MY NEW TAXI FUCK BUDDYHi all another friday in the life of a glasgow taxi driver. I was sitting in the city centre when 2 thirty something females said to me how much to coatbridge the other guys all wanted £40 it was a quiet nite so i said how about £25 and they got in. So off we set a bit of banter on the way its always good to have a bit of a laugh with the punters. So one of them was bantering back and forward with me the other was talking but not as much as the other. The one that was doing all the talkings name was robin the other was kirsty. Robin said there was 3 of them but the other met a bloke and was probably having fun as we speak. I said to her are you feeling left out or something. She said well put it this way shes probably got that poor bloke tied to the bed and riding fuck out of him kirstys texting her man telling him to get naked cause she is as horny as fuck. That just leaves poor little robin with her rabbit and with my luck the bats will probably run out and i see you have a wedding ring on so its still the rabbit. I just never said anything she dont know im just a mad horn bag does she.We are just about to drop kirsty off when robin tried to rip the piss out of me by saying there is 2 options here u can get paid in cash or u can have sex but with you being married well it will be cash. Kirsty said im not having sex with the driver ill pay cash cause im getting a fuck when i get in anyway.Robin said to her tuzla escort can i come in and we will have a 3some the reply no chance its mine and im keeping it that way.(i still have not said anything about sex or cash) So we dropped kirsty off fuck sake her knickers were nearly at her feet by the time she got in the gate. Then robin said lucky cow i could do with the real thing so wots in gong to be then cash or sex? I said to her if i dont take the cash and opt for the sex its like selling your pussy so if your really that horny well i have good news for you kirsty gave me £20 and thats enough for the taxi and does it matter to you if im married or not?She said if it does,nt bother you then it sure as hell dont bother me. So i told her there a few thing i really like so lets see how many you can say yes to cause after all i can go and fuck the wifes bff she i expecting me at some point so either way i get my end away. So 1st i like a well trimmed or bald pussy do you have 1 of them? she replied why dont you feel for yourself cause i just shaved before i went out today so thats 1 out of 1 next. I really love a women to dress sexy like stockings nylon or fishnet and of course all the trimming to go with them ie the parachute gear sexy lingerie well do you have any of that? her reply nearly made crash she said how about a sexy saucy maid outfit will that satisfy you? Will that satisfy me fuck sake my cocks twitching to get out. So tuzla escort bayan its on she had wot i liked and i had wot she reaaly wanted (a big hard cock) We got to her house and she showed me the living room and said have a seat and ill be back shortly.About 15 mins later she came down the stairs OMG wot a site naughty maid outfit black fishnet hold up stockings and knee high boots now my cock was really straining in my shorts. So when she got on her knees in front of me and started rubbing my cock well i nearly lost the lot there and then but i managed to hold it back like a good boy. Then without any warning i have never seen a cock get pulled out and inbetween a pair of lips as fast as that in my life out the shorts n in the mouth in 1 quick move her lips were so fuckin soft its was an amazing blow job 1 of the best iv ever hard. She really knew how to take u to the edge then stop just at the rite moment wow fuckin wow. But it got to the stage i had to stop her or i would have lost the lot. So she lead me up the stairs to her room but not b4 i had the chance to get a glass of ice we got to her room i said to her have u got any more stockings she said why dont u like the fishnets i have on to which i replied hell yes but i need 4 more stockings she got them and i tied her to the bed spread out like a star. Then i went down the stairs and fucked off and left her tied to the bed. So i fuckin did wot i really done was got some escort tuzla ice in mouth and went straight down to the huny pot and boy did she squirm the ice on her love button she was squealing in no time so i got another couple of bits of ice and slid them in her pussy again she was squirming like fuck but she didnt know i still had a bit in my hand which i slipped up her arse hole fuck she nearly ripped the stockings from her wrists. By now shes screaming for me to fuck her pussy but i have calmed down a bit by now so i got my cock up to her lips just enough so her lips could just touch it and no more i said to her were do u keep ur rabbit and the siily girl told me.I got it out and slipped it in her pussy with 4 or 5 lumps of ice and let her get my cock in her mouth every now n then then i could hear her breathing getting a bit deep next minute she was screaming in orgasm she was screaming for me to get my cock inside her and fuck her like the whore she was so i did wot i was told i fucked that whorish pussy and she was screaming like a banshe and she creamed my cock well waste not want not cock out and licked all that sweet pussy juice up yumyumyum. I then untied her an OMG she got on my cock and she was not getting off till she got the jizz inside her hole then she sucked me dry. I can say with all my heart it was the best out of the blue sex i have ever had and she said she had never come so hard b4 and she had never used ice b4 either. Then she said can we do it again sometime well i dont like to let people down so i think ill have another few sessions with i might even let her tie me up next time. I let you all know wot happins.

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