretary is asking for it, begging for it. Your words arestill ringing in my mind.” “fuck me…in my ass.”I lower myself to kiss your rear end some more. I spread you with myhands, squeezing your butt cheeks while slowly pulled them apart. Thisexposes your tight, little puckered hole. Momentarily I am mesmerized,kneeling there, staring at this beautiful creature’s anal hole andknowing I am about slide my shaft in it.Again I put my face to you, right in your crack, my tongue lickingthrough your soft wide-open crevice. You moan out, actually cryingout, “Oh my God… that feels so good.” I lick your asscrack from topto bottom, over and over while you moan almost deliriously. When Itouch your tight asshole with my tongue, I believe you are goingorgasm right then. Squirming and shivering, you are bucking your tonedhips. But I hold you tight while I lick and suck on your anal hole.I tug on your asscheeks harder, spreading you more. Your tightsphincter stretches apart making a small little opening right in thecenter of your ass. I am getting emotionally crazed seeing your holestretching. Realizing you are letting me do this to you makes my dickharder. I pull just a little harder with a thumb on each side of yourpartially open anus. Your ass widens even more. Already you are halfdelirious from my licking, so I choose not to stop now. I put my faceright to your ass, shoving the tip of my tongue right into your openpuckering hole. I give you a tongue fuck until I feel you would passout from the intense feeling.My dick has become so hard it feels like a steel rod. I back off yourass and stand up. Again I kiss you. Despite the musky taste in mymouth, you kiss back so hard I believe you’d suck my tongue down yourthroat. Then grabbing your one leg, I position it up on the desk. Myhand caress up the back of your thigh and over your ass. Once more Ikiss the back of your neck, then whisper into your ear. “You’ve beenteasing me all this time haven’t you?”A soft sexy little “ahah,” escapes from your lips.”You’re just a little dick tease, aren’t you?” I know you aregrinning. “So you want it in the ass, huh?”You let out a soft whimpering little moan. “Oh yes””Then I’m gonna fuck you”, I taunt. “Real hard, real hard in yourtight little ass.” I reach for my dick moving it in between yourcheeks. I slightly work it down across your cunt. You are so wet anddripping, just right to lubricate my dick with your juices. Then Iposition the head right on your asshole.You cry right out, “Oh yes, do it, fuck my asshole.”I thrust forward with my hips, forcing my hard dick through your tightlittle puckered opening. Your anus instantly grabs hold of my length.I push more and slide into your deeper, further up into your ass. Youare going crazy, screaming,”Oh yes, that’s it. Go deeper, give it tome deeper.” With one hand I grip your thigh that is up on the deskwhile putting the other on your hip. Then I drag you to me, plantingmy prick completely inside you.I give you a few strokes back and forth, fucking you deep. Almostlosing your balance, you are barely standing on one leg like that. SoI pull out, helping you to a kneeling position on the floor. Quickly Isquat over your ass and in one motion drove my hard on right downinside you. I have never had a feeling like that. Your tight anal holesplits right open and grips the base of my dick like something I canbarely explain. It feels like your asshole is so firmly clamped aroundmy shaft that it is going to milk every last drop of cum out of me.I try pulling back, stretching the flesh of your hole outward, as ithugs my rigid dick. Then I drive it back in again, slapping my hipshard against your butt. After a few times drilling you like that, Ipull out completely. Quickly I re-penetrated your asshole over again.You go wild when I do that.You’re nearing the point where your tight rear entrance is used to mydick. Your hole is relaxing. You’re really enjoying this allot, youpurr, “Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my asshole.” Your anal hole stays open,remaining stretched wide as I pull out. Your asshole is gaping at me,begging for my shaft to slide back in. I start going faster, shovingmy dick in harder. I am literally extracting my prick completely andramming it back into your tight anal chute. I ream your asshole. Iknow you feel every inch of me sinking deep into your rectum.”Deeper…Deeper…”, you chant as I invade you steadily. “Oh GodDeeper.. ” You are obsessed with having your ass fucked by my dick.”Oh fuck me deeper. Ohhhhhh!! Fuckkkkk!!!” you scream inhumanly.”Don’t Stop!!! Oh