My quickest cum ever! True and Embarassing Story


My quickest cum ever! True and Embarassing StorySo here I am again telling you another True Story of myself. I was talking to a friend of mine and of course the subject turned to sex. We started to share horror/funny stories and I thought, why not write another story for xhamster! So here is a quick little embarassing story from my past…So I met the hot chocolate number form Trinidad. Her body was perfect. I mean porn star perfect. She had a boob job that you only knew about cuz she told you. She had the stereo typical black girl ass where it is full, thick, and round. Her face reminded me of an early Stacey Dash ( black girl from Clueless movie) She was hot! So anyways, we met at a bar near her place. I must admit, I do very well with the ladies. I believe that if you can carry yourself with confidence, not concieted, and have good witty humor, it’s a winning combination. Granted, if you are not bad to look at it helps, but I truly believe confidence and humor can make anyone more attractive. So I see this chick with her friends and I casually walk up and start talking to her. We eventually nestle ourselves to a corner canlı bahis where I can step up my game and she can flirt without her friends cockblocking either of us. When I am at a bar and I sense that I will seal the deal with a chick I try to flirt physically. I will let her know that I am aroused and let her feel it. I will ask if she’s wet and if I could feel how slippery her pussy is. I usually bring my fingers to my mouth and taste it too. So all of this is occuring and she suggests that we leave. SO off we go to her apartment.As we walk into her place, she turns and starts making out with me. We spend a few minutes standing there kissing and feeling eachother up. She leads me into her bedroom where we began kissing again. I turn her around and and while I kiss her neck and ears, I slowly strip away her clothes. She loves this and keeps grinding on my hard on. When she is totally naked, I fight her attemps to turn around and finger fuck her while she stands. She shudders after a couple of mins and says she has never cum like that but she was so turned on from the whole “no control, no matter how she fought it” deal. bahis siteleri Now its my turn. She pushes me onto her bed. I fall back and she starts to tear off my clothes. She keeps telling me she wants my dick. She wanted it ever since she felt how hard i was at the bar! When I get fully stripped she kisses her way down my neck to my cock. I had so much precum that it was dripping down my leg. She licked my cock for a few moments when she said that she needed me to fuck her. She laid on her back, spread her beautiful legs, took her fingers and played with her clit and opend her pussy lips telling me she wants my dick. At this point, I am rock solid. I know she is slopping wet. I know she wants to get a wild fuck ride from me. I bet I could fuck her ass too, by the way she is playing with it. SO I grab my pants, find my condom and slap that bad boy on me. I lick her pussy for a moment just to make her squirm. I tell her to pull those lips apart and make room for my cock. I slowly enter her pussy. It was so tight. I mean really fucking tight. When I say really fucking tight, I mean it felt tighter that the condom I put on! güvenilir bahis It was so tight that even though she was wetter than anything, you couldn’t tell because it felt like there was barely any room! BUT, if felt fucking gooooooood. So I enter inside her, and slowly back out. I get no more than 3 pumps when….. Yup, it happened. What the fuck! I lasted a mere 7 seconds before I nutted all in the rubber. I’m sure that I could have played it off and kept going but I was such in a state of shock that my face told the whole story. She looked at me with such disgust. I was mortified. Her she was with this guy who talked such a big game and apprantly I lost the match after 7 seconds. Before I could tell her to just give me a minute, I’ll be standing tall soon, she rolled me off and told me where I could go. Like a dog that just got yelled at by his master, I grabbed my stuff, and left with my head hung low and my tail between my legs. I have to admit, I have never returned to that bar. I made every excuse anytime my buddies want to get a drink there. Hahahaha, such is life right? Oh well, she was smoking hot. Her body was rockin. Her pussy was tight. I just had a bad day. Well, I hope you guys never have to go through that. I also hope you ladies never have to go through that either! I hope you all got a smile from my real life horror story.

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