My ‘Niece’ Jerri Ch. 02


This story is solely my property and may not be reproduced or published without my express permission. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Any resemblance to people living or dead is merely a coincidence.


Joe couldn’t believe that three years had passed so quickly. Joe had a plan that he’d been working on for six months, he just had to make sure everyone was onboard. He held a small box in his hands that he kept turning over and over.

“Max, Zoey come here please we need to talk.”

Joe’s kids came into his bedroom and he motioned for them to sit on his bed.

“Kids I have something very important to talk to you about.”

“So what’s up Dad? Have we done something wrong?” Max asked as he playfully elbowed Zoey.

“No you haven’t done anything wrong. I need to ask you a question, I want to make sure that you guys are okay with this before I go any further with it.”

Zoey smiled at her Dad, “Are we moving somewhere Dad?”

“No baby we’re not moving. You know how Jerri’s been living with us for the last couple of years. Well I’ve gotten to like having her around and would like to make it more permanent. Would you guys be okay if I asked Jerri to marry me?”

Both kids jumped up and hugged their Dad. Everyone was laughing, “I take it that’s a yes then,” Joe said with a broad grin on his face.

“We were wondering when you were going to ask Jerri to marry you Dad. It’s about time.”

“Do you think Jerri will let me call her mom, daddy?” Zoey asked excitedly.

Joe laughed again, “You can ask her that after next week. I’m proposing to Jerri at her graduation ceremony. But we have to keep this a secret okay?”

Joe held out the box and opened it, showing them Jerri’s engagement ring.

“Do you think she’ll like it kids?”

Zoey was star struck, ” Wow daddy! That’s really pretty, you must love Jerri a lot!”

Joe smiled at Zoey, “Yes baby, I do love her very much.” At dinner that night Max and Zoey were grinning and giggling. Looking between their Dad and Jerri.

Jerri looked at Max and Zoey and smiled, “What is wrong with you two? You’re acting like a couple of goof-balls!”

Max and Zoey stifled their laughter.

“Nothing’s wrong Jerri, we’re just really happy today right Zozo?”

“Yeah m..Jerri, just really happy.” Zoey said as she caught herself.

Jerri watched the kids and smiled softly. They were so wonderful, Max was already showing signs that he was going to be a strapping young man and at least as tall as his Dad. Petite and delicate Zoey belied her looks and was quite the scrapper, often fighting with much older kids and winning. Both kids had great personalities and were very loving. They’d opened their arms and their hearts to Jerri when she’d found herself at their doorstep. Jerri looked across the table at Joe and smiled warmly, he’d been a wonderful friend and lover these past three years.

When Jerri got accepted to Unity College Joe insisted that he would pay her tuition, and bought her a small car so she could get to school more easily.

Joe watched Jerri out of the corner of his eye as he placed some well aimed kicks on his kids’ shins. Joe was still amazed that this beautiful woman had chosen to be with him. He remembered the cold, soaked, scared little girl who’d turned up on his doorstep three years ago. Jerri was far removed from that little girl now, at twenty-one she was confident, full of life, self-assured, and charismatic. He had always known that given the right environment she would blossom into a remarkable woman. Joe was just glad he could give her that.

“Hello? Earth to Joe, are you there?”

“Huh? Sorry, I was just thinking of something.”

Max was smirking at his Dad and Zoey was trying to hide her giggles behind her hands.

“I said, would you like your dessert now or save it for later dear?” Jerri said with a smile.

“I think I’ll wait baby, I’m pretty full right now. Great job on dinner kids.” Joe said as he got up and started clearing the table.

Loading up the dishwasher Joe felt arms wrap around his waist and a lovely warm body press into his back.

“Hey old man, I was thinking earlier that we have a pair of pretty wonderful kids.”

Joe turned to face Jerri and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, giving her a gentle squeeze. He liked the way she’d talked about the kids like they were her kids too.

“Yeah sugar plum, you’ve done a great job with them. And for the record, thirty-five isn’t that old.”

“I couldn’t have done it if you weren’t there to support me honey,” Jerri said with misty eyes.

Joe squeezed her again and kissed the tip of her nose, “You’ll be a great mom Jerri, don’t fool yourself about that. The kids were never as close to their mom as they are to you.”

Jerri sniffled, “Thanks Joe, I sometimes forget that I’m not their mom, even though it’s so easy to do.”

“Well for what it’s worth the kids already think of you as their mom. With no contact from Tina in more than four years, they’ve attached yabancı escort themselves to the only other person who loves them as much as I do.”

