My Pink Vibrating Friend


Alex rushed up the stairs of the subway and down the street to her apartment. She was stressed and tired and the pent up sexual tension from being around Brent all day had been too much.

He had worn that dark blue suit and tie again. The same one he had worn the one and only time they had kissed. It was like he knew exactly how to turn her on. It didn’t help that she had worn the light blue lace panties with the matching bra. She had been extra horny from not playing with herself before work and now her clit was burning with desire.

She got into the elevator and was almost alone when Mrs. Williams from down the hall entered. She smiled politely and counted the floors as the elevator rose. She let the older lady exit first and then tried not to look too eager as she unlocked her door.

Alex’s apartment was small and at this moment she was thankful. She dropped her purse and kicked off her shoes. There was a trail of clothing and undergarments as she made her wall down the hall to her bedroom. She crawled onto the bed and reach into the night table for her toy.

It was thick and pink. It had been the first canlı bahis sex toy she had ever bought and was happy with the result. It was a light pink colour and considering Alex liked girly colours it was perfectly suited for her. The tip was thick and she loved feeling it spread open her pussy lips. The based had a suction cup so she could crouch over it and ride it. She rarely did that, as her position of choice was doggie.

The vibrator was covered in little nubs that felt great rubbing against her pussy. Even without turning it on, the vibe could make her cum. When turned on the vibrations just pushed her over the edge faster and more easily.

Alex turned the vibe on high and pushed it against her clit. She enjoyed her first orgasm this way and it allowed her pussy to get even wetter then it currently was. This was because Alex was addicted to her taste and would push the vibe in and then lick it clean. The vibe massaged her swollen clit and soon she had hit her peak.

Alex barely gave herself a chance to recover before pushing the vibe in deep and thrusting in and out. She imagined fucking Brent on her desk bahis siteleri at work. She imagined him here with her fucking her instead of her vibe. Her mind flooded with naughty images and soon she was cumming on the vibe.

She wasn’t done. Reaching into the drawer she pulled out the glass anal toy that had been her second sex toy. She pushed it into her ass and gasped. She loved the feeling of it spreading the taboo hole and rocked back and forth against the hard glass.

With her ass now very full she pushed the vibe back in. It was a different sensation and one she had thought about long and hard. If she ever had the chance she’d love to have a threesome and have a cock both in her ass and pussy at the same time. The room smelt of her juices and her body was covered in a thin layer of sweat. She needed to cum again and was getting frustrated that each orgasm just made her more and more horny. Her third orgasm produced a light trickle of juices. It soaked her pink duvet and she smiled at how naughty it looked.

“God!” Alex cried out. She flipped over onto her back and gripped the pink vibe with both hands. It bahis şirketleri was at this moment that she decided that the big thick purple dildo was going to be her next purchase. The vibe was thick enough but not long enough to give her the deep penetration she desperately needed.

Her pussy gripped the vibe tightly and soon she was slamming it in and out of her wet hole. She would push it in deep and let the tip vibrate against the opening of her womb. The sensitive feeling along with the slight pain and uncomfortable feeling was a turn on for her and she did it again.

Covered in sweat Alex lay on her side and licked the vibe clean. She loved the taste of her juices. She pushed the glass toy in and out of her ass slowly. She loved feeling the beads stretch her more and more with each push. She rocked her hips and closed her eyes. She wanted Brent so badly and it was unfair that she could never have him.

Her thrusts sped up as she tilted the glass toy to push towards her pussy inside her ass. The sensations were too much and she cried out as she lay limb in her large bed.

Alex opened her eyes and felt her body sore and spent. She shivered from the sweat that covered her body. Her pussy was raw and sore and her two sex toys lay used and abused around her. Getting up she stumbled to the bathroom to wash up, satisfied with her toys.

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