My Pregnant Stepmom

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My Pregnant StepmomWhen I was still young my mother died in an accident, and my father brought me up, until he finally met another woman.Her name was Beth, she was a very pretty brunette, pretty fit, and younger than him, only thirty, where as my father was in his early fifties, but they seemed to like each other a lot, and with in two years were getting married.Now I was in my late teens as this was all happening and felt as long as my father was happy, then so was I, but secretly from the moment I met Beth i thought she was the sexiest, most amazing woman i had ever met, and was really glad she was going to be in my future for some time to come.Then a year or so later things suddenly changed in unexpected way, Beth announced she was pregnant, my father was of course delighted, but also concerned he was going to be one of those old men with young k**s you see in the news from time to time, but Beth assured him there were older guys than him doing this so he had nothing to worry about.But my father being a good man, quickly took on the responsibility just as he had when he brought me up by himself, and was soon doing double shifts just to make sure there was enough money coming in for all of us.And so by the fifth month of Beth’s pregnancy, she was beginning to show a good size bump but my father wasn’t around to see it much, which put a bit of a strain on their relationship, and that’s when it happened.”Markie” said Beth one afternoon stepping into the lounge and then lowering her pregnant ass slowly onto the sofa next to me “Would you do me favour?””Sure, what?” I asked looking away from the TV for a moment.”Would you massage my feet?” she asked, lifting her little swollen naked feet up for me to see.”Okay” i replied not sure why, because i really didn’t understand the whole pregnancy thing at that point in time.So she lifted her now chubby little legs clad in black stretch pants onto my lap, and i placed my hands onto her little chubby feet and began massaging them.Beth instantly lay back a little on the sofa and sighed happily as i did my best, now you have to understand firstly i had never massaged anyone’s feet before so i really didn’t know what i was doing, and so i just kind of squeezed and fondled them the best i could, and secondly i was now touching my hot pregnant stepmothers naked feet and she was making little happy moaning noises and so the next thing really wasn’t my fault.Because as i touched and listened to my pregnant stepmother moaning softly, my cock began to stir, after all i was only 18 at that point and always horny, and in seconds it began to grow in my jeans and produce a tent i really couldn’t hide.Fortunately for me at that point, Beth was lying back with her eyes closed enjoying the foot massage and i thought i would get away with it, only as i massaged one of her feet the other twitched and brushed against my tent.I then let out a little yelp of surprise on feeling her foot nudge my hard cock, and Beth instantly opened her eyes and looked at me inquisitively. “Markie, what was that?” she asked”Nothing” i replied back nervously.”No, I’m sure i felt something hard against my foot?” she then said”Well, there’s nothing hard here!” i said while trying to hide my boner with her other foot.”I definitely felt something, around here!” she then said brushing her foot around again, and immediately it landed on my cock again.I immediately let out another nervous surprised yelp, as my stepmother held her foot on my crotch touching my hard cock through my Jeans.”What the hell is that?” Beth asked looking at me in disbelief.”It’s… my phone” i said trying to think maltepe escort of something.She moved her foot again up and down while pressing down a bit as well, and was now most definitely rubbing my cock through my jeans.”It doesn’t feel like a phone” she replied before a look of realisation crossed her face, and suddenly she knew exactly what it was “Oh my god Markie, is that…””Yes, sorry” i replied quickly “I can’t help it, and i know it’s wrong, it’s just your so beautiful and hot and…””It’s okay, it’s okay” Beth replied stopping me from saying anything else “It’s okay” she said again smiling at me, as her foot continued to massage my cock.”I understand, this an unusual situation, and sometimes things just happen!” she added looking me in the eye as her foot continued to rub my length.”Now, you’ve been good to me rubbing my feet, so why don’t i return the favour” she then said.”Okay” i replied not sure what she meant.”Good, then unbutton your jeans and get it out!” she said grinning, and so as if i was hypnotised or something, i suddenly found myself undoing my jeans in front of my pregnant stepmother, and a second later i pulled out my rock hard cock.”Wow!” my stepmother gasped “Just like your father!” she then said, before she then