Jerri hugged Joe tightly, “I really do love them Joe, they’re so easy to love.”

Later that evening they were in bed making love. Jerri was straddling Joe’s hips and grinding her pussy on his cock. The only sounds in the room was the occasional gasp or moan and the slurping sound of Jerri’s well lubricated pussy on Joe’s cock. Joe sat up and took one of Jerri’s breasts into his mouth as his hands caressed her back. Jerri held him to her as she continued her slow ride on him. They both knew they were close to cumming, and Jerri quickened her pace.


Jerri stopped dead, “Yes baby. What’s the matter?”

“I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you and daddy?” Zoey asked from their door.

“Sure thing pumpkin, just give me and daddy a sec to make some room okay?”

Jerri and Joe grabbed up their pyjamas and whipped them on in record time with only a small moan of disappointment coming from Jerri as she felt Joe’s cock leave her pussy.

“Okay baby, come cuddle with mommy.” Jerri said with a slight hitch in her voice. Zoey climbed into bed with them and snuggled up to Jerri. Jerri began singing a tuneless little song and stroked Zoey’s long brown hair. When Zoey fell asleep Jerri looked over her shoulder at Joe with tears in her eyes and a smile that lit the room.

“Oh my god she called me mommy.” She whispered to Joe.

Joe smiled back at her and gave her a kiss, “Well why not sweetie? She loves you and she knows you love her. That’s the most important thing to a kid. They don’t care about genetics.”

Jerri kissed Zoey’s cheek and snuggled into her daughter a little more as she felt Joe snuggle her back. Soon they were all fast asleep.

With just a few days until d-day Joe had just gotten off the phone with Jerri’s professor. She was totally onboard with Joe’s plan. He was going to meet her the day before commencement to give her the ring so she could attach it to Jerri’s diploma. They also worked out the rest of his special request as well.

When Joe got home Jerri was sitting on the couch with her laptop across her legs. He walked over and gave her a kiss.

“Hey sugar, how’s the speech coming?”

Joe was so proud of Jerri, not only was she graduating first in her class, she’d also been asked to speak at the ceremony.

Jerri looked at Joe and huffed. “I’m having a hard time here old man. Could you maybe read it and see how it is?

Joe took the laptop and quickly read what she had done. He moved a few lines and added some others then handed it back to her.

Jerri reread her speech and smiled at Joe. “I knew I kept you around for more than just the sex! It’s perfect daddy.”

Joe gaped at her in mock disbelief, “Why you little brat! I’ll show you more than just the sex!” He grabbed Jerri around the waist, dropped her across his lap and started paddling her round little bottom.

Jerri was giggling and gasping, “No, no, stop I’ll be good I promise!”

Joe lifted her so she sat on his lap and wrapped his arms around Jerri’s waist. “You’re still riding the high from the other night aren’t you babygirl?”

Jerri smiled, “Yeah, I’ve hoped that it would happen one day but wow, when it does it’s the best drug around.”

“Well sweetie nobody deserves to be called mom by our kids more than you.”

Jerri kissed Joe and rubbed noses with him. “Now if someone would get off his ass and make an honest woman out of me, maybe we could make more babies.”

Joe chuckled, “All in due time my love, all in due time.”

It was d-day. Both Joe and Jerri were bundles of nerves but for totally different reasons. Jerri was wandering around the house in her panties and bra going over her speech for the hundredth time. Joe was getting out the kids’ best clothes and helping them get ready.

“Jerri baby, come get dressed, we have to leave soon,” Joe called from their bedroom.

Jerri wandered into the room like she was in a daze. She walked up to Joe and gave him quite probably the most amazing kiss of his life.

“Whoa, babygirl what was that for?”

Jerri smiled up at him, “Thank you for everything. Letting me join your family, taking care of me, loving me. Just thank you.”

Joe gave her a hug and kiss. “No babygirl thank you, you’ve brought joy, laughter and love back into our lives. Now hurry up and get dressed or we’ll be late.” he said as he smacked her backside.

When they got to the college Joe and the kids went in one direction while Jerri went in another. Joe, Max and Zoey found their seats and waited patiently.

“Now remember kids, when Jerri’s done her speech and everyone loves it, go nuts okay?”

Max and Zoey grinned at their Dad, “Don’t worry daddy we got it covered, right Maxie?”

“Yeah Dad, we know what to do!”

