My New Step sisters – BBBBTS


My New Step sisters – BBBBTSBuck’s Big Boob Bed Time Stories….I seemed to always be in trouble growing up. It was no surprise that my parents divorced over my bad behavior. When most k**s were going to college, after high school. I was in the back of a bus, going to prison. I was sentenced for stealing a few cars. 25 to be exact. All over one weekend. I got off the prison bus and headed inside. With good behavior, I could get out in a year.1 year later:I walked out of prison, a changed young man. I did not want to go back. I took a taxi back to my house. My Dad had remarried while I was serving time. I missed the wedding. He told me she was very nice. She had two daughters by another marriage. He was happy to have them staying at his big house. He fixed up a small room in the basement for me. It was behind the laundry room. He gave the two girls my big room upstairs. I told him I understood. I was just happy to have a home to go to.It was close to 4pm when I got home. I pulled out my one small laundry bag from the trunk. Gave the cab guy the fare money. I walked up the long driveway to my house. Not much had changed. I could tell the lawn need to be mowed. I was sure my Dad left me a note on what chores he wanted done around the house. I walked up to the front door.I decided to knock. Did not want to scare anyone. Being almost 6ft 4 and working out non stop for the last year in prison. I could be a little intimidating at first. I ran my hand through my short blonde hair. I flexed some of my muscles in my white shirt and dark blue jeans. A few minutes later the door opened.”Hi! Sorry we don’t want any.” said this dark hair girl. She peeked around the big white door. “Sorry! Is Mr. Kelly here?” I said. “No! My Step Dad is out of town.” she said. “Who the fuck is it.” said another girls voice behind her. “Shut the fuck up. There some hot guy at our door bitch.” said the girl behind the door. She looked over her shoulder, than turned to smile at me. “Yeah..OK! I’m Buck! Buck Kelly. Glad to meet you.” I said. “Fuck! Come on in. You must be our Step brother. The dude from prison.” she said. I smiled.I walked inside, closing the door behind me. I turned. “I’m Crystal and this little bitch is Candy.” said the girl behind the door. I smiled. I love girls with curves. It had been close to a year since I saw anybody that was not a guy. Now two hot bbw girls were in front of me. Both with huge curves just itching to spill out of there tight clothes. Crystal was almost 5ft 8 with a sexy hour glass figure. She had long dark curly hair down to her shoulders. Candy was maybe 5ft. She had the same hour glass figure, just a little smaller. She had short black hair, just covering her ears. I took a big gulp. Both girls had just come home from private school. They had there matching school girl outfits on. There small skirts stretched over there big ass’s. There breast were almost bursting out there small tops.”I’m Buck! Glad to meet you both.” I said. “Cool! Nice to meet you Buck. Don’t pay any attention to this fat bitch.” said Candy. “Who you calling fat? Bitch! You know I got it. Damn fake Snooki look a like.” said Crystal. “Nice to meet you both.” I said. They smiled. They both giggled when I put my laundry bag on the floor. “Where my Dad?” I said. “He is out of town on business. He’s been gone for the last 6 months. He should be back next month. He is still working for the military. He called our Mom last night. She should be home soon. She gets out of work at 5pm.” said Candy.”That’s cool. Thanks! Am I still sleeping down stairs?” I said. “Yeah! Just behind the laundry room. We put all your clothes down there. They might be a little big on you now. Looks like you been working out.” said Crystal. I smiled. “Not much to do in prison but lifts weights and work out. I also read a lot. Nice to meet you both. I’ll be down stairs, if you need anything.” I said.I walked passed them. They followed me down the hall to the kitchen. They both were eating a big plate of cookies and drinking whole milk. I opened the basement door. I walked down the small stairs to the bottom. The had remodeled the basement. It was a big man cave now. Some leather couches, and chairs. A big 60inch flat screen on the wall. I walked into the laundry room. I through my clothes in the washer. I turned the dial.I then opened the door to my small room. It was