My Personal Assistant

My Personal AssistantIt was mid January, 2005. Crisp outside with a fresh covering of snow from the night before and I was out on my daily run with my faithful companion Buster (my 3 year old chocolate lab). I had finished my run and started the 3 mile walk back to the house, my thoughts had again drifted back to my recent divorce which had been finalised a week ago. I’d just had my 31st birthday but had not really felt like celebrating as I was still in the final throws of the divorce at the time. It was strange, I was so broken up about finding my wife with someone else 7 months ago but now that everything was final I felt the relief that I could finally start to move on with my life and forget about her. Her, being my ex – Valarie. We’d been together for 6 years and married for 3, and I had thought that we were very much in love. But apparently not! Anyway, I’d just walked back in the house and thought it was time to start thinking about work. Work being my own small construction business which I started 11 years ago, working on my own on site but now I was mainly office based running teams of sub-contractors and wore a suit most days. It was a small but busy office that would receive a lot of incoming telephone calls, I employed 6 people (other than myself). Andy (31) was an old friend and my contracts manager, spent about a third of his time out of the office and his assistant Mary (43). Then there was Natalie (22), Sarah (23) and Amber (26) who basically job shared between receptionist, filing and other general office admin jobs. The only other person was my PA, until November that had been Anne but she had taken early retirement after training up her replacement Melanie who was a bubbly enthusiastic 24 year old blonde. Tiffany was still new, so we were still getting to know each other and she had only been doing the PA job on her own since the Christmas break. —- I got into the office before everyone else and went about getting my morning coffee and started on the work at hand. Time had flown by and it was now just after 3pm, I had finished my work for the day and just sat observing the others at work in the office. I hadn’t really thought about it before but Natalie, Sarah and Amber were all quite pretty and Melanie was a total knock-out. Tall and thin with a fairly large bust and a lovely heart shaped ass, she was also reasonably tall (5ft 9) which was helpful as my PA because I was nearly 6ft4. I realised that I had been in a funk for a while due to my separation and divorce that I had almost been operating in robot mode for the last 7 months. Thinking back over those months, I had been completely oblivious to all the flirting and teasing done by the girls, including Melanie. In fact, Melanie I recalled had been very flirty and a bit of a tease at times as well. Then I also thought about the fact that I hadn’t taken the time to get to know Melanie at all, Natalie, Sarah and Amber had all been working for me for a few years and I had taken the time to get to know some things about them and their personal lives. One was married, one was engaged and the other had a long time boyfriend if I remember correctly. It was then that I realised Melanie had been standing next to my desk watching me stare into space (in the direction of the other girls) for about 10 seconds. “Earth to Mike.” Melanie said, as she smiled brightly and passed me some contract documents. “Sorry Melanie, I was miles away… thinking about something.” I replied. ‘Yea, probably thinking about Amber’s ass… she does have a lovely bum’ Melanie thought, she smiled deeply at me and asked me to sign a few documents. Melanie then walked back to her desk and I couldn’t help but admire her beautiful ass encased in her short skirt as she walked away, that skirt was a little on the short side for work. Short enough to be sexy but long enough to be appropriate work attire, just! Then a thought popped into my head and I felt really bad, thinking back I realised that I hadn’t taken any time to get to know her and everything I did know I’d been told by someone else. I picked up my phone and dialled Melanie’s desk and she answered in her normal bubbly way. “Hi Mike, missing me already?””What? umm, no sorry Melanie… umm, could you come to my office before you leave for the evening?” “Yea, sure. Have I done something wrong?” “No, don’t be silly I just need to talk to you about something” “Okay, no problem I will stop at your office before I leave”. 5.40pm Melanie walked into my office, ‘was it just me or had the skirt got even shorter and it looks like she’s taken her bra off… damn this girl is a damn tease’ I thought. “You wanted to see me Mike?” she said, while leaning seductively on the door frame with a sultry look on her face. “Yes Melanie, come in and take a seat for a minute”. “Okay, no problem but please call me Mel… only my Mum calls me Melanie, it makes me feel like I’m in trouble or I’ve done something really naughty” she replied while walking over to my sofa and taking a seat with a big smile on her face. ‘She knows what she’s doing’ I thought, moving with an extra bounce in her step making her boobs jiggle as she walked looking me right in the eye and smiling at the same time. I’m trying desperately to keep my eyes on her face and not look down, she sits and crosses her legs but with the teasing she’s doing I decide I’m not gonna rise to it and try to see what colour her panties are, if she’s even wearing any. “Okay, Mel it is… look Mel the reason I wanted to see you is that in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been kinda running on autopilot for the last few months because of my divorce… I was originally worried that you’d take ages to get to grips with me and all our systems of work but you’ve been doing such a fantastic job that I barely noticed Anne’s retirement. Now I just think of you as a permanent member of the team but unlike everyone else I know absolutely nothing about you. So if we’re gonna carry on working together we need to get to know each other better.” “Thanks Mike.” She said blushing slightly, “Anne was really organised so learning everything was far easier than I expected… Anyway, changing the subject I didn’t want to pry but as you brought it up, how’s your divorce going anyway?” she asked. “I finalised late last week thankfully, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted but don’t change the subject missy… spill the deets, husband, fiancée, pets, family etc… I don’t need your complete life story in one hit, just give me the basics and we can work from there.” I replied. “Well, okay. I married way too young at 19 to my high school boyfriend, but inevitably divorced by my 21st birthday. That was followed by a run of 3 boyfriends who lasted between 6 and 12 months. Each relationship ended with a proposal which I turned down. None of them felt right and if I did ever marry again, I will be certain he’s the one. I’ve been seeing a guy called Paul for about 3 months but it’s not really that serious yet. Umm, what else… Ah, no pets but I love dogs, I have a very small family, just my Mum and my sister Katie. Dad died when I was very young, my sister Katie is married with 2 lovely girls and lives close to Mum about 2 hours away by car or train. Anything else just ask, would you like my vital statistics?” Mel said with a wink. I was blushing, I could tell I was but chuckled and said “It’s good to know these things Mel, sorry I’ve been so distant but my mind has kinda been pre-occupied if you know what I mean. Same applies to me, anything you want to know just ask me.” “Oh, don’t worry I know all about you Mike. Anne filled me in before she left and what she left out I think Amber, Nat and Sarah have probably told me.” “Well then Mel, I’ll let you get home to Paul and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” “Yes, I’ll see you in the morning Mike but while we’re sharing, Paul doesn’t live with me. I share a flat with an old friend called Amy who I’ve known for years.” “See, it’s good to know these things so I can try and avoid putting my foot in my mouth if I ever met him. I’ll cya tomorrow.” I said getting up from my desk and offering her my hand to get up. She took it and stood up so close that her boobs we pressed against my chest. She let go of my hand and walked out my office. “Night boss” she said, as she turned the corner and left the office. I started thinking that I might need some reinforced underwear if she was going to continue teasing me the way she currently was. And that’s how things went for the next few weeks but Mel seemed to be continually raising the ante, like squeezing past me when not really necessary while rubbing her ass on my crotch, more provocative clothing at times especially on casual Fridays. Comments about things being hard or wet and emphasising the words, that girl was bad. She did seem to do it privately though, not even in front of the other girls and she never did it to Andy either. She just did it to me but I never acted on anything or asked her out like I would’ve done by now because she had a boyfriend and I thought it was just her way of flirting plus she was obviously just a natural tease. To make matters worse, she was excellent at her job and I couldn’t fault her at all. She never did, said or acted inappropriately ever except privately just to me. Her teasing was really starting to get to me though, the constant erections and lack of sex since my separation and it was starting to stir an a****l within me and I was worried that sometime soon she was going to push me a little too far. Several times this week I’ve had to stop myself doing something