My New Trainer byNearMiss

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My New Trainer byNearMiss”So, do you need a spot?” she asked. Wisps of red hair, which had fallen from her pony tail, framed her face as she looked down on me.”Ummm sure,” I lied. The equipment at the bench press station where I was working out was designed to be used solo. With a quick flick of the wrist I could lock the bar into any safety position, if I had gotten into danger, but accidents do happen and you can’t be too careful. Besides, I wasn’t going to turn down help from the most beautiful girl in the gym. She also happened to be the only girl in the gym at this late hour, but she was still hot as hell.I hoisted the bar off the safety and slowly brought it down to my chest. My spotter grabbed the bar with both hands while I pumped it up and down. I had quite a bit of weight on it and because she wasn’t real tall she stepped in so that she would have more stability should she need to take the weight for me. This meant that she was practically straddling my head with her thighs. With mere inches separating me from her crotch I could smell a familiar musky aroma coming from her nether regions. I’d been admiring this girl for months and now her pussy was so close to my face I could smell it. But suddenly something seemed slightly off, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I was breathing harder now as the reps became more difficult and more of her scent invaded my nostrils. Hold on here! I’ve smelled that before and I don’t think its pussy. My mind raced as I tried to recall the smell. I knew it had something to do with sex somehow, but what was it. With my focus no longer on the reps I was doing, one of my hands accidentally slipped off the bar. The other gripped tight and although it couldn’t fall on me due to the guide tracks I didn’t have the proper angle or wrist strength on the other hand alone to lock it into safety either.My spotter’s legs instantly flexed around my head and she quickly adjusted her stance to assume the weight of the bar. I could tell it was more than she was comfortable with and had caught her a little off guard as she grunted slightly. Her crotch was now directly above my face and I could see directly up into the leg of her loose fitting shorts at the taut fabric covering her perineum. What the hell was that bulge? She flexed and shifted her weight again, grunting louder this time and as she did I saw what I thought was a testicle pop out from the bulge of material held there in her panties. Holy Crap! I knew what that musky smell was now! Was my new crush at the gym really a transsexual? I couldn’t believe my luck… it was as if I had won the sexual fantasy lottery!”Uhnnnn…. little help here,” she grunted. I hadn’t realized it, but for the last five seconds or so I was basically just staring up at her junk, not even trying to grab the weight bar. I snapped to my senses and readjusted my hands and forced the bar back up and locked it into safety. My spotter stepped back and quickly turned around as I rose from the bench. I couldn’t see anything she was doing with her back turned to me, but she made a quick adjustment down there and turned back around to face me.”Um, I’m sorry about that,” she said a little red in the face.”Oh hey, you don’t have to apologize. If you hadn’t been there to catch it I could have been in some serious trouble,” I reassured her.”Yea that’s not exactly what I was referring to,” she said looking me straight in the eye. I decided it was best not to say anything right off the bat and possibly scare her off so I put on my best poker face. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” I lied. She scanned me, trying to see if I was telling the truth or just playing it cool. After ten seconds or so I think she ultimately decided I was being honest. “Yea… well, there was more weight on that bar than I could legitimately handle and I should have known. Sorry about that.””Pfft… are you k**ding me?” I told her, pretty happy with myself that she’d bought my ruse, “You handled it like a pro. I’m here rather than on my way to the hospital so its all good, really. Honestly I appreciate it.””Yea. No problem. Anytime,” she replied and went back to her workout.Damn! I was hoping she’d stick around a little bit more so I could chat her up, but she seemed gun shy (no pun intended) after the incident, so I decided to just let it go. Besides I was starting to get a chub just thinking about what she was hiding down there, so I figured I was done for the night. I had considered showering at the gym so I could possibly rub one out in the shower stall real quick, but I had an idea in the locker room. I changed pretty quickly, grabbed my bag and practically ran back to the weight room hoping she was still working out. I bumped into her as she was heading back to the girls locker room.”Hey, I uh didn’t catch your name,” I said trying to calm myself.”That’s cuz I didn’t give it to you,” she said back with a smirk. Oh yea, I was liking this girl more and more.”Right, well my name’s Lance,” I said as I held my hand out, then immediately regretted it. She looked at it a little awkward, then extended hers and shook it.”Okay, Lance, I’ll bite. My name’s Lydia. It’s nice to meet you,” she said with a slight exaggeration in an attempt to rattle me. She still had the smirk on her lips.”Right. Okay. Yea, I come off as kinda goofy sometimes, so I guess the mockery is justified. I just wanted to thank you again and maybe repay you for