just bigger than the prison cell, I had spent the last year. My clothes were on my small twin bed. I sat on the edge, taking off my work boots. The twin bed pushed down to the ground. It look like the low rider of beds. I smiled. I put all my clothes in a small dresser next to the bed. I needed to get some new underwear and some white wife beaters, the next chance I got. All my underwear was too big on me now. I smiled. I slowly took off my clothes. I wanted to take my first real shower in such a long time. In prison you only shower once a week. With 50 other guys checking you out.I grabbed my old towel off my bed. I tied it around my waist. I walked down the hall in the basement. I opened a small door. My Dad had put in a small shower for me, along with a rest room. Now I did not have to go upstairs. I was sure the two bathrooms upstairs were taken over by the girls. I spent about 40 minutes in the shower. I trimmed some hair on my body. I shaved around my cock and balls. I left a small patch of hair above my cock. I put on some deodorant. Some body spray. I wrapped the wet towel around my waist. I walked back to my room.I was slipping on some old cargo shorts. When I heard some high heels clicking on the ceiling above me. The person or persons open the basement door, from the kitchen. I then heard the noise getting closer. I turned to put on a t-shirt. I then heard a knock at my bedroom door. “Knock! Knock!”I open my door. “Hi Sweetie! I’m Cassie! Your new Step Mom.” she said, with a big smile. I almost fell back. Cassie was about 5ft 5 with bigger curves than her two Daughters. I gulped as the dress she was wearing left nothing to the imagination. It was a black pinstripe dress. That hugged her wide hips and large ass. She turned to show off her huge chest. Her white blouse was open. There was only three buttons keeping her blouse from exposing her big breast. I could see her huge black bra cupping the front of her breast. My mouth dropped open. My Dad had married a hot older MILF. She was in her early thirties. There was maybe a 25 year gap between them.”Ummm! Nice to meet you Cassie. I just got out of the shower. The house looks just like I left it.” I said. She smiled. “When your ready. Come upstairs. I order some pizza for all of us. My girls are going to eat with us. I can’t remember the last time they had dinner with me. I have to work late tomorrow. But I took Friday off. I’ll take you shopping. I’m sure you need a few things. I am so happy your here.” she said. I watched as she turn to leave. I followed her big fat ass, with my blue eyes. I quickly put my hand in my cargo shorts. My cock was very hard. All 9 3/4inches had moved forward. I shifted my cock down my right leg.A few minutes later I sat in the living room on the first floor. Cassie brought me some pizza. Candy brought me a drink. They all smiled as I ate some pizza. Cassie excused herself to change. Candy was stuffing her face full of food. “Come up for some air. You whale.” said Crystal. “Shut the fuck up!! Bitch! Your ass is bigger than mine” said Candy. Both girls laughed. They turned to look at me. “So! How does it feel to be out?” said Crystal. “Good!” I said. “Any girl friends waiting for you? Buck!” said Candy. “Ummm! No! Single.” I said. They both giggled.”Girls! Stop asking your new Step brother so many questions. Let him be. You both need to keep those mouths clean. I could here you both upstairs. I think you two look very cute. Your both healthy and just the right size. What do you think Buck?” said Cassie. I smiled. I kept eating my pizza. I did not want them all to know, just how hot they were. “Buck’s shy!” said Cassie. I smiled. My Step Mom had changed into some super tight sleep wear. The cotton dark a****l print covered her long legs to just the bottom of her neck. I could see her left nipple was hard under the thin material. I shifted in my seat. My Step sisters were wearing big matching baggy shirts and super small shorts. I could only see there big white thighs, as they sat on there small feet on the couch.My Step Mom sat on a rocking chair facing me. “How was your day girls? Any trouble today?” said Cassie. “No! No problems today.” said Candy. “Bull shit! The Math teacher was checking out your big ass again in class Candy.” said Crystal. “Oh! Fuck! No he was not. He asked you to stay after class bitch.” said Candy. “Girls! Stop!!!! What did canlı