epically unspeakable for a workplace environment. —- Early February, today was a casual day and we would also have our monthly meeting in the afternoon to tie up current contracts and look at new contracts. I just wore jeans and a shirt and that’s what most were wearing but Mel was wearing a pair of black leggings that literally clung to every curve of her body (no visible panty lines either) and a tight black t-shirt with a scoop neck that showed lots of cleavage when she bent over. Overall, when she first took her coat off this morning it look like she was just wearing body paint. During the morning she brushed past me a few times unnecessarily, leant over once with her elbows on my desk and when I looked up to sign what she’d handed to me I got an eyeful of cleavage and to top it off not once but twice when walking away from my desk she dropped something and bent over from the waist to pick it up. I felt stuck at my desk half of the time on the risk of being embarrassed by my hard-on being noticed. I had reached the stage where I loved and hated her equally at the same time. It was approaching 2pm and Mel would be in the meeting room setting everything up for the meeting. Around 5 minutes before everyone comes in I like to go in and check everything over and make sure I have all the files I would need to hand for the meeting. As I was heading into the meeting room I turned the corner, Mel had obviously heard me coming and was bent right over at the water cooler wiggling her ass and looking at me over her shoulder. Something inside me snapped, I kept walking towards her, wound my right hand right back and smacked her ass really hard. Only once but I couldn’t help myself and after the slap I left my hand on her cheek rubbing it. She slowly stood up without turning around while looking at me over her shoulder, I would say tentatively. I kept my hand on her ass cheek, rubbing where the spank had landed and I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “One day, very soon a sexy little bitch like you could find herself the victim of a proper spanking and who knows what might follow the spanking!” Mel gently shut her eyes, leaned back into my body groaning softly and whispered “promises, promises sir.” A month ago, I would have been totally shocked at her response but given recent behaviour I was only slightly surprised. Then I heard the others coming down the hall and moved swiftly into the meeting room and sat down before anyone could see the state of my crotch. This girl is gonna be the death of me! Mel I noticed kept looking at me during the meeting from time to time with a look of pure lust and her eyes had changed from their usual mid-blue to a dark-blue almost black colour. He chest and neck also looked slightly flushed I noticed but the meeting actually went quite smoothly and finished around 6pm. Today being meeting day, was a casual Friday and also the last Friday of the month and I always took everyone out for a meal and a few drinks afterwards at our local pub with an open invitation for partners to join us. Mel had never invited anyone before but tonight after the meeting and we were the only ones left, she meekly walked up to me and asked “would it be okay if I invite my roommate Amy tonight? She’s been lonely for the last few weeks after her recent break-up.” “Of course Mel, you can invite anyone you want but what about your boy-toy?” I said smiling. “Thank you sir, and what do you mean boy-toy? If you mean Paul, I ahh think we’re gonna break up as well” she replied. Interesting I thought but what’s with the ‘sir’ I wondered, “okay, c’mon Mel get your stuff together and your pretty little butt outside. I’m just gonna chuck this stuff on my desk and then lock up and head down the pub, you coming?” We grabbed our stuff and headed out, I locked up while Mel was on her phone to Amy I would guess telling her where to meet us. After I locked up Mel put her arm through mine and said “c’mon Mike, I’ll give you a ride.” —- 20 minutes later down the pub, I had visited the bar and set up a tab, I grabbed my monthly celebratory cigar and gone outside with Andy to smoke. A few minutes later outside in the fenced off smoking area Andy got a text from his wife Julie and trotted off to meet her in the car park. I decided to stay and finish my cigar when around the corner in the car park I heard Mel shout to her roommate Amy as she greeted her. They wouldn’t be able to see me hidden in the fenced off area. But, I could about hear them talking just. “Hi Mel” a voice said that must have been Amy, “so what’s so urgent? What happened? I was just gonna sit home tonight watching some crappy movies until I got your call.” “Sorry to drag you away from your ice cream Amy, but something happened today with Mike.” “Fuckin finally, so perhaps you’ll shut up about him now” Amy giggled. “Geez Amy, I can’t have been that bad, but what happened was quite odd. He actually spanked me, really hard, just once but I swear I nearly came when he did. It just felt so intense, and my poor bum I swear I’ll have a hand print there for a month!” “I bet he only tapped you, c’mon show me then! Oh and for the record you’ve been a complete pain in MY ass about Mike you know” then she paused for a few seconds and continued “OH, WOW! he did leave a mark, a full handprint in fact. Hang on a sec.” Then I heard a mobile phone camera clicking sound. “Amy! Don’t take a bloody picture” Mel said giggling “oooh, c’mon let me it see then!” Followed by a short pause and then I heard a sharp intake of breath. “WOW he did leave a mark, didn’t he! God, send that to me please. I’ll need it for future evidence and possible blackmail.” Mel said, giggling again. Then I heard them moving and main door squeak open and they disappeared inside. The rest of the night was good fun, It was nice to be out chatting, drinking and socialising with everyone. I almost felt like I’d just awoken from a long hibernation but the rest of the night was pretty uneventful, I chatted to Mel briefly when she introduced me to Amy who was almost the opposite of Melanie. Instead of tall and voluptuous, Amy was very petite. I would guess no more than about 5ft 2, small/medium boobs with a very thin almost a Vietnamese build and skin tone but her face wasn’t particularly Asian looking. At a guess I would have said Italian heritage but you never can really tell these days. At just after 11pm everyone started to disappear, all the girls gave me a kiss on the cheek goodbye but Mel’s was accompanied with a discreet cock grab but I was a little tipsy and was also expecting it so when she grabbed me I slipped my hand between her legs and cupped her pussy and rubbed it gently at the same time. Her crotch was soft and warm, I also think my hand was also decidedly damp when I did let her go. It was probably only a few seconds but she felt heavenly and I thought ‘if she wants to tease me all the time, maybe I can try and turn the teasing on her’ I thought. She did give out the smallest squeak when I touched her but didn’t resist at all and we all said our goodbyes and departed for the week. I thought would be it until Monday and I almost went to sleep thinking that I’d managed to leave for the weekend with the upper hand slightly. Then I got a text message from Mel. A picture of her beautiful bare ass clearly showing the dark red hand print I had left on her right cheek with a note saying “my other cheek is jealous now!” with a pouty face followed by “xoxo”. I just replied “tell lefty to be patient, I’m sure she’ll get her proper turn!”, “nice ass by the way, u naughty little minx!” —- The next week was really busy, one of our biggest clients had a rush job they needed doing due to some unforeseen problems on a project and at about 2pm Friday they said they really needed a quick last minute quote doing before the weekend. So I grabbed Mel, told her to drop everything she was doing and start pulling out files and folders for me to put together this urgent quote. Just after 5.30 everyone else said their goodbyes and I told Mel she could go as well but she just turned to me with a cross look on her face. “Mike, I’m your PA. If you’re still working then so am I, besides if I help you we can get finished a lot quicker and then you could take me out to dinner” she said winking at me. “Yes boss” I replied sarcastically and she giggled and trotted off the get the next batch of files. Mel had been wearing a flirty skirt, white blouse and jacket today with what looked like thick tights underneath (it was bloody cold). Very well covered today but she still managed to keep catching my eye and distracting me. An hour later and we were nearly done, the last of the files all being in my small office. I was sat at my desk typing away while Mel was on the other side of the room searching through the files. She excused herself to go to the ladies room but I just replied “okay” without even looking up from my computer. 