placed each of her chubby little feet either side of my cock and began rubbing them up and down my shaft.”Oh Christ!” i gasped in amazement on feeling my stepmothers feet clamped around my cock gently tugging on it.”You like that Markie?” she asked”Yes” i groaned sitting back and letting her do her thing.”You ever had a footjob before?” she then asked”No” i replied really enjoying this one.Beth then leant forward a bit, as best as she could with her big belly, and then spat on her feet that quickly coated my shaft making it all wet and even more enjoyable.”Oh god that’s good!” i groaned.Beth kept going for a couple more minutes and it was then i began to hear her softly moaning again, and opening an eye to see what she was doing, i saw she had one hand down the front of her stretch pants gently massaging her pussy mound.This just got even hotter i thought, now my stepmother was rubbing her own little pussy while giving me a footjob, now i really had something to tell the guys back at college about, i would be hero among my mates!After another minute Beth suddenly lifted her feet off my cock and sat up right before saying “It’s no good, i need to do something right now, and i need you to understand i’m only going to do this because i am very pregnant right now, and very horny!””Okay” i replied back again, having no clue what she was talking about.Then she leant over towards me, and i sat in stunned silence as her warm soft hand wrapped around my shaft, and then her head dropped into my lap, and i let out a loud happy joy of groan as her wet lips clamped around my cockhead, and she began sucking on my cock.”Oh god yes! oh god yes! oh god yes! oh god yes!” i kept chanting over and over as my beautiful hot brunette stepmother sucked on my cock while stroking the shaft.I was in heaven and loving every second of it, and forget my class mates i was going to tell the whole fricking college about this now, i was going to shout it from the rafters, ‘My pregnant Stepmother sucked my cock!”.After a few minutes more Beth glanced up at me and said “God your cock is lovely, so big and fat just like your fathers! i could suck it all day, if i could!””Okay” i replied again, wishing she would.Beth then went back to sucking my cock, and for a good few minutes more i began to think she was going to suck it all day, right up to the point when my father escort maltepe came home and would have a heart attack on seeing us, but then she pulled off again and sat up looking me in the eye, and it was then i noticed her hand wasn’t just in her stretched pants, it had pushed them down several inches and i could see the top of her bald mound as she was fingering herself.”Markie i need your cock in the worst possible way! i need you deep inside of me, fucking me like there was no tomorrow! Would you do that for me baby? would you fuck my pregnant pussy? because i need it bad, right now!” she then said”Yes, anything for you!” i replied excitedlyAnd then my stepmother stood up, pulled down her bottoms, and revealed her pregnant bald pussy between her chubby tanned legs, before she kicked them off completely, pulled off her long T-shirt to reveal her big pregnant boobs in a large white bra, and then climbed onto my lap facing me.”I’m going to ride you, but don’t cum in me! I want to taste it afterwards!” she then said, before she lowered herself towards my cock, and holding it steady with her hand guided me to her open swollen entrance.With a soft groan, my cock touched her swollen lips, and then brushed between them and a moment later i was inside my stepmothers pregnant pussy.”Oh Markie yes!” she gasped lowering herself more and taking me deeper inside of her.”Oh god, you feel so hot and wet!” i groaned.Then once i was deep enough in, Beth began riding me nice and steadily, raising her ass up and down and sliding that fat little pussy up and down my hard shaft.”Yes Markie your cock feels just like your fathers!” she groaned excitedly “It fits me good, and fills me out! I love it!”For the next few minutes Beth sat on my lap, holding onto my shoulders riding my cock, and i watched excitedly as my pregnant stepmother bounced around in front of me, her wet hot pussy sucking on my cock and her big pregnant tits, despite still being in her bra, bouncing around in my face.Then Beth began to get a bit tired, so she slid onto the sofa, on her side, and quickly i moved my position to match hers, and then began pumping my cock into my stepmother.”Oh yes Markie! oh yes!” she groaned as my hard fat cock slid in and out of her wet pregnant pussy “Do it! do it! Fuck my pussy! fuck my pussy! Your stepmother needs it badly!” she groaned urging me on.I placed a hand on her chubby hips, and continued shuttling my cock in and out of her hot little swollen pussy, and despite this being the most amazing fuck i had ever had up to then, i was definitely not even close to cumming