bahis you do Crystal?” said there Mom. “He caught me passing a note.” said Crystal. “What did the note say?” said Cassie. “Nothing…” said Crystal. “She wanted to know if the math teacher had a big dick. She was asking a girl in the front row of class.” said Candy. “Bitch!!!!” yelled Crystal. I smiled. All of them kept arguing as I ate my pizza.A few minutes later. “Ok! Ok! Stop talking. We must be boring your new Step brother. Finish up. Bring your plates out to the kitchen when your done. Both girls made faces at each other. Candy pulled Crystal big hair. Cassie walked out of the living room. I followed with my plate. “Thanks for the pizza. I’m kinda of tired. I’m going to get my laundry and get some sleep.” I said.I walked down stairs to the basement. My cock was making my cargo shorts tighter. I was still thinking about all of them as I pulled out my clean laundry. I folded everything and put them away. I turned off my small light next to my bed. I took off my clothes and laid naked under the white sheets. I tried to close my eyes and go to bed. I kept thinking about my new family upstairs. I looked down to see my cock pointing straight up. It had been a few weeks since I masturbated. It’s hard to find a quite moment, when I could be alone. In prison, there always someone around. Plus the noise is always crazy at night. I finally fell asleep an hour later. My cock was still making the sheets stand straight up.The light from my tiny window woke me up. I rolled away from the light. My hard cock hit the fake wood paneling in my room, next to the bed. A few minutes later there was a knock at my bedroom door. “Come in!” I said. I quickly moved my sheets down to hide my morning wood. “Morning Buck! How did you sleep. That’s good. I’m dropping the girls at school. There getting a ride home later. Remember, I’ll be home late tonight. If you get hungry. You can order some food or make it upstairs. Glad your home. Later sweetie..” said my Step Mom.I smiled and nodded my head “Yes!” I caught her big ass moving under her tight black skirt. She had another white blouse on. I could see a big tattoo on her lower back. Under the thin white material. My cock moved again under my sheets. “Later Buck!” said both girls. I rolled out of bed and took a long shower.I called my new parole officer as I got dressed. I was to report in next week. I then slipped on some super tight blue Umbro soccer shorts and a white t-shirt. I left my baggy underwear in my dresser. The thin blue material felt great on my naked cock. I made sure my junk could not fall out or be seen. I rolled up the sleeves on my shirt. I went upstairs to turn on the air in the house. I made myself a big breakfast. Around 1pm I went back downstairs. I fell on the big brown couch in the basement. I turned on the big flat screen. I closed my eyes to take a nap.”Crash!” The front door slammed. I woke up…. “Bitch! Super Bitch and Fuck!” Could be heard upstairs. I guess my new Step sisters were home. I checked to make sure I had nothing on my face. I ran my hand over my small blonde hairs on my head. I shifted in the couch to hide my semi erect cock. I turned down the volume on the flat screen. I wanted to try to hear what the girls were doing upstairs. I heard the fridge open and close. Some plates hit the kitchen counter. A few minutes later I heard them go to there room. I heard there door slam. Then some yelling.A few minutes later I heard some noise over my head. Then the door to the basement open. I could hear both my Step sister arguing as they climbed down the stairs. I was facing the stairs. I could see Candy first. Her bare feet were on the wooden stairs. She was wearing a super tight pair of jeans. Her big ass was making the sides of her jeans almost pop open. She had a low cut black blouse, that was two sizes two small on her body. She stumbled down the last step and caught her balance. I saw Crystal next. She had on the same super tight jeans. Her ass was much bigger and was coming out the top of her jeans. I could see her wide hips move over the top of her jeans. She had on a matching blouse. Just like her sister, but it was white. The front was more scooped than her sister. Each girl smiled when they saw me on the couch.”Hey Buck!” they both said. I smiled. “Hey! What’s going on?” I said. I could see both girls had painted there toes and fingers the same color. Each had the tip of