5 minutes or so later , Mel wandered back in. She didn’t say anything and I just quickly glanced up and then back down at my desk and screen. In the following few milliseconds my brain tried to process what it had seen when I quickly looked up. Her flirty skirt she’d been wearing all day was quite modest and had sat a few inches above the knee and with her thick tights covering her legs, while still beautiful nothing really stood out to say look at me. Now though, what she had done before she came back into the room was to remove her jacket and tights, roll her skirt up until it was short enough for her ass to hang out and tie her blouse in a knot just under her boobs. Looking up again, she was again bent over the table near canlı kaçak iddaa the filing cabinets clearly waiting for me to say something. But I wasn’t going to say anything. Quietly, I got up and walked over towards her. I could see her shuffling things around, she wasn’t really working and clearly just trying to get a rise out of me which she had accomplished, I was as hard as steel. I stood right behind her and just as she sensed me I growled “don’t move, put your hands flat on the table and spread your legs… NOW!” She gulped, but very slowly did as I said. I flipped the excuse for a skirt she was wearing onto her back, she was completely bare and had removed her panties as well and I also noticed no bra strap under her blouse! She was shaking slightly, she gulped again and whispered quietly “what are you going to do?” I could still see the feint hand print on her right cheek from a week before, I admired her beautiful ass and also noticed that now she had spread her legs I could see the moisture at the top of her thighs from behind. “Lefties turn!” I growled as I brought my hand down sharply on her left cheek creating a loud crack in the room and she whimpered. I’d already decided what I was going to do, I brought my hand down hard on each cheek half a dozen times and then landed 3 or 4 lighter spanks to her pussy (which seemed to splash slightly). I cupped her pussy and rubbed her lips, she was completely soaked and I could see and feel the top of her thighs were also very wet. I unzipped quietly and then switched hands, coating my cock in her moisture. I was several inches above what was considered normal size and was also very thick so without a lot of lubrication it could be painful for her if I just rammed it home. I placed my cock between her legs and slid it up and down her lips, then I spread her and placed the head just inside her opening. Leaning forwards, I put my hands on her blouse and ripped it open, put my lips up to her ear bit it slightly and growled “I warned you, you fucking tease…” and slammed my full length into her while grabbing her boobs and twisting her nipples. “YESSSSS” she screamed and came apart, climaxing the moment I entered her. But I wasn’t going to let her off that easy and started to slowly slide my full length out of her only to return again slowly. I kept this up for another 5 minutes, then slowly started increasing tempo until I had a nice little rhythm going. I started hitting her harder and each time I drove my full length into her I slapped against her ass. By this stage my hands were on her hips and she’d collapsed onto the table, effectively lying on it. I pushed one hand around in front of her and found her clit, I rubbed it roughly and it started her second climax. “Ohhhh myyyy godddd… fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuck meeeeee!” she screamed. I pulled my hand back around and gave her several really hard spanks while going over the edge myself and pumping huge loads of my juice into her. She lifted her head in a kind of howl at the moon pose, but no sound came out and then suddenly the whole front of my trousers were completely soaked! I was amazed, I’ve never had a girl squirt before. Mel was still laying on the table panting, and I could hear her sobbing quietly. I walked up to her and put my hand on her back, rubbing her gently and asked “are you okay?” “God yesss!” she replied after a short pause. “What the hell did you just do to me?” She asked while slowly pulling herself up to sit on the edge of the table and then she glanced down at my trousers. “What the hell?” she said looking at me with a shocked expression, “what’s that? Was that me? Did I do that?” “Yes babe, you did. I think you squirted me!” I replied. “God, that’s never happened to me before. I can’t believe it, god I feel so weak now!” She said, slowly sliding off the table. She almost collapsed on wobbly legs but I caught her and pulled her up close to me. Squashed together my softening cock was rubbing between her legs and her naked breasts were pressed against my shirt. Staring into each other’s eyes, I could feel she was still trembling. Leaning my head forwards I kissed her passionately for several minutes. When we separated she leant her head against my chest and said very quietly “I think you should take me home with you.”7.20pm We arrived back at my house and walked through the front door to both be boisterously greeted by buster who seemed much more enamoured with Melanie than with me, she knelt down and fussed him saying “he’s beautiful Mike, what’s his name?””Buster, I know it’s a bit obvious but it really seemed to suit his temperament perfectly.” Then I glanced at the clock on the wall “Hey, it’s getting late, I better rustle us up something up to eat. I’m famished, how about you?””Yes, I could eat” she said with a glint in her eye “could I quickly use your shower please? Some ass-hat jumped me and ravished me earlier at the office so I’d like to freshen up a little before sitting down to eat.” she said with a sexy lilt and a wink.”Of course gorgeous, there’s a really nice shower in the en-suite to the master bedroom. It’s just upstairs and it’s the door at the end of the landing” I replied.Mel trotted off up the stairs while I sorted out a quick dinner of salmon steaks and baked potatoes, 20 minutes later just as the oven pinged I heard her coming back down the stairs. She was wearing a knee length burgundy sweater dress that clung to her figure in all the right places and looked sensational.”Whatcha cookin good looking?” She called as she took the last few steps to the kitchen, walking right up to me putting her arms round my neck and giving me a passionate kiss.”Wow, you look good enough to eat yourself Mel. You must be hungry though.”She blushed and released me, she slinked over to the counter and sat down on the stool closest to me. “Thanks, I might hold you to that!” She said winking, “your shower is pretty special, I almost feel like I got a massage and feel really refreshed now.”I handed her over her plate and we sat down to eat. We ate in silence but hardly took our eyes off each other so by the time we finished there was a definite sexual tension in the room. I quickly jumped up and chucked everything into the dishwasher.When I turned round, Mel was right in front of me and threw her arms round my neck and started kissing me fiercely. I grabbed her and pushed her back to the counter top returning her kiss passionately running my hands down her sides, I then moved on to kiss down her face along her jaw-line and onto her neck.She started to moan and whimper “god, I want you Mike”, her hands went to my belt and started to undo it. I lifted her up from the counter and started to walk, her only option was to wrap her legs round me and hang on tighter round my neck. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom and set her back on her feet at the foot of the bed. I quickly removed her loose cloth belt from the middle of her dress and started kissing her again.I worked my hands down her thighs to the bottom of her dress, grabbed the hem and started lifting slowly. I peeled it up her body and over her head and couldn’t help but gasp, she was completely naked underneath. Her breasts were high and pert, with very little sag and given their size (D cup I would estimate) that was quite impressive. Her stomach was very toned, showing a hint of muscle beneath and her pussy was completely shaved bare. Very beautiful and aroused, her inner lips were red and had puffed out, pouting slightly. Her navel was pierced and so was one of her nipples. “God you’re beautiful Mel, give me your hands.”She looked at me, her chest neck and face were flushed and had a slightly puzzled expression but did as I asked. I pulled her hands together in front of her and tied her wrists using her cloth belt. She was starting to breath heavier now and I led her onto the bed and laid her down, gently moving her arms above her head onto the pillow and tied her hands to the headboard using the loose ends of her belt. I moved back down the bed, laid beside her and started kissing her passionately. I kissed her for several minutes and then moved to start kissing around her face and neck again, slowly moving downwards to her breasts kissing all around them for several minutes ignoring her nipples. She started pushing her chest upwards trying to force her nipples into my mouth but now that I had her at my mercy I was determined to start repaying some of her teasing!After she started begging by whispering please quietly a few times, I moved to capture both nipples at once. The pierced one with my mouth and the other with my fingers and I licked nibbled and pinched them for a few minutes then worked my way down to her pierced navel and then slowly towards her pussy. She gasped and held her breath momentarily, I kissed along the top of her mound but then moved onto her inner thighs and slowly down to her knees and then her ankles and feet. She’d now starting breathing again but had also started muttering some unintelligible words.Every part of her was beautiful even her feet, she had an ankle bracelet on her left foot with a few charms attached and a tiny ring on the small toe of her right foot. I took this as a sign that she liked her feet and would probably enjoy them being played with so I kissed, licked and sucked her feet for a few minutes before starting to work my way back up her other leg towards her pussy.By the time I got to her pussy she was almost frantic, her body had started writhing around and she was soaked. It almost look like she had peed the bed with all of the juice that had run out of her soaking pussy. I started licking and kissing her labia and dipping my tongue into her centre, her legs started to clamp around my head and she was bucking her hips at my face almost pleading for a stronger connection. I avoided her clit for nearly 10 minutes and she was starting to swear at me now, I knew I had her close several times but I was determined to continue teasing her for as long as possible.”Oh you bastard, you’re doing this on purpose aren’t you… Oh god please make me cum, I’m so close.” She cried.I would have to have a word with her about her language, maybe a proper session over my knee but it would have to wait. I brought her to the brink a few more times and then backed off again, I made sure to have a strong grip of her hips and was trying to control her as much as possible. After her language started to reach pure filth so I decided it was time to let her have it.I let go of her hips and reached up to cup and massage both of her breasts taking her nipples softly to start with between my thumb and finger and then started to work on her clit, sucking it into my mouth and licking it with my tongue at the same time. I felt her start to go and pinched both of her nipples hard at the same time.Her thighs clamped so hard against my head, I thought she was going to crush it but thankfully it may also have saved me from going deaf. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead and convulsed, squirting all over my face at the same time. This went on for about 15 seconds and then she collapsed onto the bed like a rag doll.I slowly and gently kissed my way up her body to her face again and kissed her lips but there was no response. I gently called her name but there was no reply, her breathing was slow deep and constant unbelievably I think she’d passed out on me.I untied her wrists and cuddled her gently, kissing around her face for a few minutes and she started to come around. She gently whispered “Mike? What happened?””You passed out honey, are you okay?””That was… Wow, I’ve never climaxed like that before. My whole body felt like it was going to explode, that was so intense and I can’t believe I let you tie me up, I’ve never let anyone do that to me before. It felt almost dangerous, you could have literally done anything to me that you wanted to!””Would that have been so bad? I’ve always wanted to try some more risqué things like anal” I said and winked at the same time.She gasped and looked shocked “you wouldn’t? I’ve never done that, god that makes me shiver it’s so dirty. A part of me has always wondered what it would be like but I’m not sure Mike, is that something you’ve done?””Yes, I tried it once many years ago when I first met my wife, she hated it but she pretty much hated everything!” I said chuckling. “I think the whole point is it’s a little dirty and risqué, much the same as spanking or sensory deprivation like blindfolds or being tied up. It’s what makes it exciting but I would never force you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with but I’d be lying to say that the naughty part of me didn’t think about it.””God, you’re so bad!” she said, slapping me on the arm lightly and I could feel the bed jiggling slightly with her giggling, this went on for a little while until I smacked her ass. She turned back to face me again smiling and kissing me on the lips and face. “I’ve also never been spanked before or tied up, but when you spanked me earlier at the office it got me gushing wet within seconds and the same when you tied me up. Have you done it before?””Not much bondage wise, again my wife hated it but she had a bit of a spanking fetish” I replied. I started kissing her passionately again and she ran her hands up and down my torso and then latched onto my throbbing cock which was now harder that it’d ever been.Mel gasped “talking about the naughty part of you, you haven’t cum yet and you’re still rock hard!” and I started to see a twinkle and a little mischievousness in her eyes and she continued “Buuut after that hour of teasing you just did I think you deserve to be teased back so I think I should tell you that you’re not allowed to fuck me tonight. Besides, this thing’s way too big it’ll never fit!” she said still rubbing my cock but turning to face away from me, however I caught her grin start to form before she was fully turned.I could feel the bed jiggling again with her giggling, this went on for a little while until I smacked her ass. “Ooh, big man abusing a poor innocent little girl like me, I think I should keep punishing you. Whatcha gonna do about it Mike?” she said turning back to face me, the smile and giggle gone replace by a look of wanton lust.”I think, so called innocent little teasing sluts like you just need to be grabbed and mastered” I said while illustrating each part of the sentence with an increasingly harder slap to her tender ass. “I think I should just grab you, force you over the bed and fuck you silly just like any little teasing slut needs and you would be powerless to stop me” I replied looking straight into her lustful gaze.”Oooh, that sounds like a challenge big man. Come get me then, stick it in me then big Mike, if you can!” She said while wriggling and trying to get off the bed, a bit faster than me to start with but my side was closest to the door so I let her roll off the bed her side and quickly rolled of my side and caught her before she got to the door.”Get your hands off me you creep!” she half wailed and half giggled, trying to push me away and flailing her arms and legs. Her giggling and antics suddenly gave me an idea, so I quickly whipped her off her feet over my shoulder and spanked her a few times and threw her on the bed, with Mel squealing the whole way. I quickly jumped on top of her and pinned both hands above her head in one of my hands.I ran my free hand down her body, pinched a nipple and worked my hand down to her waist. I tried to kiss her but she bit my lip and told me to get off her. She was still wriggling like crazy and trying to buck me off, my free hand trailed down her side up and down between her waist and her ribs. Then I leaned forwards, nuzzling her neck up to her ear and I coldly growled “hmmm, I’ve been wondering just how ticklish that beautiful body of yours is.”Mel gasped and stopped wriggling, “don’t you dare, you bastard. No, please Mike please please don’t, I’m really ticklish and I can’t stand it!” Her legs were locked together, her body frozen stiff determined in her play not to let me get inside her but once I started tickling her she lost all control of her body and her legs went everywhere while she giggled like crazy.I stopped tickling her now that I was between her legs and my cock was close to her pussy, I grabbed it with my free hand and started rubbing it up and down her wet lips. I managed to separate her lips and placed the head of my cock between them and let them close over me. I looked down into her eyes and said “you lose sweetheart, I’ve got you now and I’m going to give what a teasing little slut really needs!” I said as I started slowly easing into her.”Oh god, you bastard! Stop, that wasn’t fair at all you’re r****g me, please stop!” she said but the look in her eyes betrayed her and as she muttered on calling me horrible names she was wrapping her arms and legs round me, clinging like a limpet as she embraced me passionately with her lips kissing me frantically.Even in this position on her back and wide open to me it took a while to work my length into her, she was incredibly tight. After a few minutes she had about 6 inches but there were a couple more to go but I was quite thick so I had to take it slow. Eventually I worked it all in and was bumping against the back of her cervix with each thrust, each bump eliciting a whimper.I started to increase tempo until we had a nice rhythm going, she had her first orgasm after a few more minutes then I pulled out and flipped her over onto her tummy. She started to lift her hips but I spanked her a couple more times and told her to stay in that position and push her legs together. I loved this position, It was always tighter and gave a great angle for hitting her g-spot with each thrust. Plus I’m an ass man and Mel’s ass was one of the best heart shaped examples I’ve ever seen. I pushed my way back in and she was moaning again, it was clearly doing the trick so I kept it up for a while until she had another orgasm. I quickly lifted her hips into doggy, with her head still on the bed and pounded her to her 3rd orgasm. Each one for her seemed to get stronger and last longer and she was starting to get frantic again.Then I had her ride me cowgirl, which was my favourite position. Watching her beautiful body work and grind on top of me with her boobs bouncing, her lips squishing around the base of my cock and the wonderful looks of emotion as they spread over her face. She was so wet that her legs and torso were soaked by now as were mine. After another few minutes of her grinding atop me with increasing tempo I was really starting to get close and I could tell she was closing in on another larger orgasm as well.I grabbed hold of her pierced nipple with one hand and my other was cupping and groping her ass cheek, I wet my middle finger with her juices slowly started wiggling against her rosebud gently pushing it inside up to the first knuckle. She started grinding even faster and I slowly pushed my finger in and out going in slightly further each time. Her head suddenly leaned back, mouth hanging open and her eyes shut and her pussy clamped onto my cock with a death like grip. This put me over the edge and I started hosing her down internally releasing canlı kaçak iddaa 5 or 6 huge jets of cum into her which