saving me tonight,” I said.”Repay me?” she asked. “Well… okaaay. What did you have in mind?””Well maybe you’d like to get some coffee with me?” I asked nervously.”I dunno,” she replied. “Its kind of late and if I have coffee I’ll never get to bed tonight, but I wouldn’t mind having a drink or two.”My heart skipped a beat. “Yea? That’s great! If you like we can hit the Cannery across the street, ah… but I haven’t showered yet and…””Oh no problem,” she interrupted. Her smirk grew slightly. “I know a little place we can go. No showers necessary. Still game?””Oh yea. Sounds good,” I told her. “Where is it?””Its just around the corner. It can be a little hard to find so tell you what. Give me two minutes to change and you can ride with me there. And when we’re done I’ll give you a ride back. Alright?” It was more of a statement than a question as she walked off before I could answer, but I was good with it. More than good with it. This was working out better than I had expected.She met me at the door wearing tight black pants that would have shown every ripple of flesh on her gorgeous ass if you could have seen through the long tee shirt that covered it. For a girl as toned and fit as she was I’d have thought she would have smaller breasts but hers must have been at least C cups. She nodded at me and I followed her out to her car. As we pulled out onto the road I could see her scoping me out from the corner of her eye. I was trying to look at her too but being so close it was difficult not to make it look obvious. After a few minutes she pulled off onto a side road on a residential street. I began to get a little nervous.”Uh, so what’s the name of the bar were going to?” I asked her.”It’s called Lydia’s,” she replied.”I’ve never heard of… wait, your name is Lydia. Do you own the bar?” I asked naively.”Yeah, I guess you could say that,” she said as she pulled into the driveway of a quiet, unassuming house.”Oh. Ok I get it,” I said feeling a little foolish. She turned the car off and turned to grab her bag out of the back seat.”It’s a good thing you’re cute, ‘cuz I don’t think you could make it on brains alone,” she said smiling at me as she got out of the car.I started to put all the parts together at this point. She took me back to her place. Check. We were going to have a few drinks. Check. She called me cute. Check. She certainly seemed like she was in control of things, and liked it that way. Check. She was a smokin’ hot transsexual. Check. Holy shit this was like a laundry list for my fantasy dream date! Alright Lance, keep your cool and don’t fuck this up. With any luck you might be having the best night of your life.I followed her into the house and she told me to make myself comfortable that she’d be back in a second. She disappeared down the hall while I took a seat in the big recliner next to her sofa. I heard her walk back from the bedrooms to the kitchen where she began rustling around in her cupboards.”So what would you like to drink?” she asked. “I’ve got beer, wine, vodka, tequila and pretty much everything in between.””Ahh well I’m not picky. Dealer’s choice. I’ll let you decide,” I said.”Tequila it is!” she said. “I think you’ll like this stuff. It’s really smooth. No training wheels needed, at least not for me,” she said as she rounded the corner from the kitchen to the living room holding a bottle and two shot glasses. Her sentence trailed off as she saw me sitting in the recliner with my legs up on the foot rest. She smirked again as she shook her head and let it drop slightly.I wasn’t quite sure what she was shaking her head at, but I dropped the foot rest and leaned up to the table where she had set the bottle and glasses down. She settled on the sofa next to the recliner and poured us each a shot. We clinked our glasses together.”Cheers,” I said.”Salud!” she said.I’m really not a huge tequila fan, so I put some force behind my shot hoping I could propel it to the back of my throat and bypass most of the taste, but it was a pretty big shot and I wound up rolling it around my mouth for a second before I could get it all down. Lydia on the other hand carefully drew hers to her mouth and slowly poured it past her lips, savoring every last drop. She was still in the process of drinking her shot by the time I was finished and I watched her as she drained her glass and slowly swallowed with her eyes just barely open. That’s when I realized I didn’t have that horrible taste in my mouth I usually associated with tequila. Sure there was a burn, but it was warm instead of harsh like cheap whiskey. And the flavor was smooth and slightly floral, not at all like it was fermented in the bowel of a rabid donkey and aged in a fetid jock strap.”Wow!” I exclaimed. “That is really good!””I told you,” she said calmly looking like she was still savoring hers. “I’m surprised you tasted it at all the way you powered it down.””Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I’m not used to drinking good tequila like this,” I confessed.She looked me in the eyes as her voice dropped into a more sultry tone. “Its alright. I’m all about teaching guys what they’re missing.” I’m sure my face flushed a little. She pored two more shots and we clinked glasses again. “Nice and slow this time, Okay?””Okay. Salud,” I told her this time.”To late nights at the gym!” she replied.We both slowly savored our shots and I got a really good flavor profile this time. I took a good fifteen seconds to completely finish mine and put my glass back on the table. When I was done she was looking at me with that same mischievous tuzla escort grin.”So, Lance, I have to commend you on you’re dedication at the gym,” she said. “I’ve seen you working out for about six months and you’re in fabulous shape now compared to the doughy mess you were when you first started. No offense.””None taken. Yeah, I had really let myself go for a couple of years and packed on like fifty pounds,” I said a little remorsefully. “It’s been a hard slog, but I think I’ve finally progressed to a point where I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Physically… and well… mentally too I suppose.”Lydia raised an eyebrow at that. “Hmm… that sounds like a story, do tell!” she said.”Not much to say really. My wife, well… now my ex, left me for another guy. Had a hard time dealing with it and rather than booze or d**gs I guess food was my coping mechanism. After a couple of years eating my sorrows away, my doc said I was pre-hypertensive, pre-diabetic, and pre-paring myself for an early grave. So I started eating right and joined the gym.””Well sorry to hear about your ex, but her loss is my gain,” she said smirking at me again. She poured two more shots and we clinked glasses once again.”To late nights at the gym,” I said”To spotting for the cute guy with the bad grip!” she said. I couldn’t help but snicker a little bit.We both savored our shots and set our glasses down. The world began to soften around the edges as the tequila began to work its magic on my brain. I found myself looking at her tits while she was staring at my crotch. We both smiled and laughed. It felt good to be called cute by the hot girl at the gym. After my ex left me and I gained so much weight, I was in such a dark place I never thought a girl would ever find me attractive, let alone a smokin hot pre-op transsexual.”What is it you do that makes you workout so late? I used to be the only one in the gym at that hour till you showed up,” she asked.”I’m a day trader, well… you might say more of an afternoon trader I suppose. I trade in foreign currencies and most of the exchanges I deal with are located offshore and open mid afternoon, so by the time I’m done its late,” I told her.”Hmm… Wall Street big shot huh?” she said, smiling with a hint of sarcasm.”Hah! Hardly! I enjoy it and it keeps me on my toes, but you have to be careful. I usually do pretty well, but I’ve had a few times where I lost a good chunk of money. Nothing I couldn’t recover from as it’s a lot like gambling… never risk more than you’re willing to lose. So what about yourself, what makes you work out so late?””I just like having the gym to myself,” she said, and then paused, raising her eyes. For a moment it felt like she was going to say something else, but instead glanced down and remained quiet.”Huh, Okay. So I guess you don’t work mornings then,” I said fishing for a little more information.”Nope,” she said cryptically as she poured two more shots and we toasted yet again.”To spotting for the guy with the bad grip,” I said.”And to straddling his face while doing it,” she said. We both laughed at that and then downed our tequila. Four shots in less that fifteen minutes was really starting to take its toll on both of us.”So what made you decide to ask me out tonight?” she asked, eyes trying to keep me in focus. Normally I’d be way too nervous and guarded to give her a straight answer, but I was feeling pretty good at this point and since she’d been giving as well as she got in the flirtation department I figured it wouldn’t hurt to tell the truth.”Well honestly it just happened to be good timing tonight. I’d been watching you since I started working out,” I started.”And because I’m the only girl left in the gym at that hour,” she interrupted.”Well that may be true,” I continued, “but you’ve got a smokin’ hot body and after going so long without, I really couldn’t help myself. Also being in the funk I’d been in, I never thought you’d be interested. But then tonight I figured I’d give it a shot… and throw caution to the wind.””And how’s that working out for you?” she said with her usual cute smirk.”Well… she brought me back to her place for drinks, so I’m feeling good about it,” I said smiling at her. “Even if that’s where it all ended, I’d still consider it a successful night.””The night’s not over… yet,” she said, pouring two more shots.”To straddling my face,” I said while laughing so much I almost couldn’t get it out.”And making a date in the process,” she said while laughing too.As we put our glasses back on the table she turned to look at me. Her ever present smirk was still there, but her eyes were smoldering and intent. There was something lurking just below the surface of her somewhat cool, indifferent veneer that was just peeking through. She licked her lips ever so slightly and I could swear she was nibbling at the very edge of her lower lip, trying to hold herself in check. It honestly gave me the impression that she was a lioness about to pounce on her prey.After what seemed like minutes of her staring me down hungrily, which in reality was probably only a few seconds, she crawled up onto the recliner. “You know you’re not making it easy for me to flirt with you when sit all the way over here.” she said lustily. “You’re lucky that I like it when cute, nervous guys play hard to get.””Who’s playing?” I said.She leaned down and pressed her lips to mine. Our mouths parted as her tongue flicked out to meet mine, all while twisting and turning around it commandingly. With her hands now wandering most insistently