there nails in white with a black line on the base. “Buck! We need you to settle a bet.” said Candy. “Yeah! Like! Can we trust you?” said Crystal. I smiled. “What is it?” I said. “What looks better? My black shirt or her white shirt.” said Candy. “They both look good.” I said. “Buck! You got to decide. We have been arguing all day at school. My sister bought the same outfit as me. Now the bitch rubbing it in my face. Which is better?” said Crystal. I smiled.”You have been arguing all day?” I said. They both smiled. “Ok! Before I can decided. Go back upstairs. Dress like you were going out to the club. Like your trying to win a contest. Put on some makeup. Tease up your hair. Put on some earrings. Pull your jeans up some, to show off your legs. Put on some wooden heels. Then come back down here. Then I will give you my honest opion. I mean you both look good and the colors are hot. Who ever wins. I’ll will take them shopping. I still have some of my prison money. Anything you want.” I said. They both smiled. “That sounds fun. Like a show. But you must be honest. No backing out mister.” said Candy. “What? We have to do what? Come on Buck. You better be fucking honest with us. I’m the hot bitch. She just a bitch.” laughed Crystal. We all laughed. I smiled.I watched as both my Step sisters hurried up the stairs to my old room. I watched as each big ass shook going up the stairs. I turned to look around the basement. I shifted my semi hard cock in my Umbro soccer shorts. I could feel a bead of sweat on my forehead. It was colder downstairs in the house. But it was getting hotter by the minute as I waited for them. I just hope my Step Mom did not catch me checking out her daughters. It had been over a year since I saw any action.About a half hour later I heard some heels click across the floor in the kitchen. The door to the basement open. A few seconds later I saw Candy legs first. She had pulled her jeans up showing off her sexy legs. She had six inch wooden heels on her feet. She had scooped the front of her blouse down. I could tell she had changed her black bra. She now had a smaller push up bra underneath. It made her over grown breast almost fall out the front of her tiny shirt. She now had some heavy makeup on. She had two large gold hoop earrings on. I could smell her sexy perfume. She put some gold glitter on her red lips. She smiled as she put her wooden heels on the carpet in the basement.I then heard Crystal come down the stairs. She had 4inch wooden heels, with a white strap around her ankles. She had changed her jeans. She had put on some super tight white Capri’s. Her thick round legs and thighs were making the side of her pants expand. I could see her big camel toe pushing out the front. I could see the small white thong under the thin material. She was not wearing a bra. Her two large nipples were now erect under the thin material of her white top. “Sorry my jeans ripped when I pulled them up on my legs. I hope you won’t deduct any points. I thought these Capri’s were hotter.” she put her long finger nail in her mouth. She had put the same amount of makeup on her face as her sister. She had retouched up her bright red lips. Her two gold hoop earring were bigger than her sisters. They touched her bare shoulders. She had tied the bottom of her shirt under her big fat breast.”Wow! You both look very hot. This is going to be hard.” I chuckled. I looked down to see my hard cock was trying to rip open my shorts. I was hoping the thin blue material did not give out. “Who wants to go first?” I said. “First for what?” said Crystal. “Strut down and back. Stop! Then turn slowly around.” I said. They both smiled. Candy went first. I smiled as her sexy body moved. Her sister whistle as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. She stopped then turned again. I smiled. I clapped when she was done. Then Crystal went next. She strutted her larger body down and back. She then leaned down to show off her large breast in front of me and Candy. I gulped hard. Then clapped.”Wait! No fair!” yelled Candy. “What bitch?” said Crystal. “You can’t flash your fat breast at Buck. That not fair.” she said. “Why not bitch. He is a guy.” said Crystal. “Yeah! But your not wearing a bra. Your big fat tits might cloud his judgement. I did not flash our Step brother.” bahis siteleri said Candy. “Maybe you should have bitch. When it come to getting a new