My Own Variation of Tantra


For me there is a big difference between making love and having sex. Making love is something I like to save for special occasions. I enjoy sex as often as I can, but making love is different. Making love is two souls touching, intertwined and wanting, until the wanting is so intense that the souls, become one.

When I was in under-graduate school I studied the martial arts form of Tai Chi for about three years, what is sometimes called the soft internal form of Kung Fu. The movements are essentially the same as the non-martial arts form but the focus is on learning how the movements can be used in a fighting situation.

A key part of the ideology is the concept that “the objective is not to defeat your opponent but rather to become one with them” and in doing so you know what your opponent is going to do before they actually do it. For example, if you know your opponent is going to throw a punch at your face you are already set up to block it. It takes a lot less energy to block than to punch and if you can block everything your opponent throws at you at some point they get tired and just give up and go away and leave you alone.

After you have learned this process through exercises like push-hands and other techniques, then when you are fighting it is just like in the movies it seems like everything is happening in slow motion.

Nearly a decade or more after learning these techniques I read a couple of articles about Qigong and tantric sex and started thinking about it in the context of what I had learned in Tai Chi.

I started thinking about trying to achieve that same type of “oneness” with a sexual partner. I read a few more articles decided to try it out with a special a lady I was dating at the time. Even though it has been more than 20 years, this is how I remember that extraordinary encounter.

I remember it was a special occasion, we had gone out for a nice dinner to celebrate, and when we came home we took a shower together in anticipation of having sex.

I told her tonight I wanted to try something a little different and told her to just follow my lead. At the time I had no specific idea how I was going to approach it but I was just going to go with what ever felt natural in some cases make it up as I went along.

I usually love it when she dresses up in something sexy but tonight I asked her to be completely naked, in fact we were both completely naked.

I poured us both a small glass of Cointreau something we both have as an after dinner drink which always makes my body feel warm all over. We each took a took a sip staring into each other’s eyes while lightly touching each other’s body in a kind of playful game.

She flowed with the experience and I watched her savoring not only the liqueur but also the physical sensations as I caressed and explored various parts of her body.

Standing nude before me she allowed me to caress her nipples dragging my fingers softly across her body in hundreds of different ways teasing and taunting her. I stroked her all over with my fingers — her breasts, arms, around her face, ears, neck, thighs, stomach, and her pubic area. I carefully avoided her vagina for the time being.

She wrapped both her hands warmly around my neck and slowly helped direct my mouth down to feast on her breasts. I held both of those nicely shaped melons firmly in each hand clamping my warm and wet mouth on her tits sucking softly, occasionally switching my mouth from right to left boob squeezing and kneading both.

She reached down and slowly masturbated my long rod, the head now a shade of purple with arousal and in need of release. She brought her mouth to my shaft and pushed her head down until my cock completely disappeared down her throat. Her head bobbed slowly as she repeated the gesture over and over for about a minute.

I pulled her back up to eye level.

She looked at me a little confused and slightly perturbed with me.

She pushed up against me and adjusted her body so that my cock was right between her thighs. I responded by rubbing my bulbous marmaris escort head against her cunt lips and clitoris.

“Do like that?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s great!” She retorted waiting for the onslaught of my massive shaft.

“Are you ready to try a little spiritual love making now?” I inquired.

“Um sounds interesting” she replied.

“First let’s start with the merging of our bodies” I said.

I tossed a couple of couch cushions on the floor one on top of the other and then sat down on them. I sat on the floor with my legs stretched forward and then asked her to sit on my lap sitting face to face with her legs wrapped around my body.

She straddling me and then lowering herself down holding my cock in one hand she spread her pussy lips with the other.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “I want you inside of me, baby!”

I instructed her to go slow as she guided my cock in. I pushed slowly up and she brought herself down.

God, that feeling of penetration when she goes slowly, I wanted to savor every inch by wonderful inch. There’s nothing in the world like the feeling of sliding my hard dick inside her tight pussy. Mmmmm. Unbelievable.

She nestled into my lap and together we worked my erect member into her vagina.

I pushed deeper, slowly, until I was grinding against her. She took all of my cock; I could feel her cervix with the tip of my now throbbing cock. I held myself deep inside and told her to savor the sensation, while we kissed each other passionately.