in turn set of her final orgasm with another scream and she collapsed on top of me gently shuddering with aftershocks.We were both exhausted and just lay there with her body lying on top of mine in a puddle of juices in a completely messed up bed. Breathing heavily, neither of us said a word for several minutes but I was starting to drift off and we were in a very uncomfortable place.I tucked some errant strands of hair behind Mel’s ear and mentioned to her that she should go and get the shower started while I quickly changed the sheets so we weren’t going to be sleeping in puddle of our Juices all night.She groaned at me saying “don’t wanna move, I’m not sure if I can yet… I can’t believe it!” she said opening her eyes and staring into mine “I’ve never been fucked like that before, god I’ve never had that many orgasms before and the last one almost made me feint again!””You were pretty fantastic yourself Mel, you must really practice your kegels cos you just about ripped my cock off with your final orgasm!” I chuckled.She giggled as well and then started to get up but we were almost stuck together with our combines juices. “Ewww!” she said slowly sitting up “getting cold as well now!” She slowly crawled off the bed and sashayed across the room towards the shower, I watched her gorgeous bum wiggle as she walked and let out a corny wolf whistle. I could almost see her blush but she didn’t turn back towards me. I quickly jumped off the bed and pulled the dirty sheets off and put them in the hamper and replaced them with fresh new ones.I then went and crept into the shower with her, she heard me coming but kept her back to me so I pressed myself into her back and put my arms around her waist letting the wonderful warm water wash all over us.After a few minutes of luxuriating under the warm jets, I noticed Mel was almost falling asleep on her feet so I grabbed the soap and started washing it all over her glorious body concentrating on all the soft and curvy bits. At the end I must have spent nearly 5 minutes playing around with her ass.Mel eventually giggled and grabbed the soap off me saying “quit playing with my ass and gimme the soap, it’s my turn!” She turned us both round and washed me down as well, focussing mainly on my cock which was now rock hard again.”Jeez, where’d you get that thing? I can’t believe you’re hard again already””Hey, don’t blame me Mel. It’s your body and hands that did it!” I said slowly turning her to face the wall. “You’re to blame so you have to pay the consequences!” I said sliding all the way into her again with one slow thrust. Mel groaned the whole way and turned her head to kiss me. After a few minutes I pulled out and spun her around to face me, I grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her and she wrapped her legs around me. I slowly entered her again and we made love and kissed passionately like this for about another 10 minutes until we both came again.We finally rinsed off, grabbed a few towels and I noticed Mel was basically asleep. I quickly wrapped her hair in a small towel and dried her off with the larger sheet, wrapped another towel around my waist and picked her up and carried her back to the bed and laid her down. I think she was already fast asleep by the time I finished drying myself and climbed into bed with her but she did roll over putting a leg over mine and a hand on my chest before drifting off. I must have drifted off straight after that.————–I was slowly waking from a fantastic sex dream with Mel, I realised I was rock hard and someone was doing something to my cock. I opened my eyes and Mel was leaning over me bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock slowly. She released me from her mouth with a pop licking up the underside and around the head.”Morning lover, I woke about 10 minutes ago and found this thing awake before you. Hope you don’t mind?” She said, still licking up and down “I love giving head and I’ve been told I’m really good so sit back and enjoy!”With that she engulfed me again with her mouth, her eyes never leaving mine she winked and then pushed down further and then further. I couldn’t believe it, her nose was now pressed against me and she had all of my eight or so inches down her throat. She lifted up again to the head, winked at me again, grabbed my hands and placed them on the back of her head indicating she wanted me to fuck her mouth.What can I say, I obliged her wish and took control of her head wrapping my fingers in her hair and started fucking her face. After a few minutes her eyes started to water, she pulled my hands off then pulled her mouth off me with a pop. Then in one swift motion, she moved one knee over my legs positioned my cock at her entrance and slowly slid down mounting me.”Godddd, fuck that’s big!” She said as her groin connected with mine with a juicy squish. I reached up to grab her boobs but she slapped my hands away saying “nuh ahh, my turn. Put your hands above your head and don’t move!”I complied and watched her start to rotate her hips in a circular way, grinding on me from various angles. She kept this up for several minutes while gently increasing speed, once she couldn’t go any faster she started lifting herself up my length and returning with speed as gravity took over. I started pushing up into her when she dropped increasing the speed of our coming together which in turn increased the feelings it created.After a few minutes I couldn’t keep my hands away anymore and slithered them round her to take possession of her taught ass cheeks. I rubbed, grabbed and fondled them hard and also started pulling them further apart increasing the strain on her anal opening. Using some of her lubrication I coated my fingers and started running circles round her tight opening with my wet middle finger while still keeping her cheeks well spread. Gently I started dipping into her tight star, her breath caught with my initial entry but she made no move or sign to indicate she didn’t like it.I slowly started easing my finger in and out of her ass and her tempo seemed to increase still further. After a few minutes I had my whole middle finger in her ass and I decided to try for more and started to gently also add my index finger and didn’t take long until I had them both fully imbedded in her tight rear opening.I started thrusting them in and out, fucking her ass with my fingers and then changed direction inside her aiming for the thin layer of skin between her walls. Putting pressure on it, I started to be able to feel my cock through the thin walls and she gasped and continued to ride even harder and then came apart with an almighty shriek a few moments later.Her chest laying on mine, she had now come to a halt apart from gently shuddering through the aftershocks of her climax. She lifted her head and looked me in the eye saying “you didn’t cum, are you close?”I nodded and replied that I was, she just looked at me with a gleam in her eye and said “use me anyway you want to!” rolling off me, onto her back with her legs and arms spread on the bed like a rag doll.I rolled off the bed, grabbed her arms and pulled her sideways until her head was hanging off the bed, she instantly knew what I wanted and reached for my cock grabbing it and putting it between her luscious lips. I started pushing in and out slowly increasing the depth until I had it all down her throat gasping “god, your good at that!”I started fucking her throat in earnest and reached out for her bulging throat with my hand and could feel my cock sliding in and out of her, it didn’t take much longer until I was on the verge and I pushed all the way to the root and held hard while I pumped my cum straight into her stomach.Pulling out I collapsed beside her on the bed, gathering her up in my arms and kissing her passionately. Afterwards she pulled back and looked at me saying “wow, most guys wouldn’t kiss a girl after she swallows his cum!””Yeah? Well I’m not most guys and anyway no woman has ever not wanted to kiss me after I went down on them so I can’t really see the difference!””God you make me horny Mike, I really wanna do that all over again but my body feels like jelly. I need to eat and recharge a little and I probably should go home at some point.””Hey, you’re not leaving Mel? I won’t let you!”She giggled saying “I did intend on coming back, but I don’t have any things with me. No clean clothes or underwear or anything, plus Amy will…. shit Amy!” Mel squealed jumping out of bed and running downstairs. She reappeared a few seconds later with her bag, pulled out her phone then dumped the bag on the floor and jumped back in bed under the covers with me.Looking worried, she glanced through her phone and gasped “oh god, just what I thought. Amy’s worried sick, 5 missed calls and 8 missed texts from her. I better call her quickly.”She dialled and I heard it answered after the first half ring “fuck Mel, where have you been I was about to call the police!” I heard Amy cry into the phone.”Calm down Ames, I’m with Mike. I stayed at his place last night. What? No, I’m fine really. Listen I can’t really talk now and I’ll be back in about an hour. I’ll see you soon honey, okay love you. Bye””That was quick” I said, looking at Mel.She giggled saying “well, she kept throwing questions at me and I can’t exactly talk about you when you’re sitting next to me can I.””C’mon then” I said getting up and gesturing to her with my hand “I’ll run you home so I can see your place and meet Amy properly and I’ll take you to breakfast on the way!”Mel gave me her hand and I pulled her up close, kissed her passionately again and said “right, shower first” walking towards the en-suite