around my torso, she pulled my shirt up so that my nipples could be pinched. I gasped while watching her smirk return as she continued assaulting my mouth with her tongue. I reached up and gently cupped her breasts in my hands. She was still wearing a sports bra, but even through two layers of fabric they felt fantastic. Slowly working my fingers around every inch of her lovely globes was eliciting her soft sighs as we continued to make out hot and heavy. Using an index finger to trace little circles around her nipples, I would gently pinch them and before long they were hard and poking through her shirt. Of course this made them imminently more pinchable, so I continued doing this a little harder each time. My cock was now like steel trying to burst through my underwear and out of my pants as she ground her ass around my length. Now she was moaning into my mouth but soon broke the kiss and leaned back, stripping off both shirt and bra in one smooth motion.She laced her fingers through the hair on the back of my head and pulled my mouth in to her breasts. I made circles around her nipples with my tongue, savoring every soft wrinkle and bump, nibbling ever so gently on her erect nipples. With every little nip her grip tightened on the back of my head, forcing me a little further into her soft mounds.Eventually she forced me back and our mouths crashed together again. As our tongues danced my hands began to wander her ass and thighs. As I drew near to her frontal V her legs clinched and she drew in a quick breath. She quickly reached down and held my hands in place before they could fully reach her crotch, but didn’t stop kissing me. Her tongue traced a trail from my mouth to my ear to my neck planting soft kisses and gentle nips along the way. Finally she broke off and stood up abruptly. She tore her gaze away from me and heaved a heavy sigh. I could feel the pent up sexual tension between the two of us.”Hey, what’s wrong?” I said quietly.”God, I fucking hate this part!” she yelled as she pounded her fists onto thighs.”What… what part? What’s wrong?” I asked a little more forcefully.”I fucking told myself I wasn’t going to do this again, but, dammit you’re so freaking cute I couldn’t stop myself,” she said to no one in particular.”Uhhh… Lydia? Listen, I know what you’re worried about and its okay. Really,” I tried to tell her, but she didn’t hear a word I said.”So now I’m all hot and bothered and what am I gonna do? Show you my secret and find another gym to work out at. Shit! You even know where I live now! What was I thinking?” she continued her rant. Walking around the room waving her arms now.”Lydia, I said it’s okay, really. Trust me,” I said, but my words only fell on deaf ears.”I never fucking learn my lesson! I always let my sex drive get in the fucking way!” she continued. I knew what she was going through. I may be cute and a little clueless but I’m not a complete idiot. I decided to let her wear her self out a little before trying again. She continued on for thirty seconds or so before I did anything.Finally I said in a normal voice “Lydia, I know you have a cock. I find it incredibly sexy.””…so what was I supposed to do? There you were in your tight little shorts teasing me with… wait, what did you just say?” she stopped in mid rant and turned her head to look at me eyebrows raised.”I know you have a cock and I find it incredibly sexy,” I said again.She turned to face me with hands on her hips, trademark smirk gracing her face once again. “You fucking knew all along didn’t you?” she said.”Well, yeah,” I said. “I didn’t want to say anything right away, because I didn’t want to frighten you off. Had I known you were going into full on crazy rant mode I would have said something sooner.””Fuck!” she yelled at me. I’m certain I flinched a little in reaction to it. “Do you have any idea what you just put me through? You owe me big time. Your ass is in so much trouble tonight, literally.” She grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the chair and down the hall to her bedroom. She was surprisingly strong for a girl her size. Once we were in the bedroom I tried to pull her close to kiss her again, but she resisted pushing me away.”Nuh uh,” she said waving a finger at me, “Nice Lydia is done for the night. Play your cards right and she’ll be back, but until then you best get ready for a night of sex like you’ve never experienced before. Take your pants off.” I hesitated a little before starting to comply.”Now!” she screamed as I hastily pulled my shoes and pants off, “Underwear too!”My cock was hard and pointing straight up. She admired it for a second and licked her lips. “Hmmm, you continue to impress me Lance. I’m going to have fun with that later, but for tonight I think mine will be doing the bulk of the work.” She shoved me onto the bed and proceeded to remove her shoes then her pants and panties.Her cock sprang out so fast and hard I could hear it slap off her tight abs. “Oh fuck! Yeah that’s much better. This b**st has been wanting out for a while now,” she groaned. “Holy Jesus!” I gasped. b**st was right. It wasn’t that her cock was so long but thick. The frigging thing was seven inches long, but as thick as my wrist. I had no idea where she had hidden that monster. An evil smile began to spread across her lips.”I know this girl can be a little intimidating,” she said wagging her cock at me and looking me in the eye, “so if you think it’s more than you can tuzla escort bayan handle then tell me now. Otherwise, once I get started