yet, and pretty happy about that, because i was loving this.”Do it harder!” groaned my stepmother “Do it harder! faster! show me what that big cock can do!” she groaned loudly.So i picked up the pace, and as Beth gripped the cushions of the seat to keep herself steady for me, i began driving home my cock deeper and harder into her pussy, and it was only then i began to wonder if my unborn stepbrother or stepsister inside that cunt was seeing my hard cock hurtling at them repeatedly, and what they were making of it? Then i thought fuck ’em! and continued enjoying my stepmothers pussy.After several amazing minutes my step mother was getting louder and more excited, and because of all the wobbling and thrusting, her big round tits had found their way out of her bra, and were now flopping about, as i pounded her.I instantly reached over and grabbed one of her big fat tits and gave them a squeeze, and Beth groaned louder loving the attention on her tits, and then she lifted the other up in her hands and began licking at maltepe escort bayan her own nipple.My cock never felt harder in its life as i watched my own stepmother sucking on her own fat pregnant tits, and eagerly i ploughed on in my stepmothers cunt hoping this moment wouldn’t end.For a few more minutes it didn’t, then my stepmother wanted to change position, and while still on my cock she moved herself up onto all fours, kneeling in front of me, with her chubby round ass pointing up at me, and as i gripped her hips to continue fucking her, her cheeks parted a little and i could see her pink ass ring glaring back at me.Now i had seen every inch of my hot stepmother, there was nothing else i needed to see, and eagerly i began trusting deep and hard into my stepmothers pregnant pussy, while happily staring at her little ass ring.”Oh Markie yes! oh yes! oh yes!” yes! yes!” groaned my stepmother as she gripped the side arm for support as my cock plunged into her from behind.I was very quickly reaching full, deep penetration in this position, and it was long before my balls were slapping against her swollen pussy as my shaft slipped completely inside of her, and now Beth was getting every inch of me inside of her.”Yes Markie! yes! Give me it all! i love your cock! give me it all! i want to feel all of you filling my cunt!” she groaned loudly.After just a few more minutes Beth was groaning loudly and more and more excitedly, that even i knew she was almost ready to cum, and on hearing my stepmother getting closer to cumming because of my hard cock thrusting into her, i finally began to feel my balls begin to tighten and held her tightly as i tried to continue.”I’m going to cum!” i groaned really desperately trying to hang on for her.”Not yet!” cried my stepmother “Me first! Make me cum first!”I rammed my cock into her repeatedly with everything i had, while trying to hold on from cumming, and then as i went balls deep one final time, my stepmother suddenly cried out “OH MOTHER FUCKER YES! YES! YES!”And then she tightened up and began twitching like mad as she came on my cock while gripping the arm of the chair.That was it for me, my pregnant stepmother cumming on my cock, because of my cock, completely blew me mind and with a mighty groan, i whipped my cock out of my stepmother convulsing wet pussy.I then aimed it at her face, from over her shoulder and gripping it like it was a hose pipe i began unloading my sticky seed all over my stepmothers crying face.”Oh god! Yes Markie! yes!” cried my stepmother suddenly feeling my hot sticky load blasting against her soft face, and i had barely shot two or three sticky wads all over cheek and nose, before Beth turned on the sofa, opened her mouth and tried to catch the rest.Now i was shooting my load straight into my stepmothers open willing mouth, and instantly felt several more blasts happen because of it.Finally having drained my balls of almost all i had i was spent and stopped blasting my stepmother in my cum, and watched as she greedily drank down what she had in her mouth, before she wiped her face clean with her fingers and then licked them clean, before finally she sucked my cock clean too.”Oh wow! that taste so good!” she moaned licking her lips “You have no idea how good that taste right now!”After that Beth explained how her pregnancy had made her super horny and so thirsty for the taste of cum, and as my father was so busy at work now, she felt there was only one other source she could feed her cravings from and so had arranged this whole thing.Then she made me promise not tell my father, and that when ever he wasn’t around and she needed a fix, i would happily help her out, as a kind and loving stepson would.And for the next few months right up to the day before the birth, i fucked my stepmother like almost five days a week and secretly i loved every minute of it.

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