dragging her with me.Dragging Mel along behind me I entered the en-suite and stepped into the shower turning it on, Mel squealed as the jets of cold water hit her and gave me a semi-dirty look and calling me a bastard while I chuckled.”Right, just for that. NO fooling around in here mister, we haven’t got time anyway!” she said trying to act grumpy as I grabbed a sponge and started lathering her up. Working on her shoulders down her back to her delectable ass and perfect legs, then I slowly moved round to the front, capturing her large beautiful breasts. Pressing my body to hers, I licked and nibbled her ears and neck while playing with her nipples. Slowly moving one hand down her taught stomach to work on her neatly shaved pussy, she groaned and started grinding her ass back onto my rapidly expanding cock which was now firmly imbedded between her soft ass cheeks.Her pussy was already soaked so I slid my full length into her agonisingly slowly while I lightly worked her clit and gently tweaked her pierced nipple with my fingers. I was still kissing and nibbling her neck, Mel was moaning “so fucking big, my god you’re turning me on!” I kept this slow pace for about 10 minutes until she was pushing back harder into me, seeking something more. I started taking longer strokes, pulling nearly all the way out of her before returning and grinding into her deep before retreating again. Her breathing increased, her breasts swollen and nipples as hard as bullets. “God, right there Mike. Please don’t stop, oh..oh.ahhh, I’m gonna…..” She groaned”Cum for me Mel, come all over my cock!” I growled in her ear.She squealed as she climaxed hard, I could feel her hot juices flooding my balls as her pussy clamped onto me. I kept grinding deep into her pussy and working her clit harder now pushing her back up to another climax and then onto a third and final one, we both came together when her pussy clamped onto my cock like a vice.After a few minutes our breathing started to return to normal, I quietly shut off the shower, wrapped my arms around Mel and gently moved her out of the shower. Grabbing a large towel, I gently dried her and then myself.After a few moments Mel quietly spun around, gently looping her arms around my neck and we kissed passionately. Slowly she gently leaned back looking at me in the eyes with a slightly glassy look and gently spoke “you know, I’ve had more orgasms this weekend with you than I’ve had from any man for about the last year!””Good!” I said “I’ve enjoyed myself more with you in 24 hours than I did with my ex in 7 years!”Mel gave me a glassy eyed look before turning back into the bedroom.I quickly got dressed and suggested to Mel that she dry her hair and get dressed while I quickly took Buster for a walk.Mel gasped “oh bugger, I don’t have anything to wear Mike so we can’t stop anywhere for breakfast. I’ll have to go straight home.””Nonsense!” I said, “I’ll find you something, I have a box of stuff that’s basically new that my ex bought and never wore, you are reasonably close in size so that should work. T-shirts, leggings and other bits I think. Let me just grab it for you and you can take a look while I go and take care of Buster.”I quickly dove into one of the large cupboards in the master bedroom and pulled out a medium sized cardboard box and dumped it on the bed for her. “Here you go, take a look through this and see if there’s anything suitable.” I said and went downstairs to take Buster out.———15 minutes later I’d returned with Buster and headed upstairs to see if Mel had found anything to wear. As I approached the master bedroom I could see her facing away from me twisting and turning in front of the mirror, I quietly leant against the door frame and watched for a few minutes.She’d found a grey pair of skin-tight leggings and a red tank top, Mel was a goddess but while the clothing fit her it was rather snug. Mel was only an inch or so taller than my ex but she was considerably curvier everywhere. She didn’t carry an ounce of fat that I could see anywhere on her body and trust me I had really looked but she also had an hourglass figure with a big bust.She didn’t have any clean underwear so the leggings were bordering on scandalous, I could see her pulling at the crotch to try and loosen it but as soon as she moved a step it was back to being fully imbedded up her beautiful ass and it was cameltoe city from the front. Without a bra the tank top would have been bad enough if it was loose but it was extremely tight and may as well have ‘Come Get Some’ written on it!I gradually moved closer and I could see the extent of her tank top, you could literally see everything! Nipples, the piercing and even the little tiny bumps around her areole. I walked up to her and put my arms around her, “god you’re fucking sexy Mel!” I growled. She just blushed heavily and said she couldn’t go out wearing what she had on, I told her that was nonsense and insisted that as it was so cold outside she would have to wear a coat or a jumper anyway that should cover everything up. Moving to my wardrobe I quickly found a couple of my old high school sweaters, she chose a black one and threw it on. The sweater was baggy on her and came down to mid thigh so now she just looked like a sexy girl wearing old baggy clothes instead of a bimbo.She grabbed my arm then kissed me, squeezed my cock through my jeans and sashayed away giggling saying “c’mon stud, bring that gorgeous cock of yours. We need to get going back to my place and you promised to feed me!”We loaded ourselves into my pickup, leaving Mel’s car at my place and headed off to an all day cafe called ‘Bennies’ that was one of my favourites. It was only a 15 minute drive and was also on the way to Mel’s flat.20 minutes later we were seated and the waitress had already brought us some coffee and taken our food orders. It was not a particularly busy at the moment, maybe a third full plus it was about 11:30 so we had managed to beat the lunchtime rush. There were also no families as this was a diner so mostly long distance drivers and business people.Regardless of the way she was dressed most eyes had been on Mel since we’d walked in and I caught her blushing a few times noticing a few glances.”Do I look strange or something?” She said, “people keep staring at me Mike.””Babe, you’re fucking gorgeous people are gonna stare at you. Why do you sound so surprised?””Well, I kinda get a few looks sometimes when I dress up nice to go out clubbing but I’m wearing like old work-out clothes with a baggy jumper over the top. Plus I don’t even have any make-up on!””Seriously?” I asked, “Mel, honey you would still look great if you were wearing an old sack and war paint. You’re a goddess, do you not realise how sexy you are?””He’s right honey, listen to the man he has great taste!” our waitress said to Mel, winking at her when she appeared out of nowhere with our food. “Even hidden like you are in those baggy clothes I can see you’re a hottie!”Blushing Mel sat there no knowing what to say but with the waft of food we were both so hungry we ate in silence for a few minutes until our food was gone.”You know what?” I said, “I’m gonna make you a bet, or actually a dare to prove to you just how stunning you are. Are you game?”Sheepishly she asked “well which is it? A bet or a dare?””Kinda both” I replied, “look, I’m gonna dare you to do something and bet you on the outcome. Does that make sense?””Yes, but what?” she replied, “and what do I get If I do the dare? And what kindof dare is it?””It’s a public dare but it’s my dare to you, so if you do it you also get to ask me to do something and I have to do it!””Ooh, now I’m piqued” she said, “that sounds like fun. C’mon then spill, what’s the dare?””Well” I said, leaning in close to her “I dare you… to go to the toilet, the ladies is all the way over there at the far corner of the diner!”Looking worried Mel asked “what’s the catch?””I’d like my jumper back before you go!”Mel’s eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped, “MIKE!” she shouted in whisper. “God, you’re evil!””No I’m not, I’m making you a bet. Do you hear all this ambient noise, people speaking etc? And while we’re sat here in the corner nobody’s looking right?”She nodded.”Well” I continued, “my bet is, that if you do what I dare you to, that within 5 seconds of you getting to your feet you’ll be able to hear a pin drop the whole way to the toilets and back plus EVERYONE in here will be staring at you! All proving my earlier point””IF I do it, and it is an IF!