my office mate screwed me up (part 2)

my office mate screwed me up (part 2)Early morning Aralu called me, hey where are you baby? At home coz I was in a deep pain so needed to take care of myself, I replied. Ha ha ha I hope I didn’t heart you much, but little pain adds lots of fun ya? He asked. Ya you are right. I wrapped up conversation nicely,I was nervous whether Aralu is going to recognize me that I was the one who slept with him last night? Probably not as I was fully dressed with makeup & accessories and he was drunk. Just to give an impression to him that “keep it confidential even if you recognized me” I posted on my hookup profile “last night I had a trilling hookup with a guy who probably identified my originality, hope he keeps it confidential for the chances of ongoing fun” Next day in the morning I reached in my office, just like a normal day I greeted everybody including Aralu. He also responded normally, I got an impression that he didn’t identify me last night.He called me after few days for the next hook up. Hey sweetie, would you be interested in role playing of street hooker-client? I will pay you to make it realistic. Sure I replied. I got little confidence as he couldn’t recognize in first encounter. we will meet in a motel room this time, he suggested. I was ok with that. He texted me the address of motel.I was an expert in a role of street hooker as I have worked as transvestite escort few years ago. I dressed up in a red leather high heels, micro mini matching skirt & short tight t shirt on DD cup size bra with brunette curled wig , big red ear ring , dark red lipstick, pink eye shadow. It was 12.30 am when I reached at motel. I knocked the door of room number 66. he opened the door, he was wrapped in a towel . Light music was tuned up. I entered into the room & matched my moves seductively with the music & pushed him to the couch. Honey where is my donation? I asked with sweet smile. He laughed sure, u look extremely kaçak bahis hot in this get up & here is your donation, he actually gave me $200. I was not expecting money for a roleplaying hook up. I slide money into my little purse. He lean on the couch with speeded legs, I understood his wish & unwrapped his bull, hardcore oral session began with his moans & my heavy breathing & the room was at fire. Mmmuuhhh…ride my cock baby…& I slide my g string down, took a condom out from my bra & warped it up & started taking his already wet hard one. He was too thick for me but as a loyal prostitute I did the best to get him fully in my ass whole, my little jumps made him moan …yeah…baby..mmm…keep doing it u whore….mmmmmmuuuhhh….my increasing motion & his little jerks was stretching the walls of my ass whole to its limits. I was breathing heavily & jumping in his lap & he was having the hardcore session with a hooker but it was just like never stopping, I was expecting his cum as I was feeling little tired & little pain, keep jumping you whore….don’t stop …please…..aralu was fully recovering the money he spent on me.He told me to lean & bend over the desk & he started from behind, I was getting his wild thrusts & the desk along with me on a swing. I started moaning seductively hoping him to cum sooner…but it become never ending session. He was holding me from the waist & banging me vigorously. Just like a sold out whore I was letting him use me as his sex object as per his wish.Lie down on the floor baby…he took my legs on his shoulders & without wasting a moment he started messing me up with his strokes, he started licking my face while spoiling the shape of my whole. he was holding my arms firmly, I was fully controlled by him….my moans were not helping me to make him cum, I started kissing him & rubbing my hands on his back just like his girlfriend, but he was taking his time to fuck me with few holts. It was bets10 more than an hour by now, I said sir your time is up, u need to hurry up. Don’t worry you whore will get more money for this just take my dick you bitch…. & he continued thrusting my asswhole .He suddenly pulled his cock out , removed the rubber & pointed his cumshot on my bra. He got up & text somebody, in next minute door opened & my boss Raj entered into the room. I was still lying in the floor, I was shocked seeing him in the room in a confusion that am I identified by them yet?He called me by my original name Randi you are so sexy , you are the most desired by all lusty males. I was still in deep shock , looked at Aralu… he laughed. Savita Bhabhi…I mean Randi, I recognized you in our last meeting & I shot a video of our last session. I showed it to our boss & he was so desperate to meet you for such a hot session. So I called you here for him. Now you decide you want to serve him or these videos can go on the net….I was getting blackmailed, now I realized why he paid me money. I was cursing myself. Why I hooked up with Aralu? I said boss please keep it among three of us. I will do what you want. He laughed. Good girl, do you have any choice? It is not you but us to decide how to use or misuse you & your identity.I was anticipating a tough time ahead with all types of unusual demands from these blackmailers. In order to protect my dignity at my workplace I had no choice but to obey them.Raj sat on couch & said so savita bhabhi, here is what we want to do with you. In the next room of this motel I have got few managers of our office we all have seen your rap# video clip with aralu & you became favorite slut for all of us. Before we were having occasional fun with prostitutes but now you have to do that job for us. You understand savita? I nodded my head to agree him. So far I realized that I am in a big trouble. For many bets10 giriş years I was having fun with guys by hiding my identity but now I am exposed to all my office mates. He said we only want to humiliate you as much as we can. We wanted this to do with whores but they never agreed but I am sure you would agree ya? I asked what you want to do with me sir?Good question. You will be surrounded by seven of us, u ll be sucking our dicks & balls, then one after another we all will give you ass to mouth session & we all will cumshot on you, & all of us will spit on your face. We will start drinking beer to mess you up with our yellow shower. You will drink it till your little belly is full of our salty beer & then take our pee bath in a bathtub, we all will keep spanking you to turn your skin red. And all of this will be on live webcast on the same adult hookup site.It was completely sick for me, I said no way, I can’t do this..Are you sure Randi? He asked. You have no choice, you know that ya?. Randi, since u dare to refuse, your humiliation ll be even more have to lick our shoe, our ass …I said but..but this is too much for me to handle. He said I am sure you will handle all of us nicely. And I promise you that we all will make you a piece of shit with our cumshot & spit but don’t worry we also will clean you up with a yellow shower ha ha ha ha both of them laughed.I realised I am badly stuck. I smiled seductively n said sir since you are indian & I am also India how if I dress up in a red sari & blouse for that humiliation session? I ll have Indian ornaments & make up then we can do that session, fantastic Idea he said. But today you can’t escape. u need to drain our balls using yur hot ass, right now .He pulled my hand & dragged me towards him. suck my cock…..I positioned myself on my knees & nicely started playing his pulled out cock using my tongue. In next few seconds I saw all managers around me taking their pants off. next 2 hours were a perfect gangbang where I was in total control of horney & lusty mans. It was not easy for me but I was still happy that I could postpone that humiliation session for now

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