it’ll be too late. The second she touches your soft skin there’s no denying her.” She was waving it around now, almost like she was daring me to touch it, or perhaps she wanted to slap it on my thigh and declare me hers for the evening.”Uhhh I’ve never done this before, but I’m not stopping now. Just please try to take it easy on me okay?” I pleaded.”Ha! Well I’ll do my best, but I can’t guarantee anything. Like I said she has a mind of her own and at this point I think she’s fully in charge here,” she told me as she crawled up on the bed and sat on my chest. I could feel the heat coming off her cock in waves as it bobbed inches from my face. She tilted it down so the swollen head was mere millimeters from my mouth. It looked gargantuan from this angle and there was already a bead of precum forming at the tip. She gently rubbed her cock head around my lips, coating them in the slick seminal fluid.She smiled at me. “This has been a long time coming and I’m going to have so much fun with you. Open your mouth,” she commanded as she grabbed my head and leaned it up to get a better angle. I opened up and she pressed her mushroom tip between my coated lips and onto my tongue. I could taste her salty fluid as it ever so slowly trickled from her throbbing tip.”Ohhh fuck yea!” she groaned as she continued to watch me. “Your precious little mouth feels as good as it looks wrapped around my fuckstick!” She started thrusting forward a little at a time, working her massive tool further and further back into my mouth with each stroke. It didn’t take long before she reached my limit and hit the back of my throat causing me to gag. She pulled back, but only slightly then forced it back in harder. This made me gag even more, but instead of pulling back this time she just left it there.”Just relax baby,” she cooed, “relax your throat and this will feel so much better.”I struggled for a bit to get my gag reflex under control and calm myself. Just when if felt like I was doing good she would give me just the slightest hip thrust, pushing me back to my limits again. Eventually I was able to keep most of the gagging to a minimum.Lydia let go of my head, pulled her cock out of my mouth and raised her ass off my chest hovering above me. “Seems like you’ve got a good handle on that. Let’s try a new angle,” she said. She moved above my head and turned around so I was looking directly at her balls, as they were now inches from my forehead. She leaned down over my body and levered her cock back into position at my mouth, only now in the opposite direction.”This should allow me get a little deeper into your throat, and trust me, its going to happen so you better relax. Otherwise this is going to be a frightening experience for you,” and with that she proceeded to push her steely hard rod into my mouth. Not fast mind you, but persistent. Inch after inch of her fleshy staff made it’s way past my lips. Soon her swollen head was all the way back and pressing hard at the entrance to my throat as I tried my hardest to suppress my gag reflex. It felt like a loosing battle. The more I tried to relax, the harder she pressed and the more I gagged. Eventually I needed to inhale and as I did the tip of her cock breached my throat. I clamped down hard now as the gagging rose to epic levels. Apparently the sensation was driving Lydia crazy.”Ohhh fuck yea! That’s the shit!” she gasped. “Just relax. I know its tough, but you have to relax that tight little throat of yours.”I closed my eyes and tried my meditation techniques. Focusing only on one thing, the huge cock lodged in my throat. I could practically feel her heart beating through the throbbing of her cock. It seemed like it took forever, but eventually Lydia told me I was doing great.”I’m gonna keep going,” she said. “Just stay relaxed and this will be over soon. I’m sure I won’t last very long in your tight throat.”She started pushing more of her monster snake in my mouth and down my throat. I continued to use my meditation skills to keep myself relaxed and before I knew it her balls were resting on the bridge of my nose.”Shit! That feels good! You’ve got the tightest throat I’ve ever had the pleasure of dicking in my life. You’re doing great Lance. Here comes the fun part,” she said and proceeded to pump her rod in and out of my throat. Slowly at first, and always keeping the head past the entrance to my throat. After a minute or two though she had picked up the pace. She started huffing as I could feel her thighs slapping my forehead as her balls bounced off my nose. It didn’t take her long to ramp up to such force that I thought she was going to give me two black eyes by smacking her nuts into my face. By now she was just grunting away at me.”Ungh, ungh, ungh…” she panted out as she fucked my face harder and harder. I didn’t know how long I could hold out, but I didn’t need to wait very long. Her cock seemed to grow even larger then she erupted deep into my throat. Spurt after hot spurt sprayed from the tip of her cock as she continued to thrust into me eventually loosing control and flopping down on top of my body actually shoving her cock even further down into me as if that was even possible. Luckily there was no swallowing involved. She was so deep into me that her spunk just flowed into my stomach. And flowed it did as it felt like she pumped a quart of cum into me. It was an odd sensation to feel her cock begin to soften and retreat from my throat while she continued panting while still laying on my chest. I could feel her hot