After several speakers it was Jerri’s turn at the podium. Joe was so proud and happy yeni escort for Jerri, she was so poised and confident up there. Her speech ended and there was just a moment’s hesitation, then the crowd was on their feet applauding and cheering. Yet no one was as loud or proud as Joe, Max and Zoey.

Max was whistling and hooting as loud as he could, “Yeah mom! That’s my mom up there! Whoohoo!”

Zoey stood on her chair and was crying and screaming, “Way to go mommy! We love you!”

With tears in his eyes Joe was the loudest of them all, “Yeah baby you owned that! That’s my girl! I love you Jerri!”

After Jerri’s speech they began giving out the diplomas. Joe waited nervously as they worked through the roll. They came to Jerri’s name and paused.

“Before we get to the next graduate would Mr. Joe Curtis, Max Curtis, and Miss Zoey Curtis please come to the stage.”

Joe, Max and Zoey got up and walked up to the stage. Joe picked up a microphone from the podium.

“Good afternoon, when I first met our next graduate she was eight years old. Even then I could see that given the right environment, this little girl could grow up to be a remarkable woman. Three years ago she turned up on our doorstep a cold, scared eighteen year old girl with nowhere to go. In the three years since that cold and rainy night she has become the remarkable woman I could see in that little girl. Jerri Marshall, would you please come to the stage?”

Jerri ascended the stage and walked to Joe, beaming with pride. The audience applauded and cheered again.

Joe took Jerri’s diploma and gave it to her, hugging Jerri and telling her he loved her and was so proud of her. Jerri hugged and kissed the kids and held up her diploma triumphantly. That’s when she noticed there was something sparkly tied to the ribbon wrapped around her diploma.

Jerri took a closer look and screamed, jumping into Joe’s arms and kissing him wildly.

Joe disengaged himself from Jerri and went down on one knee and smiled at her, “Jerri Marshall, will you marry me?”

“Yes,” Jerri said as she laughed and cried.

Joe stood up and handed Jerri the mike, “I don’t think the people in the back heard you baby.”

Jerri took the mike and turned to the audience, “Yes, I said yes!”

The crowd stood up cheering and clapping. Jerri turned as Joe, Max and Zoey gathered around her, hugging and kissing her.

She hugged Joe tight around the neck and said to him, “You are so getting laid tonight mister!”

The audience started to laugh and a few people fired off some wolf whistles. Jerri blushed and Joe laughed as he took the live mike from Jerri and smiled at the audience, “Well I guess we all know what I’ll be doing later! Thank you for indulging us folks.”

Joe and the kids went back to their seats and Jerri rejoined her classmates. Some of the people sitting near Joe offered their congratulations which he accepted gladly. Joe could see Jerri showing her ring to some of her friends. The rest of Jerri’s commencement was pretty much a haze for both of them. After it was done pictures were taken and Jerri’s friends congratulated them, admiring her ring and asking Joe if he had some younger, single brothers.

When they finally got home and in the house, Jerri pinned Joe to the front door and kissed him passionately.

“You are an evil, evil man Joseph Curtis, and I love you dearly for it.”

Joe looked at Jerri innocently, “Does this mean I’m still getting laid tonight?”

Jerri kissed Joe again, “Oh don’t worry about that old man, I always keep my promises, especially the ones made in front of five hundred people.”

“Have I told you how much I love you babygirl?” Joe said as he held her tight to him.

Jerri rested her head on Joe’s shoulder, “Yes, but feel free to tell me again.”

“I love you Jerri, you’ve brought so much into our family. Our kids have never been happier and neither have I.” Joe squeezed Jerri tightly and felt her melt into him.

Jerri looked up at Joe, “Our kids, I like that love. I like that a lot.”

“So do I Jerri, and I think the kids will too. They were extremely happy when I asked them if it was okay to propose to you.”

“Well I would assume that the answer was yes, considering all the trouble you went to.”

Joe chuckled, “Let’s just say if they’d been any more excited I would’ve had to peel them from the ceiling.”

“Speaking of peeling, let’s get us and the kids into regular clothes. Max, Zo go get into normal clothes and put your nice clothes away okay?”

Both kids ran down the hall and into their rooms. Jerri turned her back to Joe, “Unzip me old man?”

Joe moved Jerri’s hair out of the way and kissed the back of her neck as he unzipped her dress. Jerri held the dress up with her arm and walked to their room with Joe following her. He loved watching her. She was so graceful and sexy all at the same time. Joe could only marvel at Jerri’s transformation during her time in their home. At times she was still the playful yenibosna escort little sex kitten she was when she’d first arrived. At others she was a confident, in control mom of two rambunctious preteens.