outfit. Everything fair bitch. Deal with that shit.” said Crystal. I gulped again. I moved to the center of the couch. I then moved to the edge of the small leather seat cushion.”Would you like another chance Candy?” I said. “Cool! Watch this super bitch.” said Candy. Crystal moved to her right as her sister walked in front of her. Candy looked at her, then back at me on the couch. She slowly strutted down and then turned. She put her small hands down to her side. She grabbed the bottom of her black blouse. She then pulled it over her head. She let it drop on the floor. “How did you like these bitch?” Candy said to her sister. “Foul! Your bra to small. Your falling out.” yelled Crystal.Candy big nipples hit the cold air in the room. They grew two sizes and fell out the top of her small bra. “All is fair bitch. I need a new phone. Your big ass sat on the last one.” said Candy. I just smiled at both of my Step sisters argued. “Watch this bitch.” said Crystal. She then walked toward me on the couch. She turned so her big ass was inches from my face. I could smell her hot perfume as she inched her white shirt up. I watched as she exposed her big tattoo on her lower back. She looked over her shoulder. “Do you like?” she said. I smiled up at her eyes.A second later I saw Candy hand shove her sister to the right side. She now had her big ass in my face. She leaned over to touch her toes. “Little bit more flexible than fat bitch.” said Candy. I looked between her big thighs to see her smile. I then watched as Crystal shoved her sister to the left. She then unbutton her white Capri’s. She shook her big fat ass in my face. Slowly her pants fell around her ankles. I could see her T-Back white thong sat high on her hips. Her front was covered but the back was snaked through her big white ass cheeks. I smiled as she kept shaking her big ass. “Got some junk in this trunk baby.” said Crystal. “Yeah! Too much junk in that fat ass.” said Candy.After a few minutes both girls stopped pushing each other. They stood side by side shaking there ass’s in my face. I was in heaven. “Who’s the winner Buck?” said both girls all the same time. I smiled. They both turned to face me. “You girls don’t make it easy.” I said. Crystal was standing in front of me. With just her white blouse tucked under her huge breast. Her white thong stretched tight on her bald pussy. Her sister was on her left. With just her tight jeans around her hips. Her small black bra exposing her ever growing nipples. Both girls put there hands on there hips and smiled.”Buck!!!!” they said. I gave them my best smile and cocked my head to the side. “I got a question for you Buck. Before you decide.” said Crystal. “Go ahead. Ask away, why I think, who the winner is.” I said. “Is it true what they say about prison? Did you go a whole year without sex?” said Crystal. “Where you someone bitch in prison? Did you drop the soap?” they both giggled.”I did not drop the soap. I had an older room mate. He was some small computer geek, that stoled millions. I kept to myself. Stayed out of trouble. Minded my own business. So I did not have anything happen to me. It does happen. It’s hard to be alone for more than a few minutes in prison.” I said. “Did you jerk it allot in prison?” said Crystal. I nodded my head “Yes!” “How?” said Candy. “Should I be telling my new Step sisters about this? I mean we just met yesterday. Your not going to tell?” I said. “Ha ha ha! No! We won’t tell.” said Candy. “I would pull my blanket over my body. Then roll over. Sometimes when he left the cell. I go at the end of the bunk beds. Face the toilet. Then jerked one off.” I said. They both giggled.”Hmmmm that to bad. That all you got to do in prison.” said Crystal. I smiled. Candy was moving her small hands up and down her side. “God damn! Bitch! What your problem. Move that fat ass over.” said Candy. “What!! What’s wrong with you bitch? What’s up with the hands. Move your fat ass little bitch.” said Crystal. Both girls turned to face each other. Candy reached around her sister face to pull her long black hair. Crystal grabbed Candy neck. They both started to pull each others hair.I jumped off the couch. I was standing next to them. I grabbed both girls hands. Forcing them to stop pulling each others hair. They turned to smile. I saw both of there faces look down. I then looked down. I could see the front of my blue Umbro shorts had