breath on my hard, neglected cock. When she finally recovered, she pushed herself off of me, finally extracting the rest of her still semi hard member from my mouth. “Oh shit that was good!” she gasped. “You doing okay? I was a little rough on you there.”It took me a second to get my voice back. “Unhh… ahem, yea I’m good,” I gasped. “That was quite a load. You must have been saving that one up for quite a while.””You have no idea,” she said. “It’s been one hell of a dry spell, even with the added difficulty I have in finding a suitor.””Well hopefully you wont be having that problem for a while,” I said still trying to recover.”Are you volunteering for more duty Lance?” she asked with her usual smirk, “because I’ve got plenty more stored up and waiting.””Well I may need another minute or two before I’m ready for THAT again. Besides don’t you need at least a little recovery time?” I asked slightly incredulous.”You’d be surprised at how fast this girl can recover,” she said reaching down and wagging her still semi-hard cock at me. She wasn’t k**ding, as it appeared the damn thing never actually went soft. I think it shrunk an inch… maybe only a half inch, but still never got soft at all. She was still sitting on the bed above my head while I recovered so the view of her cock never changed. She continued to wag and stroke it as she looked down on me with her trademark smirk. It seemed like only seconds passed before she had it rock hard again and oozing precum from the tip.”Just let me know when you’re ready for more Lance,” she said lustily as she stroked her cock with one hand and fondled her balls with the other.”So what’s next on the agenda master?” I said jokingly.Her face went deadly serious. “That’s mistress to you,” she said sternly “and I think I’ll be tapping that ass next. You ready for that?””Uh well I’ve never really…” I started to say.”That was rhetorical Lance,” she said cutting me off. “But you’ve been a good sport so far, so tell you what, I’ll do you a favor. I’ll lay back here on the bed and let you get your cute little boipussy better acquainted with my shecock at your leisure first before I flip you over and fuck you silly. Don’t take too long though cause once I get heated up again its on, so make sure you’re ready by then. I wouldn’t want to break my new toy on its first night now would I?”Holy crap! I had awoken the sleeping dragon. I was in too far over my head to turn back now and besides I had dreamed about this, or something similar, for years. Besides, even if I wanted to back out at this point I don’t think Lydia would have let me anyway.She settled back on the bed and propped a pillow between her head and the headboard so she could look get a better view. As I went to get up she said “There’s lube in the top drawer on the right side of the bed. You’re going to need it.” I obediently opened the drawer and found a Costco sized bottle of lube. “Jeez! I didn’t think they sold lube in gallon jugs!” I said in surprise.”You can never be too prepared,” she said. “Now spread some of that on my cock and lets get this party started.”I squeezed our a generous dollop of lube into my hand and began slathering it up and down her rigid shaft making sure I covered ever inch I could. The whole time Lydia was giving me involuntary hip thrusts as I stroked her now slick, pulsing shaft. The look in her eyes was one of pure unbridled lust.”Clock is ticking Lance,” she half growled. “Don’t take too long.”I squeezed another generous mount of lube into my hand and began smearing it onto my backside. I used a couple of fingers it an attempt to get some in my hole, before I worked my way on top of Lydia and gingerly placed the throbbing tip of her member at the entrance to my quivering hole. She was already giving me small involuntary thrusts, but I was able to maintain control with a tight grip on her cock. I tried to lower my self onto her pulsing shaft, but my entrance was having none of it. Her tip was so big I couldn’t seem to get it lined up correctly. I could see Lydia was growing impatient by the frown on her face as I continued to fumble around down there.”I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” I pled as she looked on, “but I’ve never done this before. Just give me a couple more minutes. Her face softened a bit and her trademark smirk returned to her lips.”Tell you what. You let me take over and I promise I’ll take it slow to start, but once I’m in all bets are off,” she told me as she rolled out from under me. I took her place lying on my back as she positioned herself between my legs. With one hand she grabbed her rod and began rubbing up and down my crack while the other grabbed one of my legs pressing it up close to my chest. After a short search she found my O-ring and began to apply pressure. I was still sure that her b**st wasn’t going to fit, as she wasn’t getting any traction.”Grab under your knees and hoist them up to your chest,” she commanded and I complied. She now had both hands down on her cock and applied even more pressure. “Relax Lance! You’ve got to relax or when I finally do get in its going to hurt like a bitch. Try pushing out like you’re trying to take a dump.”I gave it a try and pushed gently at first and could actually feel her mushroom tip make a little bit of progress. I think this scared me a little because I immediately clamped escort tuzla down again and forced her out.”That was it! That was it!” she cried with enthusiasm. “Do that again but try to stay relaxed this time!”I tried it again this