When they got to their room Jerri let her dress drop to the floor and stepped out of it. Joe watched her move around the room and felt his erection grow in his pants. Jerri’s youthful exuberance when she was younger was now softened by maturity.

Joe stepped up behind Jerri and cupped her firm young breasts in his hands. She leaned back against him and moaned softly. “God Joe, I love it when you touch me. You still send shivers up my spine.”

“Well the feeling’s mutual my little cream puff. I can’t get enough of you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.”

Joe slipped his hands down Jerri’s body, causing her to moan again. He slid a hand into her panties and gently massaged her quivering pussy.

Jerri turned her head and kissed Joe’s cheek, “Ooh baby that feels so good but it’s not time for us to have fun yet. We have two kids to get fed.”

Joe kissed Jerri’s neck one more time and hugged her tight. “Yeah you’re a mom alright babygirl.” Joe chuckled.

It took the adults a few more minutes to get dressed down than the kids but that was because Joe kept groping Jerri every chance he got.

Max and Zoey were waiting in the living room when the adults came out. They asked Joe and Jerri to sit down because they had some important things to talk about.

Max started things off, “Well this is all mostly for Jerri. Now that you’re going to marry Dad, Zoey and me thought that maybe we should tell you what we’d like from you.”

“We’d like it if you let us call you mom. We want at least one hug and kiss a day and more if we’re really good or did something good.” Zoey said with a shy grin.

Jerri was smiling at what the kids were saying, it was everything she had hoped for!

Max piped up with more things next, “We’d like to cuddle when we’re sad or hurt or just because we want to. We want to do something every weekend as a family, and the most important one. We want a baby brother or sister.”

“Please make it a baby sister Jerri?” Zoey said with a pleading look on her face.

Jerri tried to keep a serious look on her face, “Well, these are pretty hefty demands. I’m not sure I can live up to your expectations.”

Zoey and Max looked crestfallen. Jerri laughed and held her arms open for the kids. They ran to her and hugged her hard. “I’ll do my best my darlings, just remember that I’m still learning how to be a mom. And Zoey, I can’t guarantee a baby sister but I’ll do my best sweetie.”

Jerri hugged the kids tight to her, giving them both lots of kisses. Joe hugged all three of them in his arms and kissed them all. “I think we’re now officially a family you guys, now who wants to go out to dinner to celebrate?”

“Me!”, “Me!”, “I do!”

“Now where should we go? Any ideas?”

“McDonalds!” said Zoey.

Max thought they should go to the Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant.

Jerri thought for a minute and suggested that they go to The Cavern Restaurant since they all liked it.

“Hmm, well kids since today is your mom’s special day I think we should go to The Cavern tonight.”

Jerri kissed Joe on the cheek, “Wow this whole ‘mom’ thing is really cool, it’s funny how you guys are so comfy with it already.”

Joe gave Jerri a sheepish grin, “Well to be totally honest, the kids and I have been calling you mom behind your back for almost three years, sugar-plum.”

Jerri laughed and playfully punched Joe in the shoulder, “You dirty sneak! Well that explains Zozo calling me mommy the other night.”

Jerri looked at her family, her gentle and loving husband-to-be and their two beautiful kids. She definitely felt blessed.

“Okay kids, get yourselves ready to go because I haven’t eaten all day and I think I could eat a whole cow by myself!” Jerri said with a smile.

Once they were ready they headed out to the restaurant.

The Cavern was located under a hotel and looked like it was an underground chamber. Support beams were made to look like stalagmites and stalactites. And the outer walls were covered with faux rock-wall stucco. The food was fresh made once it was ordered. It took a little longer for the food to come but it was worth it.

They were all laughing and chattering through dinner, the kids calling Jerri ‘mom’ as often as they could.

When they got home Zoey and Max were half asleep. Joe and Jerri helped the kids get into their pj’s and in to bed.

Before she fell asleep Zoey asked Jerri and Joe when she could have her baby sister.

Jerri smiled at Zoey, “It may take a little while baby, but mommy and daddy will work really hard to make it happen okay? Goodnight my darling girl.” With that Joe and Jerri kissed her goodnight and closed her door.

Jerri flopped onto the sofa and Joe sat down beside her, wrapping his arms around her. Jerri laid her head on his chest and looked at the ring that now graced her left hand. She smiled softly, this was everything and more than she had ever hoped for. The man she had worshipped since she was little wanted to marry her, his kids loved her like she was their own mother. Winning the lottery couldn’t improve her life right now.

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