expanded. My cock was stretched down the right side of my shorts. The tip of my cock almost peeked out. Both girls started to breath heavier. “Damn! Buck!! Must have been hard keeping that under your blanket in prison.” said Candy. “Fuck! Look at that size. He is twice the size of your old boyfriend Derrik. Hmmmm our Step brother is packing.” said Crystal.I gulped as both my Step sisters put there hands on the front of my tight soccer shorts. I could feel both of the long finger nails rub the thin material covering my cock. “Should we be doing this?” I said. I was trying to gauge what there response might be. “Fuck yeah! Flop that monster out.” said Crystal. “Yeah! Let’s see. Wait! Buck! Your not going to tell our Mom? My last boyfriend told our Mom we had sex. I got in trouble. Crystal boyfriend show us his cock a few weeks ago. We touched it and he came in his hand a second later.” said Candi. “No! Our secret is safe. You don’t have to worry about mine just going off. Help your self girls.” I said.Crystal hand went under the thin material on my right leg. She touched the tip of my cock with her fingers. She smiled as my cock expanded down my leg. Candy reached around to fondle my tight ass. She used her long nails to trace around each butt cheek. She used her free hand to go under my shirt. Crystal grabbed the bottom of my shirt. She pulled it over my head. Then tossed it on the couch. I moaned as each girl ran there hands down my tight chest. They each took turns licking my nipples. “Grab the side bitch. Pull these small shorts off. Let’s see this big cock.” yelled Crystal.My Step sister grabbed the side of my soccer shorts. They pulled down the thin blue material, they dropped my shorts around my ankles. My cock flopped out, then straight up. “Damn!” they both giggled. Each girl put there small hands around my cock. There was a big thick glob of pre-cum on the tip. Candy dropped to her knees and licked the tip of my cock clean. She started to jack my cock with both her small hands. I watched as Crystal unbutton her top. Her huge soft breast fell onto her chest. She smiled as she saw her sister trying to get her small mouth around my cock. “Lick it bitch! Spit on it. Yeah!! That is nasty. Suck our Step brother cock.” yelled Crystal.I looked down to see Candy licking my cock. She was on her knees. Her breast rubbed against my legs. She was sitting forward. Her ass expanded out the back of her tight jeans. I started to smile more when Crystal moved around her sister. She put her hand on the back of my lower back, just above me naked ass. She smelled great as she gave her sister tips on giving a good blow job. “Put your hand on his big naked balls. Then pull down and then back up. Move your hand around. Spit some more. Lick the tip. Try to put more of it in your mouth.” said Crystal. “Like this??” said Candy. I grunted. “Yeah! Just like that bitch.” Crystal moaned.Crystal turned to kiss me on the lips. I leaned down to meet her lips. Her mouth tasted great as we exchanged tongues. After a few minutes she broke our kiss. “Fuck! You can kiss Buck. That was really good. I need some of that big sausage now. Get off him bitch. Let a pro have a go.” said Crystal. I smiled as Crystal got on her knees. Candy stood up. I motion for her to come here. She smiled as she strutted over to my side. She took her sister place next to my side. We both watched as Crystal licked the tip of my cock. She then leaned her head back and then forward. She spit a big glob of saliva on my cock. She then started to lick the tip. She then used both her small hands down my shaft.I placed my right hand on Candy lower back. She turned to lick my nipple. She then leaned up as our lips touched. She kissed my harder than her sister. We kissed a little longer. She moved her hands on my shoulders, neck and face. We both looked down to see Crystal shoving more of my cock in her mouth. She now had half my cock down her throat. She gagged. Then spit. Then gagged some more. Her big fat red lips finally met around the base of my hard cock. Her eyes got real big. She moved her hands down to her side. “Fuck! You hungry bitch. That how you do it.” said Candy. Her sister had deep throat my cock like a pro. güvenilir bahis She then spit it out and almost fell off her knees onto the floor. A big trail of saliva dripped off my cock.”Sit down big boy. I want some of the big cock in my