time, but pushed harder. Again I could feel her rod begin to make headway and I had to force myself to relax so I didn’t clamp down again. I could feel every millimeter of her steely hard shaft as it continued its snail like pace inside of me. Lydia now switched up and put her left hand on my shoulder as she tried to gain more leverage. Sweat began beading up on her forehead as she concentrated everything on getting her rod inside me. It seemed like it was taking an eternity when I’m sure it only took a few minutes before it felt like she was nearly inside of me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Pain began welling up around my hole and it became more difficult to maintain my relaxed state when suddenly the tip of her cock breached my ass and popped into place all at once. The pain was unbelievable and I clinched down and began to squirm involuntarily in an attempt to get the invading member out of me.”Whoa, whoa there!” Lydia said as she held me in place. “I know it hurts now but the pain will die down in a few moments. Trust me this will feel fucking awesome in a few minutes… pun intended.” She kind of giggled to herself at the last part. After about thirty seconds the pain began to subside and I opened my eyes. Lydia was staring down at me as I continued to hold my legs in place for her. Her red hair was slick with sweat and matted to her face in places, but she still looked absolutely gorgeous. I think she could sense what I was thinking because the leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss at first but built in passion as our tongues began to twirl around one another. She leaned back up after a minute and looked me in the eye.”You ready for the next phase Lance? This should be a bit easier to start but I promise you I’m going to pound you like a two bit whore once I get going. I don’t want to break you too bad though so let me add a little lube before we get going,” she said as she reached over for the bottle of lube. She poured some directly on her still throbbing cock and rubbed it around her shaft and up to my tender hole. While she was doing this I had noticed that my dick had gone completely flaccid during the whole previous episode of initial penetration, but didn’t have much time to ponder what it meant. After putting the lube back Lydia leaned in and placed one hand around the back of my neck and began kissing me again. As our tongues danced I could feel her heated rod pulsing inside the entrance to my now tender hole. Her body flexed as we continued to kiss and slowly her fleshy pole pushed its way inside of me. This was a whole new sensation for me. There was still a little bit of pain, but now it was mixed with a new kind of pleasure. I could feel every ripple of throbbing member as she inched her way inside of me and her heaving breasts smashed against mine as our bodies slid against one another.Lydia broke away from our kiss and leaned back but kept her hand on the back of my neck and placed the other on my hip. Visibly straining now she continued her slow but relentless assault on my ass pausing once or twice to catch her breath before continuing again. I wasn’t sure how far she had her cock in me but it felt like I was being torn in half.”Oh fuck Lance! You are so fucking tight! I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anyone with such a tight little hole like yours!” she panted.”Uhh.. ohh fuuuck…. it….itssss… uhhhh… soooo … guhhhh…..biiiig…. fuck…. fuuuuuuck,” I think I managed to grunt out. After what seemed like an eternity I felt her finally bottom out as her balls gently came rest against my ass cheeks. She paused there for a few seconds before slowly pulling out so that only the head was left inside of me. She looked down at me as the smirk returned to her face. Then she snapped her hips and buried her entire pole inside me in one quick thrust.”Oh Fuck!” I screamed out as I writhed underneath her. “I told you your ass was in trouble tonight Lance,” she said heavily. “I’m afraid you’ve opened up Pandora’s box and you’re just going to have to endure the consequences. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.” And with that she placed both hands on my hips and began slamming her huge salami in and out of my tight, little hole. Each thrust rubbed right across my prostate and in no time my cock was erect and dripping with precum. I instinctively clamped down which caused Lydia to grunt and thrust even harder to make headway against my clenching ass muscles.”Oh my… uh… fucking god…. … Lance! You’re ass… uhhhhn… feels fucking… ahhh… incredible!” she grunted at me while assaulting my ass. “You seem… … to get tighter… ghhhn… the more I… … fuck you…” With every thrust it felt like she was burying her flesh spike ever deeper inside of me, like eventually it was going to burst out of my chest like in the movie ‘Alien’. I was being heartily fucked by one of the hottest girls I had seen in a long time. God I didn’t want it to stop though. I had always found transgendered women attractive and had fantasized about them, but never dreamed that anything like this would ever happen to me. Now that it was I was relishing the waves of pleasure washing over my body, causing involuntary muscle spasms and nonsensical verbiage to pour fourth from my mouth. Lydia stopped and pulled out and I immediately missed the feeling of her inside of me.”Lets try a different position,” she commanded. She grabbed my legs and twisted them till I was on my stomach. She then grabbed my hips and pulled them back