… I get to dare you to do something anytime I want?” She queried suspiciously.”Yes, but you’ll have the advantage as I will just have to do it whereas you currently have a choice and nothing to lose.”Mel sat there contemplating, chewing her bottom lip while I worked out the bill and left the cash on the table with a nice tip.”Okay!” Mel said blushing, “I’ll do it… But I’ve already thought of a few possible things for you and you’re in so much trouble mister!” she confirmed while slipping my jumper off over her head.While we were still sitting in the corner booth we were mostly hidden so nothing would really happen until she got up and started walking but she basically may as well have been topless.Looking down at her breasts, she started blushing again and shaking her head looking at me in the eye. While Mel looked at me, after many long seconds I noticed suddenly that her blush was gone and was replaced with a look of confidence and lust. She pushed herself to her canlı bahis şirketleri feet and started walking the 40 or so paces to the toilets through a restaurant that was growing busier by the minute now it was Midday.I was right though, after a few seconds dead silence. Most of the men’s jaws were on their tables and some of the women’s. Even after Mel had disappeared into the toilets everyone stared at the door and waited for her to come back out. When she did, every damn eye was on her and I swear she almost looked sexier than if she’d done it naked.I collected our things and met her at the front door so we quickly ran out to the car and jumped in before anyone could accost us or m***** her.I started the engine and we were quickly on our way, Mel was breathing heavy and was flushed with excitement.”My god!” she said gasping, “that was a fucking rush, I may as well have been naked, the way that people were looking at me I felt so powerful… God I’m so fucking wet!””I told you though, didn’t I! Not a sound and everyone’s eyes on you and you only!””Mike, get me to my place quick. I need you in me! I need your cock, I’m so fucking horny!” she groaned rubbing her thighs together and rubbing my growing cock through my jeans as I drove.Within 5 minutes we pulled up at her flat and we inside within the next 2. Mel called out for Amy and when there was no reply she was all over me and dragged me into her room throwing her clothes off as she went.I started to kiss her and rub her breasts but she stopped me “no foreplay, I need you in me now. Please just fuck me, fill me with your cum!”Shedding my own clothes I threw her over the bed, she twisted round with her face in her pillow and ass in the air waving at me. Her crotch and inner thighs were already soaked so I moved behind her and drove in and sheathed myself to the hilt with one constant stroke.”Oooh, that’s it Mike. Now fuck me hard. Fill me with your seed. Wreck my pussy!”That’s all I needed to hear and I started to slam my body into hers pounding her pussy right from the start. Mel was hot to trot and more than ready to go, within minutes she was shaking with her release clamping down onto my cock but I kept pounding faster and faster, within a few more minutes I feel my balls start to churn. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum bitch. Are you ready?””Do it, fuck me, fill me you bastard! Shoot your load into me. Fuuuck I’m gonna to cum again too. Fuck that pussy and make me cum!”That was all it took and I was exploding into her, still pounding hard my climax triggering her second and we both cry out as she hoses down my balls squirting her release. We both collapse forwards onto her bed breathing heavily.”Mel?” I hear a female voice call “Mel, what the fuck the front door is wide open what the hell are you….. Oh shit sorry!” Amy’s voice now entering Mel’s bedroom doorway but blushing, turning and scurrying away.We put our clothes back together and wondered out of her room back into the lounge/kitchen area where Amy was putting some things away in the cupboards.”Beer?” Amy, still blushing and not making eye contact, offered towards me and then to Mel which we both gratefully accepted and sat on the stools at the kitchen counter.There was silence for a few seconds as we were all looking at each other, myself and Mel still breathing heavily and then Amy started laughing and we soon followed with her.Calming down a few minutes later Amy asked Mel “so, c’mon then girly. It’s getting on we better start getting ready for tonight!””Ready?” Mel asked, “what’s going on tonight?””You’re k**ding right? You big ditz! We’re going out tonight with the girls. Sam’s engagement party remember?””Oh, fucking hell… Shit, is that tonight?””Yes, now hurry your ass up and start thinking about getting ready they’ll be here by 4!””I better leave you to it then girls” I said smiling at their banter and started getting up to leave.Amy scurried off into her room and Mel got up and walked over to me putting her arms round me.”I’m sorry baby, I completely forgot about this and Sam’s my friend so I can’t call off a night like this, she’ll never forgive me! I’ll make it up to you I promise and I still want to stay with you tonight and tomorrow if you’ll have me?””Of course Mel, I’m not mad. I really should stop and see my Mum and Dad while I’m in this side of town anyway.””I’ve got an idea” Mel said, “come back here just before 6, we always hang here for several hours first having a few drinks and catching up before we head out so if you come back I can give you a bag of my stuff to take to yours for later tonight when I get home. Plus I can show you off to everyone and make them jealous!”I gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye and then headed round to my parents for a late lunch if I could catch them. Dad was out fishing for the day so I spent a few hours with Mum before going into town to do a little secret shopping for some things I thought I might need.——I pulled up outside Mel and Amy’s flat at about 5:40, checked myself in the mirror saying “right Mike… You ready for this? 6 or more partially drunken girls!” This could be a nightmare but could also be extremely fun!Standing outside the door, I could hear loud music and lots of giggling and loud voices. Typically I knocked several times but there was no answer so I let myself in taking my jacket off in the small hallway walking towards the living room. Rounding the corner I saw Mel in a killer glittery silver dress with her back to me waving a blue coloured dildo around.”No, this one is Mike!” she said giggling and waving it around in front of her friends!”I don’t think so” I said, “mine definitely isn’t blue!”Mel snapped round still grasping the blue rubber phallus, her mouth gaping open, silence for a few seconds and then all her friends burst out laughing uncontrollably, one of them even rolled off the sofa onto the floor with a thud but still kept laughing. I wish I’d had a camera, her face in that moment was priceless.I smiled, she smiled then giggled and walked up to me put her arms round my neck and kissed me passionately. We kissed for about 15 seconds until her friends started whistling, jeering and calling out “get a room!”Mel told them all to be quiet and stuck her tongue out at a couple of them and then introduced me to everyone, there were eight girls including Mel all dressed to kill and already on their way to being drunk.Amy brought me a beer then stood on her tiptoes kissed me on the cheek and whispered “thank you” into my ear.”What for?” I asked.”For being you I guess…” she replied, “I’ve not seen Mel this happy since we were in high school.””She makes me really happy too and I love that she can be so spontaneous!””Hold that thought!” Amy said, rushing off. The other girls were now all huddled around Mel, whispering about something. ‘That can’t be good I thought’. They all seemed to agree on something, looking at me one at a time and then separated with hushed tones and big smiles.Mel got up, smiling at me from ear to ear and slinked across the room towards me. “Mike, you remember that you owe me a dare right? And you have to do it, no matter what?”I nodded, feeling petrified.”Well…” she continued, “when you came in and I was waving that dildo around we had challenged each other to a deep-throating contest to see who could get the most down their throat and we were trying to find a big one to test it on.””So?” I pondered, “what does that have to do with me?”Her arms wrapped round me I felt like a fawn in the arms of a lion, “I’ve decided that can be your dare babe!””What can be my dare? You’re not making sense Mel!””We’re gonna use you for the deepthroat competition of course silly!””Me, oh my god Mel you can’t be serious!””Totally serious, that’s your dare so you have to do it!””God Mel!” I said, desperately trying to think of a way out of this scenario but failing miserably. “Okay, look I’ll do it for my dare but you have to promise me that no one will say anything to anyone about this ever!”Giggling, Mel kissed me on the cheek “don’t worry about it babe, all the girls are either married or have boyfriends so none of them will ever say a thing to anyone.”Kissing me full on the lips with a tiny bit of tongue, she spun round to her friends and said “he said yes, so let’s get this competition started! So here are the rules… We’ll draw cards for the order of who goes when. Before you start you have to put on a fresh lot of lipstick, then take him as far as you can and press your lips around his shaft to leave a mark. The lip marks will be measured after each attempt to find the winner.””What if there’s a draw?” One of the girls shouted out giggling.”Umm… Okay if there’s a draw, the girls who drew have to deepthroat again to the point they did previously and hold it in their throat for as long as possible. Longest time is the winner! Agreed?””Yes!” They all agreed at the same time.”Right!” Mel announced, “let’s get this party started…” drawing her card she continued, “I’ve got my card the Jack of Diamonds. The rest of you draw while I get Mike ready for action!”Giggling they all quickly drew and arranged a batting order, so to speak while Mel approached me and sunk to her knees.Undoing my jeans, she peeled them and my boxers down to my ankles and took me in her talented mouth. Within 20 seconds I was as hard as granite. “That didn’t take long babe! I think you’re a little excited!” “Are you really sure about doing this Mel?” I whispered.But she just winked at me and turned back to her friends, “okay ladies, who’s first?” Mel asked.A blonde called Hayley held up a 2 and said “me I think.” She got up and walked over to me, she actually blushed as she knelt down in front of me and applied a fresh coating of lipstick.She then held onto my legs gently and lowered her mouth over my cock that was now as hard as an iron bar, I could feel