I held it there and she squirmed on top of me, her vaginal walls providing pressure all around my cock. Pulling and pushing her hips with one hand she began to rock back and forth, her pussy lips squeezing my cock as she did. I teased her clit, barely touching it at times with the fingers of my other hand.

She held me in a tight embrace, as I just slightly moved my cock in and out until her pussy began to clench my member. She was panting heavily and her boobs were heaving.

“Fuck I want you,” she said, thrusting and matching my rhythm.

My cock was fully erect inside of her. I wanted her; I wanted every inch of her, every breath, and every thought. I wanted to unite all of her and all of me, I wanted our souls to meet and tangle and come together. She made me want that somehow.

I tried to enjoy it but also to control myself so as not to cum. Both of us were in a state of constant sexual tension that was indescribable. It was a wonderful feeling. We kept teasing each other and staying right on the edge.

I stopped for a moment and I caught my breath. We looked into each other’s eyes, and then I asked, “Are you ready to go to the next level?”

She nodded her head in agreement.

“Ok let’s try merging our thoughts and our minds.” I whispered softly.

“Stare into my eyes. The idea is to touch each other’s mind not to invade our thoughts but to touch and caress each other minds, gazing into each other’s soul.”

She stared deeply into my eyes, fixated, consumed in the moment.

“Now, focus on my mind and my thoughts, imagine the connection, a wonderful and deep connection, that our thoughts are attuned to each other.”

We instinctively wrapped our arms around each other. Somehow the connection became more than just her holding me; it became the essence of total and unbelievable sexual and erotic contact. I became aware of a connection and closeness I’d never felt before.

I felt swept into her mind and felt her body give itself over to me. We were aligned and thinking the same things, thoughts of love, happiness, sharing, and physical lust.

We just stared into our eyes and then into our very souls. We moved, writhed, and touched each other in an incredibly sensuous way.

I knew she could not only read my every thought and mood, but also what I felt. I mirrored exactly what she was thinking and vice versa; it was as though she had touched my inner being in a way that transcended the spoken word.

We continued to look into each other’s eyes. I grabbed both of her hands and we interlaced marmaris escort bayan our fingers and I kissed her.

“Now let’s try merging our Chi.” I whispered softly.

“Ok I have heard of that” she interjected “but I am not sure I that I understand exactly what that is.”

“Our Chi is our inner life force, an energy which flows throughout the body.” I explained.

“From what I have read you can spread your sensual energy from your genitals through your entire body and make a more intimate connection with your partner, a way of sharing all of yourself with your partner.”

“Yes” she replied enthusiastically “Show me how. I want to experience that with you.”

“Start by closing your eyes.” I directed her.

“Keep your body relaxed and your mind clear; now use your imagination to watch your breath move in and out of your body.”

“Now visualize a warm glowing aura within your lower stomach area, that aura is your Chi. See and feel this aura throbbing and pulsing slowly near your pelvis.”

“Now feel it begin to grow, expand and to thrust outward, into my body, slowly, softly.”

“Visualize the edges of your Chi touching mine all the way around, one ring circling the other, your ring tightening around my ring, our whole being drawn together into a beautiful warm glowing ball of light.”

“Oh my God ” she sighed. ” This is unreal.”

“Now release your Chi, detach it from your physical body, set it free, and let it rise up to the ceiling.”

I could feel our Chi, our combined life force slowly rising upward gently floating up above our intertwined bodies ascending up to the ceiling and just hovering there.

My pleasure lifted me up and away from the physical world. I felt as if I were no longer there in my body. One of the most awesome sensations I’d ever experienced.

Looking down at our two naked bodies intertwined. It felt like being in two places at once, I was experiencing the physical sensation of our physical being and at the same time my consciousness was detached and watching the whole scene as if I were in another place or dimension.

I floated there looking down at my body and feeling a sense of spiritual oneness with her. Love filled all space and time for me. It was wondrous!

Even though detached, I could still feel the heat of her body along the length of mine. The circle of my body pulsed and I felt my cock inside her. I had this overwhelming physical and emotional surge of feelings that roared over me. It was just too much.

I once again gained control of my arousal and impending orgasm by concentrating my mind and relaxing my body slightly. Just enough to hold off my orgasm and yet still maintaining my erection.

I whispered to her. “Now with your mind let’s reunite our Chi with our bodies. Feel it float slowly back down to the ground.”

“Yes I can feel it” she exclaimed.

I felt myself floating back to this reality, back towards the light, caught in the warm current that was pulling me down and in, deeper, down and into myself.