please, don’t stop!!!”Needless to say, fucking your ass quickly became more than I can take.Seeing your gaping anal hole is making me more and more aroused. Yourconstant moaning, begging for more of my dick in your ass adds to myinability to hold back. My length is no longer in my control. Your assowns it now. It wants all of me, all of my prick and all of my warmsemen. türbanlı bilecik escort bayan I thrust down on top of you, burying my shaft deep into youranal cavity. I know you feel it. I am at the breaking point. I’ll nothold back any longer. Even my words to you are now hot and dirty.”Here it comes you hot, little fuck. Right in your tight slutty ass.”You feel the throbbing and convulsing deep inside, as my dick floodsyou7r rectum with cum. You cry out near in tears, “Oh fuck, yes. Cumin me….cum in my ass. Oh, shit…”I can’t move. My shaft spasms like I’ve never experienced before. Youare begging, crying, pleading for my dick and my nut. And now you arecumming too. Your body is totally overwhelmed. I drain every ounce ofanal lust from you, but at that moment, I just want to leave my dickthere, buried in your ass. I let it fill your rectum, your ass sucksevery bit of cum from me.Slowly I regain my senses. I gaze down at you kneeling there with mymeat in your ass. Still softly moaning, I pull out. My dick glistensfrom a coating of semen and the moistness of your ass.Turning around to a sitting position on the floor, you wear a bigsmile.”I love it in the ass”, you continuing purring. “That was sogood”, you compliment, “You fucked me so good.”You stand up and I take you in my arms. We kiss once more, deep and sovery passionate. It’s a kiss that seems like it would never end. Myhands still caresses you, feeling all over your gorgeous body. I knowI still want more, I haven’t had enough. Maybe you were a tease whenwe started, but now you’re mine. My new secretary is going to have awhole new job description.Ever since that first day in the office when I caught, you, mysecretary pleasuring yourself, we’ve had quite an interestingrelationship. Everyday you and I would wind up doing something verysexy and arousing. And each time it becomes more and more erotic.Several weeks have passed since that first day. Our officerelationship has changed. It’s hard to believe that in less than twomonths you have become my steady girlfriend or should I saygirlfriend, sex partner and secretary. Many times I would just wonderhow many other business owners were screwing their secretaries.It is Friday night. We have the weekend off. I want this to be aspecial weekend, just the two of us. I believe for a long time what Iwanted to do. Should we go away for the weekend or perhaps go out fordinner and then see a movie. But that’s what most people do and Idon’t want to be like that. I crave something different, somethingsexy, something really erotic. I know you would like that.It is actually on my way back to the office that I arrive at the idea.Would you like it? Would it arouse your erotic nature. My answer ismost definitely, yes. I am certain you’d love it. In fact the more Ithink about it, the more I realize it would drive you crazy. You are avery open minded young woman. You love me doing sexy erotic things,even when we’re in the office together. You say doing it there is sonasty. In return, you like doing the same back.I want to make this a surprise, a surprise that would make you nuts. Idial the office on my mobile to tell you I’ll be just a little later,but will be there to lock up. I suggest that we go out for dinner. Youlike the idea. At times you relish going out and having a nice, quietromantic dinner. I relay that I will have a surprise for you. Thatreally peaks your curiosity. Trying to get it out me, you soondiscover I am not saying.It is about a half-hour to make the necessary stop then I am on myway. I’m excited myself and can hardly wait to get back to the office.After arriving to pick you up, we drove to your flat so you couldchange. I have you wear that sexy, short skirt you know I like somuch. When you stroll out of the bedroom, you are a sight to behold,so beautiful. As ordered you have on my favourite skirt. I love theway it tempts me to touch your body. You have an inviting body and theskirt sexily showcases that. No sooner do you walk over are youasking, “What’s the surprise?” But I refuse to clue you in yet.”Give me a few minutes, darling.” I inform you, knowing you are anxious.I go to take a shower, getting ready for dinner. I always keep achange of clothes at your place. We’ve spend quite a few nightstogether. It