pussy.” said Candy. She pushed my back onto the couch. She reached down to unbutton her tight jeans. Crystal reached up to help her sister take off her tight jeans. I cupped my big balls and held my hard cock up right. Candy eyes got big as she strutted over to me on the couch. She was wearing nothing but her big six inch wooden heels and two big gold hoop earrings. She started to rub the front of her pussy. I could see her two small lips between her fingers. Her bald pussy was very wet. “Be gentle!” she said. I smiled.She straddled my legs. Her heels barely touching the floor. She slowly eased her tight pussy down my cock. She screamed in excasty. I gulped as she slid down my cock. I put my big hands on her big breast. She got about 3 inches of my cock, inside her before she pushed me out. She lost her grip and fell on my chest and abs. She put her hands on my chest. She then eased my cock back in her tight pussy. I then felt a hand cupping my balls. Crystal was pushing my cock in her sister tight pussy. “Damn bitch. I need to use a bigger dildo on you at night. We need to expanded that hole. God your cock tearing her up b*o. Fuck that pussy.” said Crystal. “Shhhh… Don’t tell him Crystal you bitch.” said Candy.”Shut the fuck up bitch. He is family. He needs to know. We could use a big cock in our bed upstairs. I will tell our new Step brother everything. Candy my sex bitch. She does everything I tell her. She fucks me better than most guys. She licks my pussy better than most guys. You should hear us at night in your old room. I’ve been using this 6inch dildo on her. I guess we need some new sex toys for that tight pussy. Can you buy us some b*o??” said Crystal. I smiled. Candy rolled her eyes at her sister. I then watched Crystal begin to spank Candy ample ass. I matched her strokes with my cock in Candy wet pussy. I put my hands around Candy small waist. I pulled her tighter against my body. I stuck her big left nipple in my mouth. I bite down causing her to moan. I then felt Crystal fingers rubbing her sister small labia as my cock pushed deep inside.After ten minutes of Candy being on top. We stopped as she climbed off. She fell back on the couch. Her legs spread apart. Crystal licked my cock of her sister juices. I then got on my knees in front of the couch. Crystal got behind me. She put her huge breast on my back. She eased my cock inside of Candy tight pussy. Candy watched as her pussy expanded with my big cock. I put my hands on her big breast. I parted them to the side, so she could watch me fuck her. Crystal moved around once she shoved all my cock in her sister. She hoped onto the couch to lick her sister big breast. She slapped them together as I fucked her sister faster.A few more minutes passed. I was close to cumming. I pulled out and stood up. Both girls dropped to the floor in front of me. Candy pulled up her breast. Crystal pulled her breast up. I started to fuck both of there big breast. I rotated between each girls big cleavage. I started to grunt. Crystal grabbed my cock. “Blast her, big boy. Show us that big load. Yeah!!!!” said Crystal. “Cum on my face Buck. Blast me…” said Candy. I watched as both girls looked at the tip of my cock. I felt my knees get weak. Then I exploded. The first big spurt hit Candy mouth. The second her chin. The third and fourth on her neck and breast. Crystal began to jerk my cock onto her sister face. Candy opened her small mouth. She kept taking each big spurt in her mouth. Both girls then licked my cock clean. They started to kiss. I watched there sperm coated tongues circle each other.They broke there kiss. “You might have fucked her nice, but your going to fuck me nasty. Now get over big horse cock.” said Crystal. She pointed to the end of the couch. She yanked off her wet thong. She handed it to me. I put it in my mouth. I then put it around my neck. Crystal stood up next to Candy. She grabbed her sister face and pushed it between her legs. “Lick my pussy Candy. Get me wet for our brother cock. God! Our you hard already. He must like watching his new sisters play with each other. Crystal reached down to shove more of her sisters face in her pussy.A few minutes passed. My cock was hard as a rock. I was standing at the end of the couch watching my Step sister eat my other Step sister pussy. I let out a soft moan. “Bitch! Switch up. Lick my other hole. You know the one I like. Get way up