Slowly, we began to get control of our limbs and our souls gently parted, shifting back into our bodies.

I opened my eyes and looked right into hers, she looked at me with a radiance of love and almost a halo of spirituality around her. We kissed and hugged, still lost in our mystical state of bliss we had just shared.

We remained like that for a few moments our hands caressing each other’s body lightly and our mouths continued to softly kiss each other’s lips.

She sat straight up and slowly let herself take in all of my cock again.

She leaned forward; I grabbed her hips, steadied her, and thrust my cock up while changing angles to probe her g-spot. I began thrusting, slowly, my cock becoming even more swollen, finding the right angle. She groaned loudly as I slowly started moving in and out of her cunt.

As she rode me, she was slowly licking my lips and biting them as I began fucking her with deep, splitting thrusts, plunging steeply in and out of her mound, her hips moving rhythmically with escort marmaris each thrust.

“Oh, fuck, yessss….” She sobbed closing her eyes.

“I want you so bad, I want this so much,” she said between moaning.

We ground our hips into one another as our organs enjoyed the pleasure of a complete union. Her soaking wet pussy tightened around my cock, feeling every millimeter of movement, every twitch, and throb of my ever enlarging cock.

I fondled her breasts tenderly, It felt as though her ecstatic pleasures were flowing out of her breasts, into my mouth, around and around through me and then back to where I plunged up through her, into her body.

I flexed my cock like flexing a muscle making it expand and contracted within her pussy without any other movement. I watched her facial expressions as I did a combination of pleasure, pain, and lust.

She reacted using her cunt muscles to squeeze my extended cock with her juicy slit. Her thighs were rubbing against my sides and which were getting red with all the friction.

Her moans got louder, and I went faster and faster until I could feel her soaked pussy throbbing and I felt her dripping all over my cock.

“Feel it, baby? God, oh… fuck… oh yes…” she cried in a desperate voice.

“Oh God yes,” I groaned, my cock started twitching, her voice and her words made we want to cum so much there was no way I could stop, I never wanted to stop.

I placed my hands under her hips and lifted them with each powerful thrust.

Our bodies pressed and we fucked each other harder and faster and our loud, incoherent, uncontrollable moans serenaded our unbound desire.

I thrust faster and deeper moving rhythmically with her as she kept urging me on. She was moving her hips in circles teasing me, taunting me, driving crazy trying to make me shoot my load inside her.

My cock felt so good; my soul felt so good. Even though no words were spoken, I could tell she wanted my seed inside her and I wanted to give her my gift and fulfill my special purpose as a man. I wanted to shoot my cum inside her, I wanted to fill her and consume every part of her being.

We both sensed that we were ready to cum, and pulled each other as close as possible. As she slipped closer and closer toward orgasm, her cries now were pleasure mixed with wonder. I pressed my lips to hers, feeling the vibrations of her cries against my mouth.

Our bodies felt as if they were melting into one another, we could not sense our separation. We were totally one in that moment, our bodies, hearts, and minds entwined and totally in tune with one another.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum.” she moaned.

I reveled in the sound of her breathless cries and sensed at that moment that I possessed her utterly as I poured my cum into her. I could feel every spasm as I shoot my load, my whole body jerked violently with each pulsating eruption. I could feel it start deep within my lower abdomen and radiate outward in successive seismic waves.

At the same time I felt her pussy explode with pleasure and she arched her back like a cat. I could feel her body being consumed by an enormous orgasm. She leaned her head back as she screamed out.

“Oh yeah, Baby, fill me up with your seed.” she cried.

We exploded together, she felt me ejaculating inside of her convulsing pussy, our bodies shook and we lost all control, our souls, intertwined in the ecstasy we were sharing, taking over, and consuming us while our juices violently burst from inside of us, exploding in a variety of sensations that sent us both of us straight over the edge.

My ejaculations and her convulsions seemed to go on and on forever, ultimately they did begin to subside, slowing little by little, my hard cock still inside of her, I held her as she started to surrender to her fatigue.

She crawled off my exhausted and limp body and I pulled her down on top of me. We both finally caught our breath, and nestled in a loving embrace, not wanting to let go of each other. We eventually drifted off to into a deep sleep locked in each other’s arms.

It was an incredible night and a life changing experience, one that I have never ever forgotten, and one that I will cherish for as long as I live. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

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