my head pressing against the entrance to her throat but she was struggling and I could hear her gurgling and gagging around my cock.She reached forward as far as she could with her lips and pressed them tight around my shaft leaving her mark and then withdrawing. The next girl, a brunette called Mandy approached with a ruler and a cloth, she knelt and quickly measured and called out “4 inches” to the rest of the group and I watched Mel scribble it onto a piece of paper.Mandy then looked up at me grinning, she winked and then wrapped the cloth around my shaft and rubbed the lip stick off me. Then following the same procedure as Hayley applied a fresh lot of lip stick and took me into her mouth, she also struggled to get me into her throat and then pressed her mark round my shaft while she gagged.Mandy had hit 4.5 inches and the 3rd girl (Liz) only managed 4 inches. The next girl was Amy who was already knelt at my feet looking up and me and blushing. She held my member with her hand examining it and turned to Mel saying “it’s big isn’t it? Very thick!”Turning back to me she took me into her mouth, I was at the entrance to her throat and I could feel her holding my ass and pulling herself towards me then I felt myself pop into her throat and she moved forward another inch, then pulled back. Her throat was tight and I was starting to get worked up, but she repeated the action twice more before pressing her lips round me and retreating to her friends giggling.Amy had managed 6.5 inches, the best so far and next was a tall blonde called Sarah who had just taken me into her mouth. She was staring up at me winking, what she was doing was basically giving me head but after about a minute figured it was far enough and took me to the root into the back of her throat and pressed her lips flat against my groin past the base of my shaft.A mixture of gasps and giggles ensued from the group, I suspect partly from her antics and partly from the look on my face.Carol was next and called out the measurement of 8 inches to the group before taking me in and immediately pressing her lips round my shaft. “Sorry, I have a terrible gag reflex so I can’t do more than that.”Mel was next and she knelt at my feet giggling like crazy, measured Carols attempt at 5 inches, winked and then took me straight to the root and pressed her lips in the same place as Sarah had.Last was a small raven haired girl called Zoe, who only managed 5 inches. After she had finished Mel shouted “tie-breaker!” through various bouts of laughter.”Who’s first then?” Sarah asked.”Well, let’s draw for it. High card chooses.” Mel replied.Sarah nodded, grabbed the cards and drew one passing the pack to Mel who also drew one. Showing each other their cards Sarah had won and elected to go second.Mel approached and knelt at my feet again and sitting to the side of us Amy pulled out her phone and announced that she would time it.”You better be careful baby…” I whispered to her, “I’m already pretty worked up!”Winking at me again and starting with a ready, steady go chant from the others Mel quickly took me too the root holding onto my ass to keep herself pressed tight to me. She was really getting me worked up, humming, squeezing her throat and even going as far as sticking her tongue out and licking my balls! I would be blowing down her throat soon if she didn’t let up.Right on the brink of being about to blow my load Mel pulled back off me and kissed the head, did a dirt chuckled and called “your turn Sarah!”Mel took her seat on the sofa, directly in my eye line and Sarah took her place at my feet. Not wasting any time Sarah also took me straight to the root holding onto my bare ass cheeks. Looking back up, I caught Mel’s eyes and she had a naughty sparkle in her eye.Licking her lips, baring her breasts at me were about the last straw and mouthing the words “DO IT!” were about the last straw.”Oh god, I’m sorry Sarah!” I growled as I grabbed hold of Sarah’s head and pumped rope after rope of thick cum down her throat.Sarah reeled back, coughing and spluttering “Bastard!” at me to massive amounts of laughter from all her friends but she eventually saw the funny side and joined in. Amy announced that Mel had won while Sarah coughed and spluttered that it wasn’t a fair competition because she’d been forced to stop when I’d blown down her throat.Hey, so sue me I couldn’t help. It was Mel’s fault really, purposefully bringing me to the brink before her friend had her turn then egging me on to do it!Things quickly died down a little and after another beer the girls announced that it was time they were headed off to a restaurant for their meal. I thought about making a comment about Sarah already having had a meal but I bit my tongue.I hugged and kissed Amy, gave Sarah a quick hug and apologised and took Mel in my arms for a deep kiss before leaving the girls to go wild for the rest of the night.——-Later that night, I was soundly tucked up in bed asleep when I awoken with soft slaps to the face.Opening my eyes I made out that Mel was currently straddling my waist, sitting with her weight on my crotch and was calling out my name to wake me.She was giggling and obviously a little drunk, it had to be the really early hours of the morning but something wasn’t right and I quickly figured out that the cheeky little bitch had tied my wrists to the headboard while I was still asleep.”You’re all mine now, my prishhoner and you have to do exactly what I want!” she announced drunkenly, dragging herself off me and stumbling slightly while pulling her small black lacy thong off and trying not to fall over.”Mel, what the fuck?”She then crawled back on the bed and said “I’m horny so now you have to do what your mishhtress commands, and right now I want you to eat me!” With that already straddling my chest, she knelt and shuffled forwards and sat on my face smothering me.Still giggling but immediately started moaning with the contact to her pussy. She was already soaked, leaking her sweet juices and because of her actions I decided to be a little rough with her. I started by lightly biting and nibbling her inner thighs, crotch and lips while trying to avoid any contact with her clit to try and tease her. God it was annoying my hands were tied, otherwise I could have moved her around and spanked her (god knows, now she really deserved a spanking).After a few minutes she started trying to grind on my face but I still managed to avoid her clit.”Oh god, you’re doing thish on purpose you bashtard! Please lick my little clitty, I’m so close!” she whined.After a few more minutes of urgent grinding I relented and sucked her clit into my mouth, biting down lightly and swiping my tongue around roughly. She came screaming and humping my face and almost drowned me when she squirted.She’d collapsed backwards on top of me, breathing heavily. Looking down the bed it was a heavenly sight illuminated by the bedside lamp. Still straddling me, knees bent double her back on my thighs with her hair between my legs. Her pussy was gaping open inches from my face, dress bunched round her waist, breathing heavily I saw her swollen breasts and bullet hard nipples pointed at the ceiling rising and falling with her heavy breathing.”God, my legs are killing me laying like this!… How’d you do keep doing that to me?””How do I keep doing what to you baby?””Making me cum like that and squirt, it really wipes me out… so much more powerful than a regular one!”Groaning she got up and went into the bathroom to freshen up and grab a drink of water, seconds later her dress flew out of the door and she walked back and leant against the door frame with a really mischievous look on her face.”Mel honey, please untie me now””I don’t think so mister, I think I should leave you there and sleep in the spare room for cumming down my friends throat!””Oh, you cheeky little bitch! You made me do that on purpose, you brought me right to the brink and then teased me to do it! If you don’t untie me now, you’ll pay!” I said chuckling.”Oooh, tough guy huh. Whatcha gonna do about it huh Mikey?” Mel said walking closer to me, swinging her hips, playing with her breasts and licking her lips like a stripper taunting me.Now she was for it, I was a big guy at well over 6ft and around 220lbs. I didn’t want to break my bed to start with but now I didn’t care, using all my strength pulling my hands towards my chest I pulled the 2 wooden slats out of the headboard and I was on my feet grabbing her before she knew what had happened.I threw her onto the bed and jumped on top of her, pinning her hands over her head and her body with my weight. Her eyes wide with shock “please don’t hurt me Mike, I was only teasing!” her bottom lip pouting but she did look like she was on the verge of crying.Realising I probably looked very angry and scary at that point, I transferred both of her hands to one hand and caressed the side of her face with my other hand. “Baby, you look terrified… Don’t worry I could never and would never hurt you. But, some sort of retribution is called for I think, don’t you? Hmmm I wonder, I could just tie you up and tickle you until breakfast!”Gasping and crying out “No please, anything but that… please! I promise you I’ll make it up to you, I promise!””Okay, I suggest you start making it up to me by finishing what you started earlier…” I growled at her and rolled off her into the middle of the bed.She gave me a knowing smile and rolled on top of me, then straddled me with her knees and sunk all the way down onto my cock in one motion our groins coming together with a wet slap “Is this what you had in mind baby?”

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