there. Use that tongue. Deeper!!! Bitch!!!!!” yelled Crystal. Candy neck was straight back as Crystal look like she was sitting on her sister face. I looked down at my wet cock. Then back at them. Candy was gripping Crystal butt cheeks. Forcing them wide open.Finally Crystal got off Candy face. She strutted over and fell face first onto the couch. She arched her huge ass back toward my cock. “Candy get over here. Spit on Buck’s big cock. Then guided him into my ass. Be a good little bitch for me. Move it.” said Crystal. Candy spit on my cock. Then she guided the tip of my cock into our sister big ass. I put my hands on her big ass cheeks. Spreading them apart. The tip of my cock entered her small hole. Her ass quickly expanded as Candy forced more of my cock into Crystal ass hole. I grunted as her ass took more of my cock. I started to pound her ass, harder and faster. Crystal moaned and groaned.I watched Candy walk around and start to kiss Crystal on the couch. Both girls were moaning as I fucked Crystal faster. I reached up to pull her long black hair. “Fuck!!!” yelled Crystal. I tied her hair around my hand. I pulled her hair with my left hand, I used my right hand to slap her big ass. Candy giggled as she saw her sister being used by my cock and hands. Crystal gave her a mean look as I slowed down. “Don’t stop Buck. Keep fucking my ass baby.” said Crystal. I pulled my cock all the way out. A big suction noise could be heard in the room. Candy got up off the couch. “Go lick his cock clean. Bitch!” said Crystal. Candy did what her big fat sister told her. She was licking my cock clean of her sisters ass juices. I watched Crystal throw a pillow from the couch on the floor. She then turned to see Candy licking my cock.A second later Crystal was lying on her back. Her head was on the pillow, her pussy in the air. Her two long shapely legs were parted for me. I got on the couch. I pulled her big body up by her thick thighs. I guided my cock into her big fat pussy. Candy giggled again. I looked down to see Crystal big fat breast falling down covering her face. “Can you breath?” said Candy. “Shut up and get down here bitch.” said Crystal. I watched as Candy got on her stomach. She was biting Crystal big breast and nipples. I could see the milky white under side of her breast as the flipped over down the side of her face. I eased my cock all the way in her pussy. I really started to fuck her faster as her moans were drowned out by Candy sucking hard on her sister breast.I lasted allot longer than with Candi. I finally could not take much more. I watched as my cock went all the way to the base. I pulled out hard and quick. I grunted as both girls looked up. A second later Crystal tongue caught the first blast, followed by just underneath her left breast. Candy quickly stuck her tongue out to catch a blast. Both girls screamed as I empty a big load on Crystal body. I quickly fell back on the couch as both girls cleaned them selves off. I looked down to see there greedy eyes looking back at me. I smiled when they both sat next to me on the couch. They each grabbed my semi erect cock with there hands. They started making me hard again. “So! Buck! Who is the winner? Me or fat bitch?” said CandyI paused. “Slam!!! Click! Click!!” There was some noise over head. “Fuck! Its Mom. Grab our shit. Move it Bitch.” said Crystal. “To the laundry room!” said Candy. I quickly got up and ran to my room. I still had Crystal wet thong around my neck. I had no clothes in my hand. I could here some heels clicking down the stairs toward the basement. I heard the girls giggle. “Hey Mom!!” said my Step sisters. ‘Girls! How many times do I have to tell you. You both need to wear some clothes around the house. Especially now that your new Step brother is living here. Close the lid. I will wash your clothes.” said my Step Mom. “Thanks Mom….” said the girls.”I’ve never seen this shirt, or these blue Umbro shorts before. They smell dirty. What this stain? So sticky and white. There all wet in the right front. Those girls. I better check on Buck. Make sure those girls are staying out of trouble. I hope he leaves the door opened a crack like last night. I could stare at his big cock all night. Oh! I better behave.” said My Step Mom. I pulled my ear off the fake wooden paneling in my room. I turned and smiled.Love,Buckxoox

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