makes sense figured both of us should have clothing ateach other’s flats. A few minutes later I am dressed and ready to go.Just as we are about ready to leave for the restaurant, you ask again.”So what’s the surprise, Daddy?” I knew you would ask again. From outof my jacket pocket I retrieve a strand of beads. The stop I made onthe way back to the office was at an adult boutique to buy a string ofanal beads.There were five purple coloured beads on a black nylon string. Eachbead is an inch and a half in diameter. There are a couple inchesbetween each one on the strand. I hold them up for you to see; thebeads dangle in front of your face. Staring at them, you smile, “Ohmy, Daddy,” you excitedly whispered. “Thank you.””Turn around sweetheart,” I purposefully direct.Obeying instantly you remain still while I lift your skirt. I pullyour silky panties down. “Step out of them.” You do quickly. Throwingthem across the room, I instruct, “You won’t be needing those tonight,sweetness.” I have you bend over slightly. I have a tube of Surgilubeready, squirting some on my fingers. I wipe it across your cutepuckered asshole, then inserted, first one finger, then a second intoyour ass pushing the lube inside. Then I grab the beads, stating,”You’re going to love this, Alexandria.”I position the first bead on your tightly closed asshole. I startpushing harder and harder. I observe the puckered flesh of your analhole expanding and stretching. Then in an instant your anus hungrilyswallows it up. The bead disappears inside your ass. The second onegoes in the same. I press it hard against your asshole until it getssucked in. You let out a few deep breaths as you describe how itfeels. “My God, what are doing to me”, you exclaim. “That feels sogood.” You enjoy me doing anything to your ass. We’ve spent manynights anally playing with each other which ultimately winds up withmy dick crammed in your wanton ass. Teasing your asshole like thismakes you nuts.I have three beads to go. I use a little more lube and push the thirdone through your anal orifice. Then I insert my index finger into yourass. I wiggle it through your tight anal hole and shove the threebeads as deep as I can into your rectum. My finger force the beads türbanlı escort bilecik farup inside your ass. I want them deep in your anal cavity. You don’texpect me to do that. Upon feeling them getting buried so deep, youlet out this long whimpering moan, “Ohhh… Daddy…” I cram the lasttwo in. Only the end ring on the strand remains hanging. I allow yourskirt fall back down. When you stand up it is obvious you feel alittle weak in the knees. You’re already becoming quite turned on. Ikiss you hard, holding you steady.”They stay in until I’m ready to take them out, understood?” Then Iopen the door. “Let’s go to dinner.””Oh please, don’t make me keep them in all night. I’ll never make it,”you plead.I just smile, repeating, “Let’s go.”I know you’ll go crazy all evening. I desire you to remain veryaroused. The sexual tension inside you will be building all night.Those beads shall move around inside your ass. You’ll surely feel thethin string hanging from your asshole.We arrive at the restaurant and are promptly seated at our table. Thelocation is perfect. Even though there are other people dining, it ispretty much private. I seat myself next to you instead of across thetable. Then I reach between your legs and make sure I am able to grabthe ring at the end of the strand.The waiter eventually comes over to take our order. When he startstalking with you, my hand goes under the table. I grab the ring andbegin tugging on it. The beads shift and slide through your analchannel towards your asshole. I have every intention of making yousquirm. It is working. As you are talking to waiter, I pull harder. Inotice the resistance of the beads make your asshole stretch, but Idon’t want to yank any of them out. At one point you stop midstream inyour sentence, take a deep breath, then finish giving your dinnerorder. When the waiter leaves you look at me, sighing out of breath,”Why…why are you doing this. Please take them out”, you beg. “Yougoing to make me cum right now.”I ignore your request, letting go of the ring. Finally relaxing abit, you realize that the beads will be driving you crazy all throughdinner. I don’t touch the string again, but I keep running my handunder your skirt. A few times touch your clitoris. Are you eversoaked.After dinner go for a walk outside. It’s fairly dark as we strollalong a pathway towards a park behind the restaurant. We find thissecluded spot near