so I was on my knees in front of her presenting my ass to her. Without missing a beat she buried her pole inside my waiting hole and began pumping me furiously again. Every fiber of my being felt like it was vibrating at an insanely high frequency, like I could feel every pore on her erect member as she continually thrust in and out of me without mercy. She reared back and slapped my ass causing new waves of enjoyment to pulse throughout my body while I moaned and panted.”Like that do ya Lance?” she grunted at me. I was incapable of giving any kind of coherent response at that point and merely hung my head as she reached back and planted another slap on the same spot. Another pulse ran through me like she had rung a bell causing my body to vibrate in pleasure. All the while her cock continued its relentless pounding on my now inflamed ass. I felt a wave of pleasure coming closer and closer to cresting and washing completely over me. At this point I was hers to use and abuse without any say in the matter and we both knew it.”Fuck… ya like that don’t ya,” she panted out, “You’ve been a bad boy and you deserve this big, hard cock in your ass don’t you?” Again I was unable to respond, but apparently this was unacceptable to her this time. She slammed her cock all the way into me and stopped there. “I asked you a question Lance. What do you deserve?” she barked at me.”Guh… ahh… uh… a cock…” I managed to gasp out. I felt the wave beginning to subside and wanted it back badly. She slapped my ass again.”Tell me what you deserve Lance?” she yelled at me. I could actually feel her physically making her cock throb inside of me.”Uhn… your big cock…” I continued. Another slap. I really wanted her to keep pounding me now. The wave of pleasure kept ebbing away further and further. I tried to bump or grind against her but she held me tight against her.”What do you deserve Lance?” she yelled again.”Your big, hard cock in my ass!” I pleaded, “Please fuck me! Please pound me with your huge cock.” Part of me couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth, but at that point I’d have said anything to get her to continue fucking me.”Please fuck me…?” she paused clearly looking for another response.”Mistress!” I yelped. “Please fuck me mistress! Please, mistress pound me with your huge cock!””Oh Lance! You learn so fast! I’m so proud of my new playtoy!” she cooed to me. Then she reared back and slapped my ass one last time before laying both hands on my hips and plowed my ass with renewed vigor. The ebbing wave of pleasure surged forward again as she plumbed new depths inside of my newly explored love canal. I could hear and feel myself panting harder as the wave crept closer. I began rocking back into Lydia as she crashed into me with ever more powerful strokes. I wanted this. I needed this! Harder and harder she slammed into me pushing me forward on the bed. Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard what sounded like someone knocking at the door, then realized it was my head banging against the headboard. I dropped my head and buried my face into a pillow as I placed my hands on the headboard to give myself leverage to thrust back against Lydia. The closer the wave came it felt like her cock was growing ever larger inside of me. Then her panting became ragged, as she slammed into me so hard my braced arms couldn’t stop my head from hitting the headboard again. By then the wave was at its crest and concussion or no it crashed down on top of me with a suffocating force. My body tensed up and began convulsing as stream after stream of cum came pouring out of my erect cock. As I was dumping my load onto the bed, Lydia was dumping her second load into me. She grasped my hips and held them tight as I could feel her cock pulse and throb as it painted my insides with her seed. When she was done, it again felt like she had pumped a quart of jizz inside of me. We were a sweaty, panting mess and neither of us moved for at least a minute after we had both cum. Eventually I felt her cock begin to soften (finally, thank god!), and she withdrew and flopped onto the bed next to me. Once she had extracted herself from me my legs gave out and I lay down on my stomach directly into my own sticky mess I had planted there. I was so exhausted I didn’t care. We both fell fast asleep.We woke together as the sun rose the next morning, lighting her bedroom. I propped myself up off the bed and felt the sticky covers peel off my chest. Lydia looked at me as it happened and I gave her a sheepish grin.”Uh, sorry about that.” I said.”Hmmm… well worth it Lance. Don’t even think twice about it. In fact I’m glad you did. I was so wrapped up in my own little world that I didn’t even realize whether you had cum or not. Were you masturbating while I was fucking you last night?” she asked.”Not at all,” I told her. “I never even touched my cock the whole night.””Oh wow!” she exclaimed as her eyes widened. “I’ve never been able to get a guy to do that before.””That’s a new one for me too,” I said. “Actually a lot of new ones for me last night.””Well you preformed like a thoroughbred Lance,” she said looking into my eyes. “You were a champ right up to the end. I’m sorry if I got a little rough on you… ok well I’m not sorry really. You are one of the best fucks I’ve ever had in my life. I plan on fucking you a whole lot more on a regular basis. I guess you could consider me your new trainer.”My workouts have never been more fulfilling.

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