a stream. I see that you are still fidgeting as wewalk. I’m sure those beads are shifting inside your ass, making younuts with excitement. I am actually surprised at how long you are ableto keep your composure. There are a few times in the restaurant Ialmost made you lose it, but overall you are dealing pretty well.We stop to listen to the sounds of the stream. I put my lips to yoursand we kiss. It is so romantic, yet I can’t resist. As much I as knowyou are nearing a limit with the beads inside you, I reach under yourskirt, grabbing the ring and tugging it gently again. They are stillfirmly lodged deep in your ass. Standing there, of course, made yourasshole clutch tight around the nylon string. I give a few tugs,letting you feel them move inside. “Oh, please pull them out,” you begagain. I know what this is doing.There is nothing more I would have liked than to pull them out andfuck you right there. I’m sure you feel the same way. But instead, Iwant your anal sensation to grow even more intense. I need to make youfeel an insane lust for me and for what I am doing. After one morekiss, we head back home. All the way, in the car, you squirm andmoan.When we get to your apartment I start kissing right away. I don’t evenwait to go to the bedroom. I shove you against the wall while liftingyour skirt up around your waist. I clutch the ring, pulling on it. Theinch and a half beads are pretty large. They create a tremendousresistance as they pass through your tight asshole. Once my tuggingdislodges them from the depths of your body, I set off unbelievablesensations.”Oh Daddy, I can feel them,” you say trembling “I can feel them inme.” “Ohhhh…Ohhhhh…” now you moan continually.I am driving you over the edge, teasing you like that, but I stillpull and tug the strand. This makes your asshole stretch. I am kissingyou deeply at the same time, devouring you as I enjoy the analstimulation I am inflicting. I whisper with heavy breath, “Do you wantme to pull them out?” I tug again on the ring. I am waiting to hear adesperate plea, a begging that you can’t take anymore. “Do you,Sweetness? Do you want me to pull those beads out of your ass?”You sigh so deeply, “Oh Daddy YESSSSSS… please.”Still leaning against the wall, you bend your knees a little andspread your legs apart. I kneel down to watch what I am about to do.My one hand goes to your cunt. I tease your swollen clit with mythumb. Then with the other I grab the ring firmly in my fingers,giving a slow even distinct pull. The beads pop out of your ass. “Oh,Fuck!…” you cry out. I don’t do one at a time and then stop. Butinstead, I do it continuously, pulling the strand and making your analhole stretch wide as the inch and a half beads are expelled. I seeafter each bead that your asshole would quickly close up, but only fora moment. The next bead stretches your anal hole open again. Withinseconds all of the beads ripple through your tight anal ring. It’s asthough you are relieving yourself and aren’t in control of yourbowels. I am making your ass feel like it had no control of what iscoming out. It is a quick total overwhelming emptying.”Ohhh, Daddy.. Ohhh, Daddy..””Ohhhhhhhh!..Daddy..please!…”You bellow out a long continuous moan, a sound that is so lustful anddeep from within her. It is a guttural sounding cry as if I had rippedevery ounce of sexual passion out of your body.Then finally the last bead slips out. You fall into my arms as I kneelthere. Your whole body convulses and shudders as I hold you. Themoaning continues, you hadn’t stopped. You’re having an orgasm; onelike I’ve never seen you have before. You are crying, tears runningdown your cheeks from the sheer ecstasy of the overwhelming feelinginside your body. I know I please you. I want to enjoy the pleasurewith you.Watching you is so hot and arousing that my dick strains in my pants.I ease you down on the floor. Quickly unzipping my pants, I tug mydick out. It feels so good sliding deep into your dripping wet cunt.That prolongs your orgasm as you cry out, “Oh yes, fuck me……Fuckme.” In just a matter of moments I am throbbing and filling your cuntwith cum.Ten minutes later we are still on the floor. I am holding you close tome in my arms. Occasionally I’d feel a jolt within your body. Yourorgasm had been so intense you are still having mini orgasms justthinking of what I did. You kiss me while telling me how much you loveme. “My goodness honey, what you do to me.”I look down at you and think, “I just hired this sweet woman onlyweeks ago. How lucky I am.”

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